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Chapter Thirteen: The Lava Dragon

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Chapter Thirteen: The Lava Dragon

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After much time and plenty of fighting, Lila and Mori finally came to a door with a lock of similar size and intricacy as the one in the ice dungeon. She assembled the smaller keys she had collected and placed them in the locks, this time making sure to keep her toes out of harm's way. A blast of hot air, warmer than any other room in the dungeon, blew her hair and clothes back. Lila put her cloak to the side.

Lila crept forward on light feet. She worried the opening of the door had alerted him to her presence. A river of lava flowed into the room from the far end.

Lila quietly asked Mori, “Where are the gauntlets?"

"In the lava."

Lila sighed. "Of course. Which means we basically need Volvagia's help. Blast you, Ganondra!"

"Shh!" Mori hissed, but it was too late. The surface of the lava bubbled and boiled. A large red spike appeared, followed by two smaller ones, all three of which were connected by a ridge above a pair of eyes as big as Lila's torso. A massive snout came next, lava trailing over the sides. Soon the whole head had come free of the lava and rested level with the frozen Lila's eyes.

"You wish for my help?"

The dragon's voice was so deep it vibrated through the whole cavern and into Lila's bones. Even though Volvagia showed no aggression, she knew he was not pleased.

"I have just returned from an arduous errand for the Lady Ganondra, and you are disturbing my rest. What is it that a tiny thing like you could have the nerve to enter my dungeon to speak with me about?"

Mori nudged Lila between the shoulder blades. She was surprised he was still there, but also a little grateful.

"Lady–" Lila's voice came out pressed, so she cleared her throat and tried again. "Lady Ganondra sent me to retrieve a special pair of goblets–"

"Gauntlets," Mori interjected.

"Gauntlets," Lila corrected. "She said they were here."

The lava parted behind the dragon's head. This time a log of a tail appeared. The tip wound around to tap Lila on the chest. Then it stayed there, a pressure slowing Lila's breathing.

"She sent you?" Volvagia said slowly.

Lila licked her dry lips, searching for something to swallow, and nodded. "Yes... sir," she croaked.

The tail retreated, and Volvagia hummed. "She sent you..." he repeated.

"Um... yes, sir. She also sent me to get the Chainmail of Imperviousness from Gyorg."

Volvagia's eyes flickered. "Did she, now?"

"Yes, sir." The phrase seemed to help, or at least Lila hoped it did.

"Then you won't mind if I test my claws on you." The dragon showed them for effect.

Lila paled and stumbled back. "Wh-why?"

"If the chainmail is truly impervious, you won't feel a thing."

Lila's back met the wall. She hadn't realized she was moving because Volvagia was as close as ever. Now he was closer. He touched her chest again, this time with a razor-sharp claw.

"If I ate you, would the chainmail stick in my teeth?"

Lila managed to counter, "It might hurt your teeth. "

Volvagia chuckled. "If it is indeed impervious. I would like to test it out."

Lila ducked to the side. She had to scurry to avoid the fingers trying to grab her. As she rolled onto her feet, she pulled out her sword.

"I am hungry," said the dragon. "Let me eat you."

Lila continued to dodge the claws and tried to jab in return. "Lady Ganondra – sent – me. Don't – make her – angry."

Volvagia's tail wrapped around Lila's chest. She gave a startled scream and thrust her sword down. It bounced off his scales, and the jarring made her drop it. She bit the inside of her cheek.

"My own scales are a bit impervious." Volvagia brought Lila so that she was dangling right in front of his snout. "It sure does hurt my teeth when I bite myself." He dropped her to the ground. Though her legs shook, she quickly rolled away.

"Fine, you can have it." Volvagia kept one eye on her as he used his tail to retrieve something from under the lava. "I tire of this game." He released a treasure chest that looked like it was made from his scales. When it hit the ground, it clanked like…

"Are the gauntlets in there?" Lila asked.

Volvagia was already retreating into his lava bed. "Yes, yes. Just go. I wish to sleep."

Lila opened the chest to find a sack. She snatched up the bag and left before he had a chance to change his mind.

"One last thing," he said. "Tell Ganondra to leave me alone for a few decades."
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