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Merry Christmas You Narcissistic Jerk

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Mai walks into SPR on December 23 all happy because she wasn't going to spend Christmas alone she had some great plans for December 24 and 25. She walked into the CEO door where Naru was.
Mai: Hello Naru.
Naru: Mai your late I need hot tea.
Mai: Sure.
She made him a cup of tea and went to her office. At the end of the day she went made her last cup of tea for Naru.
Mai: Here's your last cup of tea for the day. I'll see you December 26.
Naru: I'll see you tomorrow and Christmas day.
Mai: But I have plans. I was going to go to my friends house for a sleepover tonight. Then on Christmas eve I was going to visit my parents graves in the morning. Then in the afternoon my and my school friends were going to see the Christmas parade and go to the Mall. Then on Christmas day I was going to relax in the morning, help out with John with the church, and we were thinking of having an SPR dinner at my place.Come on.
Naru: No Mai I'll see you tomorrow.
Mai: Oh, Come on I was going to make a huge dinner for SPR I was going to make Rice balls, Turkey legs, Sandwich's, Ranman, Chicken Dumplings, and all sorts of Christmas sweets. I HAVE PLANS NARU I CAN'T BE HERE.
Naru: Yes I can.
Mai: Jerk.
Naru: "Grunt". I'll see you tomorrow. Don't be late.
Mai: Fine!! She said angerly.
Then she left.
Naru thought's "Why didn't Mai invite me for dinner?".
At Mai's apartment she was on the phone saying she had to cancel her plans.
Keiko: Oh Mai your boss won't let you have two days off that's awful.
Mai: I know, but I'll try to stay strong. Tell Michiru that I'm not coming.
Keiko: Okay, bye.
Then after she hang up she called Monk to tell them the news.
Monk: That's not fair Mai here I'll talk to Naru.
Mai: No Monk it's okay.
Monk: Well try to hang in there kiddo.
Mai: Okay bye. She hung up the phone.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Time Skip~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Mai arrived at SPR with her bag it had Naru and Lin's presents in them and some other things.
Mai: I'm here.
Naru: Your late, I need tea.
Mai: Okay,"Sigh". She made him tea and did her office work.
After about 2 hours Mai heard some music it was the Christmas parade.
Mai went to the window in Naru's office after putting down the files on his desk.
Mai: Ohh!!
Naru: Back to work Mai.
Mai: Oh come on I finished the work can I please go I'm missing the parade.
Naru: Then do some extra files and keep busy.
Mai: But-
Naru: Now. He hissed. And tea Mai.
Mai: Fine. She said sadly.
During the day Mai kept on working she even gave her present to Lin it was a neck massager since he works on the computer all day. Lin smiled at Mai for the gift.
At the end of the day Mai was making Naru his last cup of tea of the day.
Mai: Here you go.
Naru: You can leave now Mai I'll see you tomorrow.
Mai: Thanks for ruining my Christmas eve. jerk.
That's when the phone rang it had a voice mail.
Voice Mail: Attention citizens the snow has been falling radicaly so no one is to go out into the snow until tomorrow thank you and have a nice Christmas eve. "Click".
Naru: Mai don't go home.
Mai: I can handle some snow goodbye.
Naru: No Mai you must stay.
Mai: "Grunt".
Naru: Can you make me another cup of tea instead of grunting.
Mai: GRR!! fine.
After an hour Mai and Naru walked up to Naru's apartment above SPR.
Naru sat on the edge of the couch while Mai sat on the far side of it looking out the window.
It was more silent than a library. Mai was really sad about missing her Christmas eve. with paper work.
Naru looked at Mai and thought "Why didn't Mai invite me to Christmas dinner?".
Gene: Idiot Scientist you've done it now.
Naru: What is it now Gene?
Gene: Did you have to ruin Mai's Christmas eve.?
Naru: I needed her to do some filing and make me tea.
Gene: Come on look at her face so sad why not cheer her up.
Naru: Maybe.
Gene: Fine brother.
Naru got up and walked to Mai.
Mai: Yes?
Naru: How about some dinner Mai?
Mai: Well....
Naru: Raman instant noddles and tea make it.
Mai: I'm not in a mood for dinner.
Naru: Fine. He went to the kitchen.
Mai: "Sigh". She looked out the window.

Mai was stuck at Naru's apartment being bored as ever. It was 8:00 at night and nothing was happening at all.
Gene: Come on brother it's Christmas try to help Mai be happy.
Naru: I tried she likes you better.
Gene: No she likes you better.
Naru: Then why didn't she invite me for Christmas dinner?
Gene: I don't know.
Naru: Did she invite you for Christmas dinner brother.
Gene: Yes and Lin too except you.
Naru: "sigh".
Gene: Well I have nothing else to say goodbye.
Naru: "grunt".
Naru looked at Mai still staring out the window and sighing.
Then Mai fell asleep. Naru got up and went to bed.
The next morning it was 7:00 Naru got up and couldn't find Mai on the couch. He went to SPR,but couldn't find her. That's when Lin came from the door.
Naru: Lin have seen Mai anywhere.
Lin: No.
Then Naru went back to his apartment and saw a present on the kitchen table it was a small box covered in red wrapping paper. It said"To: Naru From: Mai".
Naru opened it, it was a bunch a physic research mystery books and a twilight fog color scarf.
Naru: Wow such thoughtful gifts and I didn't get Mai any thing.
Gene: You better go get Mai before something bad happens to her.
Naru: Gene where is Mai?
Gene: I can't tell you, if you really like Mai you must find her yourself.
Naru: Fine.
He put on the scarf and ran outside.
Naru thought"Mai forgive me".
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Time Skip~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
It was 11:45 still no sign of Mai so he went to SPR. While walking up the stairs he heard a sneeze sounding like girls coming from the roof.
Naru thought"Mai?!?!?".
He ran towards the roof access door and saw Mai sitting on the roof.without her coat on.
Naru: Mai!!
Mai turned around.
Mai: Oh Naru.
Naru: Mai have you've been up here the whole time?
Mai: No I went to see my parents graves then I came back around 10:00 and you were gone.
Naru: I was searching for you for hours, do you have any idea how worried I was?
Mai: Since when do you care. She turned her head the other way.
Naru: I've always cared.
Mai: I'm not that stupid to fall for that.
Naru: It's the truth.
Mai: Right. .
Gene: Come on Naru show some compassion.
Naru: I'm trying Gene.
He walked over to Mai.
Naru: Mai.
Mai: What is it now?
He bent down and grabbed her.

Mai: WHAT WAS THAT FOR YOU YOu You you.......
Naru: Merry Christmas Mai. I love you.
Mai: "Gasp".
Naru: Here I'll carry you inside no work today okay?
Mai: o..ka..y.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Montage Play Send me on my way-Rusted Root~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Mai made Naru Brunch of Pancakes with berries on top, bacon, and fried eggs, orange juice, and porridge with honey.
Then they went for a walk to the park were they saw a few birds signing. Then iceskateing, but Naru kept falling down on his butt. Then to the library. Then to see Mai's parents graves. Then to Mai's apartment to make Christmas dinner. Then late at night around 11:00 they watched the snow fall on the couch and ended with a kiss.
***************END OF THE STORY*****************************
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