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The Girl With a Magical Bell

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Family move in on an abandoned farm. They struggle bringing their dreams to fruition when the daughter, (Gracie) explores the nearby forest and run across a small creature needing of help. She save...

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Hey, before reading, I wanted to state that I originally written this story on AI dungeon and moved it from there to here so there's a lot of funkiness with the writing that I haven't cleaned up much. My other stories are written solely by myself since I don't write with AI anymore. If I do put out stories containing my old work with AI, I will address it so like I have done with this story. Okay, read on!


You're a small child in the forest. Your parents are not too far behind, unpacking their belongings into the new house they just bought from a retired couple. The land stretches out as far as the eye can see. Your father made plans that he would use the land to farm with and your mother would tend to sell its bearings down the river when the time had come. And you, being the child that you are decided to run through the forest even though your parents had warned you not to enter. As you run through the forest, you hear a rustling sound. It's coming from above you! You look up and see a large bird perched on top of one of the trees. "Oh a birdie! Hi birdie!" You wave at the bird." "Hi birdie!" you call back. The bird looks up at you and then slowly turns it's head to stare at your feet. It lets out a low chirp before flying off. You laugh and continue to run through the forest. Treading down a small path, you see a ring of mushrooms. In the center of the ring is a tiny person injured. Attacking it are birds. This angers you. You run up to the crowd of birds, but they turn their heads away from you. You reach out for the ring of mushrooms. You nab the small injured creature. "Shoo!" You say to the birds and kick dirt at them. You quickly hop on one foot through the ring of mushrooms as birds peck at your feet. You grab the other little being that is still trying to pull itself along the ground and carry it into the center of the circle. You quickly pull a whistle out of your pocket and blow as loudly as you can. The small creatures clam their hands to their ears but the birds, they are shocked by the noise and flee. You put the creature back down on top a large mushroom. Afterwards, many small creatures peak out from the mushrooms and nearby trees. They surround you and light up the forest floor. On creature, bigger and brighter than the rest walks to the creature lying on the mushroom and hugs the creature. It looks up at you with tearful eyes. "Thank you generous child for saving my kin. As a reward, I give you this bell. It will grant you the gift to grow an abundant amount of fruit." Two of the small glowing creatures fly towards you with a shiny necklace with a bell attached to it and drop it into your hands. The bell is shaped like a mango. "What am I supposed to do with this?" You ask. "During the night full moon, you must dance around the vegetation that you want to grow. As you dance, ring the bell joyfully and once it is time to reap the fruit, the plant will have bore so much fruit that you well never go hungry again." "Never go hungry?" You ask. "Indeed my child. We must be on our way now. Farewell." And with that, the creatures disappeared. You looked around but there was no one in sight. The sun was setting and with that, you headed home. looking at the bell, you wondered what the fairy said was true. You look to sky. "Oh a full moon!" You yell excitedly. Maybe when you get home you can try it on your mom's potted strawberry plant. You return home and your parents are worried. "Mom, dad I'm fine. The fairy told me that I saved two of their creatures from the hunters! They gave me something in exchange. A bell!" You show them the bell in question. "It looks like a orange, catchers mitten." Your mom and dad aren't so sure about the bell. It's your Bell after all and it's their policy to not get involved with things like that. You the moon was rising up to the sky. You felt like it was time to give the new bell a try. "Watch this mom and dad!" You pull towards them your mom's strawberry plant. It looked weak and bore nothing but a shriveled bud of a strawberry. You dance around it and ring the bell. "Ta-daa!" Your mom is very interested in the plant and takes the bell from you. She holds it close to the plant. After a few second she puts it back in your hand. "I think the bell is broken, dear." She specifies. You look back and the plant looks the same as it was previously. "No wait!" You cry, "I didn't do it right, I just need to put more joy into it!" But your parents disapprove. "Look, it's getting to be past your bedtime young lady," Your mother warns, "And if it wasn't for the mess you made last night, we wouldn't be having this problem tonight." "But-," you start to say before your dad stops you. "Don't but anything. You made your point and we're not dealing with this tonight." He says and goes to put the strawberry back in the garden garden. You start to pout a bit but stop yourself. "Get in the house young one. Now!" You sigh and head inside though you go straight to your bedroom. Before getting under your blanket, you look at the plant one more time. It's clearly not growing properly which is a shame, you love strawberries. But it's obviously not your fault. The fairy must have given you the wrong bell. Maybe next night? Maybe not. You put the bell under your pillow and go to sleep. You don't have a nightmare that night, but you do have a great height from your window. Much greater than any branch or rooftop could reach. Looking down, you think you can just make out the faintest of orange lights below. "It's not much but it's a start!" You fall back to sleep. The next day, you are awaken by a shake. "Get up! You have to look at this!" Says you father. "What?" You say sleepily as you rub your eyes. You put on your shoes and go outside. You were still tired but what you saw shook you out of being sleepy. "Look at the strawberries," Your father shouts, "They're just starting to bloom and we're going to have them for breakfast!" You look at the full red heart shaped berries. They looked so juicy, you could practically taste them from afar. Your mouth begin to water. Your mother was leaning towards the plant with her pruning scissors and a basket. She tried to lift the pot but it looks like it's rooted into the soil. She then starts to snip the strawberries. "Your bell did this? I can't believe it," You mother speaks with profound excitement. "Gracie!" Your father says with his hands pressed at the side of you face. "Gracie darling, your bell is a miracle! It's gonna make your mommy and daddy rich!" You smiled a little. Seeing your father this happy is something you haven't seen in a long while. You wanted to make more plants grow. "Tonight, you have to do the same thing you did yesterday but all around the the new garden." He said. "I will daddy!" You answer as you hugged him. Your mother places the basket of berries on the kitchen table. You watch her take out a pair of leather gloves and put them on. She grabs a handful of berries and pops them in her mouth. You do the same. They're sweet and delicious. "Off to work you go!" She smiles, kissing you on the forehead. "But I can't. It's not night yet." Your mother frowns a bit. "Sweetie, I know it is. But don't you want to make your dad happy? Don't you want to make the garden grow? It's all you can do now." "But it might not work. The fairy told me to do it at night on a full moon." Your mom takes the basket from your dad and heads out the door. "Just try it out tonight alright?" She asks. "I love you." You nod slowly and watch them walk to the carriage. You walk back inside and look at the night sky. Your stomach starts to growl a bit and you realize how long it's been since you had anything to eat. Your mother and father stand gingerly in front of the house. "Alright, Gracie! We're rooting for you!" "I'm hungry! Can I eat something first?" Your parents look at each for a second and nod. "Go in the kitchen and grab yourself a berry from the basket." Your father says as your sprint to the berry bush. You hop back to the little basket and focus. You stare at the silver bell in your hand and then you. Dance, you skip as you dance and ring the bell all around the garden. You can already feel it working. It's amazing how one little thing can make you feel so happy. Just as the bell stops to ring one more time, the moon disappears behind a cloud. "Gracie!" Your mother calls as you turn to the door, "Don't forget about the garden! The night is still young!" You stare at the bell for a second. You look back her. "I'm tired, and I think the bell stopped." Your mother sighs to yourself and goes back inside the house. You hear the door slam behind her. You run to the door and try to open it, but it's locked. "Mama! Mama!" You shout but silence greets you. That's surprising. You hear the sounds of footsteps coming from the direction of the garden. Then, you hear it. The chirping of the cicadas. The cold night air creeps through the crack of the door. Your stomach grumbles once again. "Mama please let you in! It's getting cold!" You beat your little fists against the door." A sliver of moon rides high in the dark sky. The wind blows through your hair. You stop beating your fists against the door. Your eyes dart from side to side as you try to spot a solution. You head to the plant under your bedroom window. You dance around the plant and ring your bell. It begins to ring again. But something odd happens, it begins to glow! The bell drops glowing dust on the plant and the plant transforms into a giant stalk. You climb it and crawl into your bedroom and fall asleep on your bed. You wake up with the sun, it's still the first day of summer! You jump up from your bed and rush to the garden. You see large stalks of corn, green beans and watermelon! You look back at your bedroom window and see that the stalk is no longer there. Your mother pics the green beans and puts them into her basket while your father loads the goods onto his truck. "I was planning to start selling but not this soon! He says to your mother. You run up to your mom and she smiles at you. She kisses you on the forehead and hands you a peck on the cheek. You run back to your room as she smiles and laughs. That night, the moon is full and so is you. You know it's time to get the bell. You head to the garden, as you do you ring the bell once. You wait for a moment but there is no response. You run to the little shed and begin to search around. You know it must be here some where. "I can't find it!" You cry. "Where could it be?" You have no answer and your mother joins you in the garden. She begins to look as well. Suddenly, the bell chimes. Your mother looks up in surprise. You run to the garden shed and your mother follows. Inside you see the garden tools, the table and your father's work bench. But no bell. You reach out and touch the bell. It's real. The moon is slipping behind a cloud. "I've got to go!" You cry out. "It's ringing now!"
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