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Baymax has a gun.

Category: Big Hero 6 - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama,Humor,Parody - Warnings: [!] [V] [?] - Published: 2023-09-28 - 118 words - Complete

Baymax came by and punched Hiro in the face.
"Gee," Hiro said. "It sure is boring around here."
"My boy," Baymax said. "This is the state that all people strive for."
Baymax shot Hiro and then went on his way.
He eventually found Honey Lemon.
"Hi!" Honey Lemon called to Baymax. "Why are you holding a-"
Baymax shot her and then edited a video while sitting on her corpse.
"On a scale of one to ten, how idiotic is your pain?" Baymax asked, calmly.
"Zero," Professor Callaghan said.
Baymax shot him and then proceeded to write a review of Big Hero 6 while naked.
"I killed everyone that mattered," Baymax said. "Now I am going to starve."

The End.
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