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Colourland Series 7: Bear on Trial

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The Bear on trial for their many crimes and incidents.

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Chapter 7
Aftermath of the Fight

Challenger and Colour King were talking.

" So, we did it " said Challenger.

" It is great "
" We sure did " said Colour King.
" Colourlandish people will be thrilled "
" We must get the authorities here "
" Yeah, we cannot let the Bear make it away " said Challenger.
" We are in the middle of a forest so we will have to drive Bear members into the main area " said Colour King.
" Yeah, we will have to find the closest place to here outside the forest " said Challenger.
" Let's do it "
" How many can fit " said Colour King.

" We will see " said Challenger.

They put the most people that could fit inside the vans and drove them outside of the forest.

They continued doing this and they were eventually done and the authorities were called by Colour King.

Colour King took pictures of the hideout so that people could know about it.

Colour King and Challenger then drove back, got Crayon and his friends with the officials of Colour King.

The authorities arrived with all of them.

" So you all took down the Bear " said an officer.
" That is great "
" Well, they don't appear to be dead so that they will go on trial "
" Yes " said Challenger.
" That's the plan " said Colour King.
" The others should go to the hospital for sure " said Challenger.
" The injuries are too severe "

The hospital was then called, the fighters were taken to the hospital.

The Bear were taken away in the police vans to the station.

" Well, we will have to wait for them to wake up " said the first officer.
" Yeah, that is for sure " said the second officer.
" They have been caught which is great " said the third officer.

Meanwhile Crayon and his friends were in the hospital resting. Artby and Colouruke woke up first.

" I think we did it " said Colouruke.

" I have that feeling " said Artby.
" I always believed in us and bakers, my baker beliefs are good to have "

" I love believing in bakers "
" Baker beliefs ? " asked Colouruke.
" Yeah, I believe in them " said Artby.
" I love bakers so much and they love my mouth so much how could I not "
" Well, it is good that we are all alive " said Colouruke.
" When we heal up we can go to the bakery "
" Yeah, that would be great " said Artby.
" Bakers love my purchases "
" I wonder who will wake up next " said Colouruke.

Warbler woke up.

" Hey " said Warbler.
" We have done it " said Colouruke.
" That is awesome " said Warbler.
" Bakers are so happy " said Artby.
" They really are great people "
" They have not liked what the Bear have done "
" Well, I imagine they would not " said Colouruke.
" Well, I am glad we have made it " said Warbler.

" We progressed well "
" Bakers will love this " said Artby.

" I know bakers will "

More time continued passing, Colour King's officials woke up and were talking.

" The Bear are finished " said Colourclever.
" Yeah, justice will come " said Colour Dictator.
" Easeion will be very pissed " said Colour Administrator.

" He was not who he said he was "

" No, he was not " said Colourclever.
" That is for the best " said Colour Queen.

" Yes, it was " said Electro.
" I hope that they get a lot of years but there was no murdering " said Oceanoke.
" Well, Challenger is not as harsh as Colour King when it comes to crime so it is hard to say " said Electro.
" Yeah, that is true " said Oceanoke.
" The Smithsons have been stopped which will make Colourlandish happy as it gets " said Colourclever.
" It isn't just them " said Colour Queen.
" All of the Bear have angered Colourlandish people "
" I wonder where Colour King is ? " asked Colour Dictator.
" He is with Challenger somewhere " said Colourclever.

" They have a lot to discuss most likely "

" Yes, a lot must be talked about " said Colour Administrator.

More time passed again and eventually everyone was ready to leave the hospital.

Crayon and his friends were talking with Colour King and his officials.

" Well, that was great " said Colour King.
" It seems that the Bear were not as dangerous as they thought they were "
" We ate so much bread " said Artby.
" Baking is too much for them "
" Bakers know we are fighting for them "
" Well, Easeion is now arrested " said Colourclever.
" I wonder what jail will be like for him " said Colourea.

" Not good " said Crayon.

" Luckily this will be it "
" Hopefully it is not great " said Colour King.
" Our judges must stand strong "
" Yes, to not arrest them would not be Colourlandish " said Colour Dictator.
" I am not sure what will happen in the future " said Colour King.
" I do know that we must stay Colourlandish "
" Well, we will continue to stay in Colourland " said Challenger.
" King Bobby must be contacted " said Colour Administrator.
" We never planned to actually support the Bear " said Colour Dictator.
" We know that if Challenger is the leader now that these gangs must be put out of the way " said Colourclever.
" Well, I wonder who is next " said Colour Queen.
" I'm not sure, I'm just happy that the Bear is finished " said Crayon.
" Yes, this is a day to celebrate for sure " said Colouruke.
" Yeah, sounds like a plan " said Allie.

" For sure " said Warbler.
" There will be an event that all of us and other Colourlandish will be at soon " said Electro.
" Yeah, sounds good to me " said Allie.
" Allie and Warbler are originally from Bird's Isle but they did so much in the fight so they will be there " said Colour Queen.
" That is good " said Allie.
" Me and Warbler have trained hard "
" I can tell, glad to see " said Colour King.
" Well, we have to be off now so see you all then "
" I will contact Challenger first, he will tell the rest of you "

" Good to see " said Crayon.

They headed off their seperate ways, Crayon and his friends then headed to the bakery.

" We will see these bakers again " said Artby.
" I dream about bakers so much "
" They are amazing, I dream about bakers baking bread "
" Well, let's go inside " said Warbler.

They entered the bakery where Artby was speaking.

" I love you bakers so much " said Artby.
" I will always do so, never forget that "
" Uh, okay " said a baker.
" Your baking does so much for my mouth, my mouth is loved by bread " said Artby.
" When my mouth is so loved, I feel happier "
" Not to mention what you have done for Crayon "
" For Crayon ? " asked a baker.
" His taste buds " said Artby.

" In other bakeries they probably do that "
" Customers feel loved by bakers and because of baking they feel better "
" Well, there is a lot of great bread here " said Challenger.
" We should get a bunch "

They got their bread and left.

Crayon and his friends were talking.

" I feel great as a customer " said Artby.
" My purchases really are showing my love for the baker "
" I love bakers "
" Your love for the baker ? " asked Colourea.
" Bakers are in love with my mouth, they use bread to show that " said Artby.

" My mouth is so loved "
" Why your mouth ? " asked Allie.
" They love the purchases I make, they love it so much " said Artby.
" They love Crayon a lot also "
" Not just Crayon though, all of us they love "
" They show it in different ways "
" Different ways ? " asked Colouruke.

" Yes, they show the love for all of us as customers " said Artby.

" Bakers are so unique that way "

" Yes, let's head home " said Crayon.
" Sounds like a plan to me " said Allie.

They headed their seperate ways and waved goodbye.

Crayon, Colourea, Colouruke and Artby headed inside their home.

Meanwhile Bear members were in jail and were talking. Easeion was talking with Xax.

" I am in jail " said Easeion.
" Me of all people "

" What a joke this has to be "

" I am Easeion Smithson, I am Easeion "

" As Easeion Smithson, I should not be "

" As Easeion Smithson, I must be free "
" Yeah, we should be in the hideout " said Xax.
" It seems that Brett lost "

" He should have won "

" We should not be here "
" I don't understand, he is so powerful " said Easeion.

" I know my father's skill "

" Not to mention Blackin, Blackina and Whites "
" Same here but Colour King and Challenger must have figured something out " said Xax.
" I wonder when the court date will be "

" We can escape then " said Easeion.
" They cannot arrest all of us "

" If we do something "

" That is true, maybe we can stage a breakout of all prisoners here " said Xax.

" That would do something "
" Yeah, the others being caught will make it easier to get away " said Easeion.

" A great escape it will be "

" As a Smithson I must be free "

" Smithsons must be free, we cannot be in here "
" I wonder who will be at the court hearing " said Xax.
" Crayon will go " said Easeion.

" Yeah, I could see that from him "

Other Bear members were talking.

" Someone as beautiful as Blackina should be free " said Blackin.
" Your body shines so much beauty to be in a place like this "

" Blackina's beauty is so strong "
" Thanks, we must escape " said Blackina.
" Still the day of that court case does interest me "
" I really wonder who will be there "
" Family members of Bear members " said Blackin.
" It could be "
" I wonder if that will be the case "
" The others probably are wondering the same " said Blackina.

" Yeah, I think they will be " said Blackin.

" I love you, Blackin " said Blackina.

Blackin then kissed Blackina.

Brett was in jail with Whites.

" This is not good " said Brett.
" I must have lost "

" It is confusing to me "
" Well, we must get out of here " said Whites.
" This shit cannot continue "
" My cousin must marry Blackina "

" His love for her is so strong and powerful "

" He knows how to love her and show love to her "
" Yes, the wedding must happen " said Brett.

" Bear members demand that it does "
" Blackin and Blackina have feelings that are so strong for each other " said Whites.
" The desire that Blackin has for Blackina cannot be outmatched "

" Nobody can hope to do that "
" Well, yes " said Brett.

" Their love is very powerful and strong "

Alice and Melissa were together.

" I am upset about this " said Alice.
" I wanted to be around Easeion and not in jail "

" This is not right "
" Yeah, this is unbelievable " said Melissa.
" The others must feel the same way "

" It is so sad and disappointing "
" Easeion has done a lot for the organization " said Alice.

" Bear members know "

" That is for sure " said Melissa.

More Bear members continued talking with each other and they were not happy to be in jail and they expected to be in the hideout.

Time continued passing, Crayon and his friends enjoyed supper and they were talking.

" Feels good to be back here " said Crayon.
" It does " said Colouruke.
" Bakers want this " said Artby.
" Bakers want us enjoying ourselves here "
" Well, it is good being back here " said Colourea.
" I wonder what will be next "
" I am not sure about that " said Colouruke.
" Challenger may want more training just to be sure " said Crayon.

" Yeah, I think he would " said Colourea.
" More bread from bakers will help with that " said Artby.
" Training and bakeries have had a long history together "
" History ? " asked Colourea.
" Yes, fighters have had a long history of going to the bakery " said Artby.
" Fighters love bread "
" Bread does so much in a fight "
" Bakers understand what fighters need "
" They do ? " asked Crayon.
" They know that flour helps with punching and kicking " said Artby.

More time continued passing and then Crayon started kissing Colourea.

Everyone went to bed.

Meanwhile Maxclever and Willemease were talking.

" So it seems that there are a few days before the case " said Maxclever.
" Yeah " said Willemease.
" We will plan something at the courtroom " said Maxclever.
" Yes, the Bear will not go down easily " said Willemease.

" That's for sure " said Maxclever.

" The Bear will not throw in the towel "

Everyone went to bed.

Morning came, everyone got up and got ready.

Chapter 8
The Colourlandish Celebration

Crayon and his friends left the house and they met up with Warbler and Allie.

" Good morning " said Warbler.
" Good morning " the rest of them said.
" This celebration is something I wonder about " said Colourea.
" Me too " said Colouruke.
" Bakers are involved " said Artby.
" They will be celebrated "
" Well, we should see Challenger " said Crayon.

They all headed to see Challenger, they all were talking.

" Challenger, good morning " said Crayon.
" Good morning to all of you " said Challenger.
" I was contacted by Colour King "
" He wants us to be at Colourland Square for 12:30 pm "
" We will head there for that time " said Colouruke.
" Bakers will go " said Artby.
" Bakers ? " asked Allie.
" Yes, bakers are involved with all of this " said Artby.
" Well, we will see " said Warbler.
" I am not sure what will happen there "

" Same here " said Colouruke.

Meanwhile Flora and Jessica were talking.

" The other Bear members must be outraged " said Flora.
" Yeah, this is unbelievable " said Jessica.
" I am sure they are thinking of something " said Flora.
" During the court case, the Bear will do something " said Jessica.
" We will need a distraction " said Flora.
" We will have to think of something good " said Jessica.
" Perhaps some members could use some techniques while they are there to distract people " said Flora.
" Yeah, that would be good " said Jessica.

Time continued passing, Crayon and his friends were at Colourland Square with Colour King and his officials.

" Glad we are all here today " said Colour King.
" There is a great reason for this " said Colour Queen.
" We all took down the Bear " said Colourclever.
" They are in jail right now " said Colour Dictator.
" They have no regulars in the hideout "
" The others are in a different jail in Colourland "

" That is good " said Colour Queen.
" We must celebrate " said Colour King.
" The authorities were able to take all the credit cards they stole "
" They have now put everything that is stolen in a place where everyone can get it back "
" Some of what they stole was consumed by them but a lot is available "
" Now, we will have a celebration for this " said Electro.
" Awesome " said Warbler.
" It sure is " said Oceanoke.

People came to the square and they were happy that the Bear was finished and that these crimes would be no more.

People thanked the fighters, pictures were taken. Lots of them.

More time passed, Easeion was talking with Xax.

" So the court date is in three days from now " said Easeion.
" We will need to plan the attack "
" Yeah, we will break out " said Xax.
" The Bear will be back "
" The organization will be back with an aggressive vengeance " said Easeion.
" It can't end this way "

" The Bear has to continue existing "

" The Bear means a lot to me and everyone else "

" For sure, bro " said Xax.

Crayon and his friends enjoyed the celebration.

" This feels great " said Crayon.
" It sure does " said Allie.
" Bakers would be proud " said Artby.
" They will love this "
" I love bakers "
" I wonder if training should resume tomorrow " said Colouruke.
" It would be a good idea " said Challenger.
" Yeah, we will get stronger " said Warbler.
" We must be ready for anything " said Allie.
" There could be another gang wanting to take over " said Challenger.

More time kept passing, Blackin was talking to Blackina.

" We must see the other members " said Blackin.
" Yes " said Blackina.
" These guards are not fucking around here " said Blackin.

" We must be ready "
" Yeah, we will be ready " said Blackina.
" My desire for you is still there, it is going nowhere " said Blackin.
" My feelings for you are so strong now "
" Glad to see " said Blackina.

Meanwhile Easeion was talking with Xax.

" These guards are no joke " said Easeion.
" When you are guarding Easeion Smithson, there is a way you must be here "

" Guarding me is not like guarding anyone else "
" Well, we will see the others soon " said Xax.
" Good, I will be free " said Easeion.
" No Smithson ever stays this way "
" It is the way the Smithsons must be, as a Smithson I will not stand for it "
" Yeah, we cannot have this keep going on " said Xax.
" Still it makes you truly love the hideout even more "
" That is true " said Easeion.
" I will not forget "

" I love the hideout and that isn't going to change "

" Same here " said Xax.
"It is great there "

More time continued passing, Colour King and his officials were talking with Crayon and his friends.

" Well, that is it for today " said Colour King.
" Lots of people got to celebrate what happened "
" Yeah, it was great " said Crayon.
" I must tell you about the court case " said Colour King.
" Tomorrow morning, you all will come see me "
" Sounds good, we will head there after breakfast " said Colourea.
" The Bear are going to trial " said Colour King.
" Yeah, hopefully they go to jail " said Colouruke.
" They must stay there " said Warbler.
" They will just assault and rob people again "
" I want a longer sentence than thieves usually get " said Colour King.
" I know that we pretended to work with them but we really do not support them at all "
" Well, I'm glad everything is put behind us " said Crayon.
" With Challenger being the leader, I know that we must eliminate these gangs " said Colour King.
" Well, if they get too out of control we can fight them " said Crayon.
" Yeah, we will continue our training to be sure " said Challenger.
" Good " said Colour King.

They said their goodbyes and headed to their respective houses.

Crayon and his friends made their supper which they enjoyed.

" That court date is going to be something " said Crayon.
" Bakers want the Bear guilty " said Artby.

" Bakers need that for the customers here "
" A lot of people do " said Colouruke.
" Colourlandish people have had peace for a long time now " said Colourea.
" Yeah, that is really good " said Colouruke.
" Bakers will be there " said Artby.
" That is a lot of criminals to face the trial at once " said Colourea.

Time continued passing and everyone went to bed. Crayon kissed Colourea and they both talked about how much they loved each other before bed.

Meanwhile, Melissa and Alice were talking.

" This trial is getting close " said Alice.
" Bear members must think about what to do " said Melissa.
" If all of us end up going to jail for a long time it will be a disaster for sure "
" Yeah, I want to see Easeion " said Alice.
" He calls me the villainess that he needs "
" Yes, you should be able to see him very soon " said Melissa.
" Good " said Alice.

More time continued passing and everyone went to bed.

Chapter 9
The Trial Date

Crayon and his friends woke up and got ready. They then enjoyed their breakfast and they headed outside where they saw Warbler and Allie.

The six of them said hello to each other and they headed towards Colour King's place.

They ran into Challenger on the way, the seven of them then met up with Colour King and Colour Queen.

They then started talking.

" So, it seems that the court date has been revealed " said Colour King.
" What day is it ? " asked Crayon.
" It is two days from now " said Colour Queen.
" This day will decide everything you all must be present " said Colour King.
" It starts at 11:30 am at Colourland Courthouse "
" I have heard of that place " said Colouruke.
" It is gigantic, it can fit so many people " said Colour King.
" A lot of great sentencing happens there "
" If all Bear members are found guilty then that will be great " said Colour Queen.
" Yeah, they have been disastrous for the society of Colourland "
" Society must stay Colourlandish, you must all understand " said Colour King.
" I wonder who will go to this case " said Artby.
" Bakers ? "

" Family members ? "
" I think that family members of the Bear may go " said Colour King.
" I don't think that bakers will go there "
" I wonder what other family they will have " said Crayon.
" Time will tell " said Colouruke.

" It will " said Warbler.

Meanwhile Easeion was talking with Xax.

" It is two days away from the day now " said Easeion.
" We will make our escape there "
" Yes, we will " said Xax.
" I hope that the others are thinking the same way "
" Yeah, that would be great "
" Well, we shall see how the Bear will deal with this " said Easeion.

" Yes, we will " said Xax.

Flora and Jessica were talking.

" Only two days now " said Flora.
" Yes, our escape is this close " said Jessica.
" Yeah, it will be great " said Flora.
" It sure will " said Jessica.
" The Bear will return to the organization it was " said Flora.

Blackin and Blackina were talking.

" Blackina, I love you so much " said Blackin.
" Thanks " said Blackina.
" A woman with your beauty should be free " said Blackin.
" Not in here "
" Yes, we will all escape " said Blackina.
" We will be back in the hideout again " said Blackin.
" Then the wedding will happen "
" Yes, our marriage must happen " said Blackina.
" My desire for you is so strong " said Blackin.
" Nobody has loved like I have "

" That is true " said Blackina.

Colour King was talking with Challenger.

" Tomorrow is a day that you should make sure that everything is ready for the court case " said Colour King.
" Yes, we will make sure " said Challenger.
" Good " said Colour King.
" You will all witness the Bear being sent to jail "
" They need to be there " said Challenger.
" Well, we will be seeing you all there " said Colour King.
" My officials will be there as well, King Bobby will watch this online "

Crayon and his friends left the building.

Meanwhile King Bobby and his advisors were talking.

" This is a good thing for Colourland, what a day " said King Bobby.
" Yes, they will be going to jail " said Queen Starling.
" Warbler will be there " said Blackburnian.

" Warbler will get to see this justice happen " said Diana.
" After this trial date, we will talk about the war " said Lord Grackle.
" I want resources "

" Bird's Isle needs them for sure
" Same here " said Rourke.

" It will expand Bird's Isle "
" Bird's Isle will have more people want to be here " said Draco.
" We will need to talk with Colour King about this invasion " said Rourke.
" Him and his officials will make a decision " said Draco.
" Challenger is the leader " said King Bobby.
" He does not think this war is a good war "

" That is an issue but we will do what we want since we lead Bird's Isle "
" That does annoy me " said Diana.
" That being said, Colourlandish will still be able to fight "
" Yes, there are people in Colourland who want this war " said Blackburnian.
" Yes, they will come here " said King Bobby.
" Our warriors are going to love this opportunity "
" They love fighting, they love war "
" They want this so much "
" Yeah, we will make sure that Coastal Island crumbles " said Salvador.
" We will take everything " said Paula.
" Bird's Isle needs these wars " said King Bobby.
" They do so much for here "

" These wars are so useful "

" Great wars for sure " said Lord Grackle.

Crayon and his friends were talking.

" Only two days from now " said Colourea.
" Yeah, there is so much riding on this " said Colouruke.
" Bakers want them in jail, bakers can never be hurt " said Artby.
" When a baker is hurt, baking is affected "
" I will never allow any baker to be hurt, they bake for mouths they truly love "
" Mouths they truly love ? " asked Allie.
" Yes, bakers have fallen in love with my mouth and many others " said Artby.
" It isn't just my mouth, they use baking to show this "
" Baking bread can be a way that a baker shows affection for the customer "
" Bakers love their customers a lot "
" Affection for the customer ? " asked Warbler.
" Yes, bakers love the customer so much " said Artby.
" Customers buying bread they like " said Challenger.
" Falling in love with them, I am not so sure about "
" Bakers have fallen in love with my mouth, bread is how they show that " said Artby.
" The flour they use is a flour that helps with that "
" Flour does so much, I love flour "
" Flour has helped my mouth and helped bakers "
" Flour has helped your mouth ? " asked Colourea.
" That is something " said Allie.
" Flour does so much for me " said Artby.
" This is a sign from bakers "
" Sign from bakers ? " asked Colouruke.
" Yes, it is " said Artby.
" Bakers truly love my mouth, baking shows the love, respect and understanding of my mouth "
" Artby " said Colouruke.
" Yes Colouruke " said Artby.
" Artby, what the fuck " said Colouruke.
" There is an understanding of my mouth but not just mine from bakers which is shown through baking " said Artby.

They then went to their respective houses.

Time continued passing, everyone had their supper which they enjoyed.

Whites and Brett were talking.

" So the trial is only two days away from now " said Whites.
" We will make an escape there "
" Yes, the Smithsons must be free " said Brett.
" The Bear will make a return "
" The hideout is a great place for the organization to be "
" Not to mention that Easeion wants to be around Alice "

" He must have a great villainess like that "
" Alice has talked about being the villainess he needs " said Whites.
" Not to mention my cousin must get married "
" He talks to me about how good looking Blackina is "

" All the time "

" It makes sense though "
" This marriage must happen, I am the best man "

" I will be a brilliant best man "
" Yes, it will happen " said Brett.

More time ended up passing, Xax was talking with Easeion.

" I will create a distraction " said Easeion.
" I will make up so much shit at the trial "

" I know I can "
" Yeah, that sounds great " said Xax.
" The Bear will escape or many of us will do so "
" Haha " said Easeion.
" I will make everyone there feel so sad "
" Despair and terror will intensify within them "

" There will be a great terror "
" Yes, they are history " said Xax.
" The others are ready " said Easeion.
" Hahahahaha "

Blackin and Blackina were talking.

" We will combine our attacks, I wonder who will cause the distraction first " said Blackin.
" Any of our members will do it, I could see Easeion striking first " said Blackina.
" Same here, Easeion is a man who would do that " said Blackin.
" As lovers we must be free "
" The Bear will make sure of that "
" Yes " said Blackina.
" The organization stands with us as a couple always " said Blackin.
" They know how strong my desire for you is "
" Our love is so strong "

More time continued passing and then everyone went to bed.

Chapter 10
The Final Day Before The Trial

Crayon and his friends got up and they then got ready.

Crayon and Artby were talking.

" So the trial is tomorrow " said Crayon.
" It seems that way " said Artby.
" Bakers are counting on this, baking cannot be interfered with "
" I love bakers "
" Well, the Bear will likely be put in jail "
" Yes, they must go there " said Artby.
" King Bobby says that he will watch the trial on television "
" He will do that " said Crayon.
" He wants to invade Coastal Island apparently " said Artby.
" They are not a threat to Bird's Isle " said Crayon.
" That being said, this isn't our decision to make "
" The islanders must be ready " said Artby.
" Bakers from there will be hurt, bakers cannot be hurt "
" They have resources that the king wants " said Crayon.
" I wonder what resources they have " said Artby.
" We will find out " said Crayon.
" We should have breakfast "

Crayon, Colourea, Colouruke and Artby had breakfast, they left the house later on.

They then saw Warbler and Allie outside and the six of them were talking.

" So, what should we do today ? " asked Allie.
" We can train our techniques " said Warbler.
" Yeah, we haven't done much of that recently " said Colouruke.
" Challenger will probably join us " said Colourea.
" Bakers want us stronger " said Artby.
" They want tougher customers "
" They want customers that will defend them "
" They want bread to be eaten, being stronger would help if fights happen around there " said Warbler.
" Baking has done so much for me " said Artby.
" Yeah, we should head to our training area " said Colouruke.

They headed there, Challenger then joined with them.

" Hello, good morning " said Challenger.
" Good morning, Challenger " they all said.
" Well, we will be training " said Challenger.
" You never know what will happen next "
" That is true " said Colouruke.
" Bakers need us strong " said Artby.
" I cannot allow any baker to get hurt "
" Time to begin " said Challenger.

Challenger, Crayon, Colouruke, Colourea, Artby, Warbler and Allie started with their blasts. The power was growing.

" Glad to see " said Challenger.
" I blast for bakers " said Artby.
" My Heatwave Implosion is so strong now "
" I will try to find a way to help bakers with it "
" Uh, what " said Crayon.
" My techniques will help bakers " said Artby.
" Well we should use our bombs " said Challenger.

The seven of them used their most powerful bombs and the power was insane.

" Good, we are still able to hit with so much power " said Challenger.
" Yeah, we are extremely strong " said Colouruke.
" The Ultimate Bird Bomb looks great here " said Allie.
" It sure does " said Warbler.
" Now, let's use our strikes " said Challenger.

They then used their strikes and they struck with power.

" Excellent to see " said Challenger.
" These strikes are very strong "
" That is good "
" Yes, we have improved " said Allie.
" Me and Allie have gotten our techniques very strong " said Warbler.
" Now it is time for the barrage techniques to be used " said Challenger.

They used their respective barrage techniques with power.

" Very good " said Challenger.
" Yeah, we have been getting stronger by a lot " said Colourea.
" Bakers have helped " said Artby.
" Bakers ? " asked Warbler.
" Yes, bakers have done so much here when we train " said Artby.
" When we train ? " asked Allie.
" Yes, our techniques are stronger thanks to baking " said Artby.
" We are so pumped, bread keeps me pumped "
" I am so pumped, I love bakers "
" Well, I am glad that you feel more ready to fight " said Challenger.
" Now, we must use our implosions "

Crayon and his friends used their implosions and they hit each other, creating a huge explosion.

" Wow " said Crayon.
" Nice power " said Challenger.
" That is the training for today "
" We should go to the bakery " said Artby.
" Bakers need to see me before the trial "
" Let's go " said Colouruke.

They then headed to the bakery where Artby started talking.

" This is a great time for bakers " said Artby.
" I love bakers "
" The trial is tomorrow "
" Yeah, it is a big deal " said a baker.
" Bakers will feel safer now " said Artby.
" I will be a guardian for any baker when I fight "
" Guardian ? " asked Allie.
" Yes, I am a guardian for any baker out there " said Artby.
" All these bakers, I keep safe "
" It is what I do now, I will not stop "
" Well, we should get our bread " said Warbler.
" Our mouths need that and the bakers want the best for our mouths " said Artby.

They then got their bread and left.

" Let's head to my place " said Challenger.
" Sounds good to me " said Colourea.

The seven of them then headed there.

Meanwhile Easeion and Xax were talking in jail.

" It is getting closer, my freedom is here " said Easeion.
" The Smithsons must be free "
" Yes, all of us will be out of here for good " said Xax.
" It does make you love the hideout even more "
" It sure does " said Easeion.
" My abilities will overwhelm everyone there "
" We need a distraction, I will make a great one "
" We will all do something great " said Xax.
" It will be a scene like no other " said Easeion.
" I will make everyone feel so sad hahahaha "
" Yes, I remember those days " said Xax.
" The Bear will get the freedom they must have " said Easeion.
" I must be a free man, Alice wants that "
" She has been the villainess I need, the Bear understands this "

Blackin and Blackina were talking.

" Well, tomorrow is when we escape " said Blackin.
" Blackina, your body is too beautiful to be trapped in a place like this "
" Thanks " said Blackina.
" Perhaps the two of us will cause a distraction " said Blackin.
" Well, it will be good for this to happen " said Blackina.
" My desire for you will never go away " said Blackin.

Blackin and Blackina started kissing each other.

Crayon and his friends were at Challenger's place.

" Well, now it is time to discuss the trial " said Challenger.
" Colourland Courthouse is the main courthouse here "
" You all know where it is ? "
" Yeah " said Crayon.
" It is not far " said Colouruke.
" Good " said Challenger.
" I am glad to see "
" This is a very important event for all of us " said Colourea.
" Bakers know what is at stake here " said Artby.
" They will want the Bear in jail "
" Better baking will come to Colourland "

" Better baking ? " asked Crayon.
" Yes, it will be here very soon " said Artby.
" Well, we should all meet up before we head to the courthouse " said Challenger.
" We can meet here at 9:45 am "
" Sounds good " said Warbler.
" It would be a good idea to not stay up too late " said Challenger.
" Bakers want us resting well " said Artby.
" I had a baker in my dreams tell me about this "
" Uh, what ? " asked Crayon.
" Yes, a baker told me that " said Artby.
" Bakers have conversations with each other in my dreams "
" They talk about baking, my mouth, what bread does and what customers do for them "
" Conversations ? " asked Colouruke.

" Yeah, I dream about bakers every night now " said Artby.
" I hear bakers talking a bit when I sleep "
" Bakers ? " asked Allie.
" That is just something else " said Challenger.
" I think bakers know how much I love baking and they do this because of that " said Artby.
" My love of baking keeps growing "
" Well, I am not sure what to believe here " said Crayon.
" Well, the trial will be a long one most likely " said Challenger.
" We must all be ready "
" Well, we can eat everything we have now "

They all ate and they enjoyed.

Meanwhile Easeion and Xax were talking again.

" I can understand why they guard me this way " said Easeion.
" They know of my power and they know what it means to be Easeion Smithson which is why "
" When you guard a man like Easeion, this always happens "
" Well, yeah " said Xax.
" The two of us will make it out "
" They will bring all Bear members to this trial "
" The Bear will all do something " said Easeion.
" I will never forget the organization and what it has done for me "

Whites and Brett were talking.

" So this is it " said Brett.
" Every Smithson will cause a distraction while the rest leave "
" So you will fight everyone just as a family ? asked Whites.
" We will attack any non fighters there if they refuse " said Brett.
" The decision will be tough for them to deal with " said Whites.
" Have innocent people hurt or the Smithsons out of jail "

" It will be tough for them "
" Yes, that does sound great for us " said Brett.
" Hahahaha "
" I will be a great best man for Blackin " said Whites.
" He must marry Blackina "
" Yeah, they must be married " said Brett.
" It will be a wonderful day for them, I must make sure that happens no matter what " said Whites.
" The Bear will make their ultimate escape "

" For sure, we will do that " said Brett.

Time continued passing, Crayon and his friends left Challenger's place and then headed back home.

" I wonder how many years they will get " said Crayon.
" I am hoping that it is not too little " said Colourea.
" Bakers will not stand for that " said Artby.
" They didn't rape or murder anyone " said Colouruke.
" They might not get as much as we think "
" All the stolen goods were returned I heard " said Crayon.
" Good " said Warbler.
" Yeah, that is good for the people of Colourland " said Allie.
" Well, we should head to our seperate houses " said Warbler.
" Sounds like a plan to me " said Allie.

They went to their seperate houses, Warbler and Allie were talking.

" This trial will decide so much " said Warbler.
" The Bear haven't murdered anyone but they are very dangerous " said Allie.
" Yeah, they must go to jail " said Warbler.
" They might get more due to the threat they pose compared to other theives " said Allie.
" Yeah, I could see that " said Warbler.
" Well, time will tell " said Allie.
" It will, I love you a lot Allie " said Warbler.
" Same here " said Allie.

Allie and Warbler started kissing each other.

Meanwhile, Easeion was talking with Xax again.

" These guards understand my talent " said Easeion.
" A true Smithson is always guarded this way "

" Smithsons are always guarded because of who they are "
" Yes " said Xax.
" The guards know my fighting, my fighting is never forgotten anywhere ever " said Easeion.
" Tournaments will demand my entry "

" Tournaments need me so much "

" A Smithson is needed at each tournament "
" Well, we will be training when we get out of here " said Xax.

" We can enter more tournaments "

" We will dominate "
" My power will be even better, hahahaha " said Easeion.
" Tournaments need us, they crave our fighting "

" Our fighting is so important "

More time continued passing, Blackin and Blackina were talking.

" The Bear is this close " said Blackin.
" We will escape and get married " said Blackina.
" Your beauty is here " said Blackin.
" It will go nowhere, I love you so much Blackina "
" Thanks " said Blackina.

More time continued and it became time for bedtime. Everyone went to bed.
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