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Chapter 13 - The Beast

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Chapter 13 of Spirit of Alola - Book 2

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"You heard that as well, right?" I asked, eyeing the purple Pokémon before me. When the man beside me didn't answer, I stole a glance at him to find his mouth hung open in an expression of shock. "Kai?" I tried again.

You both have heard me just fine. The voice came again. The Ninetales' eyes glowed pink in the dim cave.

"It's been a year." My friend murmured beside me. "A WHOLE YEAR!" His sudden yell bounced off the cave walls, reverberating with a deafening sound as it returned in echo.

"Kai, calm down." I tried, flinching despite myself, but my words were too small and quiet after the shout.

The man's voice dropped to a low growl, "I've been alone this whole time. No chance to get home. No opportunity to know if my family was safe. No way to properly heal my injuries." He paused seething, glaring at his scarred leg. "Not even a soul to hold a discussion with but myself. The only thing I've known about the outside world is that all my crewmates are dead. I've nearly gone crazy with loneliness and guilt. And you mean to tell me that this entire time, you could understand everything I've said and could have at least returned my conversations?"

Silence followed the angry rebuke.

"Are-are you alright?" I stuttered, worried about him needing to continue. I don't like when people are mad, it's frightening.

Kai seemed to realize how uncomfortable I felt, for instead of answering, he rose to his feet and stiffly strode out of the cave, making no effort to conceal his limp.

"Say something to bring him back." I pleaded with the Pokémon, knowing my own injuries were still too serious to allow me to give chase.

He will return in his own time. It responded, watching him disappear into the undergrowth. Besides, there is nowhere either of you can go that I would not be able to find you. Though the Ninetales spoke calmly, there was an ominous threat hidden within.

It means to tell me I can't leave either. I realized with trepidation. I'm stuck in these woods just like Kai. Choosing to remove myself from the fright I felt, I pushed it to continue telling me about the Pokémon that had sunk the ship.

It comes from the land of Kaneko, as the sun-colored hair one had mentioned. It was what you humans called an Obori. One of the Great Ruler Serpents of my land.

An image flashed into my head, pushed into place by the Pokémon, of four massive snakes. They are Teslaboa, the Lightning Beast. Coblaze, the Flame Beast. Addicle, the Frost Beast. And lastly, Malaconda, the Seer Beast.

The first was purple and yellow, electricity crackling on its fangs. Coblaze was shimmering gray, with a hood made from fire. The third was pure white, the densely packed fur on it looked warm but piercingly sharp. Malaconda was the fiercest, with shifting blues and pink and a mane of pure energy.

"None of them really look all that friendly," I tried to joke lightly, the images of their massive sizes and immense fangs clinging to my brain in a terrifying sight.

They are not meant to be a "friend" to anyone. The Pokémon retorted. Their jobs are to watch over the land of Kaneko. Malaconda, as the Seer, would be the one to realize danger was imminent. Teslaboa, being the fastest, would be the first to attack. Coblaze would be the second in line, with its immense fires preventing any escape. Addicle would protect the land and all behind with walls of impenetrable ice.

For thousands of years, these four worked together in harmony. Though my homeland is a harsh place to live, it was also the most heavily protected. All the wars of humans did not even make a dent in the soil.

"What changed?" I queried, fully enthralled by the depictions of this far-off land and eager to see more images by the Psychic fox.

The Great Serpents can live for a millennium and will be reborn anew come their passing. Malaconda is only 50 human years of age. When it finally grew to power 20 years ago, as the Seer Beast, it turned on the lands and attacked. It took no notice if it killed human or Pokémon, and seemed only to want to destroy all. Wanted to rule all. After many deaths and the near downfall of Kaneko, it was finally defeated and locked away, guarded by the sturdy walls of Addicle.

That is until two years ago. It finally escaped and fled to a far-off land. To hone its powers once more, it attacked ships, controlling evil-hearted Pokémon that lived in the sea. Kai's story is precisely how the beast works.

"Do you know where Malaconda is now?"

I do not know what name you humans have for the land, but it is this tropical one, with four main islands. I believe it has been resting here for the last two years. The Ninetales stated, patting the ground underneath it with a paw.

"Alola." I choke out, also realizing that we had never left the region. "Tell me, does it ever work with other Pokémon besides ones from the sea? Here, can you see the image in my mind?" I asked, pulling up my memory of the blue orbs I had seen in Alola at the time of my parents' death.

Those are Ghost Encopic, its followers. It responded, nodding its head. Though the Encopic as a species, are not inherently evil, the ones that live under the rule of the new Seer Beast have been forced to do its bidding.

"So there's a connection to Malaconda's arrival on Alola and my parent's demise." I moan, the familiar feeling of grief welling up in my stomach.

Many more deaths will follow if we cannot stop it. Most likely, even the destruction of this place you call Alola. The Ninetales growled.

I look out of the cave and watch in silence as the sun finally slides behind the trees, setting the world into the darkness of night.
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