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Star Wars: Legabeck

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Donotyr has a promising future as a ranger in the planet of Yirrim, as well as having a caring mentor in the form of Fugmius and loving friends, but everything changes on the day of his knighting c...

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“Steady, steady, steady…”, the leader of the rangers, Fugmius instructed a cadet named Donotyr Lawsma who was aiming for his blaster shot as a part of his training.

Fugimus had white hair and pale skin. As a Miraluka who can see solely through the Force, his eyes are covered with a black visor. He was dressed in black robes and he also had a black cape that implies that he was the leader of the organization. Donotyr has ash-brown hair that reaches up to his shoulders and a circle beard. He had a fair complexion but it was marred by a large scar on his right cheek that may have been a burn. Like Fugmius and the other rangers, he also wore black robes.

Donotyr hastily aimed his blaster but the shot landed at the side of the target board.

“You can do better, Donotyr,” Fugmius reassured as Donotyr covered his face with his hand as he was disappointed that he failed to aim the shot properly. “You need a few more shots before you get it right.”

Donotyr had been training with Fugmius for a year, and had been slowly, but steadily making progress as soon as he started training. He tried and tried aiming at the target board until he was able to make a shot on the center part.

“Good job, Donotyr!”, Fugmius commended Donotyr on his progress. “You will be a great ranger, I see.”

“Thanks, Lord Fugmius,” Donotyr replied happily.

“You may now go,” Fugmius calmly said as Donotyr left the training room.

As Donotyr was walking down the hallway, he was greeted by his friends, Vinith, a Miraluka, and two Keshiri, Deng Corrik and Zena Harik. with smiles on their faces, eager to see Donotyr.

Vinith's blonde hair is quite whitish, loose, and long and she also has pale skin. Her eyes were covered with a black blindfold. Deng has somewhat messy brown hair and burgundy skin with white markings. Zena's skin has a cooler violet tone and white facial markings as well. Zena's hair had a slightly different tone than Deng's, but her hair was fixed in a tied ponytail. They all wore black colored robes and black boots used by the people of Yirrim, usually the Rangers and the Ignominies.

"Hello, Donotyr!” Vinith greeted Donotyr with a slightly crooked smile on her face.

“Good to see you, Vinnie,” Donotyr replied with a smile.

As they were greeting each other, Deng then asks, “How was your training, Donotyr?”

“I...It was fine, as usual,”

“When’s the knighting ceremony?”

"I heard that Fugmius said that you will be a great ranger. I hope you could work with us," Zena added.

“Why, thank you,” Donotyr happily responded.

Donotyr and his friends were talking when they see someone walking toward them.

“Good day to you all, I'm Azotha Myruas. Assistant to Lord Fugmius, I am here to deliver a message,” Azotha calmly said.

“Fugmius had just said that your knighting will be next week.”

Azotha's skin was white and the markings on her lekku were black, and she had gray face markings. She was wearing a dark red headdress, which matched her belt. Like Fugmius, she also has a cape that signified her authority as second-in-command to him.

"I-i-is this for real?" Donotyr asked, amazed about the news that Azotha had given him.

"Of course, Donotyr," Azotha replied. "You will be an official ranger soon," she said before walking away, which left Donotyr shocked, as his brown eyes widened with surprise.

"D-d-did you hear what Azotha said?" Donotyr asked his friends. "I'm going to be an official ranger soon!"

"I'm happy for you, Donotyr!" Zena exclaimed with joy as she embraced him tightly.

"B-b-but how did Azotha get the information?" Deng wondered.

Deng was suspicious of Azotha's declaration. It seems that there was no word of Donotyr's knighting from Fugmius himself.

"I'm happy that you will be knighted soon and you will be with us being the guardians of Yirrim, but I'm not sure about where the information is coming from,” Deng said.

“Let’s ask Fugmius then,” Donotyr replied. "That's when we'll know if what Azotha is saying about my knighting ceremony is true."

“Donotyr, it’s better for you to not bother Fugmius,” Vinith said with concern.

"Maybe he's busy teaching the other cadets," Zena added.

"Alright, to find out if what Azotha said about the knighting ceremony is true. I feel suspicious about it since there is no announcement from Fugmius himself," said Deng.

"I will go first to Fugmius so he can confirm if what Azotha is saying is true."

"I'll go with you," Deng replied to Donotyr.

"It's up to you. I just reminded you that he might be busy with something."

Without hesitation, Donotyr and Deng left Vinith and Zena to find Fugmius and confirm if what Azotha said was true.

Deng and Donotyr searched the training rooms one by one to find out where Fugmius was. As they saw him, Fugmius, who was facilitating a cadet in her blaster-aiming activity, immediately greeted them.

“Hello, Donotyr and Deng!”

“Hello, Lord Fugmius!,” Donotyr enthusiastically greeted his mentor.

"Sorry if my friend Deng and I disturbed you. I was going to ask you something about what Azotha said to us in the hallways a while ago about the knighting ceremony next week. He feels suspicious because there seems to be no announcement from you."

“Alright then, I still have many cadets to train. I'll just say it later, after teaching the last cadet. It's just that it's certain that you will soon become official rangers.”

“Thanks, Lord Fugmius,” Donotyr replied as he and Deng left the training room.

Character Pronunciation Guide:
- Donotyr Lawsma: dohn-oh-teer lawsma
- Fugmius: foog-me-yus
- Deng Corrik: deng coh-rrik
- Zena Harik: zeh-na hah-rick
- Vinith: vee-neeth
- Azotha Myruas: ah-zotha may-rooas
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