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A 23 year old girl finds herself in a toxic friendship. She finds herself too attached to her "best friend". What does she do when she is forced to move on?

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The bench was cold, yet again. It had been so long since Kath originally gave the instructions, but Yellow didn't care. She would stay. No matter how long, how horrible the days were, she would stay.

It was a cool, brisk afternoon, right in the middle of autumn. As Yellow glanced around, she noticed the little changes that had popped up since yesterday. The old crow had started another nest, the trees had turned this wonderful bright orange, and it was just cool enough that you wouldn't need a jacket. It was nice, today was bound to be a good day. Yellow began her daily search for Kath with a smile, a swing in her step, and a good mood. Most likely, she thought, this mood would stay. She could go find Kath, and everything would go back to normal. As she started searching the average places, she slowly started getting tired of looking. Every day, every hour, every single moment was spent looking for her, but to no avail. Until, that is, on this cool, brisk autumn afternoon, she spotted who she was looking for. She had finally found Kath, after a very, very large amount of waiting and searching.

"Oh! Kath, is that really you? I thought I had lost you!" Yellow exclaimed, with tears wanting to spill from her already glossy eyes.

Kath didn't respond. It took a moment before the realization hit. There was a reason this happened. And that reason, hit harder than anything ever would.

Kath never wanted to come back. Yellow was abandoned.

"...Kath? Are you okay?" Yellow questioned, still holding back the waterfall of tears.

"Why are you still here? It's been an incredibly long time, right?" Kath replied, an unfamiliar frown plastering her face.

"I've been waiting. You told me to wait there for you, and I have! Every day, every night. I've been there." Yellow said, still in denial about what had truly happened that fateful night, all too long ago. She hated thinking about it, but every red flag she had ignored about her best friend was coming to light. Kath shoved Yellow off of her, and began to slowly walk away, like nothing ever happened.

And that was it. A wondrous friendship, gone in a matter of seconds.

Yellow didn't know what to do, except go home.

Yellow opened the door with a creak. She walked inside, and pulled the cord for the attic ladder. It came down with a thump, as if it hadn't been used in years. Which it hadn't. She grabbed a flashlight from the junk drawer, and began to search for a very specific labeled box. It took a while to finally uncover the box beneath all the clutter from the move, but it all worked out as she took the box down to the living room. She opened the box, and inside was a very old photo. It was of Yellow and Kath, back in middle school. It felt like an eternity since they had properly spent time together, and this box was one of the few memories Yellow had left. She let out a sigh, and began to put the box away, knowing that she would come back to it, and didn't have the heart to get rid of it just yet.

Yellow had been in a horrible state of mind. From the moment Kath left, she's been nothing but a sad, aching mess. She's tried to improve, but horrible thoughts keep leading her back to where she started, over, and over again. She no longer wanted to be known as Yellow, as this served as a painful reminder of who she once was. So, instead, she picked out something shorter. Something less vivid. Vic. It was perfect, she could live her life as Vic, not reminded of Kath. She could pursue her dreams without Kath.

But then again, she didn't have any dreams to follow. Every aspect of her life was with Kath, and now she needed to replace all of it. Hobbies, interests, things that bring her joy, all of it, because every single one of those, had something to do with Kath.

It wasn’t until Vic awoke one day, that she realized how much her old friend had affected her life. It wasn’t until her so-called ‘headache’ got worse, that she realized her mental health hadn’t been a part of her self care until it was too late. She found herself in the same old routine, that was until she heard a very specific person. She was taking her daily walk through the park, just as she always had. Most days, the weather was cool, but not cold enough to need a coat, but today was nothing less than snow. She slowly escaped into the snowy wonderland, losing herself as she did. As Vic was walking, she heard something very familiar behind her. A sound that was recognized almost instantly.

“Hey.” Kath, the one who left, was back again. She looked…sad. Pitiful, even.

Vic wanted to go back. She truly wanted to, but deep down, she knew that if she accepted her apology, she would be abandoned again. She didn’t want to think about this any longer.

As she started to walk away, she was met with a hand on her arm, as Kath was grabbing her arm. As if she didn’t want Vic to leave. As Vic turned around, she saw tears starting to stain Kath’s eyes. But, if Vic knew one thing about her so-called friend, it was that she was incredibly good at fake tears. She didn’t know if she was being honest or not. Vic decided not to think about this anymore, and pulled her arm out of Kath’s grasp, and started the walk home.

When Vic arrived at the house, she leaned to the wall, and slowly sank to the ground. She began to rethink the situation, over, and over again. Thinking of possibilities, things she could have done differently. She wanted to go back to Kath, she really did, but something was telling her to stay put, that something was wrong. So, she went up to the guest room, the room that was used most often when Kath was staying the night. She started to look around, and scattered about were the glorious memories that had been made in this old, plain room.

It was about time to move on.

It wasn’t meant to be after all.

Vic was never the same after that.

She started being less enthusiastic, both at her college classes and at her low-end job. Her pay dropped, and she had to sell her house for a crummy apartment. Things had never been worse without Kath. She spent nights crying, missing Kath more than anything.

It wasn’t until she opened up her phone one night that she discovered that she needed help. She needed someone to talk to, someone that cared.

Normally, that someone would be Kath, but Kath doesn’t care anymore. As she scrolled through the contacts, the only ones who she would even consider trusting were work partners, and she felt like she couldn’t reach out to someone with a strictly professional relationship.

So she didn’t.

She stayed in the same old routine, every day, every hour.

Soon enough, things got worse.

It continued to get worse, which made everything more difficult, and stressful.

It wasn’t until someone in her science class texted, asking if she was okay, that she truly realized.

No. She wasn’t okay. She wasn’t ‘fine’. She wasn’t doing well.

So, she answered honestly.

Just as the text was sent, she almost felt relief.

Someone actually cared.

It felt nice.

She got to know this mysterious stranger from class, who she met up with later in the week.

They went to get coffee, and Vic learned a lot that day.

For instance, the stranger’s name was Gracie, and she was a redhead with baby blue eyes. This person was really kind, much more considerate than Kath, and seemed like a nice person.

The two got to know each other, and over time, even became roommates.

They cared for each other.

Unlike the friendship Vic had with Kath, this friendship was a two-way street.

It wasn’t just Vic trying to make her happy.

It was healthy.

After some time, Gracie ended up getting Vic into therapy, and that helped quite a bit. Vic was in therapy appointments every now and then, which was slowly getting her back to good health.

It was okay.

Everything would be okay.
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