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A Glance At The Results Of Jean Grey's Death (Beyond The Grave And Other Anomalies)

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Jean Grey Died. People Have Thoughts About This.

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There were times when Scott still thought about Jean's death. Over and over, in his mind, he thought about the exact sound of Logan's claws entering her body. Of the way the man repeated again and again, "I love you, Jean. I love you." Those final moments that only Logan had been there for. Her final words, her final expressions, that only Logan could hear and see. Because Logan was invincible. It was times like these when Scott rolled over and gazed at his husband and reminded himself that he wouldn't, couldn't, die.

There were times when Logan still thought about Jean's death. It wasn't exactly his fault. The fact remained that he'd been alive for an excruciatingly long time. He'd seen many deaths, and the symphony of life had ended far too much, for him to truly mourn her. But he did leave her favorite flowers at her grave. And he occasionally visited the lake where she had died the first time. Just to remind himself that others were mourning, even if he wasn't. And when Scott would get sad, Logan would gather him up in his arms and remind him that Logan was there. Logan was always there. To think that it would take Jean dying to get both to reveal their feelings for each other. To think that one love had to leave to let another through. Logan liked to wash these thoughts away, content with his husband under the spray of water. A smile resting on Scott's lips as Logan washed the man's back.

There were times when Rogue still thought about Jean's death. Truly, Rogue hadn't been as close to Jean as her father (adopted) had. But Logan had told her stories and, upon marrying Scott, had given her a few of Jean's belongings. Sometimes, Rogue would throw on a shirt Jean had particularly liked and watch as her fathers smiled because she was honoring their deceased beau. Still, Jean's death affected her. When Remy came to the mansion and started to woo her, she couldn't. She couldn't risk it with death being always around the corner. Especially with her.

Remy LeBeau had never met Jean Grey. From stories he had heard, he wasn't sure he wanted to. She seemed kinda uptight and stern. Remy was more about the party and fun. Which made it entirely too confusing that he was enthralled with Rogue. Something about the serious girl with that white streak in her hair just called him. And he found himself wanted to soothe her brow and hold her and promise that he would never leave her. So he kept perusing her, with the ever-hopeful thought that maybe if he showed he'd always be around, she could love him. Though her fathers were a little terrifying.

Bobby always thought his life would go one way. He'd be an X-Men. He was. He thought he'd get married. He did. He always thought he'd help teach other children. He did. But - it wasn't the life he had planned as an ignorant teen, wanting to have his cake and eat it too. He was an X-Men, but a life of crime-fighting was not as inspired as it sounded. He was married, but not to Rogue, the girl of his dreams. He had married a mutant with the ability to auto-write. What was her name? Lisa? Lizzy? Oh, right, Nicole! He did teach other children, but not at the X Mansion. He taught at a local elementary school. He was unsatisfied and he could trace it all back to one moment. Jean Grey's death. After that, Logan and Scott began to date and then they got married and, after that, they adopted Rogue. They turned her against him. And, yes, fine, he did cheat on her. But what could she expect? She wasn't touchable!

Kitty was living the best life. Yes, it was sad that Jean had died and yes, Kitty thought about it sometimes, but truthfully? It didn't affect her that much. Well, besides making everything better. For example, Piotr was impressed with the way she had manipulated Juggernaut in that final battle and asked her out. Suddenly, she had a taller, hot, and muscular boyfriend. Her crush on Bobby dissipated. And, judging by how many times Piotr had dropped the ring during this dinner, he was possibly going to ask her the question. She was so excited! Her BFF forever would totally help her plan it. And maybe, just maybe, Rogue would admit her love for Remy and then Kitty could help her bestie plan her wedding as well! Truly, the best life.

Erik often got drunk. He'd drink until intoxicated, then go out to a club of some kind, and drink more. This usually, inevitably, ended in a one night stand. Erik was almost certain he'd slept with Charles once, which would've been embarrassing, except the man was almost as drunk as Erik had been. If there was any embarrassment, it was mutual. Erik downed another tequila, smiling at the burn in his throat. One day, he'd decided, he'd stop drinking and remember how he'd driven a young mutant to her death by manipulating her rage. One day, he'd decided, he'd recall that betrayed expression when she'd realized. One day, he'd face the fact that he'd ruined so many lives of mutants but - well - today was not that day. He took another drink. Today was for sleeping with the pretty brunette next to him. What was his name? Something like Chuck.

Charles simply smiled at the thoughts of his drunk companion.

The mutants sometimes thought about Jean Grey's death. And, as different as their thoughts were, each was happy. Each was fine. Or so they told themselves.

And, maybe, Jean was watching them. Happy. So very happy that they had moved on, even if their coping methods were a little off.

And if she was there to give Logan and extra push when he offended Scott, no one would know. Nor would anyone know that she was the one to finally push Piotr to his knees, so very tired of the stalling. And if Rogue's powers were suddenly controllable - well, the Phoenix had always been a powerful entity. Besides, Remy and Rogue were cute.

Jean grinned beyond death and rested in her throne of black velvet and thought about the many times she'd be able to give these mutants a little push for their best lives.

And time went on.

A/N Thank you for reading! Let me know your thoughts on how other mutants might've responded in this Universe. Apologies if you don't like how I portrayed the different characters but :/ if you don't like, don't read. Mwah, and have a wonderful day, dear readers! - Love, Maisie
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