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Sober Romance is No Fun

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Uhh sorry summaries give away to much for me. And not really good at writing them but these lyrics are kinda a clue to whats gonna happen I guess. // Oh no,/She's at the bottom of that bottle...

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Thanks in advance for reading. Let me know if another chapter is worth writing. Sorry if there are any spelling mistakes or misused words, I tripled checked it, sometimes though your eyes just miss words. Reviews of all sorts are welcomed. --- arii.elle

Chapter 1---

Instead of the usual video game playing he caught up on with the rest of his band mates, today he sat texting on his cell phone. "Why are you so hung up on her?" he looked to his left briefly, then back down at his phone.

"Im not hung up on her," he said, trying to make it sound honest; though he was lying through his teeth. She had him hung and chained and every other possible thing you could think of.

"She's wasting your time, and ours, look at you playing on that stupid phone when you know she's not going to reply back unless that message you sent consisted of 'grab the fucking booze, I'll be there tonight, lets get our fuck on'," Pete laughed, stomping his foot on the ground, pissed he lost again. Joe rolled his eyes; sighing.

"You guys don't understand, its not just drunken sex," he was going to go on explaining the love story he and her shared; once again.

"Save us that, please; we've heard it one to many times, its obvious you are the only one in this 'relationship' that feels that so called 'love' get over it, let her go," Pete patted Joe's arm before putting his controller up he was done losing today. Joe couldn't really just 'let her go' he needed her and he didn't know why; but he was sure she needed him to, and not just in an orgasmic way. He looked down at his phone again, opening a new message, this time texting her something he was sure she'd reply to.


Back in, Wilmette, Illinois; she sat in a local diner, fighting her hardest to beat the deadly hangover she met early this morning. "Why don't you ever reply to his sweet ass messages?" she pulled her head up off the table, snatching her phone out of her friend, Carrie's hand.

"Because maybe he'll get the picture that I don't want his heart just the amazing sex," she smirked thinking of the last time he was in town. That night had been a wild welcoming home; she of course had started earlier with her drinking just to make sure she was completely drunk by the time he reached her. She snapped out of her thought, in which she wasn't finished thinking of, to pay attention to what Carrie was rambling on about.

"That boy is head over heels for you and you treat him like he's a piece of meat, I want to know how in the fucking world you get to hook up with that," Carrie pointed to the picture of Joe as it flashed across the phone, showing incoming call.

"Im lucky, but not lucky enough for him to get the fucking clue not to call me when the sun is up," she sighed in disgust, closing her phone.

"I would be more then happy to take him off your hands during the day light hours," Carrie waved the french fry she had in her hand around; licking the ketchup off her lips.

"No sharing remember," she snatched her phone once again, flipping it closed, "This hangover is kicking my ass today, ugh; make it go away!" she pounded on the table, instantly regretting it, being as the sound just echoed through her brain making the pain worsen. She looked up, glaring at Carrie who was laughing hysterically at her.

"Stop drinking then," Carrie composed herself, shoving a couple of fries into her mouth.
"Yeah, I'll stop drinking when you stop shoving the food into your mouth, I got things to do," she shook her head looking at the clock on the wall.

"Yeah well it was nice for your lazy ass to grace me with your annoying hangover this fucking morning, love you too!" Carrie yelled as she made her way out of the diner, she shrugged Carrie off, waving her right hand as to say 'uh-huh whatever'. She repeatedly changed the radio station, nothing good on or at least nothing good to sooth her ears. She finally gave in turning it all the way, just as her cell phone's message alert went off.

"Joey, please get the clue and stop messaging me, I don't want to hear anymore sweet things from you," she sighed a loud, pressing her foot on the break petal, looking up for a second at the red light, before grabbing her phone reading the message.

So I know you'll reply to this one, coming home tonight, just tonight; meet me after hours at the carnival, you know that spot

He knew her way to well, sickening in ways. She smirked closing her phone, tossing it to the passenger seat. But she also knew him way to well, he'd be waiting there whether she replied or not.

Later that night....

She pressed the beer bottle against her lips, letting a little slip pass, before looking in her mirror again. She applied eye liner, before grabbing her gloss; quickly swiping the light blue, sparkling glossed brush against her lips. She pulled the clip out of her hair, shaking her head a little letting the soft honey colored curls fall into all the right places. Heels only made her fall faster; sure it was a laugh she loved to have but not tonight. She slipped on her white flip-flops, and grabbed a white and light blue purse out of her closet.

How she kept up with all these things she didn't know, but somehow every night she came home with everything she'd left with. She shoved her cell and other things from one purse to the other, closing it, then reaching for her beer finishing it off. She smiled at her reflection, lighting grazing her fingers over the light switch, shutting all the lights in her room off. She reached for the Hypnotic bottle out of the fridge, rushing out the door. He had been most likely been waiting an hour already, no use in making him wait anymore.


"Told you she wasn't coming, she's over you, move on," he glanced over at Andy, shaking his head.

"Nah, she's just messing with me, she always comes, and don't you guys have somewhere else to be?" he asked.

"We waiting to see if she shows and we got a bet that she's drunk already and going to take you down right here on the carousel," Pete laughed.

"Whatever," he looked up seeing her walk over.

"Bye boy toy," Andy, and Pete cooed running off the other direction, pretending to be leaving, but only to hide.

"So I see you could walk over here and not fall over so you aren't drunk or tipsy yet," he leaned against the horse as she climbed onto the carousel with him.

"Just getting started kind of earlier to be all intoxicated, that and I don't drink and drive," she shrugged, looking down at her feet.

"Since when?" something knew to his ears, she'd always made him worry about her drinking, then driving home afterwards no matter what.

"Just since I decided not to drink and drive, but I'm not driving anymore, so," she tossed her purse off to the side opening the bottle, taking a big gulp, and then offering it to him.

"Nah, I'm good tonight," he pushed the bottle away, "Cant you just hold off for a little bit? We never talk,"

"We're talking right now," she pressed the bottle to her lips once again, only having it be pulled away by him.

"That's not what I mean, come on, we've been doing this for 3 years now, our relationship wasn't like this before..." he stopped, she hated Fall Out Boy, not the members, but for the reason it took away the members.

"And we'll keep doing it this way, unless of course you want to call it off, no big deal for me," she reached for the bottle, he just stuck it further out of reach.

"I want us, before Fall Out Boy, before you decided you were even old enough to drink every single night, doesn't it get old?" he placed his hand under her chin making her look at him.

"Look whose talking, Mr. I smoke daily, and drink when given the chance, we cant be us, because I realized that you're trying to give me something I don't want, and you want something I cant give, now can I have my bottle back, so I can forget this whole fucking conversation," she regretted not drinking before coming to see him, she'd always been way passed tipsy when she'd see him, and the one time she decides not to he wants to talk. He stared down at her, as she stopped fighting for the bottle, placing her hands on her hips. He brought his arm in enough for her to reach; she grabbed the bottle, quickly turning from him, sitting on the edge, letting her feet dangle off. He watched her take gulp after gulp, not taking in break in between, that little conversation they just had really hit a spot, and he knew it. She looked up at him smiling, dropping the now empty bottle.

Trying to get up, she almost fell completely off the carousel, he grabbed her arm just in time, pulling her close; she gazed up at him with fiery, lustful eyes, his love for her was the only reason he'd dealt with her this way. He couldn't bare to see her with anyone else so this was how he had to take her. He lifted his arms above his head as she tried to pull his shirt off. Annoyed that it wasn't coming off quick enough she huffed, letting it go; moving to work on his belt buckle. He pulled his shirt over his head with ease, looking down as she began to become annoyed yet again she was having no luck with getting his clothes off at all. Maybe she shouldn't have drunk all that booze so quickly. He placed his hands over hers guiding them to undoing the buckle.

She looked up at him, glaring, "I can do this on me own," she slurred. He nodded, leaning back against the horse letting her fight with his zipper. He stepped out of his jeans, pulling her shirt over her head, placing butterfly kisses up her shoulder, pulling her bra strap down as he sucked on her neck, he smiled against her skin as she tilted her head back, sighing softly. He slowly moved his kisses down her body; he stopped sucking softly on her right nipple, pinching the left gently with his hand. Hearing her moan, he moved his kisses down her stomach, undoing her jeans, letting them fall down her legs.

She stumbled out of them, giggling; causing me to chuckle at her, "Joey this is going way to slow," she slurred, her words barely heard by his ears. She laid down on the floor of the carousel, reaching for his hands pulling him to her eye level, she leaned up, her hot breath against his ear as she whispered, "Just have your way with me," she couldn't say her other words clear but she managed to get that out, perfectly. He hovered over her looking down at her, then looking up and around. They were in the middle of their hometown carnival; sure it was exciting but she was drunk, and wouldn't remember it in the morning.

"Elle, babe, I think we should get dressed and go finish this at your place," he whispered, trying to control himself as she nibbled on his ear. She didn't seem to hear him; she just kept kissing and nibbling, driving him insane. He shook his head as she pulled away looking at him for a second then latching her lips onto his. He took this time placing his hands under her ass hoisting her up wrapping her legs around his waist, as he stood carefully. He got on the ground some how without killing either of them or her realizing that they were moving.

He carefully wrapped his jacket around her, sitting her carefully on the carousel, shoving their shirts, jeans, his socks and her shoes into her bag. 'The joys of her loving oversized bags,' he thought. He slipped his feet into his shoes, wrapping his arms back around her removing her off the ride. All the time he fought the urges to have his way with her as she bit gently on his neck.
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