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Ghost Hunt: Mai's Valentine's Day Carnival Lover

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Mai and Naru go to a Valentines Day Carnival Together will they or will they not fall in love. Read and find out. I DON'T OWN GHOST HUNT AND STUFF.

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It was Friday and Valentines Day was on Saturday. Mai was excited because the Valentines Day Carnival was on Saturday. She was thinking of asking Naru out to the Carnival. She had a card saying" Want to go to the V-Day Carnival as my Valentine?".
Mai: Here's your tea. She gave it to him and put the card on his desk and went to do her office work.
Then Naru came into her office. With the card.
Mai: Hey there.
Naru: No, Mai.
Mai: Oh that's okay. She said sadly. But before he left two people came in through the door.
Mrs.S: Oh no Kazyua's your not spending the holiday at the office reading books your going to that Carnival with your sweet assistant.
Naru: No mom.
Mai: Wait what?
Mr.S: Hello there Mai we are Kazyua's parents.
Mai: Oh Hello.
Mr.S: Now Kazyua your mother wants you to get out more especially on the holidays. So why not go to the Carnival with Mai?
Naru: I don't like Valentines Day it just another holiday with zero meaning once so ever.
Mrs.S: Oh no, your not spending another holiday alone. Take Mai to the Carnival and show her a good time and give her a smile.
Naru: Fine. "Grunt".
Mai: Oh no, if Naru doesn't want to go that's okay I'll just go by myself.
Mrs.S: And let you see all the couple and friends having fun while your be yourself all alone?
Mr.S: I think not besides our son needs some fresh air and fun, and a break from SPR.
Naru: Mai, I'll pick you up at your apartment by 10:00 am for our "date".
Mai: Aww that's sweet. I guess. "Sigh".

....................................Time Skip................................................

My out on a pink dress with red hearts for her date with Naru. The door bell rang. Mai grabbed her purse and jacket and rushed to the door. She opened it, Naru was at the door wearing a grey and black (as usual). He was scowling and glaring at Mai with his deep blue and scary.
Mai: Hey there Naru. Ready for an awesome V-Day. Mai said a little scared.
Naru: Lets get this idiotic holiday event over with.
Mai: I just thought it would be nice to go somewhere with you for a change on a holiday and have fun, since I never see you doing anything, but Physic Research stuff. I get it I'm to annoying for you. Mai was starting to cry. Naru started to panic, because his parents and Lin
were right next to Naru where Mai couldn't see them. Then they came out in the open where Mai could see them.
Mr.S: Oh great son you talked to her for 20 seconds and made her cry.
Mrs.S: Mai please our Kazuya is the sweetest boy alive, but he can be grumpy sometimes.

Then Naru pushed Mai into her apartment and closed the door behind him. Then he turned around and looked straight at her with his deep blue eyes. Mai got scared again.
Mai: "Gasp". Oh no.
Naru: Mai stop crying already.
Mai: Why?? Cause it's annoying?
Naru: Because I can't live with myself when I make you cry like that.
Mai: What are you talking about??!
Naru: The truth is that no girl will ask me on Valentines day when I was younger cause they thought I was scary.
Mai: Oh. Okay.
Naru: Now can we please go to the Carnival?
Mai: Okay.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~For the scene to be more lovey dovey and dramatic play "Ain't No Mountain High Enough By: TMS " the song~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Mai and Naru arrived at the Carnival in Lin's van. Naru walked out and opened the door and held Mai's hand as she got out of the van. They headed towards the fair. They had a wondrous time together.

Playing games: Mai was amazed that Naru had a extremely strong left arm when he won her a giant stuffed bear.
Eating food: Naru bought Mai pizza, a Valentines day sundae, corndogs, pink cottoncandy, and all sorts of yummy treats and they fed each other so romantically.
Fortune Teller: She predicted that they were in love.
Art Gallery: Naru explained what painting represented Mai learned that Naru was also sophisticated when it comes to art and paintings.
Music: A slow dance was playing on the center of the fair. Naru said " May I have this dance
Beauty". He smiled as he said it, that made Mai smile. They slowed danced so beautifully just like Cinderella and the Prince.
Flowers: Naru and Mai were walking together and Naru bought Mai a beautiful white rose and put it in her hair.
Photo Booth: In the photo Mai had her arms around Naru and they were smiling.
Leaving: At sundown Naru and Mai walked to the exit, but then Mai went on her tippy toes and gave Naru a kiss on the cheek. Naru was surprised and glared at Mai. Mai: Oh No.
Then Naru grabbed Mai and they kissed, Naru carried Mai in the air and spun her around as they kissed Mai's arms passionly were wrapped around Naru.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~HONK HONK HONK HONK~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Mai and Naru turned their heads and saw Lin's van and Naru's parent and Lin. They saw the kiss. Mai blushed, but Naru went back to scowling. They went inside the van and were driving towards Mai's apartment. After Mai went inside her apartment and blew Naru a kiss and walked inside.
Lin: I didn't know you had it in you Kazuya.
Mrs.S: Were so proud of you.
Mr.S: Kazuya's first kiss.
Naru: Not another word you guys. He looked out the window scowling, but as soon as everyone stop talking to him and turned there heads. Naru grabbed the photo they took early and smiled.
Naru thought" I love you, Mai".
**************END OF STORY*************
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