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The Crimson Child

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Naruto is the reincarnation of both Ashura and Indra Otsutsuki. After learning the truth, he is faced with a question as to what he is going to do with his newfound power.

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Chapter 1: New Beginnings

Hiruzen Sarutobi was sitting in the Hokage mansion with a bundle of blankets containing a small baby, only a few hours old. He sat there grieving the deaths of his wife, Biwako, the child's parents as well as everyone whose life was lost in Kyuubi incident. He sat there wondering, how everything could have gone so wrong so quickly.
Then suddenly the child started crying as if sensing his emotions, pulling him out of his sad thoughts. He gave him a bottle with milk in it for him to drink and looked at his innocent face sadly. This child was not even a day old, had never even seen the sun but had lost both his parents and now played jailer to one of the most dangerous and hated beasts throughout the human history. This truly was a sad day.
He heard a knock at his door and an ANBU came inside to inform him that the council had assembled and their presence was required. Hiruzen knew this meeting was going to not just be about totaling the rebuilding costs and electing the new Hokage but also the boy's fate was to be decided that day. Truthfully, he found this to be completely stupid and he was not going to led anyone kill or adopt the boy. Especially not Danzo.
He enters with the baby inside the council room and notices the fearful and hateful looks that are being sent towards the child. Danzo was the one to speak first "Hiruzen, I think it is necessary for us to kill the boy. After all he does have the Kyuubi sealed in him, and due to the nature of the seal, if the boy dies so does the Kyuubi". Many members of the civilian council and even some from the clan council nodded in agreement and he became angry and shouted at the people present in the room, releasing some of his powerful chakra to make him appear more dangerous " HOW CAN ALL OF YOU SIT HERE CALMLY AND TALK ABOUT KILLING AN INNOCENT CHILD. No one will harm this child. He will grow up safely in an orphanage and grow up into a powerful and loyal Konoha shinobi". Most clan heads did not look happy about this decision and Fugaku, the head of the Uchiha clan spoke up "Lord Hokage I would love to adopt the boy and as my wife was a good friend of his mother, I think she would also be delighted to have him. He could also be a friend to our newborn, Sasuke". However, Hiruzen gravely replied "No. I will not allow any clan to adopt the boy as it would disrupt the balance of the clans and may cause further conflict in the future". Fugaku as well as a few other clan heads looked disappointed but kept their mouths shut.
The boy started laughing at this and Hiruzen looked at him sadly. He was extremely small, with crimson red hair that reminded him of Kushina, and clear blue eyes, the exact copy of Minato. He also had whisker marks along his cheeks. Hiruzen couldn't help but smile at him and said with a kind tone "You will grow up to become strong. I know it".
5 years later

The crimson haired Naruto is trying to sleep in the apartment where he lives by himself. Though, not having any luck he decides to go for a walk to feel better, when suddenly he is transported to a place he has never been in, though for some reason seems oddly familiar to him. He stood in a large open room facing some sort of metal bars that looked like an entrance to a prisoner's room in a jail. The entire are was covered in water coming up to his knees. Naruto looked at the place in wonder and turned around to see that there were two men who were standing there almost as if they were waiting for him. In unison, they raised their finger, and pointed them at him.
Everything around Naruto turned pitch black, and then just as quickly Naruto was transported to someplace else. However, this time it didn't feel as if he was actually there, it was like was almost a ghost, seeing the world of the living. There, he saw a pale skinned woman with lavender eyes and a weird looking red eye placed on her forehead. Whatever was happening Naruto could not make out. He saw the life story of Kaguya. How she had met Tenji, a ruler of a distant land. How she had his kids and unleashed the Infinite Tsukuyomi on the people. The story then moved on to the two kids, Hagoromo and Homura. How they found out the truth about their mother, fought her and eventually sealed her and the Juubi in the moon. How Hagoromo had spread the knowledge of ninshu, had two children, Indra, and Ashura. It showed the fated battle between the two brothers and their deaths. All of this happened to Naruto in a flash, but to him it felt like hours.
When the flashback finally ended, Naruto looked astounded, for the first time in his life he was speechless. It was too much for a little child's brain to process. He then noticed the two men who were looking at him with a kind smile, one which he had only received from the Hokage, and he finally understood "You're them. Aren't you. The two brothers. Indra and Ashura!".
They both looked at him and Ashura said "Well done young Uzumaki. I hope we didn't startle you. It is true. I am Ashura and the one standing beside me is Indra. Now I am sure you must have several questions, so ask away and we shall gladly answer".
"I only have one right now. How and why are you here"
"That sounds like two not one" said Ashura still bearing the kind smile on his face.
"Now for your questions" said Indra " As how we are here. Well the both of us have always had a reincarnation. The last ones of us being Hashirama Senju and Madara Uchiha. But never have we reincarnated into the same person. When we reincarnate into someone, some of our chakra also enters that person, allowing us to freely talk with them. That is how we are here. Now for the why. Well, we believed it was finally the time you learnt the truth".
"Reincarnation! That is so cool. But is that why the villagers hate me."
"No, it is not. People fear what they cannot understand. And the fear turns to hate."
"What do you mean?"
"He means that people fear and hate my power, young brat" a rough and almost dog-like voice spoke from the shadows of the cage.
"Wh-Who are you" asked the scared voice of Naruto as he felt immense hate and malice from the person's voice. Then he noticed two large slitted red eyes, rabbit-like ears, and a sleek orange fox with nine tails coming near the bars of the cage. He now understood everything. "The Kyuubi! It is sealed in me. I was born on the day of the attack. So, somebody sealed it inside me. That is why everyone hates me. I-I am a monster" he said with tears in his eyes.
"NO" said the voice of Ashura "You are not a monster. Monsters are the people who bully young children, leave them to starve and not even allow them to live without pain. Those are the worst monsters Naruto. You are not one of them.
"Th-Thank you".
Both the brothers felt sad for the boy. Nobody should be allowed to live in such misery.
"Naruto, now that you have realized the truth about yourself, you can use our powers freely now." said Indra. As if on cue, two fully matured sharingan appeared in Naruto's eyes and he felt his body getting stronger. It was his chakra coils growing exponentially, to accommodate the powerful chakra of the Sage Of Six Paths.
It was too much for young Naruto and he went away from the seal and collapsed again on his bed, going to sleep immediately.
When he woke up again, It felt like it was already afternoon and he was starting to get extremely hungry. He thought about going to Ichiriaku to get some ramen, when last night's events flooded his brain and he went into the seal again. The Kyuubi, Indra and Ashura were waiting for him there. They explained that after he went to sleep, the Kyuubi agreed to give him it's chakra, and to train him. Naruto was surprised by this and asked him that why he would do something.
"Well, you are the reincarnation of the sons of Hagoromo. He was my favorite person, my creator, and I am helping you as a form of repayment to him for giving me and my sibling life. So don't get any ideas that I actually like you brat".
To this all three of them smiled, and Naruto noticed a sun and a moon symbol on his palms. "Whoa, what are these" he asked examining them.
"Proof that you have our power Naruto" said Indra.
"Now we have a question to ask you. What are you going to do with this power"
As this was happening, somewhere far off in a magical land of toads, a very large elderly toad sat on his throne and looked at his crystal ball.
"Interesting. Very Interesting. What exactly are you going to do young boy".
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