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ongoing hallways

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[* Hi quick heads up if this story isn’t the greatest it is because i kind of rushed it and it is my first story that i am actually publishing! Thank you for reading!

simply do not believe that there is such a thing as a "real person" ,after all everyone sees everything differently. For example, the majority of people see the color blue as an upsetting,sorrowful,grief-stricken color ,while others may view it as a euphoric color which can represent multiple things or stages in life such as the passing on of a hurtful time in one's life.
NNow you may be wondering why I am going on this pitiful rampage on different opinions and perspectives, in which I totally get why you would be asking, but I am sorry to advise you that there is simply no meaning for this, which leads to my next rant . Why are we, as a society, so captivated by the idea that every single thing has a meaning to it? Why do we HAVE to find the meaning of something instead of just enjoying its simplicity? Maybe some things just don't have a meaning or are not worthy of a backstory and a complete poem in their honor. Did you notice? how many times I said why? Which is funny because just a few words ago I was bashing people who try to find the meaning to everything when even I am trying to find the meaning to it. This leads to my next point .

Whats the point of dying with a meaning?

Chapter 2
I cannot wrap my head around the idea that people find it mandatory to plan out their whole lives. I mean doesn't that completely defeat the point of life? Think about it, if you know how your whole life is going to be, what's the point of doing it? For the experience? The feeling maybe? It's basically like reading the whole script to a show and watching it after. It defeats the fun of it , the thrill of going into your life blind sided on most things.
Which is exactly why I don't plan my days.I adore being clueless and just rolling along with things. It helps me solve things faster and makes me think harder than just doing everything planned out. Work smarter, not harder, is bullshit. Like, what's the point of it? Do you really want a society in which no one knows quick problem solving?*]

6 AM my alarm rings and i get out of bed quickly, I run to the shower and get in, while i'm showering i take a second to think... shit, I left my clothing in my bedroom. Once I'm done I rush to my room and change. I simply could not stand how insanely cold it was, I felt my skin freezing off quicker than the bat of an eye. The moment I leave my room (which is still an absolute mess) I run to get my things and my bags to head to school. School has never been something I enjoy after all, what person over the 2nd grade genuinely gets excited and looks forward to it? No one. Which makes perfect sense why no one likes school. It is really just a place where people who peaked in high school have the right to argue and disrespect teens who already are busy enough with all the useless work that they give us, like SERIOUSLY. Who in their right mind makes kids write an essay at 8 in the morning? Why do I need to know about the digestive system? I already know where I shit out of. Anyway, I ran to the bus filled with obnoxious people who think they are above everyone just because of their loser partners that will probably cheat on them in around 1 week. I plug in my headphones and listen to some music. I was still exhausted from yesterday. I don't even know why, I have struggled sleeping for a few months now but I really couldn't care less. I'll just deal with it until my next doctor's appointment , or not, I don't mind being tired.
As i get out of the bus i start putting my phone away and look around nervously hoping to find my best friend, I see her and i walk to her finally someone that isn't such a headache.
I make my way to class and sit down in my chair not knowing what today is going to be like

As i get to my P.E. class i sit down getting mentally ready to deal with the most annoying type of people. Middle school boys, Their ego is so fragile to the point that if you tell them that their point is wrong they will immediately call you every name under the sun. I am not even joking. I wish someone would just slap them, especially their mothers. I mean what is so funny about being a bigot? But God forbid I don't run during kickball. I am not very fond of middle school boys if you couldn’t tell already, they make me realize that sometimes it's perfectly fine to slam my head into the wall repeatedly.
Anyway this class is about to end.(thankfully) I will keep you documented for the rest of the day.

School hallways are a lot of things and soothing definitely is not one of them. I am not exaggerating, take a minute and think about it, They are huge, long hallways that lead to multiple rooms in which you will be spending the next years of your life in , sitting,looking around mindlessly, hearing a teacher who couldn't care less about you talk, and thinking to yourself “when will this end?”. Those god awful hallways. Dirty, loud, and unsettling. Even if the hallways were empty they are still insufferable, the cold air conditioner, the sounds of your feet hitting the ground, and the emptiness of it all which make me question if I will die walking these halls.
So empty yet so loud.
As I walk to class I feel a rush of people running to their class. It felt like a gust of wind.. Just a very putrid smelling one, anyway on my way to my next useless class that will never even be any sort of help in life ill write later.

Hii please tell me if you liked this small section! Or tell me about thing i should improve or the type of stories you would like to hear im good with anything!
Thanks for reading!!
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