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Fucking My Son's Husband

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When Hatake Sakumo goes over to his son's Hatake Kakashi's house to visit him and his husband Hatake Asuma, something blooms between the two and it's something that they have to keep a secret from...

Category: Naruto - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Erotica - Characters: Asuma,Kakashi - Warnings: [X] [Y] - Published: 2022-12-19 - Updated: 2022-12-20 - 1230 words

Not Beta Read, so a lot spelling and grammar mistakes
Hatake Sakumo is walking over to his son and his husband's house. His son Hatake Kakashi married Sarutobi Asuma last month, and Sakumo had to admit he was happy for his son's marriage, but he liked his son-in-law a lot but he would never tell Kakashi that at all, and that would ruin their marriage and he doesn't want that to happen. He gets closer to the home of his son and son-in-law, when he gets there, he sees Sarutobi Asuma, well now Hatake Asuma cooking lunch, and Kakashi was training on the outside, so he could get inside of the house without Kakashi noticing. When he gets inside, he goes behind Asuma, and hug him by his waist, and this shock Asuma a lot but he liked that Sakumo was hugging him like this. "Asuma-Chan, what are you cooking?" Sakumo asked and Asuma turns around to him and smiles. "Okonomiyaki,Yakitori,and Takoyaki Sakumo-San." Asuma said and Sakumo smiles and he turns around, walks away from Asuma and walks over to the kitchen table.
While Sakumo sits down at the table, Kakashi walks in after he trained for an hour, and he was shocked to see his father inside of his house, and he walked over to the table and he began to talk with his father, during this time, Asuma came over with plates of food, and he placed them on the table, and they all began to eat.
When they all were done eating, Sakumo said that he was going to stay with them and Kakashi was happy that his father was going to live with them. Asuma was also happy that Sakumo was going to live with them, and he said that Sakumo can sleep in the guest bedroom, Sakumo agreed but Kakashi said that Sakumo can sleep in their bedroom, and this is because Kakashi would be going on a mission tonight and he would be away for a few days.
Asuma and Sakumo agree to the idea, and Kakashi sighs as he goes upstairs to their bedroom to fix his bag, and when he's finished, he takes a shower and changes into some clothes, and he leaves the house while Sakumo and Asuma are waving goodbye to him. "Sakumo-San, I'm going to shower." Asuma said and Sakumo nodded his head and Asuma left, going into the shared bathroom inside of his and Kakashi's bedroom. Sakumo also decided he should also take a shower, so he goes into the bathroom that was between the guest bedroom and Kakashi and Asuma's shared bedroom. He takes a minute to shower, and he walks out of the bathroom, walks into Kakashi and Asuma's shared bedroom and he sees Asuma in a night gown, and he smiles.
"Oh Sakumo-San! We can watch TV if you want." Asuma asked and Sakumo agreed to the idea, and Asuma turned on the TV, and they both began to watched, while they both sat on the bed. They were halt way into the show, and Sakumo turns the TV off and this confused Asuma."Sakumo-San, Why did you turned the TV off?" Asuma asked and Sakumo got on top of him and he pulled up Asuma's gown, and he begins to suck and lick in Asuma's tits. Asuma is shocked at this and he is also flushes,and he moans loudly while Sakumo sucks and licks on Ausma's tits, while he pulls down Asuma's white and see-though panties, revealing Asuma's wet and soaking pussy. Asuma blushes while he moans. "S-Sakumo-San. We can't do this. It's wrong." Asuma says and Sakumo kiss him while he lets go and pulls down his pants and boxers, revealing his large and thick 14in cock, and Asuma's eyes go wide and he blushes.
Sakumo positioned his large and thick cock to Asuma's pussy lips and he pushes it inside Asuma's pussy. "AHH! SAKUMO-SAN! YOUR PENIS IS BIGGER AND THICKER THAN KAKASHI!" Asuma screamed, and he blushed as he said it and Sakumo chuckles and he begans to moan while he begans to thrust inside of Asuma. He had to admit, Asuma did feel really good in the inside, and he thinks he shouldn't be doing this with Asuma, but he couldn't help himself.

Sakumo then got under Asuma, and placed his cock back inside of Asuma, causing Asuma to moan loudly, and he to cover up his face from embarrassment, but Sakumo takes his hands from, and he kisses him in the cheek, and he begans to thrust and fuck Asuma until he was to his climax. "AHH! SAKUMO-SAN! YOUR PENIS IS THE BEST!" Asuma moans and Sakumo begans to thrust even harder inside of Asuma, causing him to moan loudly, and he to throw his head back and he continued to moan loudly. He didn't care of the whole neighborhood heard him and his father-in-law fucking right now, he just didn't want this to stop at all, and he hopes that no one ruins this moment. Then Sakumo place him in missionary position, Sakumo was fucking Asuma's pussy while Asuma had his legs wrapped around Sakumo's hips, and his arms wrapped around Sakumo's back and he begans to moan loudly,and he kisses Sakumo while he has hearts in his eyes. He never knew this is what pleasure actually feels like and he never felt this pleasure with Kakashi, everytime they have sex, so this is shocking him as much it loving him as well.

Sakumo then feels his climax coming and he fasten his pace inside of Asuma while he kisses Asuma on the lips. He knows that this would be kept an secret between him and Asuma, and he knows that he nor Ausma want Kakashi to know about this going on between them, and they both don't want to the marriage to end even though it would end when Kakashi finds about this happening, and they both don't worry about that happening. "AHH! SAKUMO-SAN! I'M GOING TO CUM!" Asuma yells and Sakumo begans to thrust faster and harder inside of Asuma while Asuma moans loudly and Sakumo fasten and harden his pace inside of Asuma while they both began to kiss each other while they went into their climax together. "AHH!" Sakumo and Asuma moaned as they both went through their climax. Sakumo pulled out of Asuma's pussy, and they both panted for air, and they both shared one last kiss before they both went to sleep, and into the arms of each other.

They both know that they both have to hide what both did, and for the rest of the days that Sakumo would be over to the house, but they both didn't think of and they went to sleep, into the arms of each other and while they both were happy, and excited for tomorrow to come. Hatake Sakumo, and his son-in-law Hatake Asuma sleep in the bedroom that belong to Hatake Kakashi and Hatake Asuma, and they would continued to have this relationship behind Kakashi's back, and they both hope Kakashi doesn't get suspicious about their relationship with each other, and they are sleeping peacefully with each other, and they both are dreaming happily about what they both just did. They biht just loves each other like none father-in-law and son-in-law should live each other, and they both didn't care.
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