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Diary of the Daughter

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Harry Potters all grown up and has a family. Voldemorts gone and things are looking great. Now his only daughter, Hanna, is heading to Hogwarts, diary in hand. Will Hogwarts survive the New Potter,...

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Disclaimer: If I owned Harry Potter, do you honestly think I'd be writing FanFiction? Heck No! I'd be sitting on a beach somewere... like Tihiti! Yah Tihiti... or even the Bahamas. Yes... thats it... the Bahamas.

Diary of The Daughter

By True Queen Of Chaos

September 1st, 1:35, under the couch

Dear Journal
Hi... I really dont think anyone will find me here. When I say anyone, I mean the two twin nightmares that are biologically my brothers. I mean really, there only nine, yet they can do amazing (yet horrible) things.Just today they swiched my shampoo with food coloring, shaved my stuffed animals, and hit me in the head with there pet turttle, Jimmy. After yelling at them for about a half hour my mom gave me this. She said something about complaining to you instead of her and the half of the neighborhood that can hear me when I scream.So here you are. This is a journal/diary thing so I should probebley introduce myself... My name is Hanna Stacey Potter. Gasp! Yeah, yeah, I'm a Potter, get over it. Honestely, you'd think people would get it out of thier heads that just because I'm a Potter, I'm a bloody superhero. Dad says to just ignore it, but really I think you'd get tired of the same conversation over and over again.

Me: Hello

Person: Hi, I'm so and so

Me: Hello , I'm Hanna Potter.

Person: OMG! Your Hanna Potter?As in Harry Potters daughter?

Me:Um yeah...

Person: OMG! Can I have your attoegraph?

Me: Ummmm...

After a while, it gets rather annoying. Anyhoo, what was I talking about before I was distracted by the stupid people... Oh yes, my DARLING family snort. The twin nightmares names are James and John. There both nine , they both have red hair, and have chocolate brown eyes. Really, they look exactly the same. The only difforent thing about them is that Johns hair is slightly darker than James.My moms name is Ginny,and her maden name is Weasley.She's the one James and John got there red hair from.She's also the one I got my temper from. Good old Mom . Then theres Dad. Where can I begin with Dad. Well of course he's Harry Potter, Boy Who Lived, Chosen One, and the Man Who Killed Voldemort.He's also an aurer and one hell of a quwidich player, if I do say so myself. I love my dad to pieces. He's also the only one I can really go to talk about how to to deal with being famous. Most people would kill to be famous but in all it can be pretty tuff ignoring all the rumers people make up.He's helped me alot with every thing I do. We play qwitich together, and he's taught me to play all the different players. My favorite player so far is seeker, I've acually beat my dad once... but maybe he was going easy on me. Oh well, what are you gonna do?
I guess I'm pretty... in a way. I've got black hair just like my dad,only mine is manegable anothe to do stuff with. I've also got green eyes. Thats most likely my favorite part of my features. There the same color as Dads, I guess you could say I look like a female version of my dad. I've got the face shape of my mom though. I'm not short, but I'm not tall either. Um, what else, my favorite color is green and I'm 11 years old.I'm also going to Hogwarts on the 11th. I cant WAIT to go to Hogwarts! I really want to get into Gryffindor, but I guess Ravenclaw would be o.k. My dad and my mom were both in Gryffendor,so it sorta icspected that I am to.My dad gave me this thing called the Marauders Map. Its this wicked cool map that shows all of Hogwarts secret passage ways and qurders. I've practecly memorised the entire thing. I've only showed it to my best friend and cousin, Myra Kathleen Weasley.I call her Milly. Her parents are Hermonie and Ron Weasley. Uncle Ron is my godfather and my mom's brother.Uncle Ron and Aunt Hermonie are also my dads best friends and they have been since they were kids at school. Anyway Milly has the coloring of her dad ( red hair,blue eyes) and the build of her mom ( slightly short and skinny) she's got curley hair like her mom ,but its not frizzy at all.She's really pretty and one of the smartest people I know. I like to read sure, but I swere, she's the biggest bookworm I've ever met (another thing she inhereted from her mom). Oh crap I'll wright back in a second...I hear James yelling for John. Dang they found me.I've gotta go...

September 2, 3:20, Behind the bookshelf

Dear Journal,

Howdy! Yeah, I found another hiding spot! I am the MASTER! I found a hole bunch of stuff I lost back here too... I found a bounsy ball, a sparkely glittery pen thing, and a lucky rabbits foot! Get this, THE RABBIT FOOT IS GREEN! MY favorite color, I mean what are the chances of that I ask you,WHAT ARE THE CHANCES! I had seafood, I LURV CRAB! It was most likely the best food I've EVER had! Deliciuos I tell you. Anyway, today was pretty normal... got up, took shower,listend to mom yell at me because I set the carpet on the living room floor on fire, got sprade with sillystring (dang twins), and now I'm sitting here. In all it was a very productave really it was. So now I'm bored. Mom said were gonna go suppies shopping on the 6th, so thats something to look forewerd to. I wonder what kind of wand I'll get. Hopefully it will be a cool one.I saw my other uncles, Fred and George today. I love them to death! Every time I see them, they bring me stuff from there jokeshop, Weasly Wizarding Weazez. Its awesome, and today they brought me a tone of stuff to use at Hogwarts. Some of the older stuff like " Portable Swamps",and "Tonge Tone Taphies", but the brought me some knew stuff. My favorite is this stuff that flys up and makes a screen( like on those muggle T.V. things). It then plays a memorie from the person who set up the screen. Its sorta comlicated, but it is SO cool! I've got 12 of those! They ( Fred and George) arent even selling them yet. They said they want me to tell them how I liked them first. They also got me these candies that will turn me invisible for 3 whole hours! They arent going to ever sell those though, they said it'd be to dangers if someone bad got awholed of one. I can't wait to play jokes on the little nightmares evil grin. Oh yes, I have many ideas for those little rugrats...MUWAHAHAHA! I'm going to have SO much fun tonight!

September 3, 2:25, Top of the shed

Dear Journel,

Vengance is MINE! I snuck into the twins rooms and put tonge ton taffies all over there room ( I changed the wrapping paper so they wouldent know it was a joke prodject) then I took one of those invisa candies and watched as they came into there room. They ate some of the candies and walla walla bing bang, there tonges were HUGE! Of course mum screamed at me for, like, 3 hours, but hey, dad thought it was funny! Of coures the evil children kept trying to prank me, but I'm WAY to smart for them so hahahahahahahahahahahahah...ha.
I'm debating what kind of animal I'll get to go to Hogwarts with, my dad got an owl, so I'm sorta considering one of them, but I kinda want something else, somthing no one else will have.Ah well, I'll probably see somethin TOTALLY wicked while I'm there, so I dont have any worries. The view from this shed is cool. I can see most of the grounds of the house we live in. I also see some of the pond. When I was little I used to love going down there. It was always so pretty, and all quite. Thats not something that normaly happens in the Potter household, so I enjoyed it while I could.
It just sort of hit me that I'm leaving in a week. What if no one likes me? What if everyones dissapionted cause I'm not as powerful as my dad, or as brave? Will I make friends? Will I be in Gryffendor? Why am I writing all these questions to an objest that cant answer? Wait--- You cant answer right? Cause if you can I'm gonna slowly move towards my house, and get daddy to stab you with sword or something. Hold on one sec ... ok I just poked you with a stick for the last five minutes and you didnt do anything, so I dont think you are possesed by a crazey evil wizard or anything. Thats good, because my mom once told me about a diary she had when she was my age, and it had Voldemort in it. Creepy right?
Milly's coming over soon, so I should probably go get ready.

A/N : Hey all, this is my ver ver first story, so I'd love to here what you all have to say ( If anyone is even reading it) . It would totally mean a ton to me if any of you would ( please) review. Also, if anyone is willing to beta my story, I would be truley greatful, cause my spelling is horrid at best. Yah, so, plz plz review, and, enjoy the story.

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