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Chapter 10 - A Nurse Calling

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Chapter 10 of the Spirit of Alola - Book Two - A Hurting Heart

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“Professor Kukui’s residence. Mel Gomez speaking.” Mel spoke into the house phone quietly. It had rung several times over before the doctor decided it might be important. She had just ended a phone call with her adopted daughter, Athini, so the phone had still been sitting by her when she answered. The house was silent with the sounds of the two sleeping women, Anya and Burnet, while Ori Ōpūnui had left with the children to get breakfast in town and stop at the hospital.

“Gomez? Where have I heard that name before?” A kind female spoke over the receiver, forgetting to announce herself at the sound of Mel’s name. Though the voice was soft and sweet, the older woman could hear a note of distracted worry in the caller’s voice

“I’m not sure. I have only visited Alola once, but that was 6 years ago for a wedding. The Professors are both incapacitated at the moment though. Is there a message I could pass along when Professor Burnet wakes up?” The old doctor moved the phone to her shoulder, pressing it into her ear and freeing up her hands as she located a pen and a sheet of paper. Finding what she needed Mel awkwardly held the writing utensil in her uninjured right hand, the feeling of it unfamiliar on her non-dominate side.

“Is Doctor Māhoe around?” The voice spoke, sounding concerned.

Taken aback, the graying burnet paused before responding, “No, I’m afraid she is unavailable as well. I can take a message for you if you want though. My name is Mel Gomez. I’m a guest of the Professors at the moment.”

“Now I am certain I’ve heard your name before. Would you hold for just a moment while a check my records?”

“Of course,” Mel responded. The worry in the woman’s voice was concerning, as well as her insistence to speak to someone. And how does she know Anya is staying here? It would be very odd for the secretive woman to announce her staying somewhere other than her regular home to anyone that didn’t need to know.

The answers to Mel’s questions came with the return of the mysterious caller.

“Would you happen to be Doctor Melanie Gomez?” She queried.

“I am.”

After a short round of security questions, the older woman finally realized this call was coming from Hau’oli City’s Pokèmon Center, with Nurse Joy on the line.

“Very good. Thank you, Doctor Gomez.”

“Please,” the doctor interrupted, “call me Mel.”

“Right.” The caller responded hurriedly, wanting to get her information relayed. “I’m calling regarding Pokémon that were sent over from Professor Ashoka for treatment. I have you marked down as an Emergency Contact should the owners be unreachable.” The nurse paused for a bit to allow time to process the words.

Mel barely needed the moment as she pushed the caller on. “What is this about? What’s happened? Are the Pokémon alright?” A pit in the psychic’s stomach dropped, knowing a call like this could only mean bad news. She unconsciously began rubbing her right hand across her injured left, running her fingers gently over the compression bandage, feeling the swelling of her affliction, even through the thickly wrapped fabric.

“I’m not sure how informed on the situation you are. Before she went missing, Professor Ashoka had us take her and her husband’s Pokémon for a routine checkup. And then a few hours later, the Professor’s remaining Pokémon, a Delcatty, was rushed into the clinic with severe injuries.” She paused to take a breath, delivering news no one ever wanted to say. “I’m regretful to inform you that the Delcatty has not responded to treatments. It passed away earlier this morning.”

Mel was at a loss for words. She had no idea that Hop, Sashi’s beloved Delcatty, was even injured. The doctor had merely assumed the purple cat was stored away somewhere with all the other Pokémon. And to be the first to hear the news of her passing. She slid her uninjured hand over her mouth to quiet a gasp of shock.

A short pause followed before Nurse Joy pushed on. “Doctor Gomez? Are you still there?”

“I’m here.” She barely choked out. Mel took a deep breath, cleared her throat, and pulled out her professional tone. “I will make the necessary arrangements for Hop and the other Pokémon. I’ll inform the others too. Thank you for all your hard work.”

“I’m just sorry there wasn’t more I could do. The Delcatty was already in very poor shape when it arrived.” Nurse Joy’s voice quavered in her sadness. Mel knew from experience that it was never easy to break this kind of news. It didn’t matter if the patient was human or Pokémon.

“I know you did your best.” The Professor’s voice softened. “Thank you again for calling.”

Mel ran her finger over the end-call button and placed the now silent phone onto the countertop. She slid into a chair at the table, rubbing her palms over her face.

How much more grief will this family face? She questioned herself. Oh Arceus, let this end soon. This is too much. Please allow us some peace.

The old Doctor sat for a while, allowing her mind to process this new information. She planned out ways to have the conversation with Anya. Prepared herself for any emotions the woman might respond with. She even began thinking out how the conversation would go if she were able to talk to Kabir or Sashi.

Something cold and wet touching her hand forced her to pull her head away from her palms. An orange and white dog Pokémon with green eyes that she didn’t recognize stared up at her sadly, clearly trying to cheer the woman at the table up. The creature pressed its nose against her hand once more. It whined softly at her and laid its head in her lap.

“It’s alright little one.” She soothed, smoothing the rough fur on its head down with her fingers. “There’s just a lot going on, that’s all. But it’s nothing you should be worried about.”

Is that true though? Or will this innocent soul be swept up in this calamity too?

She glanced out the window just in time to see a flash of orange fur as her Delphox padded past, patrolling outside. Mel didn’t think there was too much reason to keep sending her Pokémon out to keep watch, but she also felt a strong worry about what had been happening in the area. So she continued setting watches with two of her Pokémon, allowing the remainders to rest for a bit. Even Burnet had joined on the vigilance, instructing Pokémon at her place to guard the household as well.

I need to clear my mind. The Psychic decided. I think I’ll try meditating for a bit. If anything, I’ll be able to recover my strength. And who knows, she thought with hopeless optimism, maybe I’ll be able to learn something if I can open myself up enough.

Mel closed her eyes and drew in a long deep breath. She let it out slowly, repeating the process again and again. With each release, she removed another thing clogging her mind. She pushed out the concern for Anya’s sudden Panic Attack. She let go of Hop’s passing. She set loose her worry for Kabir. She relinquished the fear about the missing Sashi.

Slowly, time pressed on, but Mel continued breathing, allowing the world to slip away. Another breath, another worry. After some time, Mel felt herself slip into the black abyss of her consciousness. Her body was now gone. She did not feel the pain in her hand. She did not need to worry about her family. She simply existed as an entity, forever floating in the calm of enveloping darkness.

All her feelings were removed. There was no touch of air on her skin. No press of bandages on her swollen hand. The gentle sound of breathing of those around slipped into the void before her, as Mel pushed her way inside the abyss of deep meditation.

Suddenly, a high clear note struck out over the emptiness. The psychic drew back, wanting to delve deeper into the steadiness, but the note came again, warbling as it repeated itself.

She paused, recognizing the singing voice even through the terror in the vocalization.

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