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A Farzar Fanfiction About A Hurricane.

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On a side note this will be my last fanfiction ever. Because I am enjoying drawing fanarts on Deviantart and Instagram a lot more than I write fanfictions. 100 fanfictions is enough for me. If any of my followers want me to co-author a fanfiction with me they're more than welcome to. However, it must be on the condition that the person I'm co-authoring with publishes the fanfiction and not me.

So without further ado. Let me introduce you to my Farzar fanfiction!

Farzar Presents

A Narwhal Puppy Production


Part One: From Bazarack's Point of View.

In a place known as "The Netherlands" there was an evil kingdom aptly named 'Bazarack's Kingdom' where he ruled hoping one day to take over the planet of Farzar. However, "The Netherlands" was getting hit extremely hard with a Category 6 Hurricane named "Cania". Bazarack was in his throne room trying to look for a news channel with no luck at all. Bazarack was always in a state of panic when it came to Hurricane. He has always believed that a Hurricane can destroy his whole kingdom that he had built from the ground up.

Also in the throne room were all the other members of the Alien Armana. Clitaris, Silah, Gorpzorp, Fump, and Quarf. "Son Of A Bitch! Mother Fucker! Where have all the news channels gone?" Bazarack demanded. "Our electricity is out and probably won't be back for a while!" said Fump. "But I want to keep track of this fucking hurricane! Do any of you have a walkman that plays old cassettes?" Bazarak demanded.

Everyone was silent. "Some fucking help you all are!" Bazarack yelled. Silah asks Bazarack, "Why is tracking down this hurricane so important to you?" "Because I need to know if it's going to blow away my kingdom! I can lose everything! DOESN'T ANYBODY UNDERSTAND THAT! Not only that, if I don't do anything to try to help you guys out, King Renzo can defeat me and throw me in solitary!" Bazarack explains his intentions who then says, "There's also a plus side to all this, hoping that King Renzo will lose everything in the hurricane."

Clitaris says, "Yeah, every time this happens you're always afraid one of us is going to die. It never happens." Gorpzorp sees Quarf walking off somewhere, "I'm going to go see what Quarf is up to." Gorpzorp is now following Quarf. A thunderclap is heard.

Quarf was in the bathroom he looked as though he was searching for something he was hiding. Digging into the bathroom tiles on the floor, Quarf found something that looked like shrooms. Gorpzorp spots him, "Quarf? What are you doing?" "BAH! Gorpzorp! You scared the ever loving urine out of me!" Quarf yells out. Gorpzorp asks, "Whatcha got there? Have enough for everyone?"

"No, but promise you won't tell. All right? Be really cool about this." Quarf warns Gorpzorp. "Okay, I'm listening." said Gorpzorp. "They're shrooms. Psychedelic drugs. Makes you see weird things and be happy for a while. Since I figured we're going to be stuck here for a while with this storm, I thought it would be a good way to pass the time." Quarf explains.

"Okay, I won't stop you." said GorpZorp. "You're going to be cool about this, and not tell Bazarack?" asked Quarf. "No I won't. I'll keep my word." said Gorpzorp. Quarf eats the shrooms and and begins to get high. "Nice trip you seem to be having there, Quarf. I feel it too, think it's called a contact high." said Gorpzorp.

Back in the throne room, Bazarack was crying his eyes out. Then begins ranting. "Nobody cares about Hurricane Cania but me!" Fump is looking at Bazarack like he was insane. "Neither of you have anything I can use!" Fump says, "We threw all that old techno stuff you gave us because we thought we didn't need it."

"Besides, who could've forseen this?" Clitaris implied. "I give you guys everything and you all throw it away behind my back! You are all a bunch of selfish little bastards! Selfish! Selfish! Selfish!" Bazarack shouted at everyone. Clitaris, Sliah, and Fump all sneak away.

"Sheesh, I've never seen him like this before." Fump says. "He always gets like this in an event of a disaster." said Clitaris. "You've told me many times." said Silah. "Yeah, but what's the reason?" asked Fump. "He's always been afraid that somebody will steal away his kingdom, money, one of us. This hurricane shit all goes back to when he was a kid when he thought he lost his dad in one." said Clitaris.

"Oh I see. Bazarck thinks history will repeat itself." Silah said. "You know, maybe we should do something to help Bazarack feel better." suggested Fump. "Great idea, if he'll go for it." said Clitaris.

Walking back into the throne room, Clitaris calls out to Silah and Fump, "Hey guys! Want to play a game?" "GAME! THIS IS NO TIME FOR GAMES!" Bazarack shouted.

"Well, we figured we can try to make you feel better...." Fump says but was cut off. "NO! I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT! YOU GUYS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT OR THINK ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE UNLESS IT'S ABOUT HURRIANCE CANIA!" Bazarack demanded.

"Don't you think you're taking this too hard? You need to get your mind off this." said Silah. "She's right. We are going to be stuck here until God Knows When. So how about we play a game?" asked Fump.

Bazarack considers it, "Hmm, you know you're all correct. It's just that I almost lost my Dad in a storm like this. Now I get scared that my whole kingdom will blow away and I will lose one of you!" "We know the story. You were at the movies, the power went out, and you thought you lost your Dad and it turns out he was okay after all." Clitaris recalls the story.

"Okay! A game it is! What shall we play?" asked Bazarack. "How about Finger Bang!" said Fump.

"Sounds like fun! Who wants to go first?" asked Bazarack who then decides to be first, "Okay guess I will! BANG BANG!" Fump joins in and says, "Try this on for size, BANG BANG!" "Oh yeah, you guys won't get me! BANG BANG!" Silah says. Clitaris wants in, "I'm going to blow all your brains out! BANG BANG!" Fump, Bazarack, and Silah all look at Clitaris like he was an annoying needy friend. "Oh nobody wants to get Finger Banged by you, Clitaris!" Bazarack stated. "But this was my idea, why are you putting me down?" asks Clitaris. "That's for throwing away those old school walkmans I gave to all of you! And for undermining me about the Hurricane when I told you the reason why I am so scared!" Bazarack says.

"Yeah, why don't you go Finger Bang yourself!" Fump said. Clitaris walks away shamefully. Silah looked concerned as she didn't like how harsh Bazarack can be with Clitaris at times.

"Great! I'm bored again!" Fump ranted. "I got it! Let's play charades!" Bazarack says. Clitaris sneaks back in and this time keeps his mouth shut. "Okay, I guess we can go for that." Silah agrees. Bazarack makes the 'movie' signal for the charades game, "Uh, is it a movie!" Silah says. "Good good! Now try to guess!" Bazarack says. Bazarack pretends to give himself a shot. "Uhh, needle?" asked Fump. "No, no!" Bazarack says. "Shot?" asked asked Silah. Bazarack continues to pretend to give himself a shot. "A movie about drugs? I got it! Contraband!" asked Fump. "No! Not that!" Bazarack says getting frustrated. "Uhhh, is it Easy A? That had drugs in it." asked Silah.

"I know it's Traffic, right?" asked Fump.

Still pretending to give himself a shot, Bazarack gives up and screams, "IT WAS THE MOVIE BLOODSPORT YOU DUMB FUCKS!" "Oh okay." Fump says. "Guess we won't be playing charades." said Silah.

"Just for that, you all have to sit here and watch me make villain laughs!" Bazarack says. Sitting on his throne, Bazarack does a series of laughs.

"BWAH HAHAHAHAHA!" "HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE!" "CAW CAW CAW! CAW CAW CAW CAW CAW!" "HO! HO! HO! HO! HO!" "HAH! HAH! HAH! HAH! HAH! HAH! HAH!" "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!" "HEE HEE HOO HOO!" Then Bazarack starts laughing like Beavis and Butthead. "hee hee hee hee hee huh huh huh huh huh huh huh! That was cool!"

"Man, the rain is really coming down." Clitaris said but was ignored. "Yes it is. Kind of nice for us to be all together like this." Silah says walking up to her husband. An eerie drone and sucking sounds are heard outside. Quarf walks into the throne room and begins to hallucinate that Bazarack was Godzilla. Silah was Cody Zamora from the movie Bad Girls. Clitaris was Frank Drebin from the Police Squad movies. Fump was Charlie Chaplin.

"AAAAHHHHH!" Quarf sees them all run to the bathroom. "Hmm, what's with Quarf?" asked Fump with concern.


Gorpzorp goes into the bathroom only to see Quarf standing on a stool next to a mirror. Quarf was about to cut his ear off. "Quarf! What the hell!" yelled Gorpzorp.

"I'm going to cut off my ear to prevent the wedding of Renzo and Flammy!" Quarf announces. "NNOO!" Gorpzorp screams as Quarf cuts off his ear. Gorpzorp grabs Quarf and tackles him to the floor, "What the hell are you trying to do?" Quarf yelled!" "Those mushrooms are messing you up!" Gorpzorp says as he leads Quarf into the bedroom.

Now Gorpzorp has Quarf in his bedroom and Quarf still feeling the effects from the shrooms says, "Lesbians and deaf women wear the same clothes. Is that right?" asked Quarf. "Yes they do. You are right." Gorpzorp assures him. "Taking these shrooms was a huge mistake!" Quarf says. "Just stay calm. Ill help you through this." Gorpzorp says.

Quarf says, "Bazarack is going to be so mad at me." "It'll be our secret. I'll stay here all night if I have to." Gorpzorp says. As Gorpzorp was trying to calm Quarf down, he began to have an even worse hallucination. He begins to see himself in a medieval setting. Quarf finds himself being chased by Frodo, Bilbo, Legalos, and Gollum.

"LEAVE ME ALONE! I DON'T HAVE THE RINGS!" Quarf shouted at them all. Frodo throws a mace in Quarf's direction that makes him trip. Gollum jumps at Quarf and slaps him up and screams, "GIVE ME BACK MY PRECIOUS!" "NNNOOOOOO!" Quarf yelled as he was being slapped around by Gollum. The scene changes into another medieval setting. This time Quarf finds himself in the movie A Knights Tale.

Quarf was now in the middle of an arena during a tournament. A knight comes charging at Quarf. "Heath Ledger! I thought you were dead!" Quarf says. The knight reveals himself to be Bazarack, "I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED IN YOU, NEPHEW!"

Running away from the arena, Quarf's hallucination scene turns back to Farzar as he finds himself being chased by Bazarack, Clitaris, Fump, and Silah. Who all end up running by Quarf.

Silah says, "Wanna have sex!" Bazarack says, "What did I tell you about drugs?" Clitaris sings, "The Wheels On The Bus Go Round and Round!" Then Fump turns into a bee. Gorpzorp turns into a snake and also begins to chase Quarf and hisses at him. "YOU ARE IN BIG TROUBLE YOUNG MAN!"

"Oh come on! You too? We're all supposed to be evil! I thought you would be okay with doing drugs!" Quarf yells at Clitaris, Bazarack, Silah, Fump, and now Gorpzorp who were all in hot pursuit of Quarf.

"We may be evil but we still have our principals!" Bazarack says. "Shame! Shame! Shame!" Silah's voice echos. "You're a teenage and we're adults!" Fump says. Outrunning being chased, in the hallucination, Quarf runs to a secret door and goes in. Bad choice because Quarf falls into a black hole into oblivion. Lucky Gorpzorp was beside Quarf to snap him out of it.

"QUARF! QUARF! QUARF! CAN YOU HEAR ME!" Gorpzorp demanded. Quarf comes back to his senses and sees Gorpzorp.

"Gorpzorp! I had a terrible dream!" Quarf said with relief. "You were having a bad trip. Come on let's get you some water. We cannot let Bazarack know you were taking drugs." Gorpzorp says as he was leading Quarf into the kitchen to get something to drink that was next to Bazarack's throne room.


As Bazarack, Silah, Clitaris, and Fump were all bored in the throne room. Clitaris was reading a porno magazine, Silah and Fump were just staring into space.

Then Bazarack comes up with an idea to keep them all occupied. "I got it! How about we all have a sing along? I shall pick the song. How about we sing the theme song to Star Trek the Next Generation? The one where George Takei joined the cast! You are welcome to join in!"

Now Bazarack was beginning to hum the song, "DAH DAH DAH DAH DAH DAH! DAH DAH DAH DAH DAH DAH!" Silah and Fump were looking at him. Clitarius was as well but with a look of contempt. Gorpzorp had Quarf drink a whole bunch of water however nobody seemed to notice. Bazarack was singing the Star Trek theme in an annoying sense.

"DAH DAH DAH! DAH DAH DAH DAH DAH DAH! DAH DAH DAH! DAH DAH DAH DAH DAH DAH!" Bazarack then sings the theme song even louder. Silah and Fump just looked at him. Clitarius was getting madder by the moment. Quarf was done drinking water and felt better after that bad trip he had with the shrooms. Gorpzorp told him, "You okay now?" "Yes I am! Feels so much better!" Quarf said.

Gorpzorp and Quarf walked into the throne room as they witnessed Bazarack singing the Star Trek theme song. "See? Nobody noticed you were on shrooms. So you were never on the hook to begin with!" Gorpzorp assures Quarf who laughs, "Good old Bazarack! Always making an ass of himself!"

Bazarack relentlessly continues to sing, then Clitaris lets out a big cough that totally disrupts Bazarack's singing. "GOD DAMMIT CLITARIS! There you go again with that nervous cough! Do we need to get you a mother fucking chest X-Ray?"

Clitaris's cough was actually a post nasal drip allergy. Bazarack, however did not want to see it that way. Bazarack has always believed Clitaris's cough was a 'nervous cough' because he thinks Clitaris is always severely stressed day in and day out. Every now and then, Bazarack always nitpicks on Clitaris's cough and thinks he needs a hospital. Standing up from the floor where he was laying to read his magazine Clitaris decides to lay into his leader once and for all.

"I am getting pretty sick and tired of you nitpicking at me about my cough!" Clitaris shouts at Bazarack. "HEY! Don't you dare shout at me! I am your leader! You treat me with respect!" Bazarack pointed out. "I do NOT need a fucking chest X-Ray! How many times do I have to tell you my cough isn't a nervous cough! It's a post nasal drip!" Clitarius sneers at Bazarack.

"How long has it been going on for! You've been coughing like that for over 10 fucking years! You should've gotten fucking help for it by now!" Bazarack spat back. "It's a seasonal thing! Not a stress thing like you want to think!" says Clitaris

Silah, Fump, Gorpzorp, and Quarf were all looking at Clitaris and Bazarack with fear in their eyes and total silence. To them, it looks like Clitaris and Bazarack were on the brink of killing each other.

"HEY! Don't start your shit with me! Here I am trying to put on a brave front for all of you here. Deep down inside I am scared shitless about this stupid ass hurricane that nobody asked for......" Bazarack begins, then Clitaris said, "I just want you to stop nitpicking about my cough! You act like I'm going to die at any moment and.."

"All right! I'm getting pretty revved up here! Now I'm really mad! I'm about ready to hurt somebody! If you don't stop closing in on me! It's going to be you!" Bazarack warns his adviser.

"You want to hurt me! Go ahead and do it!" Clitaris eggs on Bazarack. "Don't you dare act Italian with me!" Bazarack warns him. Clitaris kept repeating, "DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!" "Don't make me! Don't make me! So you better SSSHHHUUUTTT UUUUPPPP!" Bazarack lets out a high pitched squealing scream.

"DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!" Clitaris screams back with a terrible rage. Then Bazarack walks up to Clitaris and begins to strangle him and punch his face. "You should stop, Clitaris! You're acting like Tony Montana!" Bazarack says. "That's another thing when I stand up to you, always assume I act like some Italian in a gangster movie. I got news for you! This is the planet Farzar! There is no Italy!" Bazarack and Clitaris were running toward one another like they were going to battle each other. They both charge at each other and shout, "DDDDDIIIIIIIEEEEE!!!!"

That's when Silah steps in, "SSSSTTTTTOOOOOOPPPPPP!"

Bazarack and Clitaris freeze instantly. Bazarack walks away, "Goodbye Clitaris! You're on your own! After this hurricane! I'm throwing you out!" Clitaris felt really bad and hurt at the fact that Bazarack could abandon him. "No please! Don't fire me! Being your servant is the only job I have!" Clitaris begged. "Too bad! Have fun living in the streets, you psycho son of a bitch!" Bazarack shouted back.

Silah decides to have a discussion, "Okay! That's enough! We are going to have a talk about this! Bazarack! Get in here!" "This isn't going to be a Pow-Wow is it?" asked Quarf. "No, Clitaris is the instigator here, not you!" Gorpzorp says. Fump was speechless and sitting on the corner rocking back and forth.

Bazarack begrudgingly marches back to the throne room. Silah rips into his husband Clitaris who was going to be the scapegoat about the debacle between he and Bazarack.

"Clitarius sweetie! What's the matter with you? I've never seen you get so violent with your boss before!" Silah shames her husband. "I just wish he would get off my ass about my cough!" Clitaris answers.

"Where does this thing come from within you where you have to act Italian with me? You're my second in command! You should be more submissive to me!" Bazarack says.

"Look at all what we're going through here. A hurricane with no end in sight. We ran out of electricity and who knows when it'll be back......" Clitaris explains.

"Honey, honey honey. There's something bothering you! And that isn't it." Silah says. "It is! What the hell do you want me to say is bothering me!" Clitarius hones in on Silah with a mean look on his face.

"Oh my! Look at that dirty face!" Silah said to Clitaris is if he were 6 years old. "Dirty face? What am I? Your grade school aged son?" said Clitaris feeling insulted. Silah continues, "I know this is a terrible situation with the hurricane. That doesn't give you a free pass to be violent with your boss."

"I am just sick and tired of being on the brunt end of Bazarack's wrath all the time! I want him to treat me like an equal. Guess I was ready to explode on him." Clitaris says. "Then stop acting like Joe Pesci in Casino!" Bazarack retorts.

"I just lashed out at Bazarack only this one time, and you all are treating me like I raped him!" Clitaris speaks out. It actually was the first time Clitaris was able to stand up to his boss. Because Bazarack was in charge, Clitaris had to be the one who was shamed and punished.

"I know what we can do. How about we continue this discussion with a calming cup of tea." Gorpzorp suggested.

"This isn't a fucking discussion! This is a shaming session!" Clitaris rants. "Yeah! And you deserve it you sick bastard!" Bazarack says. Silah begins to lecture Clitaris.

"You've heard the story about how before I met you I was in an abusive relationship." Silah begins. "Oh no, not this story again." Fump said to himself.

"My ex-boyfriend used to beat me. Sometimes it would make me angry and whenever I went after him, he hit me back very hard. I got it in the eye and the shoulder. Then the next day, I went to the doctor and as you know. Doctors are trained professionals to see if bruises are punches. The doctor saw my bruise and asked if somebody hit me. I was able to convince him that nobody did. So let this be a lesson to you, sweetie honey. If you try to go toe to toe with anyone stronger than you in any way. You will be the one that gets hurt." Silah lectured.

"What the fuck is this! A Public Service Announcement!" Clitaris yelled. Bazarack stands up from his throne, "No! We're trying to teach you a valuable lesson here! Now I have something to say! What if I bruised you and King Renzo were to see it? That means, King Renzo will overthrow and defeat me. I'll lose everything here in New Amsterdam that I've worked so hard to build from the ground up. Then my reputation as a ruler will be tarnished then I'll probably go to prison forever! Then you lose your job as my servant and you and Silah and all of my other henchmen will be thrown into the streets. And whose fault will it be? Yours Clitaris! Yours!" Bazarack ends his speech by pointing at Clitaris's face.

"Bazarack is right. You remember that next time when you get too mad at someone to a point that you want to hurt them. Trust me. I should know." Silah says in a soft and sweet tone pointing to her eye and her shoulder to remind Clitaris of what she went through with her then abusive boyfriend.

Clitaris is feeling both angry and ashamed at the same time. Fump suggests, "I think we need to stay away from Clitaris for a while." "Good idea." agrees Gorpzorp.

One by one, Bazarack, Silah, Fump, Quarf, and Gorpzorp all leave Clitaris in the throne room. Feeling alone and abandoned, Clitaris is now hearing all the words he had heard from Bazarack and Silah echo in his head. Without electricity and the internet. Clitaris just sits in the dark with nothing to do. Alone.


Sodikken's Hansel plays throughout. Reflecting on how he reacted with Bazarack. Still in the throne room. Clitaris can hear Bazarack talking to Silah, Fump, Gorpzorp, and Quarf about his behavior towards Bazarack. The howling sounds of Hurricane Cania were keeping him awake. The sound that annoyed Clitaris the most was the wind sounding like a horn that was passing gas.

Silah said, "The worst thing about that spat was Clitaris's attitude.

Bazarack says, "I know. I can't get that image out of my head from him getting so hyper on me!
He reminded me of my crazy uncle. That look he got on his face!"

Fump asks, "Should we go see a shrink after this is over?"

Gorpzorp added, "Nah, maybe not. The shrink will find out we're evildoers."

Quarf says, "Yeah, we don't want that."

Silah says, "I'm worried...."

Bazarack says, "I am too. He acted like he wanted to overthrow me so he could take over."

Silah said again, "I know right. What if this becomes a new pattern with the two of you?"

Bazarack said, "It'll take me a long time to get over this."

Gorpzorp said, "I bet. How will you two get along in the future?"

Fump adds, "Or the near future for that matter. How will you and Clitaris get along during the aftermath of the hurricane.

"The thing is Clitaris sounded really sick. So I was concerned." stated Bazarack.

That's when Clitaris decides he's had enough of them all smear campaigning him. Now Clitaris stands from the floor and says to himself. "Now I must know what I have to do." For now, Clitaris wants to sleep and wait until the morning.

After the following night, Bazarack, Silah, Fump, Gorpzorp, and Quarf all got up. The Hurricane was still raging. Clitaris walks in with hesitance.

"Uhhh, good morning?" Clitaris announces himself.

"Oh good morning." Bazarack greeted.

"So are we all on the road to being cool again? Sorry about my outburst last night." Clitaris says extending his apologies.

"Of course. You're my husband and you deserve a second chance." Silah says.

"Better hope Bazarack gives you a second chance." laughs Gorpzorp.

"I already have. I really wasn't going to throw you to the wolves, anyway. I just said that out of anger." Bazarack said.

"Thank Ozner!" Clitaris sighs with relief.

"Even though there's no internet, electricity, and everything else. We will still stand together." Fump says.

"Exactly." Silah says. "We're survivors not victims!" said Quarf.

"We need to stay united so we can defeat King Renzo! There's no way I will ever kick out any of you." said Bazarack.

Clitarius decides to take the blame for everything. "Just want to say that my outburst yesterday. I was really mad at myself. Bazarack, you are an outstanding evil leader, all that yelling and screaming I did to you was really about me being a terrible husband to Silah and an awful helper to you."

"Well why in the world did you put us through all that?" Bazarack asks.

"Well, it doesn't matter." said Gorpzorp. "From now on I'll be the lightning rod that absorbs all the evil dysfunction." Clitaris says. "Now that being an upstanding assistant!" Bazarack said.

"What will we have for breakfast?" asked Quarf. "That leftover pizza from yesterday will be good." suggested Fump. "Sounds okay to me." Clitaris says. "In the meantime, don't get into any physical spats you two! You both scared the living bejesus shit out of me!" Fump says

"You were a cock sucking piece of shit last night!" Bazarack barks at Clitaris's face. "Yes, yes I was." agrees Clitaris. "Think we can all agree with that!" laughs Silah.

All of the members of the Alien Armana decide to stand together and get through the Hurricane. And find ways to defeat King Renzo and his royal family. In the meantime, Bazarack never found out that Quarf was doing shrooms and Gorpzorp helped him out.

Part 2!

From King Renzo's Point of View.

At a castle in Dome City. Hurricane Cania is on a nonstop streak. It has evolved into a Category 7 Hurricane. Now there was a possibility of flooding and extreme damage. Inside King Renzo gets a call on his phone. He goes to get it. The person on the other end was Professor Barry Barris and his animal hybrid experiment named "Billy".

"King Renzo! How may I help you?"

"Good, glad you answered! Please! Bring you, your family and SHAT Squad to the shelter! Quick!" demands Barry Barris.

"No! I am not going to a shelter! I'm going to stay in my castle and stick it out here!" King Renzo says. In the event of a disaster, King Renzo was never one to give in and do what is considered safe. King Renzo was the type that wanted to tough it out where he was. In his castle.

"Are you fucking out of your mind?! There is all sorts of bad weather mixed together! Storm Surge is coming! Your castle could get flooded! If you had any common sense you'd come down here at once!" Barry Barris shouts over the phone.

Billy takes over the phone, "Billy says come to shelter! Right now! Billy wants you to come to the...." Before Barry Barris and Billy could go on, King Renzo slams the phone. Then the King of Farzar goes to join his wife Queen Flammy, his son Prince Fichael. The SHAT Squad was there too, Val and Mal, Scootie, and Zobo. Everyone was watching the news about the Hurricane.

"Uhh, I really don't think it's fair that everyone else on Farzar doesn't have electricity or the internet aside from us, Dad!" Fichael speaks his mind.

"We're royalty! It's different for us." said King Renzo. "Yeah, we usually give the citizens back their access to electronics the day after the Hurricane." Queen Flammy implies. "Thanks for letting my SHAT Squad friends stay in the castle, Mom and Dad." Prince Fichael says. "Of course son! Your friends are our friends too!" King Renzo says.

Val said, "Oh my! There's going to be so much damage after. I hope my preschool won't be closed for too long! My students! Gosh! They must be so scared!" Mal tells her conjoined sister, "Don't fret about those little twat waffle brats you teach. They'll be fine and you won't be out of a job. Hmmm. Twat Waffle? Where have I heard that before!"

"Everyone shut the fuck up, the news is about to start!" Scootie says. On the TV the news anchors Susan Weatherby is in the news station. Eternahead was outside, in the midst of the Hurricane. "The Hurricane is now a Cat 7! Cania doesn't want to give up just yet. There's also talk of Storm Surge. How does it look out there, Eternahead! Whatever you do! Stay safe out there." Susan Weatherby says.

Eternahead reports, "Don't worry! I'm fine. Anyway, the record surf threatens to breach the Farzar seawall and flood all of Farzar. Residents are urged to evacuate! I've been in some nastier storms than this and....." Before Eternahead can report anything more, the force winds and storm surge of Hurricane Cania carries him into the sky. "WWWWWOOOOOOAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!"

Queen Flammy shrieks, "The sky ate Eternahead!" "He didn't get eaten. He got sucked in." implied Zobo. Susan Weatherby in the news station cries out in hysterics, "If anyone sees Eternahead. Please have him report back to this news station! He's in the sky where he belongs! Because he's an angel!" The TV was turned off.

King Renzo was hanging a chandelier on the ceiling by using a step ladder. Queen Flammy turns to him and is disappointed that he isn't taking action about the hurricane.

"God dammit! How can you calmly hang that chandelier on the ceiling when there's a hurricane outside?"! Queen Flammy chastises her husband. King Renzo replied, "I'll be stuck inside all day anyway. Might as well check off my To Do List you gave me." Reaching into his pocket King Renzo reads from the To Do list, "Install this chandelier, repair the table. Find my old college javelin..."

"Why on Farzar would you ever need that javelin?" Queen Flammy asked in confusion. "You never know!" King Renzo says.

Thunder and lightning are seen and heard outside and getting stronger by the moment.

"This weather is worrying me. Are you sure we shouldn't evacuate?" Queen Flammy asks. "Evacuate?! I'm not going to abandon by castle just so some asshole hooligans in sports jerseys can break in and do Ozner Knows What with...My Old College Javelin!" More thunder and lightning are heard.

"Although we're royalty. We're in the lower regions of Farzar and we're in a flood zone, for crying out loud!" Queen Flammy stands with reason. Pointing to a window Queen Flammy sees a bunch of footballs in their yard, "That's why a whole bunch of footballs fly into our yard."

King Renzo said, "We are going to be okay. I have us totally prepared to ride out this storm! "What if the seawall breaks? Eternahead said that....." Queen Flammy extended her worries as King Renzo cut off her, "Flammy, a King's most important duty is to protect his family and his people! So please. Just trust me. I won't let anything happen to you, Fichael, or any members of the SHAT Squad who are staying with us."

"Well, fine." Queen Flammy says still nervous about the hurricane. "Try to relax. Watching that news is making you more paranoid than a conspiracy theorist at a UFO Convention!" King Renzo said.

In the kitchen of the castle. Prince Fichael shows Zobo some blueprints he has. "Check this out, Zobo! I got full blueprints of our castle. So that way, I can help out and seek out a safe place here in our castle if and when the storm gets even worse." Prince Fichael announces with pride.

"Are you allergic to vaginas, Fichael?" asked Zobo. Prince Fichael looked at Zobo as if he were feeling insulted. Upstairs, Val and Mal were making speculations about Hurricane Cania.

"Mal, what if the seawall breaks? My preschool and all the places I go on field trips are in lower Farzar. What about the children?" said Val with alarm. "Uhhh, we've been over this billions of times, sis! Your precious little students will take care of each other! Just like I do in a war zone!" Mal said reassuring her conjoined sister.

"I don't know what I'd do if I weren't conjoined to you. You're like my rock in a way!" Val says. "And also your worst enemy!" laughs Mal who then added, "Let's go see what we can do to contribute, hopefully I can blow up the hurricane with a laser bazooka!"

In the attic of the castle, Scootie had a robot prostitute over. It was Vibratorbot. "Oooh! Scootie! What we had last night was magical! I think we really have a connection." sighs Vibratorbot. "Oh sure sure!" Scootie says to Vibratorbot, "Say, can I get that weed you never took back from you?" "Looks pretty nasty out there," Vibratorbot says with worry. "I know! If you want to stick around. How about we both do the weed together?" suggested Scootie.

"I'd love to!" said Vibratorbot. Scootie lights up the weed and he and Vibratorbot both sniff it and sigh with content.

Outside of the Dome City Castle and all over Dome City and all over Farzar. The wind was rushing with a vengeance.


A knock is heard at the door. King Renzo goes to answer it. On the other side was Barry Barris. "Oh hi Professor Barry." greeted King Renzo. "RENZO?! YOU ARE STILL HERE! I CALLED YOU AN HOUR AGO AND WAS HOPING YOU'D GET OUT! EVEN THE INTELLECTOIDS FLOBBY AND BELZERT LEFT!" Barry Barris protested.


Calling a meeting, Val and Mal. Scootie, Zobo, Queen Flammy and Prince Fichael were in the main room of the castle. "Hopefully whatever plan you have will be based in reality." Mal says to King Renzo. After that snarky remark. They were listening to what King Renzo had to say, "Just wanted to tell you all. I everything-proofed the house! Sealed against rain, sleet, snow, flooding, and wind. All thanks to a paint called Thompson's Water Seal!" King Renzo says.

"Ohhh, for some reason I can't trust you!" Queen Flammy says.

Scootie jumps up from his seat, "This dumb mother fucker is going to get us all killed! I'm going with Professor Noah's Ark Looking Mother Fucker Creator!" "Too late for that now, Scootie!" Prince Fichael says.

Val gives her opinion, "I think the house will probably hold." "Now you're coming around." Mal says. "See what a good sister Mal is, Flammy? She sticks with her family." King Renzo tells his wife. Vibratorbot walks up to Scootie and tells him, "I'll stay by you, Scootie!"

"DAMN GIRL! You're still here!?" Scootie says astonished by Vibratorbot's presence. Outside, Barry Barris has a flying truck and was calling out to King Renzo. "COME ON YOU GUYS!" The door was opened, everyone was contemplating whether to stay or to leave. Zobo gives his word, "I've made my decision if I am going to stay or go. It took a lot of soul searching but in the end......" "SHUT UP ZOBO!" shouted everyone all at once. Scootie kicks Zobo out the door, "PUNT!" yelled Scootie. Zobo screams as he gets kicked out the door.

"Thanks Scootie! You actually did me a favor! Now that I'm in this hurricane I can create....CHAOS! CHAOS! CHAOS! CHAOS!" Zobo cheers happily as he uses his electric powers to absorb all the chaos Hurricane Cania was making. Prince Fichael laughs, "He's not called a Chaoschelot for nothing!"

"Okay all right enough! I want to get something off my chest. What of...the children?" asked Val. "Fuck! There she goes again! I thought she was over that shit!" Mal says with disgust. Scootie begins, "Woah woah woah! Easy girl! Why do you have to say it like that?"

The flood waters and storm surge was now formed as a tidal wave washing away all of Dome City thus flooding the planet. The tidal wave washed away Barry Barris in his flying truck and some of the flood water was rushing into the castle bringing Zobo along with it. Which had everyone in a screaming panic. Zobo was okay. "Have you had your chaos today!" sings Zobo. King Renzo was able to shut the door. Later on, King Renzo made some adjustments to seal the castle shut.

Scootie was on the couch with Vibratorbot. Queen Flammy, Val and Mal, and Zobo were standing around the king.

Prince Fichael was on the floor looking over the blueprints of the castle. "I think we all should go to the attic if the flood gets worse." Queen Flammy walks up to her son. "Hey! You don't call the shots around here. Your father does!" "I'm the one with the blueprints." Prince Fichael says. "Your father is the one who is in charge. Your blueprints don't mean shit!" Queen Flammy told him. Prince Fichael whines, "BUT MOM!" "You need to zip it and lock it and put it in your pocket!" Queen Flammy said.

King Renzo turned on the generator and Queen Flammy looked at him with spite. "OKay! Progress report! Generator's working, the castle is sealed tighter than a lubricated com cel valve!" King Renzo continues, "Or maybe the more obvious joke goes onesie tribesman's noonook ribbon pre-lonzy ritual."

The castle begins to shake. Prince Fichael says looking from his blueprints, "You didn't seal the drainage that allows water to pass under the house did you, Dad?"

All the buildings in Dome City were floating away. King Renzo didn't seem to notice and tells his son, "Just because you have blueprints of the castle, doesn't mean...." King Renzo sees people on the building holding onto dear life, "Hey Dome City citizens! Some weather hey!" Then turns back to Prince Fichael, "Anyway, does not mean you know everything about this castle." King Renzo closes the window. Then he feels the castle is moving. "We're moving. I can see that. The castle is moving." Which meant that the castle was moving along with the flood waters.

"What do you propose we do now, expert! We should've listened to Professor Barry! And now look at what's happening!" Queen Flammy says. Val and Mal walk up to King Renzo. "Guess we'll have to stay." Mal says. "Good idea." said Val. "See? Everyone has made up their minds, Flammy. Just like I make up your mind for you!" King Renzo tells his wife.

Vibratorbot leans in close to Scootie as he was already bored with her neediness and clingy personality. "I feel so safe with you. Let's go look at your baby pictures." "You go get them you dumbass bitch! They're outside!" Scootie told her off. "Where?" asked Vibratorbot. "Just go out there and try to find them. It's a game." Scootie says.

Scootie was looking at a book he thought Vibratorbot was outside looking for his so-called baby pictures. "Sorry, I could not find those baby pictures." Vibratorbot tells him. Walking over to the couch, Vibratorbot asked Scootie, "Penny for your thoughts?" "I don't have any dough!" Scootie said with sarcasm. "Saucy!" Vibratorbot says trying to seduce Scootie who tells her to shut up. "Do not pass go!" Vibratorbot jokes, "What?" Scootie asks with annoyance. "Chicken butt!" Vibratorbot laughs.

"I HATE YOU!" Scootie said. Vibratorbot still plays around with Scootie, "Got your nose!" "I don't have a nose!" Scootie told her off.

King Renzo was now on the roof of the castle. Queen Flammy opens the window to try to stop him. "What're you doing!" she asks. "I'm going to try to anchor our castle!" was King Renzo's best answer. Queen Flammy yells out to him, "Oh please don't do that!" "Want the castle to blow away?" King Renzo warns her.

Queen Flammy shouts, "I know an anchor sounds like a good idea. I can't poke any holes in it per say." "This anchor doesn't need holes! Where do you get your information from?" shouted King Renzo.

"Based on your history..." Queen Flammy speaks out, and King Renzo lets out a grunt and throws the 'anchor' that turned out to be Scootie's weed fridge. Scootie runs to the window where Queen Flammy was.

"Son of a bitch! That was my weed fridge King Fuckhead! I even had cocaine in there!" Scootie shouted.

It was a huge mistake. The castle was beginning to tilt. All because King Renzo used Scootie's weed fridge as an anchor. Then flood water rushed into the castle nearly leaving it halfway underwater. "Oh no! We need to check the bedrooms!" King Renzo says. Queen Flammy, King Renzo, Prince Fichael, Scootie, Val and Mal, and Zobo were all running to the master bedroom.

"Oh no! Our beautiful bed we made love in! It's all gone!" cries Queen Flammy. Seeing their bed was turned upside down. "We're rich royals. It's not like we're trailer trash and we need a charity to help out! We can get a new bed!" assures King Renzo. "My bedroom!" Prince Fichael says in a panic. Val and Mal follow him, waist deep in flood waters. Prince Fichael sees his room was now flooded and his collection of porn magazines of pregnant women were floating all about. His bed was upside down too.

"My room is flooded too! Holy fuck! My porn!" Prince Fichael screams. Val and Mal pick up one of the porn magazines. "Hey this is all Asian pregnant women!" exclaimed Val. "Someone has a fetish!" Mal teased. Prince Fichael yanked the magazine out of the conjoined sister's hands. "So I like to look at pregnant women! We all have our quirks, okay?" "I can accept that." Val says. "Yeah, you would." Mal said rolling her eyes.


The force of the winds then turned the whole castle upside down. The floor was the ceiling and the ceiling was the floor. Scootie decides to confront King Renzo. Sending everyone into the attic.

"Shame on you, King Renzo! You just had to use my weed fridge as an anchor! Didn't you!" Scootie lays into King Renzo. "Please! Leave him alone!" begs Queen Flammy. "That weed fridge meant the whole world to me! You are NOT good in a crisis situation! I'll never forgive you!" Scootie continues to yell at King Renzo who then begins to stare as if he were shocked. It was like Scootie's words hit a nerve with King Renzo.

"He was just doing what he thought was right! Just cut him some slack!" Queen Flammy says standing up to Scootie who then says, "I don't care what he thought was right or if he's a king or whatever and...." Scootie yells back then Queen Flammy sees King Renzo in a state of shock and says, "Now look what you did! You made him feel bad...." Queen Flammy yells at Scootie which was all interrupted when Vibatorbot was stuck on the floor and about to land on the chandelier that King Renzo hung up earlier.

"Uhh, excuse me! I'm stuck! Scootie! Can you please help me?" Vibratorbot yelps, then she lands on the chandelier that King Renzo was fixing earlier and broke into pieces. "Good! Glad she's gone! She was just a convenient piece of ass!" Scootie sighs with relief. King Renzo then gets over his upset over what Scootie said, and looks at the disaster the hurricane has caused his castle. Val and Mal, Prince Fichael, and Zobo were all in the attic too as they all saw King Renzo and Queen Flammy.

"Now our house is upside down!" Prince Fichael protests. "Oooh I just hope my students are okay." moans Val. "It's like a fucking Poseideon scenario!" Mal stated.

Zobo says seeing all the flood water. "HA! Tables have turned, bitches! You humans and robots don't have any gills! Did I ever mention we Chaoschalets also have fish parts? This is my castle now, and I can go wherever I want!" Zobo jumps into the flood water and yells, "See you never, assholes!" Zobo jumps out of the water realizing it was salt water that flies into his mouth, "YUCK! THIS IS SALTWATER! IT TASTES LIKE SHIT! PUT ME ON SOME LAND!" Zobo demands. Prince Fichael puts him on a platform.

Catching his breath, Zobo says, "So a lot of funny jokes just happened just now, hey?" Prince Fichael, Val and Mal, Scootie, Queen Flammy, and King Renzo all looked at him like he was crazy. Still waist deep in flood waters in the castle, Prince Fichael thinks this is the end of all of them so he decides to give Val some of his stuff.

"Uh, Val. Since we're all going to die. I want you to have this golden hacky sack and give it to our grandchildren." Prince Fichael cries. "But we don't have any kids!" Val tells him. "I don't want them!" Mal added. "I know! Also I want you to have this folded up candy wrapper to start our family." Prince Fichael cried. "That's pretty useless!" Mal contended. "It's for Val to start our family." Prince Fichael explains.

The water begins to rise in the attic. King Renzo had one last trick up his sleeve. "Okay. We're getting flooded in here, I'm going to open this door then we'll be out of the flood!" Opening the door to the attic, King Renzo succeeds and gets out of the flooded attic and now was in the main room of the castle that was no longer flooded. Queen Flammy, Prince Fichael, Val and Mal, Zobo, and Scootie all got out. King Renzo was proud of himself.

"Yes! I did it! I brought everybody to safety. We are no longer in the flood waters. Suck on that, Scootie!" King Renzo says. Scootie just gives him the stink eye.

Queen Flammy, Val and Mal, Prince Fichael, Zobo, and Scootie all look at King Renzo as if he had done something unforgivable. "WHAT? Come on! Say something! Talk! Did I do a good job or what?"

"NO!" Prince Fichael yelled. "Why do you say that?" asks King Renzo. "Since this hurricane started, it's been one bad decision after another with you!" Mal implies. "She's right. First you wouldn't let us all go to a shelter like I had wanted," Queen Flammy says. "Yeah, then you used my weed fridge as an anchor!" Scootie recalls. "You wouldn't let me use the blueprints!" Prince Fichael says. "You should've let me blast that fucker hurricane away!" Mal joins in.

When everyone was laying into King Renzo about his bad decisions, Zobo gave something to Scootie. "I found this in the floodwaters!" Zobo says. Scootie was happy when Zobo handed him his weed bong shaped like a penis. "ALL RIGHT! THANK THE STARS THIS THING MADE IT! DAMN YOU'RE AWESOME ZOBO! WE SHOULD HANG OUT SOMETIME!" Scootie extends his gratitude.

Val decides to be the voice of reason and stands up for King Renzo. "Everyone stop! Just stop!" Val yells. Everybody froze. "I know King Renzo's decisions haven't been the best, but he is trying." Val says. "Thank you, Val! At least somebody has faith in me still! I say we open the window!" King Renzo suggested.

"Perfect, maybe we all can use the debris from the castle as a raft and I can get us to a shelter until the storm ends." King Renzo says. "Hope you're right, Dad." Prince Fichael says with worry.

King Renzo opens the window and flood water pours out and a shark takes Val and Mal with it! "The King Was Wrong!" Val shouted, "I'll free us!" Mal said.

"That is an awesome mother fucker! And yet we know so little about them!" Scootie said referring to the shark that took Val and Mal away.


King Renzo faints. Queen Flammy got a huge piece of plywood and Prince Fichael was now floating him around on the plywood. King Renzo wakes up to a moaning sound in the distance from the castle. "Oh no! It's the ghosts of Val and Mal! They've risen up from the depths of hell! They have unfinished business with me! Leave me be specter" King Renzo said fearfully. "It's obvious they're still alive Dad." Prince Fichael assures.

"Whatever in the world makes you think they'd be in Hell?" asked Queen Flammy. Zobo and Scootie were ahead of Prince Fichael, Queen Flammy, and King Renzo trying to look for Val and Mal. "My senses are telling me they're!" Scootie pointed out. They all found Val and Mal they were sitting on a dresser in the main room. Val was knocked out, and Mal was proudly waving the shark's head. "I KILLED IT! HA HA HA HA! THE MEG AIN'T GOT NOTHING ON ME!" Mal cheers on.

"See? It all worked out!" Zobo said. A wave of floodwater splashed through again and this time another shark swam inside. Running away from the other shark and getting up on a dry surface, Prince Fichael now has his blueprints, "Okay people. According to the blueprints...." The shark jumps out and eats the blueprints.

"Son of a Bitch! It's hungry for flesh and knowledge!" Prince Fichael says. Soon afterwards, Zobo, Scootie, King Renzo (who got up from the plywood), Queen Flammy, and Val and Mal were trying to get away from the shark as best they could.

This is when King Renzo feels like a failure with all his misfires. Then the king swims away and watches with mortification at what the consequences were about the bad choices he made. Zobo sees him and decides to talk to him.

"What's wrong? Regretting your decisions?" asked Zobo to King Renzo. "Yes I am." King Renzo says with sadness. "You're only human. We all do stupid things. Look at me. I have an addiction to chaos." said Zobo. King Renzo talks to Zobo, "I know! Look at what my decisions have cost us. Our castle is flooded. My wife and son and the SHAT Squad are being chased by a shark...we should've went to the shelter. Flammy was correct. sighs I guess Scootie was right. I am no good during a crisis situation. I don't even deserve to be the King of Farzar."

"Oh come on! This isn't the King Renzo I know. Look at Nicholas Cage. He had made very horrible movies. Snake Eyes, 8MM, Gone In 60 Seconds, Con Air, Captain Correlli's Mandonlin, Wind Talkers, Ghost Rider, Family Man, Weather Man, and let's not forget Bangkok Dangerous." Zobo says giving King Renzo a pep talk.

"Where are you going with this?" King Renzo asks. "What I am getting at here is eventually Nicholas Cage eventually nailed it with National Treasure 2! The greatest movie of all time!" "You're right! He did nail it." King Renzo says with realization.

"He nailed it so hard he became a 'National Treasure!'" Zobo says. "Thank you for your speech, Zobo! Now I know what I must do!" King Renzo says. The shark was trying to bite at Queen Flammy, Scootie, Prince Fichael and Val and Mal who were all sitting on a coach that was floating in the flood water! "A little help here, please! I may be a robot, but I am still scared of sharks!" Scootie says.

Seeing the mayhem before him, King Renzo takes out a vial. "What're you going to do with that vial?" asked Zobo. "Thank you for the pep talk, Zobo! I'm Nick Caging this mother fucker!" King Renzo announces.

Prescription by Mindless Self Indulgence plays as King Renzo puts water in the vial and out comes a grizzly bear. "Help has arrived! I used this vial Barry Barris gave me long ago just for a time like this, and made this grizzly bear. He's the shark's natural enemy!" King Renzo tells everyone.

The grizzly bear begins to fight with the shark. Then the grizzly bear and the shark begin to attack Queen Flammy and Prince Fichael which had both of them dodges their moves. Scootie, Val and Mal were trying to fight off the shark.

"Oh shit! Another bad choice!" King Renzo said then he sees two electrical wires and decides to kill the grizzly bear and shark. "I got something! I'll electrocute that bear and shark!" King Renzo says.

"Oh Renzo! I wouldn't do that if I were you!" Queen Flammy says with worry. The wires slipped out of King Renzo's hands and landed on Scootie which gave him a huge volt of electric shock and then Scootie began to sing like an old Vaudeville comedian. "I WANNA SING-A! I WANNA DANCE-A! I WANNA SING-A AND A DANCE-A!"

"Now I really don't know what to do! So much for Nicholas Cage." King Renzo says. The shark and the bear both jumped on King Renzo and he was able to fight them off. Punching the shark King Renzo yells, "YOU MUST GET OFF MY ASS AND LET ME HELP MY FAMILY!" Prince Fichael cheers him on. As did Val and Mal and Queen Flammy.

Suddenly, in a twist of fate, Barry Barris bursts inside with a tranquilizer gun and shoots the shark and the bear. Then Barry Barris shoots Val and Mal, Prince Fichael, King Renzo, Zobo, and Queen Flammy one by one. The scene cuts to white. The song ends.

The next day had arrived. Hurricane Cania was finally over.

The next day, the castle was damaged by the wind and flooding. All of Farzar and Dome City were practically destroyed and will take months to rebuild. Nobody was inside the castle or anyplace else in Dome City. Once King Renzo and everyone else woke up. Scootie was still dancing around after being shocked by the wires, "HELLO MY BABY! HELLO MY DARLING! HELLO MY RAGTIME GAL!"

"Where are we?" asked King Renzo. "This place looks so light blue! What's with the pink veins I wonder?" Prince Fichael implies. "Hey guys. I saved you all." Barry Barris says. "Thank you for that. This whole thing of me trying to save everyone ended in a catastrophe." King Renzo says. "You got that, I wasn't sure who was doing the most damage back there! Anyway, since you asked we're in a shelter. We'll stay here until your castle gets repaired." Barry Barris says.

Val and Mal see Billy hover over them, "Like this shelter? Billy sure does!" Billy says to them. "Uh no." said both Val and Mal.

"It's a king's job to protect his people and most importantly. His family. And look where that lead us." King Renzo says. "You can help. But getting the hell out of the way and letting someone else take the reins." Queen Flammy says. "Flammy, we both know I am never going to do that." King Renzo says.

Prince Ficahel looked all around the shelter at its blueness and could not figure out the pink veins. "Who in the world built this shelter anyway? Why do those pink veins look familiar?" "Wasn't me. I'm pink not blue." Zobo implies. King Renzo steps out and sees the aftermath Hurricane Cania left behind. "We have a long way to go and a short time to get there. Where have I heard that before?" asked King Renzo.

Then King Renzo turns around and sees that Flobby and Belzert were the ones who built the shelter by cloning themselves with their inbred breeding.

"YOU PUT YOUR TONGUE IN THE BUTTHOLE THEN YOU....." Sang both Flobby and Belzert.

"Oh shit." King Renzo says with despair.

This fanfiction is dedicated to the victims and survivors of Hurricane Ian. Good Bye and Farewell Fanfictions. Although I am quitting writing fanfictions I will still answer the PMs of all my friends. Please review.

The End

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