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The Widespread Tale

by Wendin 1 review

A tale you have to know.

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The spaceship "New Horizon" had been traveling through the vast expanse of space for months, carrying a crew of highly trained scientists and engineers on a mission to explore a distant planet. The crew had been selected for their expertise and their ability to work well together, and they had been living and working in close quarters for the duration of the journey.

As the ship approached the planet, the crew began to feel a sense of excitement and anticipation. They had been tasked with exploring the planet and gathering data on its atmosphere, geology, and potential for supporting life. The mission was a historic one, and the crew knew that their work would be crucial in determining the future of space exploration.

But as the ship entered the planet's atmosphere, something went wrong. The ship began to experience strange malfunctions and glitches, and the crew soon realized that they were under attack by an unknown entity. The entity, which seemed to be a sentient being with advanced technology, was trying to take control of the ship and sabotage the mission.

The crew quickly sprang into action, working together to try and defend against the entity's attacks. They used every tool at their disposal, from the ship's weapons systems to their own expertise and ingenuity, to try and repel the entity. But despite their best efforts, the entity proved to be a formidable foe, and the crew found themselves struggling to keep the ship intact.

As the battle raged on, the crew began to realize that the entity was not just a random attacker - it was something much more sinister. It was a former crew member, one who had been thought to be dead, and who had been consumed by a desire for revenge against the living crew. The entity had been using the ship's systems to manipulate the crew and sabotage the mission, all in an effort to destroy the ship and everyone on board.

The crew was shocked and horrified by this revelation, but they knew they had to act quickly to save themselves. They worked together to launch a final, desperate attack against the entity, using every last bit of their strength and resources to try and defeat it.

In the end, the crew emerged victorious, but not without great cost. The ship was heavily damaged, and several members of the crew were killed or injured in the battle. But the mission was a success, and the crew had gained a newfound appreciation for the dangers of space exploration and the importance of working together in the face of adversity.

As they made their way back to Earth, the crew knew that they had accomplished something incredible, and that their names would go down in history as pioneers of the cosmos. But they also knew that they had faced a horror beyond their wildest imaginings, and that they would never forget the terror of being under attack by a former crew member turned vengeful entity.
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