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The Dragon's Weakness

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Theodore Nott finds out how to make Draco genuinely laugh.

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Draco's panting, half-glowering at Theodore Nott after finally managing to catch his breath.

He can't be too mad, he supposes, since if he were, Theo would've let go by now. Draco doubts he's ever hated being ticklish quite as much as he does right this instant, but even so-

"Are you done yet?"

There is no amount of glowering in the world that could damped the wide grin stretched across Theo's face from where he sits straddled over Draco's hips. He thinks, a little gleefully, that this is one thing that he's never going to get tired of, not when it's so ridiculously entertaining.

"Stop? I think I'm just getting started-"

And another round of tickling is a go. This could almost be pleasant, if it weren't so horrible. And yet, the masochist in Draco still hadn't fatally injured Theo. That must have said something about him.

He couldn't do much to help the slightly enraged, slightly pained, slightly something-else-unreadable shriek that he emitted at the next round of tickling, writhing as best he could in an attempt to get away from Theo's fingers. In vain, since he was very much pinned, barely able to twist, let alone properly get away. This is a riot and completely worth the bruises he was going to have later when all of Draco's wriggling finally earned him a little bit of revenge.

"What was that Draco? I can't hear you over your squealing."

"G-g-ge-" He manages to catch his breath briefly, getting the demand out in a shrill squeak of a run-on sentence."Getoffme!"

Draco almost can't answer with how hard he's laughing, but that doesn't in anyway stop the dancing of Theo's fingers over Draco's ribs and sides.

"You're going to have to try that again, mate."

"I ha-" he's interrupted by another shriek, another abrupt twitch as Theodore's fingers hit a particularly ticklish spot and his body refuses to take that abuse.

"Yo- You're a t-" he ineffectually swats at Theo, almost sobbing with laughter at this point. It really doesn't take him much to get there, apparently.

"I'm a what? Terrific person?" Theo asked. He took pity just for a moment. "I know I am, but thank you for the compliment."

"Terrible." Draco finally managed. He barely gets it out, breathless and quiet as it is, as he now was clutching Theo's wrists with his hands, in hopes that he'll give him a break here.

"I could keep going, if you'd like." Theo asked.

"If I ask you n-not to, you will anyway." Draco rolled his eyes. And if I say 'go ahead'".

"I'm glad you've finally got a handle on how this system works."

"You b-bastard." Draco gave another half-hearted swat. He was too tired right now to fight back properly, even though this brief pause probably gave him more than enough opportunity to flip them over so he can get away.

"No need to be rude, Draco. Think of it like behavior training."

Another shriek, another ineffectual swat for Draco's troubles. Another arching writhe, and Draco tried to kick out a little in hopes that his legs will do Theo more harm than his hands. It's all fun and games until someone catches a swift kick-

"Ow, damn! Stop that-" Draco just gave Theo a skeptical, flushed stare, panting now as he tries to melt back into the floor. "You really need to talk to someone about your propensity for violence."

"I do not. I need to talk to someone about your propensity for tickling me."

"Once I show them how fun it is to hear your shriek, they'll understand completely."

"You're a terrible friend, you know that?" Draco responded, again trying to push Theo off a little bit.

"Hardly. If you'd like me to be terrible, I could do this in the middle of the common room." Theodore finally decided to be nice for now and rolled off Draco to settle at Draco's side. "I could probably make a killing if I sold tickets."

'That's better.' Draco thought, now a little more comfortable knowing he's safe for a moment or two.

"Don't be a git. My father would hear about that, and he'd shut it down before it could ever get off the ground."

That's probably a lie.

Theodore least he can do is let Draco catch his breath before starting up round two and grabbed a hold of Draco's ankle.

"You're severely underestimating my ability to be discreet when the time calls for it." Theodore exclaimed as he grabbed Draco's other ankle and proceeded to tickle both feet. Draco squeaked and squirmed, laughing like a hyena as his friend continued tickling his feet.

Theo was attacking Draco with a newfound drive, tickling faster and more efficient than before. Theodore's fingers explored, frisking and probing, and dancing over Draco's every ticklish foot crevice. The soles of Draco's feet were sensitive goldmines. Draco's instep, his arch, his heels, and the sides of his feet. There wasn't a spot that wasn't sensitive to their touch. Theo couldn't laugh a little but as he continued.

It was kind of nice to see genuine laughter from Draco for a change.
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