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Captain America: The First Avenger AU (Working Title)

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Basically, an AU in which Bucky Barnes becomes Captain America.

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Prologue: Before Bucky

Steve groaned as another fist slammed into his face. Shaking, he stood up, ready to continue, when someone yanked his attacker from behind. Steve watched as a fist pound into the guy’s face. As he watched the man struggle to his feet. As the man turned and ran, Steve’s helper turned and gave the jerk a solid kick to his rear end. Then he turned and walked up to Steve and stuck out a hand. “Sometimes I think you like getting punched.”

Steve gratefully accepted the hand, grinning at his best friend Bucky as he steadied himself. “I had him on the ropes.”

As Steve turns, a folded enlistment form falls from his pocket. Bucky picked it up and started to read it. “How many times is this?” he asked, still reading. “And you’re from Paramus now? It’s still illegal to lie on an enlistment form, and seriously, Jersey?”

Steve frowned at Bucky's uniform. “Looks like you got your orders.”

“107th ship to England first thing tomorrow.” There was a pause. “This is my last night.”

Steve sighed, then smirked. “So what’s the first stop? Church?”

Bucky grinned. “Yeah… Maybe second stop.” Together they began walking out of the alley. “So, where are we going?” Steve asked. Bucky pulls out a newspaper and hands it to Steve. “The future.” Steve opens the paper. An ad reads, “‘World Exhibition Of Tomorrow.’ Monorails Race Around Futuristic Buildings.”


As Steve and Bucky walked down the busy midway, they watched as a monorail speeding over an epic fair. “I don’t see what the problem is.” Bucky said. “You’re about to be the last eligible man in New York. Y’know there’re three and a half million women here?” He added.

Steve looked around, interested in everything. “I’ll settle for just one.” Bucky waved at somebody in the distance. “Good thing I took care of that.” Steve watched as two girls waved back and started walking towards them.

“What did you tell her about me?” He asked.

Bucky grinned, still waving. “Only the good stuff.”


After the exhibit, Steve is standing at a mirrored booth in front of a recruiting pavilion. A burly man stands in front of the mirror. He looks big and heroic in uniform. Now Steve steps up. In the mirror, he now wears a G.I. uniform. His disappointed eyes barely see over the collar. Just then, Bucky clamps a hand on his shoulder.

“You’re kind of missing the point of a ‘double date.’ Come on, we’re gonna get a chocolate soda.”

“You go ahead,” Steve responded.

Bucky eyes the recruitment signs, then sighed. “You’re really going to do this now?”

“It’s a fair. I’m gonna try my luck.”

“As who? Steve from Ohio? They’ll catch you. Or worse, they’ll actually take you.”

Steve looks at Bucky with a grim smile. “You don’t think I can actually make it.”

“This isn’t some back alley, Steve. It’s a war. Why are you so keen to fight? There’re lots of other important jobs-”

“You want me to sit in a factory? Collect scrap metal in my little red wagon while the men are laying down their lives? I can do as well as them and I got no right to do any less. That’s the thing you don’t get, Bucky. It’s not about me.”

“Right. ‘Cause you’ve got nothing to prove.” A tense beat passes between them. Then one of the girls walks up. “Hey Sarge, we gettin’ sodas?” Bucky turns and walks toward the girl. “Yeah

Connie, we are.” Then he stops, torn. Finally he turns around and holds out his hand. Steve can tell his friend is worried and shakes it.

“Don’t do anything stupid until I get back,” Bucky finally said.

“I can’t. You’re taking all the stupid with you,” Steve retorted.

“You’re a punk,” Bucky responded affectionately. “And you’re a jerk, so we’re fair,” Steve said jokingly.

There’s a pause, then Bucky turns to go. He spins as he does, for one last wave. “Don’t win the war before I get there,” Steve said.

Bucky leaves, swooping Connie up in his arms as he does, and Steve turns to look at the recruiting pavilion.


Dr. Abraham Erskine laid out Steve’s file and reached for a stamp. “I can offer only a chance. Only a chance.”

“That’s all I’m asking for, Doc.”

“So really, where is the little guy from?”



As Steve laid down, he tried to steady his breath. Nothing to be afraid of. It’s just a big metal can, and you won’t be able to breathe, you won’t be able to see anything. Nothing to fear. Steve laughed to himself. Who was he kidding? He wasn’t scared. He was terrified.

Peggy watched as Steve’s body was encased. She watched as the light began to emit from the window in it. She was so occupied with watching that she didn’t see it until it was too late. Just as she caught sight of the HYDRA man with his bomb, the bomb was set off. As Peggy was thrown through the glass, the last thing she saw was the man leaving with a scarred husk.


As Peggy regained consciousness, she crawled over to Howard Stark to check his pulse. It seemed good, and he would probably live. She woke him, then crawled over to Erskine. Checking his pulse, it was weaker, but he would survive if they got him to a hospital soon.

Finally standing, though she was shaking still, she watched as General Phillips stood, already seeming steady. She watched as he walked through the rubble, and she had a sense of what - or rather, who - he was looking for. “Steve isn’t here. The man who did this took him.”

Phillips looked over to her. “Which means that we lost all of these scientists, and our only supersoldier.”

Peggy sighed. “Yeah. But we still have Dr. Erskine. Which means we can make more.”

Phillips raised an eyebrow. “It will take forever to find more suitable candidates.”

Peggy shrugged. “Actually, there’s already a possibility. And he would have the perfect reason to want to help us.”

Phillips looked at her, doubt filling his eyes. “And what would that be?”

Peggy looked around at the rubble. “His best friend just died.”
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