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What is Life?

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"Not very fast are you. Just idiot fast, which is slow."

Category: Doom - Rating: R - Genres: Fantasy,Humor,Parody - Warnings: [!] [V] [?] - Published: 2023-10-05 - 166 words - Complete

Doom Guy was waiting for the train.
"Why is my life ugly and dumb!" Doom Guy yelled.
Mark Chadfucker came by just to taunt him.
"Die," Mark said.
"No I won't!" Doom Guy mugged out.
"WHAT?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Mark exploded into bastards.
"Why are you here!?" Mark yelled.
Eventually the two of them starting punching each other. It was so violent, that blood came out of their foreheads.
"I love FNF!" Doom Guy shouted.
"I love Treasure Planet!" Mark shouted.
"SO DO I!"
They pounded each others faces so hard that God of Picnics could hear them.
"I love no one!" Mark verbally and abusively proclaimed while he was missing all of his teeth.
"I love you!!!" Doom Guy angrily and punchingly proclaimed as he tried to launch Zelda at him.
The war went on for centuries, but eventually Doom Guy did win.
He had killed the love of his life.
He was empty. Now he knew why he was alive.
To rip and tear.
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