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Dungeons and Daddies: You Kissed Me

by DuttSmart 5 reviews

Henry tries to kill Darryl.

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Henry Oak was tired of being a whore.
"You kissed me," he said, to Darryl.
"No," Darryl said. "You kissed me."
Henry's eyes turned green. He was going to punch Darryl's ass.
"I love asses," Ron said.
No one paid Ron any mind. Henry and was glaring at Darryl, and Darryl was checking himself out.
Henry took out a scroll of Magic Missile, and dealt 17 damage to Darryl.
"Ow!" Darryl exclaimed. "Henry, you suck! Paeden, please save me!"
Paeden came by and tried to punch Henry, but he tripped on a rock and crunched his balls by falling on an even bigger rock.
"Mission failed," Glenn said.
"We'll get him next time," Darryl said.
"Ah fuck," Paeden said. "Good thing I don't need balls to have sex."
Henry lunged at Darryl and forced his skull open by using a rusty meat cleaver.
"FUCK!" Darryl screamed.
"How does it feel to be on the receiving end!" Henry yelled.
"Man," Glenn said. "That vegan really needs to cool it. Hey, Henry, cool it."
Henry beat Glenn on the balls with a big stick. Then he returned to cleaving Darryl.
"I just love chicken wings," Ron said.
"I do too," Terry Jr. said.
"I love chicken wings," Glenn said. "I like putting strawberry jam on them. It makes me feel sick."
"I bet it does," Henry said, as he rips out Darryl's lower ribs.
"I wonder why my dad is dying?" Grant asked.
"I don't understand it," Glenn answered. "But it looks like Henry is going burn him alive."
Henry was indeed doing that. He sets Darryl ablaze via a scroll of Firebolt.
Darryl screamed in pure agony as he perished from his mortal coil.
Darryl was dead. Was he a good dad?
Grant ripped off a leg from the pile of meat, and took a bite.
"I love my dad," Grant said. "He tastes like a Charleston Chew."
Glenn looks puzzled, and he turns to Ron to say: "I thought he'd taste like meat."
"Maybe he tastes like bad candy because he eats it too much," Ron wondered out loud.
"I think he came on his candy stash once," Lark said. "He ate some after letting the cum dry in the bars…"
"Oh fuck Darryl!" Glenn shouted.
"Rot in pus you perverted asswad," Henry venomously said to the pile of burnt meat.
"Wow," Grant said. "Dad really tastes like cum candy."
Glenn's eyes widened, but he and everyone else chose to ignore that.
Another day, another Darryl. When will they learn.
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