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John Wick-The Clone Wars

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John Wick was a hired assassin who worked for a crime syndicate. He was eventually killed, and someone obtained his dead body and extracted DNA molecules from it. The DNA was used to create cloned ...

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Doctor Merlago didn't have to wait long for news of John Wick's death to reach him. Merlago had sent a few people out into the city to follow Wick, and they had orders to find Wick's dead body, as soon as he was killed. Doctor Merlago wanted the DNA molecules in Wick's body so he could make clones, each clone would be identical to the original John Wick, each clone would have the same thoughts, the same memories, and most importantly, the same fighting skills as the original. John Wick had a prioe on his head, fourteen million dollars to whoever killed him, so Merlago knew that Wick wouldn't last long. After a few days of following Wick, Merlago's henchmen found Wick's dead body, and so they made a cell phone call to Merlago.

"We found him, he's dead." Merlago said "Get his body here as fast as you can, I want to start work right away". The thug said, "Yeah, sure boss.", then hung up the phone and dragged Wick's body into a waiting van. Doctor Merlago was bitter. He had been scorned, he had been expelled from the genetic research institute because of his ideas about human cloning. Now, Merlago wanted revenge, and revenge would be carried to him in John Wick's dead body.

Back in the days when Merlago still worked at the research institute, he proposed that the growth rate of a cloned human embryo could be speeded up. All the scientists who were brave enough to talk about human cloning said that if you made a cloned copy of a human embryo, it would take eighteen years to grow up, this is assuming that eighteen is the age of adulthood. Merlago said the clone could be genetically altered so it would grow to full size in a matter of weeks. That's what got Doctor Merlago kicked out of the institute.
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