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Chapter Two: Shadow Chieftess Ganondra

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Chapter Two: Shadow Chieftess Ganondra

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Chapter Two: Shadow Chieftess Ganondra
Lila was ushered away from the training ground and into the city proper, leaving the sword and shield behind. The Gerudo women filtered away until only Dalni was left leading the way. Lila’s training mates were nowhere to be seen. Maybe they went back to practice. She didn’t really care. She was more concerned about what was going to happen to her next. She tried asking Dalni, but the leader didn’t have any idea, either. All she knew was that they were going to see Lady Ganondra.

The thought terrified Lila. After her brief encounter with the chieftess, Lila wanted nothing more to do with her. But she knew that wasn’t going to happen. The attention was on Lila, now, if it wasn’t already before. She felt that her life was about to change dramatically. Maybe she would finally find out what all of her special training was about.

The two walked through the streets toward the palace. It seemed to take forever and no time at all. Before long, they entered the grand doors of the palace. They went down a few corridors until they reached the throne room. There, they walked to the center of the room and knelt. Sweat trickled from Lila’s forehead as she followed Dalni’s example. They kept their heads down and waited for the chieftess to say something.

Lady Ganondra sat with her legs crossed on the jewel-encrusted throne. In one hand she held a trident made of gold. Lila knew this was the trident she used to take control from the previous leader, Nabooru. The same Nabooru who now served under her and supervised Lila’s lessons. Nabooru stood slightly behind the chieftess, her arms at her side, ready to defend her leader if the need arise.

There were three others in the room. One was the keese Lila had seen before. The other two were ancient, shriveled ladies. They had green skin, beady yellow eyes, and floated on broomsticks. One had a red gem on her forehead, and the other had a blue gem. They wore matching attire, except for accents in the color of their gems. Kotake and Koume, sister witches who watched over Lady Ganondra. No one knew how old they really were. It was said they had been around for hundreds of years.

Lila had met the crazy witches a few times before, but they visited less and less often. Koume, the red one, always complained they didn't visit enough, but Kotake, the blue one, was always cold with Lila. Probably because Kotake controlled ice while Koume controlled fire.

“Lila.” That was the silky smooth voice of Lady Ganondra. “Your time has come. Are you ready to prove your loyalty to me?”

Lila blinked in surprise, glad that she was looking downward. This was a ceremony usually done in groups, as the trainees graduated. Why was she singled out? Unsure, she replied with the required, “Yes, my lady. I will always be loyal to you.”

“You had better be,” Lady Ganondra said. That wasn’t part of the ceremonial words. “In order to be a most effective servant, I have prepared special tasks for you to complete. You are to retrieve certain items that will help you serve me. The first you will find near Lake Hylia.”

There was a pause. Dalni nudged Lila, who said, “Yes, my lady.”

Lady Ganondra continued, “To help you with your tasks is this keese, Mori. I have given him the ability to find magical objects. He will be your guide and companion.”

With those words, the keese flew to Lila’s side.

“Rise, now, and go about your first task.”

Lila stood slowly. That wasn’t how the ceremony was supposed to go at all. She felt incomplete. She hadn’t been made a full member of the Gerudo Warriors. Maybe she first had to finish the tasks of which Lady Ganondra spoke. What kind of tasks were they? And why did she need an enchanted keese to guide her toward magical objects?

Lila stole a glance at Lady Ganondra before turning around and leaving. Nothing had changed about the chieftess since the fight with Gohma. She was as imposing and formidable as ever. Lila fought a shiver running down her spine, not wanting to show any weakness. She stood up straight and tall as she marched out of the throne room. Once out of sight, she shook all over, vigorous from head to toe. It felt like she had just jumped into a frozen pool of water.

She hurried out of the palace and back through the streets of the city to get back to the barracks. Her head was racing with questions and fears. Why her? She wasn’t even a Gerudo! Why did she receive so much special training? And now this? What was special about her? Maybe Lady Ganondra didn’t trust her. Maybe that’s why she had to perform extra tasks.

It took her a while to realize the keese was talking to her.


“I said, where are you going?”

Lila stopped in her tracks. “You can talk?”

“Of course, I can,” Mori replied. “Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to help you.”

Lila shook her head. There was too much going on for her to fully comprehend. “What did you say?”

Mori sighed. “Where are you going?”

“To the barracks,” Lila answered. “I need to prepare for the trip to the lake.”

Mori bobbed up and down. “Good idea. You should get some rest, too. It’s getting late.”

Lila finally noticed that it was dusk. If she left the city now, she would freeze before getting too far.

“Alright,” Lila said, “I’ll wait until morning. Are you going to follow me?”

Mori nodded in his way. “Yup. Don’t want you to leave without me.”

Lila sighed. “Okay, I guess.”

When Lila got back to the barracks, the others were eating dinner. Her stomach growled, but she didn’t know if she could face them. Knowing she would have to sooner or later, she stepped into the mess hall, with Mori close behind. The room went quiet upon her entrance. Everyone looked at her expectantly.

At first, she didn’t know what to say. She was still reeling from the encounter. Then she shrugged and said, “I’m leaving tomorrow.”

There were gasps.

“Lady Ganondra has assigned special tasks for me. This is my new companion, Mori.” Lila motioned to the keese, who dipped in a sort of bow.

Finished talking, she grabbed a plate of food and sat at her usual spot at the end of the table. They still stared at her, but she ignored them until they stopped. One by one, they all went back to eating their own food. But no one resumed talking. The others finished eating long before Lila and went to bed. She could hear them talking as they left. Let them gossip. It’s not like it would be the first time. Lila was sure they talked whenever she had her individual training courses. This trip would be similar.

After eating, Lila went to the barracks. A surprise waited for her on her bed. A set of unusual clothes and a note reading, “This is to help you look like a Hylian. Do not wear your Gerudo garb outside of the city.” It wasn’t signed, but it didn’t need to be. It was instructions from Lady Ganondra, of course. It may not have been written by her, but she definitely sent it. Lila put the clothes aside and got into bed. She’d worry about it in the morning. She fell asleep to the sounds of her fellow trainees whispering.

Dalni woke the trainees in the morning as usual. Lila lingered in bed with the knowledge that she wasn’t one of them anymore. She pulled the covers over her head. She had never really been one of them in the first place. She was always an outcast. She had no friends. Sure, they might interact with her from time to time, but she never felt the sisterhood the others exhibited.

None of that mattered, now.

Lila waited until the trainees left the barracks to begin her own preparations. She dressed in the provided attire. It consisted of a simple beige tunic, a brown cloak, and green leggings, as well as a belt with numerous pouches. There was enough room on the belt for a frog to hold a sword. A pair of dark brown boots completed the ensemble. There wasn’t any armor, so Lila went to the armory to gear up. She picked out brown armbands that would match her outfit, then went over to the weapons. She felt a sword would be appropriate–since that was her best weapon–and attached a plain one to her belt. She wondered about a shield. If she was supposed to look like a Hylian, she shouldn’t carry a Gerudo shield. With their jewels and gold plating, a Gerudo shield would stick out like a sore thumb. After looking for a less ornate shield and finding none, she decided to go without it.

Lila thought about what else she might need for her mysterious journey. Food would be a good idea to bring, so she went to the kitchen to stock up. After filling her pockets with easy-to-eat foods, she asked Mori what he suggested. He had nothing to add, so she went on her way.
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