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Chapter 29 - Return of the Water

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Chapter 299 of The Spirit of Alola - Book Two

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It took Myron a long time to fully return to lucidity even with Anya’s careful instructions and words. Mel had never had a chance to see the woman work as a doctor before, but she could see why Ori and Doctor Nikol gave her such accolades. Her voice was shockingly gentle and calming. It was impossible to tell this was the same, short-tempered, cantankerous woman the Psychic had come to know over the years. She worked with the confidence and skill of a Doctor many times her age, barely needing to pause and think about her next move.

The Psychic had pulled Myron from a scene of thrashing water, feeling as though there was a fleshy appendage dragging them down into the depths of an ocean. She was shocked by the strength of the invisible beast, and it took her a considerable amount of focus to free him from the images.

Athini clung to her brother’s arm like he was a raft in the very same tumultuous sea, a floating object that could be easily lost if she so much as loosened her grip. Her face wore a look of desperation, like she couldn’t believe what was happening before her and had not yet realized that it was already over.

Kabir seemed to be feeling the effects of her clench, his face a pained grimace as she grasped strongly at his skinny arm. “Sis,” he whispered as if worried to cause her more fright. “Hey, it’s alright. Myron is fine.” He rubbed his free hand over her back in comforting circles as he spoke.

She seemed to drag herself out of a dream of her own, and it was then that Mel realized she’d been in someone’s memories. “What did you see?” The Psychic asked the blonde.

“He was drowning,” Athini uttered, her voice high-pitched, sounding more like it did when she was a child. “In open water. The waves were so high that no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t pull himself up. He just kept getting pushed back under. Then,” her yellow gaze fixed on Mel, the look in them seeming haunted, “Something grabbed his leg. It pulled him down until his lungs burned and screamed for air. And still, he just went deeper, the blackness of an endless ocean swallowing him up.”

Mel nodded her head in understanding. She’d just seen the same thing.

Kabir had stopped rubbing her back. He had found a way to get the pair of them seated on the bed. He ran the fingers on one hand through her hair and quietly tried to soothe her as she trembled.

“He’s fine,” Anya spoke finally, after what felt like an eternity. “There’s nothing wrong going on, he was just frightened.”

Myron had already come around as Athini was finishing up describing what he saw and had seemed to fully recover by the time the young doctor had given him the all-clear. He’d even grabbed hold of his wife’s hand and had pulled her close to himself, quietly telling her that he was alright.

“Mel, I know you just got back from the hospital, but are you up to using your powers again?” Anya asked.

“Of course,” the eldest woman responded earnestly, feeling the strongest she’d had since arriving in Alola.

“This vision of drowning has been seen three separate times, by three different people, that we know of. I’m not sure if this is something that’s even possible, but do you think you could look into Myron’s mind and find the origin of it?”

“I’d be fine with that,” the man consented without being asked.

Mel moved to sit on the bed in front of Myron and closed her eyes. She felt her mind slip easily into the man’s and began drawing up the most recent dream. The expanse of water that lay out before her was rolling violently. Thick storm clouds blocked out a starry sky turning to morning. Lightning zipped through the air and thunder rumbled so hard it made Mel’s chest ache.

She forced herself to focus on a thin point within the images and felt the gentle touch of another mind. Mel realized with a glimmer of hope that whoever sent this message was still inside Myron’s psyche. She grasped at the presence like a physical form and forced it closer. The mind struggled, trying to push her off. After a short moment, it finally yanked itself free and she felt it fizzle away.

It didn’t matter though. She knew what the mind felt like now. She’d be able to track it.
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