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Inuyasha Request Faniction: The Golden Bird

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This is the story of The Golden bird with Inuyasha and the others as characters.

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The team was sitting by the fire, but it wasn't just Inuyasha, Kagome, Sango, Kilala, Mirkou, and Shippo. There sitting by another fire a few feet away was Sesshomaru, Rin, Kohaku, Ah-Un and Jaken. Koga and his wolves were sitting a couple feet by a fire too. Lord Inutashio, Lady Izayoi, and Lady Inukimi were by another fire. This time Kikyo and Ayame is here too.

Characters: Inuyasha the prince. Mirkou the gardener's young son. Inutashio the King. Shippo the fox. Sango the princess.

*********************The Golden Bird***********

Once Upon A Time....

There was a king named Inutashio who had a beautiful tree that grew golden apples he loved that tree. He always counted the apples to make sure they were all there. One night he saw that some apples where gone.

Inutashio: My tree is missing it's apples. Koga keep an eye on the tree.

Koga: Yes your highness.

He ordered the gardener Koga to keep an eye on the tree all night long. Koga set his oldest son to keep an eye on the tree but he fell asleep at midnight, his second son fell asleep before dawn, so his third son Mirkou kept an eye on the tree.

Koga: Since your brothers couldn't do it I am trusting you.

Mirkou: I won't fail you.

Soon Mirkou heard the sound of the tree he looked up and saw it and tried to shot it with an arrow he missed he saw what it was. It was a golden bird. He bird flew away leaving a golden feather behind. Mirkou then took it to the king.

Inutashio: This Golden Feather is worth a lot but it is not enough bring me the whole bird.

Mirkou: Yes your highness.

Mirkou sent out to find the golden bird. He went into the woods where he met a fox. The fox's name was Shippo.

Shippo: The golden bird is at the two inns.

Mirkou then went to the two inns. He meant Prince Inuyasha.

Mirkou: Have you seen a golden bird?? The fox told me that it would be hear.

Inuyasha: What kind of fool takes advice from a fox?!

Then Inuyasha left.

At another inn Mirkou met up with his brothers and they had a meal together. Mirkou soon found the golden bird and put it int a wooden cage and took it to the castle. After that he soon met Shippo again.

Shippo: You must put the golden bird in a golden cage.

Mirkou: Why?

Shippo: So then the golden bird won't be in an ugly cage.

Mirkou: Okay.

Mirkou then went to put the golden bird in a cage by sneaking into the castle, but the bird shrieked and he got caught he was put in jail. The next morning Inutashio said his life would be spared if Mirkou brought back the Golden Horse. Mirkou then went out to find the golden horse with the help of Shippo. Inuyasha heard about the golden horse and went to Inutashio he wanted Princess Sango's hand in marriage if he found the golden horse.

Inutashio: Bring me the horse and my daughter is yours.

Inuyasha: Yes your highness.

Inuyasha then left to find the horse.

Inuyasha found the golden horse and brought it back to the castle stable at night. Mirkou felt bad for the horse and went to help it but the horse let out a big neigh and Inuyasha came and arrested him. Mirkou was going to sentenced to death. Mirkou sat in jail all alone until the fox sneaked in.

Shippo: I am so sorry about what happend but I know how to fix this.

Mirkou: How?!

Shippo: All you have to do is wait until everybody is asleep to sneak out. Princess Sango is going to take a bath in the bath house. Sneak in and give her a kiss while she is in the bath. She would fall in love with you.

Mirkou: Alright I hope this works.

Soon when the guards were asleep Shippo and Mirkou sneaked out to the bath house where Mikrou gave Sango a kiss. It was true love.

The next morning Inutashio gave Mirkou another chance.

Inutashio: If you were cross the mountain of lies then you can marry the princess.

Mirkou: Yes your highness.

Mirkou and Shippo then went to the mountain. Prince Inuyasha wanted to marry the princess so he sent up traps to stop him. Mirkou then fell into a huge hole and almost hit the ground, but then Sango came and recused him on the golden horse.

Mirkou: Thank you my love.

Sango: Mirkou lets go and recuse the golden bird and get married.

Mirkou: Yes my love.

They crossed the mountain together and went back to the castle to find the golden bird. The golden bird began to sing. They showed it to Inutashio. He was pleased so he let Mirkou marry Sango. That's when the Shippo turned into a man, he was the long lost brother of Sango.

Shippo: Sister and Father.

Sango: Brother!

Inutashio: Son!

Prince Inuyasha went back to his castle in defeat. Mirkou and Sango got married. They family was back together.



*****************End Of Chapter 2***************
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