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Do fever-reducing patches really reduce a child's fever?

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mieng dan giam dau, ha sot

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Fever patches are a convenient product used to help reduce a child's fever. This patch usually contains Paracetamol or Ibuprofen, two common pain relievers and fever reducers. These ingredients have effective fever-reducing and pain-relieving effects.

However, the effectiveness of the fever-reducing patch can vary from child to child and depends on how high the child's fever is. If a child's fever is too high or persists, the fever-reducing patch may not be enough to completely reduce the fever and other measures such as taking medicine or taking the child to the doctor for examination and treatment may need to be used.

Also, the fever-reducing patch is not intended for use in children under 3 months of age, children with allergies or reactions to medications, or children taking other medications. Before using the antipyretic patch, read the instructions for use on the product packaging carefully and follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Therefore, fever-reducing patches can help reduce a child's fever, but should be used correctly and only when necessary. If your child's fever remains high or persists after using the fever-reducing patch, take the child to the doctor for examination and treatment.
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