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Garten of Joy

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A crossover of Garten of Banban and Joyville.

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The Orb of Satan was behind Vault 687.
Joyce knew this to be true. She was to wait until she could be presented to the kids, and then Stinger's plan will commence. Randal Paris only trusted one of the subjects, and that was Banban. Banban seemed okay, but he doesn't appear to understand what he is and why he's different.
Joyce is called The Teacher. She is Case 18 and shares a room with Wooly Bully, Case 16. The supervisors and scientists thought it'd be okay to put the two in a room together. They both appear calmer.
They wait for Joy, called by Stinger Flynn as The Hour of Bliss. They wait for it, but it never presents itself.
"Case 18, you are dismissed."
Joyce looked around. She vaguely remembered being called for a stability test. She must not have been paying attention. Did she fail?
She walked away.
She wasn't sure who had dismissed her. The cameras around her have built in audio speakers and they communicate to her via those. She met a few scientists, but perhaps they kept their distance most of the time because of her hands. She can't ever seem to shorten her nails despite her frequent use of scratching on the walls.
When she exited the door outwards of Stability Center, she was met with Lady Sadie. She is the opposite of Wooly Bully, known as The Bully. Lady Sadie is known as The Cat.
"Hey, Joyce," Sadie said. "I came by to escort you. I am instructed to stop you from clawing the walls back to your room."
"Okay," Joyce said. "I don't really feel like it anyway."
"I bet you passed Joyce," Sadie said. "You appear stable to me, and surely Macron knows you are worth presenting."
Lloyd Macron. They call him many names. The Director, The Father, and The Bleeder. He's a doctor like the others, but he's a surgeon. Bloodletting is his specialty.
"I don't know," Joyce said. "Though, if I did pass I suppose that'd be nice. I could finally meet Jack Vanderbilt."
They made it back to Joyce's room. Joyce didn't even realize they had started walking. Time moves fast.
"You took a while to answer," Sadie said. "I guess you must have been thinking."
"Yeah," Joyce said.
"Well, I am off to get a checkup from Doctor Smith," Sadie said. "Be seeing you."
"Be seeing you."

Inside the room was nothing much, just a poster of a video game she never played called Baldur's Gate, and Wooly Bully.
"Opp!" Wooly said. He doesn't speak much.
"How do you think Jack looks?" Joyce asked.
"Very pretty," Wooly said.
Jack Vanderbilt is the spokesperson for Banban's Kindergarten of Joy. He presents the subjects to VIP guests and when Meet a Friend Day happens he will present everyone to the kids and their parents.
"I hope he's nice," Joyce said.
"I wonder," Wooly said. "Is he... cool?"
Joyce laid down the floor. She wondered if Stinger would make her dream again.

Joyce walked through a forest. She was looking for Wooly Bully, but he was nowhere to be seen. She saw someone in the sky.
"Are you are god?" Joyce asked the being.
The being looked down at her.
"I was once an angel, and perhaps I still am," he said. "I am Satan."
Joyce was scared, but strangely it wasn't because of him.
"I need to know how to open the vault!" Joyce called out.
"I know, but first you must kill Randal Paris," Satan said. "He knows too much."
A figure emerged from a shadowy brush in the forest. He looked like Joyce, but his color wasn't blue and he looked... sick.
"I need help," he said.
He looked a little like Banban, but he sounded like Sheridan Mao.
Joyce felt a chill go down her spine. He was going... to die.
She felt sick. She wish she was him. She didn't know why, but she felt that way.

Joyce awoke. She looked around the room.
Wooly still slept. He looked, peaceful. Perhaps... too much so.
"Case 18, brace yourself," an announcement chimed. "You are to be escorted by Team 8 to Floor Nine, as soon as they get there."
Joyce wondered what this could mean. She felt... sad. Maybe she thought she was leaving a friend behind? She wasn't sure, she doesn't know if she even likes Wooly.
She stood up. Another morning, another thirty obstacles.
She hoped this was good news, but she felt anxious. Perhaps she didn't trust this.
She waited. She believed it had already been four minutes. Perhaps she had to wait longer?
Eventually the door opened, and someone walked in.
"Hey," a woman said. "I am Staff Agent 14, but you may call me Blue."
Joyce wondered why that name of all things, but she had other questions.
"Will I have to leave everything here?" Joyce asked. "The poster feels too familiar to just leave behind and forget."
"We can take that," Blue said. "It's only one item, so it's of no issue. You will love where you're going."
Joyce hoped she was right.
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