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Follows X1. Logan's life is forever changed when he rescues an infant girl named X23 from a group called Hydra and raises her as his daughter. Then one day, they become entangled with a group known...

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Daddy's Girl
Chapter 13: Departure


Upon their triumphant return from Liberty Island, Logan carried his unconscious daughter to the infirmary where Jean gave her a thorough checkup. She had endured so much pain and against all odds, she survived the Brotherhood's wrath. And no one was more proud than the father who fought so hard to save her.

Logan stayed by Laura's side the whole time as she rested and recovered from her ordeal. Jean had assured him that her healing would take care of her and she should be at full strength within a few days. And even though he didn't show it, he was deeply grateful to her and the X-men.

"So how are they?" came a voice from behind Jean as she stood outside the infirmary, looking back in at Logan as he lovingly held his daughter's hand.

Turning around, Jean smiled to see her fiancé. Having been cooped up in the lower levels for so long, his appearance was a welcome sight and she let him know it by pulling him into a warm embrace.

"He hasn't left her side since we got back. But it looks like she's going to be okay," said Jean with an optimistic tone.

"That's good to hear. Not a lot of people can say that after going up against the Brotherhood."

"Yeah, well Laura's a fighter. No doubt about it."

"Can't imagine where she got a trait like that from," said Scott with a humored grin.

"Like father like daughter indeed," she said, finding the scene before her nothing short of heartwarming.

Looking into the room where Logan stuck by the side of his child, Scott and Jean couldn't help but admire the sight. Even though they had been so untrusting and cynical towards them, there was no denying the bond they shared. Laura and Logan were a true family. And as a soon to be married couple, that resonated strongly with them.

"Amazing, isn't it?" said Jean, breaking the silence.

"What is, babe?" asked Scott.

"How someone so disturbed and unstable could be such a loving father."

"Yeah, even I won't argue that," conceded Scott, even if there still were a few things he didn't like about him.

"He really went above and beyond for her," added Jean, "The man loves his little girl. Even though I'm psychic, I still can't understand the bond they share."

"Guess we'll have to find out for ourselves when we have kids," said Scott.

That got Jean to look at her fiancé with a surprised expression. Upon realizing what he said, Scott immediately wished he had kept his mouth shut. Now his face was almost the same color as his glasses.

But to Jean, he looked so cute when he was embarrassed. And as a psychic, she knew he couldn't hide his thoughts from her even if he tried.

"You really want to give it a try, Slim?" said the redhead with a smile.

"Um, well I..." stammered Scott, struggling to get the right words out, "One step at a time I guess."

"You're right. Wedding first...Kids later," she smiled, "And who knows? Maybe once we become parents, you won't butt heads with Logan so much."

"Let's not get too ahead of ourselves here," quipped Scott, who couldn't help but smile back.

"So says the guy who first mentioned having kids."

"Sue me. It slipped."

"Can't take it back, lover."

"Can I?" said Scott in a pleading tone, "Is there ANYTHING I can do to make up for it?"

Doctor Jean Grey smiled at her handsome lover who she would soon call her husband.

"Oh, I can think of a few things."

The tone in her voice got Scott to smile as well as he took her hand and led her back down the hall. It was late and after all the stress they had endured in attaining their victory, the soon to be married couple wanted to share some quality time together.

"In that case, come on. Let's give Logan and his daughter some privacy," said Scott, snaking his hand around her waist, "I think it's time we celebrate our victory."

"And they say you don't know how to have fun," purred Jean.

"Shows how much they know."

Scott went on to prove his point as he captured her lips in a deep kiss before leading her towards the elevator. It had been a difficult challenge for all of them, yet they had overcome each obstacle in the end. Now they had a bright future to look forward to for both themselves and their future children when the time came.

This same feeling permeated to Logan and his baby girl back in the infirmary. He still had her hand in his and he had no intention of letting go. He had come so close to losing her. She could have died in his arms on that statue. But she didn't. Instead, she was lying here safely under the protection of a father's love.

Fifteen years ago, he had saved an infant girl from some of the sickest men on the planet. Since then, he had become a proud father to this amazing little girl. And even though his life was full of mystery and uncertainty, he took a great deal of comfort in knowing he had a family that he loved with all his heart.

"Sleep easy, darlin'," he whispered to his daughter's unconscious form, "Daddy's here. Daddy will always be here. I promise."


Days turned to weeks as the aftermath of Liberty Island reverberated throughout the public. While the exact details of what had happened remained secret, the story of Magneto's capture brought about a media frenzy. Capturing a mutant terrorist was big and it was sure to have long term consequences.

With his Brotherhood gone and his plans for war ruined, the master of magnetism was arrested and confined to a specially constructed cell made of plastic and glass. Some wanted the death penalty for him, but since he hadn't killed anybody he got life imprisonment instead.

The fervor surrounding Magneto was mediated thanks to Charles Xavier, who made a quick recovery from the trap Mystique had set for him. With the media spotlight on mutants, he used it as a source of PR for his school and for better or for worse, it did ease tensions somewhat now that Magneto was behind bars.

But still, that didn't keep Xavier from keeping in touch with his old friend.

"It's a shame things had to turn out this way, Charles," said Erik as he played a friendly game of chess with his old friend within the secured walls of his cell, "We really could have accomplished some amazing things together."

"I have no doubt that we would have, Erik," replied Xavier as he countered his move on the chess board, "But I'm afraid you've chosen your path and I've chosen mine."

"Indeed, Charles. But I'll never understand why you continue with this foolish dream of yours. You saw how the public reacted to the events of Liberty Island. That should be proof enough that conflict is inevitable."

"I understand why you may see things that way old friend, but sometimes you have to remember that for ever bad image you see on the news, there are others that show hope. Many regular humans out there don't want war either and they see this as a positive move towards peace between humans and mutants."

"All merely superficial, I assure you," contended Erik as he made another move on the chess board, "Beneath the surface, I still believe that the rift between our species is too great."

"Then I suppose it's up to me to mend it," replied Xavier as he countered Erik's move.

"An impossible cause at best," scoffed the master of magnetism.

"Sometimes it's the impossible causes that are most worth fighting for."

In response to that, Erik laughed. Even with all their disagreements and after having fought against one another, the two men still held a deep level of respect for one another. Xavier's dream may or may not be an impossible fantasy, but in the mind of the old holocaust survivor he knew that nothing would stop him from seeing it through.

"You never cease to amaze me, Charles," made Erik, letting out a sigh as he made another move.

"I could say the same for you, Erik," replied Xavier with a smile.

"You and I may be on opposite sides now, but that might not always be the case. A day may come when our respective ideas are put to the ultimate test. And one of us may finally be vindicated."

"And I look forward to that day, old friend," said the Professor as he made the final move on the board, "Checkmate."

Looking down at the move he made, Magneto's expression did not change. He simply watched as the guards came in to escort Xavier out, his words reverberating through his mind so strongly.

"As will I, Charles...As will I."

Knocking over the king, the master of magnetism was left with plenty to contemplate. He was defeated, vilified, and imprisoned. But one thing both he and Xavier seemed to agree upon was that this was not the end. This was only the beginning.

Maybe one day mutants and humans will be at peace. Or maybe one day they will go to war. But until that day came, all either of them could do was wait, hope, and above all...Keep dreaming.


In the days after Laura's recovery, both she and Logan had a lot of damage to undo throughout the mansion. For Laura, she spent a lot of time apologizing to Rogue, Bobby, and the others for the mess that had caused so many complications. But for the most part, they bore no hard feelings. They knew all too well that things were never as they seemed, especially in a school of mutants.

For Logan, he had an equally laborious time picking up the pieces. But with Xavier's help, both he and Laura were back on track to move on with their lives. They even helped him get a new truck to replace the one Sabretooth had totaled. Yet still, the issue remained...Should they stay or should they go?

"Hey guys! Come check this out!" exclaimed Bobby from the living room as he, Rogue, Laura, and Jubilee gathered around the TV.

"What is it, Bobby?" said Scott as he came in with Logan and Ororo following close behind.

"See for yourself," he said as he stepped back to let them see the news report.

It didn't seem all that significant at first, but when they got a glimpse of the figure in the center of the screen, it soon became clear.

"Senator Kelly! Senator Kelly!" said a reporter on the screen as cameras flashed and media personnel swarmed around the lone politician, "Why have you withdrawn the Mutant Registration Act so suddenly? What changed your mind?"

"Please, I merely took another look at the bill from a different perspective and found that I was in the wrong here. I'm not afraid to admit it and I wish to move on from this grave mistake of mine," replied the Senator in stride.

"Mistake? Senator what about..." began another reporter.

"Please, no more questions. I must get back to work," he said as brushed them off.

Such a sight was a major surprise to the resident mutants of the Xavier Institute. After seeing what happened to Senator Kelly as a result of Magneto's machine, there should have been nothing left of him.

"Senator Kelly?" said Ororo with shocked expression, "But I thought..."

"Wait! Bobby, freeze it!" said Scott quickly.

Grabbing the remote, Bobby hit the pause button on the Tivo and much to the shock of the surrounding observers, they saw a faint shade of yellow flash over the senators eyes, meaning that it could be only one thing.

"Mystique," growled Logan, "She's alive."

"What?!" exclaimed Rogue, "But how in the hell could she..."

"She's a shape shifter, Rogue. Deception is her specialty," answered Scott.

A heavy silence fell over them as they looked back at the image on the screen. After what this woman put them through, the knowledge that she was still alive didn't sit well in the slightest.

"So what do we do about her?" asked Laura.

"For now, nothing," said Ororo.

"You're kidding! After what she did?!" exclaimed Bobby.

"That's a concern for another day, Bobby," said Scott, "Let the world recover from one crisis at a time."

"Yeah, and besides it might help having a mutant pose as a senator," made Jubilee.

That earned her some awkward looks, but she just shrugged and shook it off. If they didn't want to lighten up, then she wouldn't bother.

"This may be a problem in the future," said Scott, always the vigilant one.

"You're probably right, one-eye," said Logan, "But I'm more for the present. Ya ready, Laura?"

"Yes Father," said Laura as she got up off the couch.

With a smile on her face, she made her way to the side of the man who had done so much for her. But as nice as it was to be a family again, her new friends didn't want to see her go just yet.

"Oh man, why do you have to leave?" said Bobby as he, Rogue, and Jubilee cast Laura a disheartened look.

"Hey, it's not like we'll be gone forever," said Laura with a sympathetic glance.

"Yeah, and besides, we have a life in Canada that we can't just leave behind," added Logan, "And as crazy as I think this place is, I guess it's nice knowin' it's still here."

"That's probably the nicest thing you've said about us to date, Logan," said Ororo with a grin.

"Don't let it go to yer head," he quipped, "You guys have your fight. We have ours."

"And we all wish you two the best of luck. Just know that if you ever need us or if you ever want to discuss custom motorcycle parts, the Xavier Institute will be here," said Scott, setting aside the lingering tension that was still between them.

"I'll keep that in mind, Cyke," said Logan, managing a grin.

And in a symbolic gesture of peace, Scott extended his hand to Logan and unlike the first time they met, he accepted. As much as they had butt heads, they had still found some common ground through crisis and even though they wouldn't admit it, they did respect one another.

"And by the way, you still owe me 250 bucks for the ticket," said Scott.

"In yer dreams, bub."

"Dad..." said Laura with a scorn.

"Fine, fine...I'll send ya a check," he muttered.

Laura just rolled her eyes. As loving a man as her father was, he wasn't exactly perfect when it came to manners.

Then, just as they were finishing up with this little goodbye of theirs, Jean and the Professor made their entrance.

"Are you ready to go, Logan?" asked the wheel chair bound man.

"You bet!" said the feral Canadian, "Come on, Laura. Let's go break in our new truck."


As they all gathered outside for one final goodbye, Xavier, Scott, Jean, Ororo, Bobby, Rogue, and Jubilee all stood on the front stoop to see their new friends off. The experience at the Xavier Institute was one they wouldn't soon forget and as difficult as it had been, they had pulled through together and made some nice allies in the process.

Logan and Laura had always been loners. They lived in a world of uncertainty. But through the challenges they had faced, they had grown so strong. They were a family like no other. And at least now they had friends to help them as they headed towards an uncertain future.

"Be sure to email me the second you get back!" said Rogue as she and Jubilee gave Laura one last hug goodbye.

"Oh I will, girlfriend," smiled Laura, "In the meantime, just stay out of trouble."

"No promises there," grinned Jubilee.

"Yeah, you know us," shrugged Bobby, "Anything is possible here at Mutant High."

Casting Bobby an amused grin, Laura then turned to the institute elders who had done so much to help her and her father.

"Thank you for helping us," said Laura as she gave Doctor Grey a hug and shook the Professor's hand, "I'm sorry if it was a little rocky, but I...I guess I'm just not used to having friends."

"Think nothing of it, Laura," said Xavier with a kind smile, "It was an honor having you here at my institute. And if ever you or your father needs help, rest assured our doors are always open to you."

Laura wasn't much for goodbyes. She could survive the Brotherhood, but she just couldn't seem to get her social skills down. But despite this, she was confident that Xavier knew how she felt about everything he had given her. After all, he was the world's most powerful psychic.

"Drive safely you two," said Ororo as Laura and Logan got in their new truck and prepared to make their leave.

"Now where's the fun in that?" said Logan, casting the weather which a grin as he revved up the engine.

Ororo couldn't help but blush, which earned her a humored glance from Jean. Even if she did have a thing for brutes, it was something she'd rather keep private.

'Don't even try it, Jean,' she sent her.

'Wouldn't even dream of it, Ro,' replied the redhead, 'You're still thinking about his butt, you know.'

'I am NOT!' she shot, 'Well...Maybe a little.'

Looking over at his little girl, Logan couldn't help but smile. For all the complications in his life, he still had so many reasons for living. He was blessed with a wonderful daughter who he loved and cherished. And as a man, he couldn't be more proud. Even if he couldn't remember his past, he looked forward to making many new memories with his daughter. He had everything he needed and he wasn't afraid to admit that he was happy.

"You ready, darlin'?" he said to his beautiful daughter.

"I'm ready, Daddy," she said, smiling back, "Let's go home."

Then, with one last wave goodbye, Logan and Laura drove off into the unknown, the X-men all bidding them a fond farewell.

The world is an uncertain place. More often then not, it's cruel and unfair. But for those like the X-men, who fought with all their hearts to make it a better place, there was plenty of hope for the future.

And for Logan and Laura, they took comfort in knowing that there was hope even for their tortured souls. Maybe humanity would never accept mutants. Maybe there was a war on the horizon. But no matter what path the future took, they were still a family. And through struggle and strife, victory and defeat, they would face on this world together.



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