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Naruto: The Heir Apparent

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With Minato's death, Kushina and Naruto are exiled. She then rebuilds Whirlpool for political revenge. (Naruto x Harem) Rated R for mild adult language and situations.

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AN: Pet peeves addressed from cannon Actual use of uniforms, both in the schools and on the Ninjas. They are all a part of the military, therefore no individual fashion statements and no orange! The school system now lasts a full 12 years. So, no pre-teen ninjas. The age of the characters is adjusted for this story.
Chapter: 1
Minato Namakaze, in a moment of clarity brought on by the pleading of his wife. During a calamity affecting all of Konohagakure no Sato. The Nine Tailed Fox Demon Biju had escaped and was destroying everything in its path.
"Don't make our baby the bane of this village, as a hated Jinchuriki. They will only see the beast that is terrorizing us now and not him!" Kushina kissed her husband and hugged him pleading with him while crying.
Minato, realizing she was right, that after tonight, even as a village weapon or shield, his son would be doomed as a Jinchuriki. Making his decision, he steeled himself for the self-sacrifice of his very soul.
"Good-bye my love, raise our son to be the prince he is meant to be." Kissing the crying Kushina one last time. Then he flashes to the battle.
He does a series of hand signs then starts to seal the entire beast into himself. "Eight Trigrams Seal". Feeling his own chakra pools stretch beyond its capacities and his coils burn from the overflow, he then ran through a longer series of hand signs. "Reaper Death Seal", with his soul, he paid a contract to the Shinigami. "Take me and my dangerous cargo out of this plane of existence." Minato Namakaze, the Yondaime Hokage will be forever immortalized as the Hero of Konohagakure no Sato.
Two days later, in the hospital maternity room. Kushina Uzumaki Namakaze hums a soft melody as her son breast feeds. The nurse was watching with satisfaction on the mother/son bond and the care level Kushina was showing the child.
"Very good Lady Kushina. You will have no problems it seems. Once the lab results come back you can be released. I see here on my check list you had already filed for the Royal Birth Certificate and sent it out with yesterday’s mail. So just relax, feed him and you two can go home soon." The nurse reported and left as some others came to visit.
The Village Elders, along with the re-instated 3rd Hokage try to enter the room. The nurse stopped them.
"Beg, pardons but she is feeding the child. Let me make sure she can properly receive you." Nodding thanks to the nurse as she goes back in.
"Lady Kushina, you have guests, are you able to receive them?" the nurse asks.
"Yes, he finished and is sleeping. I'm covered now." Kushina said.
"You may go in now" the nurse bows.
"Thank you" Humora replied.
"Lord Third, Elders, what an honor. I hope all is well for you and the village. I been stuck in here waiting for Minato." The 3rd winced, thinking damn no one has told her yet.
"Lady Kushina, I'm sorry to say, but with the passing of the Yondaime. We have put the village under Martial law. Now understanding your position as a newly birthed mother, we are allowing you one week for recovery and then you must leave. As you are of Whirlpool." Danzo unceremoniously orders.
"Wait, what? Minato is dead?" tears begin to swell in her eyes.
"What do you mean leave? I was here as a village Academy graduate and a Kunoichi of the Leaf during the war. Minato was my husband, and you’re denying us our citizenship?" Kushina now is starting to get angry. Her famous Uzumaki temper now rising.
"I never saw a wedding or announcement." Koharu said sharply. Staring down at her. Kushina then pushed the help button.
"Did you just call me a whore? Did you just insinuate my child is a bastard?" Kushina asked, in a your about to die a horrible death, tone of voice.
"If the shoe fits, then I suggest you wear it." Humura stepped up and talked down to her.
SLAP! "You bastard!" Kushina and her infamous Uzumaki temper has reached its peak.
"Sarutobi, are you with them in this poorly executed attempt to usurp the clans Namakaze and Uzumaki's seated power?" Kushina glared daggers, as the room suddenly filled with Doctors, Nurses and the ANBU detail stationed in the hospital.
"The Namakaze’s are dead and the Uzumaki’s were never apart of Konoha." Danzo fired back. He helps Homura stand up.
"Are you so sure? You just might want to re-check your ego inflated history. If that is the case, I am no longer a Konoha citizen, but what I am is the Princess of Whirlpool! OUT, EVERYONE, OUT! ANBU, this room is now by international law, my consulate and as such is my sovereign territory. Dog, go get Lady Tsume now!" Kushina orders and the baby is awoken and cries.
Kushina scoops up her one thing left in the world and cuddles him. She hums a sweet tune. Ignoring all around her. Soothing her sochi. The Doctor seeing what's happening, and orders for the round clock of nurses to attend Princess Uzumaki. Everyone else is asked to leave by the ANBU. The Hokage leaves the room with mixed feelings over what just happened.
There is a knock on the door, the nurse answers. It is Lady Tsume Inuzuka. Clan head and Kushina's best friend. Since their Academy Days.
"Kushi-chan what happened? Is the baby, ok?" Tsume runs in firing off question after question.
"I'm being evicted from the village. The council and Elders wasted no time in stealing Minato's power seat. It even seems that the 3rd is in on it to. I leave Saturday morning. Take this seal here and place it on the Kage's Tower foundation. I don't want any power-hungry thieves to take what is ours." Crying, she hands Tsume a seal script.
"Wait, there wasn't a meeting. Those dirty civilians. They actually think they run this village?" Tsume realized.
"Tell all my servants and guards to pack for our exodus and to bring out the Royal Carriage. It seems the village's Noble wannabes forgot just who I am. Have my guards posted here just in case of stupidity. I have no use for the backstabbing Gentry here in Konoha. We will go to Wave and start my return to Ruling with a Good Will Tour. I will go everywhere but Hi no Kuni" Kushina grins evilly. Her tears have turned to thoughts of political revenge.
Kushina gets a knife from her tray and cuts her finger, races through the hand seals and summons.
POOF, "My Lady?" A beautiful solid white female Dire wolf appears.
"Queen Alpha, Li Ming, please meet The Crown Prince, Naruto Uzumaki. My sochi and future summoner of your Clan." Kushina holds the bundle for Li Ming to investigate and sniff.
"We have a young pup to spoil! Let me bring the King Alpha, for this is important." She said and POOF.
"What? Why was I summoned?" Wu Ye asked, and Li Ming explained.
Kushina like before with Li Ming, let Wo Ye sniff and accept the young Prince.
"This is Lady Tsume Inuzuka. My best human friend and also the Clan Head of the Inuzukas. She is here to see the pup and welcome him to the world." Kushina introduced and Tsume then bowed deeply.
"A big pleasure King Alpha, Queen Alpha." Tsume said enjoying the Honor of meeting the Heads of the Spirit Wolves. They sniffed at her, then nodded in acceptance of her.
Kushina told them all of her predicament and needed their help for protection till she and Naruto reached Wave.
"Very well, this village has indeed fallen from grace. Li Ming, you and Yin will watch over them since this female just borne a pup. I will also send a Nanny to help in the pack raising of our little Alpha here." already claiming Naruto as his pack's own.
"Thank you, King Alpha” Kushina hugs and kisses his brow.
He leaves and 30 seconds later a female pup named Yin and the wolf Nanny appears and goes straight to the new Alpha pup they heard about.
"Let me see. Let me see! Daddy said I was to be his Familiar." Yin barked wagging her tail.
"Shush, Lady Yin, your still in a birthing den." The stern nanny took control of the over excited young pup.
"The little Alpha is sleeping so no barking." Li Ming scolded her daughter.
"I'm sorwy, I was just excited to have my own sum-summoner." Yin hangs her head.
"Well, I can't keep a familiar away from her Alpha now can I, Tsume? Come here Yin-chan" Kushina smiles.
"Why no, Kushi-chan that would be just wrong." Tsume agreeing and picks up Yin.
Yin is gently carried over to Kushina's side as Tsume picks her up to see and looks at the little blonde bundle. She sniffs over him well to get a good tracking scent to commit to memory. Tsume smiling, keeps pettings her, making Yin wag her tail.
"I swear Kushi-chan you spoil all our pups." giggled Li Ming.
"Like you and nanny-san hasn't already marked my first pup." Kushina grinned as she shot back at Li Ming.
The nanny just scoffs. "A happy pup grows to be a strong Alpha. I'm just doing my job." she quickly licks Naruto's hand.
"I saw that!" Yin giggled at the nanny sneaking in a puppy kiss.
"I better get back to my own pups. The nin-ken are gonna think of me as a traitor smelling the Royal Wolves on me." Giggled Tsume as she gave one last hug to Kushina and left.
A week later, Friday afternoon, Kushina along with Tsume her friend and a couple of Royal guards, Li Ming, Nanny, and Yin walk into the Konoha bank. Asking for the President, they waited in the sitting area.
"Your Highness, how may I help you?" Smugly asked the President knowing of her predicament.
"Yes, I have here three different numbered accounts. I want them drained and placed in these three different scrolls and my Guard and accountant will witness." Kushina smugly smiled back.
"But, but you can't, that will drain my reserves." He stammered looking up the account’s totals.
"Oh, Is there a problem with my accounts? Are you saying the monies I put there 15 years ago now plus the interest compounding, isn't there?" she asked too sweetly.
"But if I do this my bank will be low on funds. How can I serve our village?" He tried.
"Ahh, there then is your problem. Your village has decided to exile me and my son. Refused to recognize my marital name, in the process refusing my son his Paternal lineage. They blatantly refuse the citizenship I was to earn for my years of service as a Kunoichi during the war. You were there on the Council and voted against me. Just hoping to profit from the voting status change. But you all forgot, we Uzumaki’s financed this village. You can't keep what's mine. It is a protected numbered account. So, close them out. Now!" Kushina laughed loudly at the bank President.
Once done crippling the bank, she went out to the corner and boarded the Royal chariot. "Take us to the Council," she tells the driver.
"Hai, Princess"
"Did you place that master seal?" she asked Tsume, who grinned and nodded.
Getting all kinds of attention. The carriage pulls up to the Council. They were all confused as to what was going on. Kushina with Tsume holding Naruto for her along with her Nin-ken Kuromaru. The Spirit Wolves Yin, Li Ming and the Nanny.
"Hello village of Konoha. I have come to be a major pain in your backside. I am leaving you backstabbing Bitches." Kushina said as the Clan Head side of the Council was very confused.
"It appears in you quest for a quick usurp of political power, you Civilians and not doubting some Clans, in your greed forgot just who I am!" She continued when Danzo spoke down to her like a child.
"You will show respect when in our Chambers, woman!" This made Tsume shake her head.
"Hokage-sama, I would suggest you keep your Senile friends under control." Kushina said smirking, then held up an old scroll. Danzo's face turned white in recognition.
"This is the agreement between my Clan the Uzumaki’s and the Leaf back when your ancestors were still wearing burlap and animal skins. Your power grid, your walled Fuinjutsu barriers, the very Crest of your military. It all belongs to me, on loan to you! I am taking it all back. Within one month, you will remove all of Whirlpool's Banners, Markings and Insignias from this so-called village. The Marked Graves may be left to rest for they at least were not traders to their Allies. Mito Uzumaki-Senju, may stay and rest in piece by her husband. It's a world better than what Minato got for saving your sorry asses. You refused the rights I have earned as a retired war veteran on record, my citizenship. Well guess what? I no longer want it. I Kushina Uzumaki, The Crown Princess of Whirlpool here by break all connections, alliances and trade agreements to Konohagakure no Sato and by proxy the entirety of Fire Nation!" She sets the contract down, does a few hand signs and fires a stream of embers at it. "Ninpo: Fire starter." The Scroll catches fire and burns slowly to ash. She then turns to Tsume and picks up her son. Gives her a final hug and walks out.
Li Ming, then announced. "You have also lost the protection of the Spirit Wolves. We are the Royal's summons not Konoha's." She then walked out.
Once she was in the Carriage and headed out the gates, she did one final hand sign. "KAI" The village shuts down. No power, no defenses, the central fountain even stopped. Anything Fuinjutsu related was killed, erased. With the exception of the Namakaze estate that went underground, literally. The Council was in an uproar when they realized what happened. They just played a high stakes game of "Oh Yeah, what can you do?" Thinking they were invincible. After all she was just a widow with a child, what could she do? Then the banker let them all known how the bank was drained and is closed till a cash restock comes from the capital because she had cashed out on all loans.
"It appears she could and did a lot. Plus, it was all legal with witnesses." Tsume laughed at the civilians. She then told the rest of the Clan heads what the village idiots had done without their knowledge or input.
Kushina then embarked on her Good will tour of the Return of the Whirlpool Royalty. She went to Wave and then the Water Nation and set up a treaty for the allowance of the refugees to come into the Isles and swear fealty to her. With the impending Civil war, the Daimyo needing to cash out and consolidate, gave back to her all the territories, Clans and Bloodlines that were a part of Uzu before the war. She also let it be known of her distain for Konoha and what they had done, further staining what Honor the village may have had in the international circuit. Gaining sympathies from all: Women and Kunoichis, Men of promise and Honor, Kages and Daimyos of the other Nations and Countries. To refuse the marital and Paternal name for a petty power play on a council, this was just bad form no matter how you word it. During her travels while on her tour, she makes it to Rain's Ame village and meets with Hanzo. Hearing the story of the stupidity of the Leaf. Hanzo Declares his backing of the Sovereignty of Whirlpool. While there Kushina is re-united with Nagato and Konan. Her cousin and his wife. Wind Nation soon followed suite, hopping on the Uzu train, along with Iwa, using this chance to publicly belittle Konoha, for their poor treatment of its mothers and children. With word spreading of the Whirlpool being re-established many Old Uzu tied Clans make their way back to the Isles. A young contractor Tazuna and his daughter from Wave, goes to Whirlpool to make a name for his family. Under his skills and management, he starts the rebuild of "New Uzushiogakure." Whirlpool was growing and looking better than before. Soon to be at its greatness once again.
Kushina on her "Goodwill Tour", charms her way across the four elemental Nations, purposely avoiding Fire Nation, who was tied to Konoha and their sins. Kushina makes friends, political connections, and some unbreakable bonds with the old Clans of Uzu, happy to see their Royals return. Using her son as a marital anchor. His Royal lineage allowing him to have multiple wives. Within the five years of tours, political moves, and boardroom power plays, Kushina is a political force unto herself, and she is ready to be coronated as Empress of the Whirlpool Isles. Once again, all banded under her Uzumaki Clan. When Water Nation was absorbed into Whirlpool because the water palace was destroyed during the civil wars, killing the Daimyo and his family. The Whirlpool military kept growing with the influx of the blood line refugees, joining the standing Armed Forces to serve and earn Citizenship for them and their families through their service to Whirlpool. Plus, the addition of Kirigakure no Sato, the Hidden Village in the Mist.
This led to a political storm across the Whole of the Elemental Nations. Many hoping to get some ties with the growing Empire. Whose wealth and natural resources now exceed that of The Fire Nation. Along with the track record of the Empress' oaths and promises kept, The Uzumaki’s are once again a Clan of greatness.
The Honors of presiding over the ceremony is the High Priestess Miroku of Demon Country. Guests and witnesses where: All four Elemental Daimyos along with the Lords of Snow, Ame, Taki, Iron and Tea Countries. As part of the ceremony, the Blessing of the Betrothals to the Crown Prince and his five promised Brides gained during the Empress' Good Will tour. Tying many to the Empire, happy for the benefits these unions will provide.
The five promised Brides, now known as The Go Tenshi no Uzu (The Five Angels of Uzumaki) are:
• From The Earth Country, Kurotsuchi age 6, the granddaughter of the Tsuchikage of Iwa.
• From The Wind Country, Tamari age 6, the daughter of the Kazekage of Suna.
• From old Water (now part of the Empire), Haku age 5 the Heiress to Clan Yuki of Kirigakure no Sato.
• From The Demon Country, Shion age 5, daughter to the High Priestess Miruko.
• From The Rain Country, Sasame age 4, Heiress to Clan Fuma, and Goddaughter to Lord Hanzo of Ame.
The Fire Lord wasn't happy when his entourage met up with the Konoha's Diplomatic team. The 3rd Hokage, the village Elders, along with Lord Hiashi Hyuga. No one had ever explained to the Fire Lord what had happened to the Uzumaki Clan Relations. During Kushina's five-year Goodwill Tour, she never included Fire Nation in her travels, visits, or correspondence. Once they saw the rebuilt, New Uzushiogakure as the capital of the Whirlpool Empire with all of its wealth, industries, and Navel powers. The founders of Fuinjutsu, now boosting the only University suited for the advance studies in the Sealing Arts. This was what Konoha really needs because Jiraiya still hasn't gotten the village running properly since the shutdown. Then came the big slap to their faces. The Blessings and Titlements of the Crown Prince and his Promised Brides. Given by High Priestess Miroku herself. The 3rd and his entourage were shocked that the Empress was indeed Kushina Uzumaki, and watched in horror as the Empress was given Fealty by The Kirigakure no Sato's Godiame Mizukage, Mei Terumi. Establishing all of old Water's inclusion into the Empire. Why was the Fire Lord and his Nation left out from all of this? The Daimyo sent a request to be seen and was promptly told that he could be in two days, due to the ceremonies and a day for needed rest, then Court would be held.
Two Days later, Imperial Court of Whirlpool:
The Fire Lord entered the throne room. It was opulent, and grand with stained glass windows and polished woods trimmed around the marbled tiled flooring. A six-foot Uzumaki crest, of a red and gold lined whirlpool in-set with crushed rubies to a gold metal swirled frame. This is set on an angled display case behind the marbled knee wall and in front of the raised platform, Holding the seven lavish chairs with crush red velvet and gold leafed. Two are high back thrones for the Empress and the Crown Prince, the five low back thrones with extra cushions are for the brides. Each chair was embossed with the bride’s old Clan or Country Crest. On the wall behind the thrones hangs a tapestry with a Spirit Wolf image representing the Clan's Legendary Guardians and Summons. The gold leafed and white enameled pews with red velvet cushions adorned both sides of the room. The knee wall of marble separates the Royals and the presentation area that's between the wall and the pews. Finally, columns white with gold gelded accents adorned all four walls framing the walk around and holding up the second level wrap around balcony. In attendance today were all the Bridal families, Clan heads, and Lords. Giving their final goodbyes to the brides who will now reside in the Palace with the Prince to bond and be properly groomed for their new station and status. When the Fire delegation pass the pews and entered the presentation area they are greeted by a tall man with red hair and a pair of Rennigan eyes. Nagato Uzumaki, blood cousin to the Empress and now a Clan Elder. He is serving as Court Minister.
"It's so nice to see the Esteemed Fire Lord visit my Court." Kushina remarked to the delegation giving the respect due his station.
"The Honor is all mine, your Majesty. May I inquire as to why we haven't met earlier, or even applied for trade between us?" he asks with a bit of apprehension.
"My apologies, Fire Lord, but five years ago, right after my husband died. Fighting for his village, on the very night our son the prince was born. I was denied the acceptance of Konoha as a citizen, even though I was a retired Kunoichi, taught at their very own Academy, and fought in the 3rd Ninja war for them. We were refused our marital and paternal names and widow rites. I was told that since the council didn't see my wedding, only proves that I'm a liar and a Whore, and my son a Bastard. Since Konoha is your vassal village I just assumed that the Fire Nation no longer wanted to receive the Clan Uzumaki. So, I simply granted their wish. I withdrew all of mine and my Clan's monies and claims from your banks and burned the treaty scroll between our two nations. Thus, revoking all trade agreements, technologies, Fuinjutsu rights, and alliances between us. Didn't they relay such important happenings to you? Oh, wait, that's right you wouldn't be told of such an exodus. According to the Elders, the Clan Uzumaki was never a part of the Fire Nation." Now the Daimyo was really upset. This all was news to him. All in the Court gasped at the Empress' words. Her five years of political and public damnation and revenge against Konoha has been brought to full fruition. She smirks with satisfaction.
"Your Highness, there must be some misunderstanding, for I never heard of any of this. May I ask who your Husband was?" he sees Kushina frown.
"I will answer, because it seems you have some needed extra house cleaning to do. We are no longer asking for permission. We are taking it. What should have been mine and my sons by Rites. My husband, the prince’s father was Lord Minato Namakaze the Yondiame Hokage." The audience gasped and the Fire Lord glared at the 3rd Hokage.
"Oh, you can look it up. Check your own records department in your Capital. I couldn't and really shouldn't have to prove myself to them at the time, because I had sent my copy to the Capital to register my son's birth as a Royal on both sides. We were married at the Fire Temple there." Kushina growled.
"Konoha, it's Council and its Elders hold nothing over me. I am no gold-digging whore. The man freely asked me to share his name. I loved him. We were wedded. I bore him a son. We will forever be Namakaze. One more thing for you all to remember, me, my son, my Clan, our stations are twice yours and four times theirs. They made this very personal." Kushina held her hand up and turned her head away for a pause. Shion notices and leans forward and gives her new mother a silky. Kushina thanks her in a whisper and wipes her tears of frustration away. Naruto, the Crown Prince, sits and openly glares at the delegation for bringing his mother sorrow. Glaring is all he can do; Royal etiquette dictates that he keeps quiet.
"My apologies to the Court. Bringing up the memories of my passed beloved is very taxing." Kushina bows and sits back down, as the Court audience starts to murmur whispered curses upon the Fire Nation contingent. Kushina deserved an Oscar for her performance tugging at the heartstrings of all present.
"Now, with my station, I must think of my people and the effects of all this can do. I will no longer hold a grudge between our Nations. Konoha is still the village of my beloved and the prince will want to have a connection to his late father. No, Fire Nation is not barred. If you wish to seek trade, shipping, traveling passes or alliances, then please send a Diplomacy team. They will be well received. I am sure we can find a common ground, Fire Lord. As an olive branch, I will let you and the others here know of an event to share. Turning 6 years of age is a traditional milestone for all first borne. This is when he can visit the Ancestors and be fully recognized as our Crown Prince of the Clan, and now Empire. This is just as big and important as his Betrothals. In the next two months, on the weekend of October 10, New Uzushiogakure will hold a 3-day festival in his honor." She tells and all the foreign diplomats quickly write their reminders to send home.
"In March the Prince and his Angels will attend school here in the palace grounds. We have a 12-year school system then Admittance to the University for higher learning. March through June then Summer Break. September through November, then winter break. Unless it's a dire emergency, while in school, I will watch and oversee their education. So, my time for foreign affairs will be limited to only the Empire's inner running’s." She warns.
With her words cutting sharp and deep, but still hopeful, the Fire Nation delegates withdrew. Needless to say, The Konoha Delegates were in for a long trip home with a very upset Fire Lord. The next day while at the gates getting ready for departure, a very beautiful woman walks up with another beautiful but younger lady in tow. They approach the Diplomatic Carriage. The Captain of the Guard recognizes the women.
"Lord Daimyo and Lord Hokage, the Sannin, Senju Tsunade and her esteemed apprentice, Lady Shizune is approaching the carriage." He saluted.
"Let her approach." The Fire Lord said as he looked at the Hokage. He just shrugged not knowing what's going on.
"I beg your pardon, Grace. I have a scroll each for you and the Hokage. With all the ceremonies and security, I just finally got to see you." She and Shizune both bowed in respect. Tsunade then gave the Captain the scrolls. He checks them per protocol for traps and hands them to the Fire Lord who hands the 3rd his scroll.
"What is this for, Lady Senju?" he asks, fearing the worst as his stomach tightens.
"Those are your formal notices of my retirement and withdrawal from all duties and loyalties to Konoha and Fire Nation. I am too close to 50, and have served you two, through two great wars. Losing my entire Clan and lover, in the process. My last blood connection is here the Empress and Prince are connected to me through Mito Uzumaki-Senju. My place is here. I have accepted an Elders position from the Branch Family. Lady Shizune has accepted to stay and join the Uzu General's medical team." She says.
"Well, Lady Senju as much as I will miss your expertise in my employ. I do understand family. I wish you luck and joy in your retirement." He frowned a bit at this loss, a Sannin and the two best med-nin ever.
"You will always be welcome in Konoha. You always were my favorite student." The 3rd says in a grandfatherly way as he hugs her.
"I will miss you, Sensei." Tsunade tears up and walks away with Shizune fussing over her Master.
The entourage loaded the carriage and left for Fire Nation.
"Lord did you have an apprenticed Master or Sensei growing up?" The Hokage asked as a tear was rolling down his cheek.
"Yes, I did, Master Sukaku, I was his apprentice in the Sameria arts." He answered.
"Good, then you know of the bond between Master and Student. It cannot be explained, it has to be experienced. So, you also know the hurt we are all feeling now. Each of us had a hand in raising Tsunade as a child when her parents died. Lord 2nd gave us this charge as he was made Hokage. Plus, Tsunade when she graduated from the academy, was on my Genin team." Looking over, Hiruzen sees Koharu wiping her tears in her silent cry. It was, indeed, a long trip home.
One week later, Konoha's Council:
The Fire Lord is very upset, and he lets everyone know it.
"YOU PEOPLE AND YOUR ARROGENCE!" He screams at the Council.
"Do you know just how badly you have screwed up My Nation?" He puts the stress on the word 'My'. He then throws a certificate on the table.
"Now please, someone with enough intelligence to read, pick that up tell me what it is and read the content, out loud for all to hear." He orders.
Tsume picked up the Certificate and looked wide eyed seeing what it was, and then at the rest of the Council. She smirks.
"This here is a Royal Marriage Certificate. On this Blessed day February 14th, 255 AFN (After the establishment of the Fire Nation). The Fire Temple grants Special Marital Blessings to Elite Jonin, Namakaze Minato of Konohagakure no Sato and Crown Princess of Whirlpool, Uzumaki Kushina. May they be forever happy and prolific. Signed by Chiriku, Head Monk; Witnessed by Mei Terumi...wait, isn't she the new Godiame Mizukage of Kiri?" Tsume came to a realization.
"This certificate being of a Royal Marriage is un-attestable. Meaning no one here, not even the Fire Lord may question it. Sorry Civies, but you really fucked this one up all by yourselves. With your super-secret back yard meetings." Tsume smirked to the Civilian side. Now the Fire Lord was pissed!
"Do you mean to tell me, that in a power play to cheat Uzu out of your Council seats, you have denied the widow of your own Hokage, her Marital Rites and the Paternal rites to what amounts to be the village's own Crown Prince? Did you forget just who Kushina Uzumaki was? Does the title Crimson Death, ring a bell to anyone?" The Fire Lord was livid with the spoiled arrogance of this peace time Civilian ran Council.
"The bad press we got from this has affected my standing within the Nations no one wants to do business with Fire Nation. My Kami, you idiots exiled a week-old child!" The Fire Lord continued.
One civilian tired of being berated by a man not even from this village. Speaks down to the Fire Lord like a father to a child throwing a tantrum.
"First of all, this is our, Konoha's, council. You have no say here. And that piece of paper means nothing any scribe can be paid to make one." he said smugly.
The room went silent. No one could believe that someone so out of touch with reality was in a council position. After 20 seconds of mind reboot due to what this idiot just did and said. The Fire Lord snapped his fingers. The council man's head hit the floor a second later with the smug look still there. The Fire Lord then decides, this is getting nowhere so he acts.
"Due to the drop in business, because of Fire Nation losing its face, I am reducing Konoha's budget expense account by half!" He then looked at the Hokage sternly and spoke clearly.
"Fix it, fix this problem or I will dissolve your charter, declare the entirety of Konoha a traitor to the Nation and have all your Clans' statuses revoked." The Fire lord left.
"We have one thing to hope for. Her Highness gave us an out. Due to her love for Minato, she wants to keep an open line for the young Prince Naruto to visit his late father's Village. Any ideas on the subject of trade, shipping, travel or alliance?" The Hokage quickly gets to work.
"Hokage-sama, in this report, it mentioned the Go Tenshi no Uzu? can you explain?" The Nara Clan Head asked.
"Yes, they are just what you may think. Five promised Brides from the surrounding Countries and Clans. The Empress while on her five-year tour, gathered many friends and high-level political connections and then used her son's status the Head of two major Clans and as a Crown Prince, to petition the High Priestess Miroku to grant the R.C.A. (Royal Clan Act). This gives her, as the mother, the Rites to set up contracts and solidify her standings. She has expertly gathered heavy hitting political now turned Familial connections. The esteemed list of Brides are:
1. Kurotsuchi age 6, granddaughter to Iwa's Onoki the Tsuchikage.
2. Tamari age 6, daughter to Suna's Rasa the Kazekage.
3. Sasame age 4, Heiress to Clan Fuma of Rain and Goddaughter to Lord Hanzo of Ame.
4. Haku age 5, Heiress to Clan Yuki of Kirigakure no Sato.
5. Shion age 5, daughter of the High Priestess Miroku of Demon Country.
"All of them wrapped up in pretty little Royal Kimonos and delivered to the prince. They are all living in the palace, now being groomed to be the best brides and courtesans just for his support." Hiruzen explained.
Shikaku frowned a bit and shook his head and said, "A brilliant move, one worthy of a Shogi Grand Master."
"Please do tell, Lord Nara." The Hokage motioned and the rest listened.
"Well, you all know of the C.R.A. that the Hokage or Fire Lord can bestow, if the person has a Clan or bloodline, and/or political connections worthy to keep and nurture. We would be giving the recipient 2-5 brides that must conceive within two years of the age-appropriate marriage. The R.C.A. can only be granted by the head Monk or High Priestess after an official Royal petition is made for the Family and or Clan’s survivability. Like the Prince being the only male child with his father passed. This gives him the five actual wives, and up to 10 additional consorts or concubines. Those ten are not wedded but instead granted entry into the branch family those children while not considered in the Royal line or main family are still considered Noble clan members with full blood ties. All Consorts are asked to provide two heirs if their body allows. If for some reason she doesn't or can't conceive at least once in those two years, she can be released further into another branch of the Clan. This will re-open that slot for another consort hopeful. This gives the Empress and when he comes of age the prince a huge political boost at any negotiation table. Also publicly announcing the Blessings of the Betrothals shows the five wife candidates have been chosen. Now he has 10 huge slots each with a 2 year no child clause, to fill or recycle. Think about it, while not as prestigious as a Royal wife stuck in the Court. A royal courtesan gets all the advantages and political boons for her and her old clan or village. As long as she grows the Royal Clan. Plus, if she really captures the Prince’s heart, he can still claim her as a wife forever closing that slot." As Shikaku finished his analysis, the Clan heads all were thinking of the possibilities that may lie ahead for them and their Clan. The now common thoughts were of what available daughters close the Prince’s age and the pros and cons for the engagements.
Whirlpool Palace, the caller shouts:
"Announcing, Lady Senju Tsunade."
"So happy for you to visit my cousin. How is Shizune?" Kushina smiles a big smile.
"She ran ahead to start spoiling my godson and his promised ones." Tsunade smirked.
"Shizune has always loved the children. I remember her and Mikoto sneaking off to the maternal section to see the newborns when we took your med-nin classes." Kushina giggled.
"Now, I have given my retirement scrolls to the Hokage, and Fire Lord. What will you have me do your Majesty?" She kneels in front of the knee wall. Kushina stands wielding her jeweled Sovereign's Scepter.
"Lady Senju Tsunade, I appoint you as my Minister of Health. Now, as my blood relation I bestow upon you the ascension to Elder of the Senju Branch of our great Clan. As such I hope your wisdom and experience can advise me in our Ruling of our Great Empire. Do you accept?" Kushina asks.
"Hai, Majesty. I accept and swear fealty to the throne of Whirlpool" She answers.
"Rise my Elder, and Minister. Turn to accept my Court's good graces. I present Viscountess Tsunade Senju, Landed Noble, Head of Clan Senju, Elder of the Royal Branch Family Senju, Our Minister of Health and Advisor to the Empress." Kushina introduced and the Court cheered.
"Runner please summon Lady Keto Shizune, The Crown Prince, with his Tenshis." The Empress commanded.
Within five minutes all were assembled. Tsunade begins.
"As many may know, Lady Keto Shizune has been by my side for a bit over 12 years now. She started out as my apprentice then my medical assistant. She grew up for me to think of her as my own daughter. So now as the Head of Clan Senju and the Elder of the Royal Branch family. I petition the Crown and Royal Head to let me adopt her into the Clan?" Tsunade holds Shizune's hands and smiles.
The Court falls silent for the Empress to make the decision. She then smiles gently.
"Lady Senju, has this young woman completed her studies, apprenticeship and clinical hours?" She asks.
"Hai, she has your Majesty and then some more." Tsunade smiled and answered.
"Then as decreed in the bylaws of our higher education system and as verbally witness by this Court on the word her Master, Viscountess Senju, I appoint Lady Shizune Keto-Senju the title of Doctor of Inpatient Surgery. As a new Clan member and being a medical Doctor, I wish you to be the Clan's Surgeon. The Private Doctor of the Prince and his Brides. Do you accept your new status and station?" Kushina asks.
With tear filled eyes getting hugs from Naruto and the girls, she finally squeaks out an answer. "Hai!"
"I present Doctor Shizune Keto, Senju Noble of the Cloth!" The Court erupts once again.
Konoha Council the next day:
The Hokage walks in, he searches the room, mentally taking a roll call. Satisfied all was present he speaks.
"Now that we had time to process what we know, and the words of our Fire Lord. I open the forum for ideas or questions." He smacks the hammer on his podium.
Lady Haruno stands, looking at the Hokage to get his permission to speak. He nods.
"Hokage-sama, we, in the Medical Corp would like to petition for medicines and herbs. Our stores are dangerously low. We also would like to petition Whirlpool, on this matter and to get any skills updated. This would be a great help in the clinics and the field. Also in my opinion, help to open the door with Whirlpool. Since The Empress was also a med-nin trained by the Sannin herself. It is also true that our progeny survival has dropped in the last three years to 70% for both mom and child." This got a gasp from everyone.
"70%, my Kami why have we let this slide? Do you have documentation of these statistics?" Haruno hands a sheet to the ANBU who then hands it to the 3rd to read.
"I also took the liberty to write out our medical stores list showing what's critically low and out. Plus, a list of medical procedures we will need training for. Due to the skilled practitioners, we have lost over the past 10 years with deaths, career moves, and retirees. If I may be so bold as to claim that we are nearing a state of medical emergency." She closes her folder.
The Hokage looks at the numbers she presented. This indeed is an emergency. The children are everything to a village and its future.
"Lady Haruno, I would like you to get all your P's and Q's together cross all T's and dot all the I's. I want this mission to succeed. The children depend on it. Take Lord Hiashi with you, his experience in diplomacy will be invaluable." He tells her.
"Lord 3rd, as this is an emergency, let's declare this a Humanitarian mission. So, we can be guaranteed to be seen and faster." Hiashi comments.
"Good Idea, make it happen. Now for the part we all are wondering about. Last night you all turned in names of possible companions to the prince. I had asked Lady Koharu for her vast experience to filter through the names. Lady Koharu, if you please give us your decided list of candidates." Koharu bowed and read off her note pad.
"These are the young ladies I feel will be able to bond with the prince. This is not final, and the Clan Heads and Parents still have the final say.
1. From Clan Yamanaka, Ino age 5
2. From Clan Hyuga, Hinata age 5 and Hanabi age 3
3. From Clan Haruno, Sakura age 5
4. From Clan Hisajima, Shiho age 6
5. From Clan Inuzuka, Hana age 9, She is at the limit of the age factor for proper bonding to the Prince's age.
The rest presented where either rescinded by the parents or I deemed out of station or to young/old for the Prince's bonding needs according to what his own Mother has established." Koharu gave her report.
"Let us discuss. Pros, Cons and any parental withdrawals." The Hokage opened.
"Hokage -sama, Ino is already promised to Kiba Inuzuka." Inoichi pulled his daughter's name.
"Hokage-sama, Shiho's parents are not on Council, but she is already promised to my son Shikamaru." Yoshino speaks out.
"The Empress was and still is my best friend, but I believe that Hana with her 5-year age difference will be a more of a hinderance for bonding at the current ages of the Prince and his Tenshis, I pull Hana from the list." Tsume advises.
"Hokage-sama, as a parent and Clan Head I am pleased to see two Hyuga’s to offer the prince. However, at the age of 3, I personally believe Hanabi to be too young for bonding with the other possible sister wives. I then can only offer Hinata Hyuga for the Prince." Hiashi states his request.
"Hokage-sama, Sakura was in discussions with the Uchiha’s, but as we all know this was not finalized. So, Uchiha’s request is officially rejected. I now offer Sakura Haruno for the Prince." Mibuki states her request.
"Very well, if the parents are in agreement and Lady Koharu has already screened the two young Ladies. Let it be." The Hokage declared.
"Groom the young debutants, teach them the proper etiquette they will need, get them the best Kimonos possible, and an appropriate gift from them to the prince and one from the Village itself. Hiashi, do you have a nanny to Chaperone the two while you and Mibuki do your diplomacy works?" the 3rd asks.
"Hai, Hyuga Natsu is a great care giver." The Hyuga stated.
A couple weeks pass and the envoy to Whirlpool is off for the two-fold mission, one to get medical aid and two to celebrate the Prince's coming of age party with the two chosen debutants.
The whole capital of New Uzushiogakure is decorated for the Prince's birthday. The young girls were wide eyed and smiling big pretty smiles at the excitement of the new city. In the Palace Common's Room decorations hang and several pictures of Naruto as he has been growing up are on display. The group of children all holding hands in a circle chanting a rhyme and giggling having a great time.
"And they all fall down!" The children all flop on the floor giggling loudly. Naruto and his promised Brides are all wearing matching kimonos of royal blue silk with gold trim and adorned with the Uzumaki crest, in red and gold. Some 20 plus children joined in the celebration. The children are from the Clans and Nobles within the surrounding isles. A messenger comes in and gives Tsunade a scroll. She frowns, because her fun time with her godchild is being interrupted. She reads the scroll and cocks an eyebrow. She goes over to Kushina, hands her the scroll and whispers in her ear. Kushina reads the scroll and motions to a guard.
"We have matters at Court, keep the children safe and happy till we return." she orders.
"All kneel the Empress has arrived." the caller announces as they make their way to the throne.
"For what do we owe the pleasure?" looking at the delegation.
Staying kneeled the delegates enter plea for a humanitarian intervention. Offering the formal written scroll and the documents of Konoha General to Tsunade who after a quick check she hands it to the Empress. She reads the scroll and then says.
"Rise delegates, please if I may, who are these two adorable cherubs?" The two girls look towards Natsu their Nanny for guidance, she nods. The girls bow.
"My name is Hinata Hyuga, Heiress to Clan Hyuga of Konoha. Majesty"
"My name is Sakura Haruno, Heiress to Clan Haruno of Konoha. We brought gifts for the Prince's birthday and to learn about the Hu- Humanitarian Diplomacies. Majesty".
"Such pretty and well-behaved girls." Kushina smiled at them.
"Runner take these pretty girls to the party and their Nanny too please." She asks.
"Hai, this way please ladies" He escorts them out.
"Now that the children are taken care of, who among you is the medic?" She asks.
"That would be me, Mibuki Haruno C.N.P. (certified nurse practitioner) your Majesty" she bows.
"Very good, then go with my Minister of Health, Viscountess Senju. She will help you in your immediate need of medicines, Herbs and supplies. Give her copy scrolls on pre and post-surgical standards, Hemorrhage control, and pre-natal care." Tsunade smiles and nods "Hai".
"I thank you Majesty, Lady Senju's reputation is well known." The two medics walk off discussing their possible needs.
"If memory serves, your Lord Hiashi Head of Clan Hyuga?" She inquires.
"Yes Majesty." he answered.
"I am glad you opened communications with Humanitarian needs. It brings me a bit of faith back to my late husband's village. Now as I stated during your last visit, I will hold no grudge to the Fire Nation or Konoha anymore. I would like to open some border travel rights and tariff negotiations, and some good old-fashioned international school’s tournament. In the areas of debate/diplomacy, Geography, basic first aid skills, Sports, Dance, Katas and A Martial Arts tournament. I have sent this idea to all the other Nations and Villages. This is to be separate from the Chunin exams. This will be a school festival to exchange learning methods, cultural exchange and an opportunity to gain friends and not enemies." She pitches her idea.
"Discuss this with your council and please return with those cute cherubs, I think they might be good additions and ties for our two nations." She grins and Hiashi gives a rare smile knowing the Hokage will be happy.
"For now, let's go watch the children play" She leads Hiashi down the hall to the party room. She opens the door to hear children giggling. A performer teaches the kids a fun dance.
"You put your left foot in. You take your left foot out." Because these were all primary school age children no slow or contact dances were aloud. There was one exception. The parent/child dance, Naruto and Kushina, the Tenshis and their parents, Sakura and Mubiki, and Hinata dances with Hiashi, who was thinking how much he will miss these moments if all works well for his daughter.
The next day, Naruto and his Tenshis wave by to Sakura and Hinata. All eight children exchanged addresses and promised to keep in touch. The entourage gained an extra cart for the medical supplies that Tsunade and Mubiki had discussed. As the carts get out of sight, Naruto uses his secret weapon, the dreaded puppy eyes jutsu. "Kaa-san"
Kushina sighing knowing what's about to happen. " Yes, my sochi?"
"Can we go to see them this summer. They promised us a fun time, and we can earn new friends." Naruto kept the jutsu going and to top off the begging, the five Tenshi chorus in like a well-trained choir with their own eye jutsu. "PLEASEEEEE?"
Kushina looked at Tsunade and grinned. "Was I like this?"
"Yes, yes you were." Tsunade giggled.
"Ok, but two things. All six of you get good grades in class and the Tenshis go with you. Remember they are your promised ones, and they will always come first." She ruffled a smiling Naruto's hair.
Naruto opened his arms and the Tenshi all closed in on him holding his arms, hands and a hug from behind.
"Beside you and Obana-chan, I love these the mostest" he said with conviction. The Tenshi all smiling ear to ear. Kushina realized he meant every word, and her heart swelled.
"You just keep staying sweet and honest." Tsunade praised her Godson.
March, School begins:
Naruto and his Tenshis are all fitted for their school uniforms. Even though for safety protocol they are home schooled in the palace classrooms. They still follow the same uniforms, rules, curriculum and use the same books, as the rest of New Uzu. The differences were the electives for Naruto and his Tenshis. These are handpicked and these are only for the Royals. Their uniform is a navy-blue karate Gi with their name on the right breast embroidered in white with New Uzu on the left. Under the name is the Clan Crest. Because the Tenshi are promised they are entitled to wear the Royal Clan crest. On their right arm shoulder is the Mizu Kanji patch. As in the first year they all wear white belts. On their left under the New Uzu is their Martial Arts school Crest. The Royals being taught Taekkyeon, by Master In Ho. They are taught etiquette and formal dance by the Royal Hand Maidens. After lunch the girls go to their "special" marital classes. While Naruto gets his Royal Gentleman's and Chivalry classes taught by Elder Nagato. Every day, it's Reading, Math, Science, History, Writing, Calligraphy, Martial Arts, Music, Etiquette, Dance and the Special Classes. Naruto and the Girls soaked it all up like a sponge. As the Summer Break nears Naruto reminds his mom about the trip to Konoha. He and the Tenshis all miss Hinata and Sakura. They have, like Kushina asked, come along with Lord Hiashi and Lady Mibuki once every month for a 3-day weekend to visit, bond, and have the diplomats do their national duties. As a wise mother, always on the lookout for good wife material, for her son. Kushina has also been in correspondence with the Hyuga’s and the Haruno’s. Naruto and the Tenshis have all made excellent marks in class. So as promised Kushina sent Lord Nagato on ahead to set up for their arrival. That is for the security and quarters befitting their Royal status.
Konoha a few days later, Council Chambers:
The Hokage with his ANBU escorts, show Lord Nagato to the chambers. All have noticed his eyes and froze, the Rinnengon.
"Hokage-sama who is this gentleman visitor?" Danzo asks, praying to Kami that everyone sees his politeness and will follow suite. This man is too dangerous.
Hiashi notices him and sits up straighter.
"This Nobleman is a Clan Elder of the Uzumaki’s, and their Royal Minister of Security and Defense. I will let him have the floor. Please hold all questions till he is finished." the Hokage ordered and even the Naras stayed awake for this.
"My name is Viscount Uzumaki Nagato, Landed Noble of Whirlpool. You may call me Lord Nagato, to save the tongue twister." He smiled and this eased the room a bit.
"I am here on behalf of the Empress. Prince Naruto wishes to visit his Late Father's village along with the two Debutants he has been receiving ever since his birthday. I believe the parents and Clan Heads have already exchanged opinions about the children's relationships." A few murmurs start.
"For me to do my job and let the Royals have a Holiday in the village, we need three things. One, a guard detail of 3 at all times 24-7. Due to his promised Brides coming along we require two be female guards, and one male. Please submit a roster of your suggested people. Chunin and higher please. Two, we require a guest house befitting his status as a Royal. The Empress suggested his birthright to the Namakaze Manor. Third, this is her trial run for this village to claim as a summer home. You all need to properly welcome them as Royalty. Remember your stations and status. The Prince is very impressionable. We want him to realize his own station, but not to learn the ways of power and greed and tyranny. This year we already have two hopefuls so please no more. The Empress wants him to have a big family, not a big baby factory. Now that being said, Lord Hiashi and Lady Haruno, the Empress has agreed to your final drafts. Your daughters have captured the Prince's heart, with the written correspondence between them, and the monthly visitations this past year." the room gasps.
"Have you briefed your daughters on the situation. Are they willing to leave their family for a life at Court?" The whispers get a bit louder.
"Yes Lord Nagato, Sakura was packed last week. She is so excited." the room giggles.
"Yes Lord Nagato, Hinata is a bit shy but really misses the Prince and the Tenshi." Hiashi confirmed.
"Very well, I must remind you Lord Hiashi, no Caged Bird Seal. The Prince deserves his Brides clean and unmarked. Is that understood?"
"Hai, I have already discussed this with the Clan, and it is understood." Hiashi grinned his daughters are now safe.
"Then it is settled, the contracts will be finalized by the end of the summer the girls will join the Tenshi when they arrive. If all goes well, Konohagakure will be declared a Royal Village housing two Royal Vassel Clans. Hokage are you and the Fire Lord ready for this?" He looks to the 3rd.
"Yes Lord Nagato, we are ready to make amends for the past." The Hokage said smiling. Nagato nods to the Hokage.
"I Hiruzen Sarutobi, 3rd Hokage of Konohagakure no Sato announce the Royal Courtship of Ladies Hinata Hyuga and Sakura Haruno to the Crown Prince Naruto Uzumaki Namakaze of Whirlpool!" The chamber erupts in cheers as everyone shakes the hands of Mibuki, Hiashi, and Nagato.
"For the other points needed. The Namakaze birthright home is a given and I suggest we combine it with the Senju compound since they are now a merged Clan and the compounds do overlap each other. This will provide more room, housing, and private secured land to develop as they see fit throughout the years. We will call it the Royal Uzumaki Compound or the R.U.C." Koharu suggests.
"I second that motion. We will spare no expense on this rebuild. It is for the Royal Family, and for them to claim us as their Summer Village this is a huge deal." Danzo admits.
"I agree to the idea." Nagato confirmed.
"Lord Nagato?" Inoichi the Yamanaka Clan Head asks.
"What flowers or trees does the Empress like? My clan runs the horticulture yards in the Village." He asks.
"Roses, a red rose garden, is her Highness' favorite. Then moon Lillys in the koi pond, for the Tenshis. A mixed wildflower meditation garden for the Prince. As far as trees, cherry, pears, dog woods, and red maples for a border lining the walls and entrance. Thank you for asking Lord Yamanaka."
A Week later at the Konoha Gate:
The Royal Carriage rolls up displaying the Imperial flags. The guard relayed the message and let the carriage through to roll up to the Council Chambers. The Fire Lord is there with his 12 warriors, honor guard. They all salute or bow deep to show respect. The Daimyo begins.
"Greetings your Majesty, I hope you had a good trip." Kushina climbs out followed by Naruto and his Tenshis. They lined up behind his mother and all Bow deeply to the Daimyo to reciprocate the respect shown to their mother but kept quiet. Remembering their etiquette teachings under the Court Maiden.
Flashback: "You may be the Crown Prince but when around your mom and other adults, it's better to be seen and not heard. If your mom wants you to answer, she will let you know. This is a test of your careful up bringing and a questioning of your mother's very honor. Rude children are considered to have bad parents. Understand?"
End Flashback
Kushina is proud of the children being well behaved, even after a long trip, answers with a big smile. "Yes, it was a good trip, a bit bumpy at times. Good thing we had ample cushions." The Fire Lord chuckles in agreement.
Nagato bows and gives a quick report about the newly built R.U.C. by the combining of the two Clan compounds. His Uzumaki blood opened the compound for the contractors to do their job. He also reminds her of the Courtship and the Parents/Clans have fully approved of her last draft sent. Looking to the side of the Honor Guards, Stood the two very pretty girls in silk Kimonos with their Parents and Nanny. The Ladies Hinata and Sakura are bouncing on the inside. They have dearly missed their Naruto-Kun and Tenshi friends over the past school year. Kushina smiles to the waiting little cherubs, and talks.
"Girls, have your Families and Clans informed you of your Summer Duties?" She kneels down to look them in their pretty little faces.
"Yes, your Majesty, our parents told us that we now belong to Nar....err, the Crown Prince." Hinata stammered almost calling out Naruto-kun.
"My mom told us that he is our Promised one, and we are now off the market. So, we can't talk to any more boys." Sakura said cutely as both girls performed the perfect curtsey.
Everyone present, even the Honor Guard chuckled at the Cuteness overload these two were producing. The Prince is very lucky.
"Who taught these little cherubs, to be such fine young ladies?" Kushina stood up and looked around.
"That would be the Village Elder, Lady Koharu. She is still quite the Etiquette Sensei." Hirusen proudly answered his old teammate, and Koharu stepped forward and bowed to the Empress.
"Lady Koharu, would you please be so kind as to continue these Etiquette lessons to the Prince and his promised ones. Say 2 hours a day excluding the weekends of course. Will your Elder duties allow this time factor?" Kushina almost begs. This woman is a treasure of Etiquette and formal Court knowledge.
"If it pleases the Empress, I would be honored to pass on my skills and Knowledge. I must let you know that I am already commissioned to the Clans for the promised Yamanaka/Inuzuka; Hisajima/Nara; and Hyuga/Hikoshino. The Heirs and Heiresses of those Clans and The Hyugas' prodigy who is being groomed for a commissioned career in the Military." She answers truthfully.
"Hmmmm, I see. Then Lord Nagato, go to the Clans and request that the Etiquette lessons be held at the R.U.C. as to include the Prince and his Promised ones." then turns to Koharu.
"When is your Class time, Lady Koharu?" She asks.
"It has been 10am-noon, is for Dance, Dress, Manners, and Court/Clan functions. Then we use lunch to practice dinner manners, Tea ceremonies, and Host/Hostess duties and guest serving. All appropriately dressed and ask thier parents to come as practice guests. We finish at 1pm." She explains her services.
"So well thought out. I love it. Hokage since this is the Crown Prince, his Promised ones and the Clan progenies. I formally request an A Rank mission, to be held in the R.U.C. for the children's lessons by Lady Koharu. Send the bill to Lord Nagato to settle. Will that be a proper retainer for your services?" She asks.
"Yes, we have an accord your Majesty." Smiling prettily, she then performed a perfect curtsey showing her skill, even at her age.
"I will write up the mission and have the scroll ready by the end of the day, Majesty" Hiruzen said smiling that the visit so far has been more than perfect. Koharu for the win! just like when they were kids.
"Now back to the children, Tenshis, do you all agree to the additions of these two young ladies to share in your Prince's affections?" Kushina asked quite seriously. She doesn't want conflict in her son's Bridal chambers.
Kurotsuchi, the oldest Angel is considered to be the 1st and is therefore the leader. She steps up and holds each girl's hand Hinata's left and Sakura's right. Then kisses each one on the cheek.
"Yes, Kaa-san, The Tenshis accept Sakura and Hinata, into our chambers." She smiled at them, they started to tear up.
All eyes then turn to Naruto, the quiet tension in the air. "What say you my sochi?" Kushina smiled already knowing the answer.
Naruto, doing the same as Kurotsuchi, holds the girls’ hands, looks them in the eyes and speaks.
"Ever since my birthday when we met and made friends. There was a feeling I didn't like. My Tenshis told me it was because I was missing you two. In that short time, you made such a big deal in my life. Then your monthly visits, and we kept writing to each other keeping our promises of staying in touch. I want you in my life all the time. I know it's greedy of me to think this way, but I can't help it. I am yours and from now on you are mine." He then hugs the girls as they cry happy tears on his shoulders.
After the good cry, Naruto surprises the whole crowd with his next move. Turning to Hiashi and Mibuki, he kowtows, the Crown Prince Kowtows.
"Thank you! Thank you! For allowing your precious daughters to join my family!" He holds his Kowtow to hide his own tears.
Kushina, Shizune, Mibuki, Natsu, and Koharu all pulled out there silkies and wiped their eyes. The Tenshis all teared up, while Sakura and Hinata were hugging each other sniffling. Seeing their Prince go so far for them. It was Tamari and Kurotsuchi, who picked up the Prince and held him to help calm him down. Hiashi after recovering from the brain reboot Naruto had caused, placed his left hand on the Prince's shoulder and man shakes his right.
"You just make sure that she wants for nothing." he smiled.
Mibuki kneels down to his level tears still forming in her eyes. Kisses Naruto on the cheek and hugs him.
"Your family now." she whispers in his ear. "giri no haha" (mother in law) he whispers back in her ear hugging her back, making her and Kushina tear up once more.
"So, it is official, you two are now Naruto's Consorts do you have any luggage?" Nagato steps up to answer for them.
"Their belongings have already been delivered to the R.U.C. and yes I got the whole thing on film!" He stated waving the camera.
"I want copies!" the Fire Lord said smiling.
"Everyone will get them. I want you to all have fun this summer but please stay safe. If by the end, everyone’s feelings are the same or stronger. We will have the Betrothal ceremonies. Lord Fire please invite the Fire Temple to come and do the Blessings. You and Your Wife of course are invited as well." She says.
"It will be my honor your Majesty." He bows.
"Now, where is our security detail? I am sure the children are dying to get away from us adults." She jokes and all chuckle. Then the Hokage snaps his fingers, and three Ninjas appear kneeling in respect.
"Today's detail as requested two Kunoichis and a Shinobi. All ranked Tokubetsu Jonins. From the left, Anko Miterashi, Yugao Uzuki and Ebisu. It was not discussed; do you want them to shadow the children or openly guard." The Hokage asked.
"Openly guard them please let all see they are not a target but a death trap." Nagato answered.
Kushina, very happy that her maternal fears were not being shrugged off. She calls Anko and Yugao over, she whispers to them.
"We have two girls whose bodies have blossomed early, Tamari and Kurotsuchi. Seek out Lady Shizune if any needs arise. She is the Family's Private Doctor. No one else is allowed to touch these Girls or Naruto. Clear?" she demanded.
"Hai, Majesty" the kunoichis chorused understanding.
"Now, children remember your stations and status, go play, but listen to the Ninjas, they know best in their own village. We adults will go and do our work."
"Hai Kaa-san" chorused the children and Kushina smiled.
"Sakura-Hime didn't you say you had friends for us to meet?" She blushes at her new pet name Naruto now calls her. Haku goes over to Sakura with a smirk.
"Welcome to the family, the Prince only calls his precious people "Hime." Sakura blushes even more.
She leads them to the central park playgrounds. They are spotted by Ino, who calls over Tenten, Renni, Kiba, Lee and Shino.
"Hey Sakura, Hinata, are you two hitched now?" Tenten teases and the two blush again but nods yes.
"It was just made official. We even got to meet the Empress Mother. There will be an end of summer festival this year for the Betrothals with the Fire Temple monks to bless us!" All the girls jumped up and down and squealed.
"By the way this is our Naru-kun and our new sisters: from the left, Kurotsuchi, she's the 1st Tenshi, then Tamari, Sasame, Haku, and Shion. Naruto smiles and shyly waves to Ino and Tenten. Getting Hinata curious.
"Why so shy Naru-kun?" Hinata hugs him to help him ease up. It was Shion who answered.
"It's because he is keeping his promise to us, with all the pretty girls here, Ino, Renni and Tenten. Naru-kun is very faithful to us Brides. No one gets close unless we let them. This is another reason we are always together. He won't be rude, but don't expect conversation till he gets a say so." Shion explains.
"Hey, that's right, I remember at the birthday party. It was Sasame that took us to him and allowed us to get close." Sakura said and Hinata nodded in remembrance.
"The same goes for us girls. We are not to talk or play with any boys unless Naru-kun allows it. This is a mutual respect for and between us, a Groom and his Brides. This way no one has to be openly rude but at the same time the hard lines are set." spoke Kurotsuchi.
"Aww, how sweet, if only Kiba was as gentlemanly" Ino cooed.
"Hey!" Kiba shouted and ran over to grab his Ino-chan's hand.
Naruto, out of forced habit of keeping his girls his, moved between Kiba and his Tenshi staring him down.
"See what we mean?" Tamari smirks and Haku giggled at what just happened and Hinata still hugging her Naru-kun whispered in his ear.
"It's ok Naru-kun. Ino and Kiba are promised like us. The same for Renni and Shino." She points.
Naruto smiles and offers his hand to Shino and then to Kiba. "I'm Naruto Uzumaki Namakaze, Crown Prince of Whirlpool."
Shino accepts the shake with a nod and Kiba announced "I'm Kiba Inuzuka, 2nd Clan Heir and Betrothal to Ino who is also a Clan Heiress." Smiling, he shakes the offered hand. At this time another young man walks up to Naruto and offers his hand.
"Hello there, I am Negji Hyuga, former guard and escort to your Bride, Lady Hinata." Hinata smiles as they shake hands.
"Hey Negji, nii-san. He is promised to the Panda buns, Tenten." She explains.
"Good, we are all safe to converse with-in our statuses." Sasame stated.
"So that's what the Empress meant when she reminded you all earlier." Anko commented.
Naruto smiled, "Yes, Kaa-san is strict with us, but she only wants us to be safe and happy." the Tenshi all nod in agreement.
All of a sudden, Sakura runs behind Naruto. "Oh Kami, it's him." She whispers.
Naruto looks over his shoulder, "What’s wrong my Hime?" getting everyone’s attention.
"Sasuke" is all she said as she holds on to Naruto's shirt.
"Sakura, you belong to me remember, now come with me!" He demanded.
Naruto went forward and cut off the approach. "Who the hell are you? As Naruto confronts the boy, Sasame pleads with the Ninja.
"Stop that boy before Naruto does. He will show absolutely no mercy to any that try to touch, hurt or takes what is his." she warns.
Ignoring Naruto, Sasuke reaches for Sakura's arm. Naruto then slaps Sasuke's hand away and begins to square off.
"Get one thing strait duck butt, Sakura is My Betrothed, you will receive no more warnings." growled Naruto. Then Sasuke is tackled by Ebisu and Anko uses a senbon to paralyze him. Yugao flares her chakra code. Soon ANBU arrives. A quick report by the guards, and the Uchiha was carted off.
"Well, let's get back to the compound the girls will want to soak in the hot spring onsen" Naruto said.
"Oh, our Prince knows us so well." Kurotsuchi cooed as she kissed his cheek.
Naruto was still holding Sakura possessively and she wasn't complaining.
The Royal Uzumaki Compound, Onsen:
"Ahhhhh, now this is heavenly." Anko sighed, her stress eases away in the hot mineral water. By the Invite of the Tenshi and Naruto. Tenten, Ino, Shiho, Renni, Hanabi with their Chaperones Natsu, and Hana who was there for Ino and Kiba. The reason was a girls' sleep over.
"Now, we are all here and relaxed, explain to me the problem with Lady Sakura and the emo duck?" Anko inquired. It was gossiping time.
Hanabi spoke up as Sakura sunk further into the water, to hide her blush, remembering her Prince's over-the-top protectiveness.
"About a year and a half ago, The Haruno’s were approached by the Uchiha’s for a merger of clans. The problem is the Haruno’s didn't like the arrogance of the Uchiha’s. Soon after that, Itachi struck." Hanabi spreads the gossip. All the girls nodded. Even all the way in Whirlpool the tale of the "Bloody Night" was spread.
"I was Never Engaged to That Boy!" Sakura hissed. "Ever since I met Naru-kun at that party, I have been crushing on the Prince. And now, only he has my heart, body, and soul." Sakura testified.
Kurenai, who had relieved Yugao, was pulling door guard asked. So, ladies if I may ask, what were your stations and status before your engagements. I know Hinata and Ino are Clan Heiresses. Tenten's father is the grand master black smith and President of the Merchant's Guild.
Hana adds, "Lady Sakura is the daughter of Council Haruno as well as the Clan's Heiress. Lady Shiho's father is Commander of the ANBU Intel division. and Renni is a Clansman of the Aburame, specializing in poison wasps.
"Well, before our Blessings ... " Kurotsuchi was interrupted "Wait? Being in a political betrothal a blessing?" Kurenai clearly confused at the wording.
Kurotsuchi is now annoyed at this feminist's shallow views. She stands and stares Kurenai in the eyes. The mood slightly changed.
"First off, yes, Blessings. The High Priestess Miroku of Demon Country, Shion's own mother, evoked her great powers and Blessed us the Go Tenshi no Uzu.
1. Kurotsuchi, granddaughter to Iwa's Onoki the Tsuchikage.
2. Tamari, daughter to Suna's Rasa the Kazekage.
3. Sasame, Heiress to Clan Fuma of Rain and Goddaughter to Lord Hanzo of Ame.
4. Haku, Heiress to Clan Yuki of Kirigakure no Sato.
5. Shion, daughter of the High Priestess Miroku of Demon Country.
"We are blessed as Angels on Earth with two jobs. That’s to love Prince Naruto unconditionally, as his Brides it is up to us to sooth, calm, and take away the stress. We keep the darkness from falling on his soul. Second, we are tasked with the birthing and proper care of the future Heirs. Imagine when he grows to his peak, the power he will wield, Blood lines to control, Militarily and Spiritually. With a simple wave of his hands thousands can die in a war or conquer a whole nation. Then maybe, hopefully, lead us into an era of peace. These blessings give us a connection on the empathic level and traceable from a distance. When the summer ends and the Fire Monks arrive, they will do the same to Hinata and Sakura. Making them The Kicho Kon'yaku no Oji (The Blessed Beloved of the Prince). Receiving their special blessings to do the same thing. We are not just gold-digging whores who will lie back, think of the Empire, and wait for the messy finish. The Prince has been nothing but a pure hearted gentleman. A true son of your beloved fourth. Naruto’s father!" She huffed.
"But the betrothals are politically based right?" Hana asked more curious than as a feminist's rebuttal.
"I won't deny the fact politics has played a part in our lives. But we all had a choice. Even these two were almost talked out of joining. Not by the parents but by Naruto himself." Kurotsuchi admitted.
"True, Naruto-kun was very straight forward. He wasn't about to let any of his brides be nuptially kid napped. That would scar him for life if it happened." Hinata told Kurenai.
"Do you get to say no, to a mission as a Kunoichi once the Hokage signed off on it? No, but you still love your job and the Status it brings?" Tamari pointed out.
"Why do you think we are so young, already living together, learning, growing, playing, and laughing. It's so we can bond. Growing and knowing our roles to play in life. One thing we all know is the true love that the Prince has for us. He would be willing to fight Kami herself for our well-being. So, if me being a submissive wife to my husband's needs is a price. All of us will pay it in double." Shion added.
"My apologies Ladies. I reacted without thinking of your beliefs and the Stations you come from." Kurenai lowered her head. Kurotsuchi sat back down and sighed.
"No, I'm sorry too, Kurenai-san. I just have a problem with someone looking down on us as if we are nothing but Royal baby makers due to some treaty. It is a bit insulting. Just like when people are looking at you and think, oh Kunoichis are nothing but daytime whores to be nighttime assassins." This struck a nerve with all the Kunoichis. This stigma they can't get away from, but yet they just judged 7 young girls the same way that they don't want to be judged.
"You mentioned our 4th. Are you saying Yondaime is Naruto's real father?" Hana double take on the gossip.
"Yes, just look in the living room you will see a portrait over the fireplace of the young family as Naruto was still natal in his mom." Sasame answered.
"Your gift, is that how you knew to warn me about duck butt out there? Anko asked.
"Yes, Naru-kun was very mad." Sasame said.
"Ladies Sakura and Hinata will receive these gifts too?" Kurenai asked.
"Yes, but since this is Fire temple there blessing may be a bit different." Haku added her thoughts.
"How is the Prince doing, he seemed pretty upset about the Uchiha? Tenten asked.
"I walked home with him and assured him I wasn't hurt but he was full on in protective mode. Nanny and Lord Nagato took him off to discuss it. I have to admit, when he challenged the emo, for my honor, it was kind of hot." She turned pink in the cheeks as the girls all started to tease.
Kushina arrived, Kurenai bowed to her as the door guard. "Girls, and Ladies, come dry off and meet up for the ice cream social. Make sure to wear your long robes over your night clothes. There are gentlemen guards downstairs." The girls all chorused "Hai" This was when Natsu, Hana, Anko and Kurenai all realized just how strict the Empress was and that these Girls were being groomed to be real Ladies.
During the ice cream social, Hanabi had adorably and quite possessively claimed Naruto as her Onii-chan. Sitting in his lap sharing her ice cream and taking samples off his and Hinata's bowl. At bedtime Kushina laid down the law, so no one could complain. "Kurotsuchi and Tamari as the eldest got the first night with their Naru-kun. The rest will futon it in the next room together. Keeping with the guests, along with Hinata and Sakura who haven’t been through their ceremony yet. Clear?"
"Hai" they chorused.
Nagato then arranged the sentries and Chaperones, A female in each room and at the doors. The males in the hall and front and back doors then the 2 posted at the walled gates, with three, two-man patrols around the perimeter. This is the standard guard for the R.U.C. and due to the nature of the Royals in the village, they were Granted an B ranked mission for every 10-hour shift pulled. Yes, there were plenty of volunteers.
Time skip end of summer break:
The Villagers watch with glee as two of their Clan Heiresses are Betrothed to the Crown Prince of Whirlpool. The three young, promised ones, dress in white kimonos, Kowtow in respect to the Fire Temple Monks who were chanting on the Blessings granted. The head monk Chikaku performed the ceremony. Feeling nostalgic to the fact he had married the Prince's parents eight years before. Witnessing the ceremony as a union of the Fire Nation to the Whirlpool Empire, were the Reikage, Kazakage, Mizukage, Hokage, Fire Lord, Wind Lord, and Empress Kushina. The Tenshi all in Royal kimonos sit subservient to Prince Naruto as the Heiresses Sakura and Hinata do the tea ceremony as taught by Lady Koharu all this summer long. Flawlessly providing for their promised Naruto, their parents, the Head Monk Chikaku, and the Empress Mother. After the tea ceremony, Naruto hands Chikaku the rings (same as the ones given the Tenshis except Rubys instead of Sapphires), from a kowtow position. The rings glow from the blessing and are given back to Naruto. He then places the white gold ring with red ruby insets on each girl's finger and kisses it. The two girls glow for a moment then fade back to normal. Chikaku, with arm wide gestures to the crowd.
"I present to you Ladies Hinata and Sakura The Kicho Kon'yaku no Oji (The Blessed Beloved of the Prince)!" The village cheers.
Hokage Tower, Community Room:
Councils, Kages, and Daimyos all mingle and celebrate the Betrothals. All the Clan Heirs congratulate the Royals. Shikamaru shakes Naruto's hand.
"Well, this is troublesome but congratz. You know thanks to this; my mom is talking about Shiho for my ball and chain." He smirks, and Shiho smacks him.
"I heard that Choji's mom is negotiating with a Chef's daughter in Tea country. Ino gossiped.
"I heard she can cook the best fried rice so I'm good." Choji said between bites of the cake. They all laugh.
Time Skip 6 years, Whirlpool Palace school room:
"Summing Jutsu" a poof of smoke and a room full of 7th grade girls squeal, "Kawaiiiii!"
They all grab their summoned spirit wolf pups. Except Naruto who was already attached to his familiar. Yin. Dressed in their new Middle School uniform:
• White Karate Gi top
• Navy Blue Hakama
• All the same patches and embroidery as their primary tops had
• Added was the K.E.A. (Kali, Escrima, Arnis) patch next to the Taekkyeon and their brown belts.
Kushina, personally teaching the summoning class. As the Spirit Wolves are the Clan's Guardians and Summons, all the Brides get their own familiar.
"Children quiet down. These pups will be your personal familiar summons. For the bonding to be complete you must follow my instructions:
1. Take and open the scroll I provided you.
2. Name your pup and write his or her name in neat script with your blood on the scroll.
3. Let your pup lick you finger to taste your blood. Then release the pup.
4. Stand in line here and present your scroll to the King Alpha, Wu Ye.
Remember to show respect and bow! Kushina demands of the children. "Hai" they all chorused.
Wu Ye then spoke, and they all quietly listened to the King Alpha.
"At bedtime, summon your pup, and feed him or her a meat treat with a drop of your blood in it. Then cuddle up and sleep together. In the morning, release the pup. Then at lunchtime you may resummon. Then your bonding will be complete. Take good care of my clan pups. Show them love and respect and they will do the same to you. Always keep treats or biscuits on you to reward the pups. They like that. OK?"
"Hai, King Alpha" the children chorused.
"Naru-kun you and Yin have already bonded but as you know she can snuggle with you any time." Kushina tells her son. He gives a big smile petting his Yin-chan. After all she was with him from day one.
"Wu Ye-Dono" Kurotsuchi asked.
"Yes, hime" he acknowledges her.
"Will our pups learn to talk like you and Yin-chan" She asks, and all the brides look on expectantly.
"After the bonding you will have a psychic link to your pups similar to what the Inuzukas have. After about 6 months of you bonding, playing and conversing they will begin to learn to speak. But you have to put in the time with them." He tells her.
"Thank you, King Alpha” she bows to him.
"Kushi-chan, you have done an excellent job raising your pups, they are so well behaved. I look forward to serving the future generations of the Royal Clan." he says proudly.
"Thank you so much Wu Ye-sama" she smiles brightly.
Time Skip 1 year, Konoha Gates:
Naruto and Brides show up for their annual summer Holiday. They are now 14 and Kurotsuchi and Tamari are 15 respectively. All are now in the eighth year of the Uzu Royal Academy.
"Hey mom!" Sakura runs to Mibuki.
"Hey Father!" Hinata does the same to Hiashi.
"OOOF!" Everyone laughs at how Naruto was just speared by a 12-year-old Hanabi, like she was trained by Goldberg.
"How's my Imouto did you miss me?" He smiles and scoops her up onto his shoulders as she squeals, happily.
The Hokage walks up with the guard detail, as expected with the Royals' visit. He tells Naruto the good news.
"My Prince, you’re in luck. The International Middle Schools' Martial Tournament is being held here this Summer!" He smiles.
"Really!" He starts to grin evilly. All 7 brides shake their heads and yells "NO!"
"What? Oh, come on why?" Naruto starts to wine.
"Two reasons." Kurotsuchi holds up her finger.
"One, you always get, way over competitive." She then holds up two fingers.
"Two, you’re a Royal, it is not appropriate, it will either be too easy because no one will want to go all out on you, or worse there could be a plant for an easy assassination attempt." she smirked at him knowing he couldn't argue.
Hanabi smacks Naruto on his head "Now Nii-san behave, you know Kuro-nee is right" they all chuckle.
"Perhaps a goodwill display of your katas and a non-ranked fun match with one of your friends we know to be trustworthy?" Nagato tries to be on the Prince's side. The Brides all glare at him.
"Yes, please" Naruto starts to beg.
"Naru-kun, please don't beg in public like a toddler asking for a piece of candy. Remember your station." Kushina scolded.
"Empress, we have time it could be arranged if you allow." The Hokage now tries for Naruto smiling at him.
"Kushina sighs, you’re spoiling him you know? Well, it's been a good trip and his grades are all but perfect, so I guess we can do an exhibition only. Absolutely no weapons, Taijutsu only got it?"
"Thanks mom, I love you!" Naruto sucks up shamelessly as his brides giving him the your so gonna get it later, look.
"Yeah, yeah, now guards take them to the compound." she commanded.
"Hai" they all chorused.
The next morning in the R.U.C.:
"Hmmmmmm what smells so good? As all the girls plus Ino, Renni, Shiho, Tenten and Hanabi, come to the kitchen table.
"The Empress and Lady Shizune are cooking breakfast for us." Natsu answered, she had chaperone duties today.
"Where's the Prince?" asked Anko looking around.
"Oh, He's out...on Clan Business." replied Kushina looking nervously at the girls. Tamari not buying it crossed her arm and stared at Kushina.
"Ok mom, out with it!" This surprised the guards and Natsu. A hormonal 15-year-old girl just called out the Empress.
"Alright, I wanted to discuss something with you girls to girl." Kushina softly spoke.
"Umm, do you need some privacy Highness?" Natsu asked, feeling the blood lust building from the Brides.
"No, I might need your help escaping though. The last three times I tried this some poor girls ended up in the clinic."
"Now girls, nothing is set. I just want you to know there are two Bridal candidates, in the works. Politics aside, you know Naruto will not do anything without your consent.
Now Haku was in panics, "Oh no, I'm not with him! Just where is he? He is not allowed to have visitors without us!"
This excites all 7 Brides and they jump up. Kushina finally tells them so as to not have a revolution in her kitchen.
"Calm down girls, no female is near him. Use your gifts, Lord Nagato is with him discussing what I just told you. He is at the compound training grounds along with Kiba." she tells them, and they relax. Hanabi scolds her.
"Auntie don't scare us like that, I was ready to do battle with a S.G.W." Hanabi got in her Jukin stance and channels chakra through her fingers looking like blue lightning static.
"Wow, she's scary" Anko said.
"S.G.W.?" Natsu asks looking around to the others.
"That's girl code for a Skanky Gold-Digging Whore. You know, like the one we sent to the clinic 3 months ago." Tamari answered growling at the memory.
"Language, and yes how can I forget, it took me, Tsunade, Shizune and 3 more Sameria to pull you and Sasame off of her." Kushina replied.
"Hai, but she did flash Naru-kun with her 15-year-old baby B-cups. Like we would ever let her get away with that." Kushina cocked her eyebrow at hearing that side of the story.
"Sigh, it's Minato all over again." Kushina reminiscences about her laying the beat down on his fan girls back then.
"So that's what happened, I was wondering how she got topless to be honest, I thought you two got a bit overzealous. That's when I decided to start keeping track of the blossoms. So, to help plan around those situations." Shizune teased and Sasame gave her the evil eye.
Then Sakura realizes one major important thing. So, she sarcastically tells her.
"Wait, mom you do realize that with Kiba there as a potential sparring partner while on the training grounds. Naru-Kun is liable to half listen and agree to anything so he can hurry up and get onto his fighting." It took 10 seconds. After the mental reboot the entire kitchen emptied out the patio doors with Kushina in the lead, "NARUTOOOOO!"
One week later, R.U.C. Training Grounds:
Naruto's Brides are practicing their katas, as Anko and Kurenai look on. Ebisu is working with Naruto on his Black Belt forms.
"Wow, that's just beautiful me Ladies! Is that truly a Kata or is it a dance?" Kurenai clapping asks very amazed at the young ladies.
"Oh no, it's a deadly Martial Art, centuries old from the Water Nations." Tsume answered.
"It was developed in the old times when the Mongols and Slavers would commonly raid Farms and small villages, to help keep the girls pure" using her finger quotes on the word, pure.
"This style was designed to use mainly low shin to mid groin kicks and Knees to groin strikes or even knees to nose if they were bent over. Then to incorporate whatever they had for a weapon like a pan for mace, a broomstick for a staff, or a kitchen knife for a kunai. After all mid to high kicks and grappling in a Yukata was hard to do not to mention very unlady like for the times. The Style is called Taekkyeon, it was accompanied by drumming or humming like you heard the girls do. It's to set a rhythm for the dance of death. Notice the repeating pattern so any fight they get into is just a matter of picking up on the position to the next step in the dance. Notice the hand and arm movements are actual perries to a counter swing or slash. Even using the fingernails to swipe the eyes." Kushina explains the concept, then gives an evil grin to Anko, Kurenai and Tsume.
"Now imagine if the girls did what the Ancestor’s wives did?" She asked.
"What was that?" Anko asked her interest now peeked.
"To have daggers or razors sewn into their sandals or cloth shoes." Kushina smirked as the other three shuddered at that thought.
"Is there a male warrior version then?" Anko asked interested.
"Yes, Naruto trains in it. Hey sochi!" Kushina calls her son over. "Yes mom?"
"Ready position, do pattern 5." She ordered.
"Hai" he bows respectfully and starts his pattern.
All are amazed at the now fully concentrated Prince wearing a poker face. Slowly but rhythmically showing his power through the kata. Their jaws drop as they can actually feel the shock waves and hear the snaps of the hard strikes. (A.N. look up the I.T.F. Yul-Gok Tul).
"Is that his wind chakra? Damn that elbow strike is nasty!" Ebisu asked as he observed the 38-movement kata to fight off multiple targets.
"Nope, that is 100% pure Naru-kun." Sakura answered as she and Haku watched pink rising in their cheeks.
"Of course, his seals are still on." Tamari said flushed from admiring the view of her man.
"Wait seals? As in resistance seals?" Anko asked even more amazed.
"Yes, he did them himself, with mom looking on. He is at level 3 out of the 10." Hinata adds no longer the super shy stutterer. She too lustfully smirks at her soon to be Husband.
"Even with his seals on, I have seen his ridge hand strike a 6-inch diameter pine tree into toothpicks in one hit. Like a hatchet to pencil." Sasame brags on her man also getting pink in the cheeks and ears. As she leans on Tamari's shoulder. Shion and Hanabi both fan themselves being hot all of a sudden
Kurotsuchi sways her hips at Naruto walking to him as he finishes, glowing from blue chakra. Eyeing him like the last piece of chocolate." You look soooo yummy, she whispers in his ear." making him blush.
"Ok, Kuro-chan there's eyes upon you, down girl." Kushina sighs, after scolding the Bride in heat.
"I see we're going to have to move up the date for the B.C. classes with jutsus and seal placements, after all I've seen, felt and smelled the lustfulness coming off these girls. Ladies invite you fellow Kunoichis to it this weekend." Shizune says as she giggles at the girls’ actions.
"Don't worry, Hana will be there with smiles." Tsume assures and Anko nods.
"Sochi, that was as near perfect as I have ever seen, and your starting to access your familiar, Yin's gift." Kushina praises. Sakura and Hinata run over to hug their Prince, taking in his scent.
"Wait? What?" Kiba asked.
"It's the gift from the Spirit Wolves." Tsume explains with a bit of jealousy.
"Instead of a tag team and jutsu like you and your nin-kin. He actually channels her spiritual energy to make him more Feral. It's automatic, costs no chakra to maintain, and a big boost to his stats: Power, speed, and agility." Kushina adds.
"Can the girls do it too? Kurenai asked.
"Yes, we can, but not as good as Naru-kun. He was bonded to Yin from day one literally. Their bond is older, stronger and I swear he snuggles up to Yin more than us." Shion added a bit of jealousy leaking out and Yin winks at her.
"I was there when Kushina, still in the hospital bed, summoning the Royal wolves to offer them the next generation. Naruto was maybe 30 hours old, and Yin was just a pup who could barely talk, barking he is my summoner!" Tsume recalls the story fondly.
"I told you a happy pup makes a good Alpha." Nanny added still watching over her charge.
"Nanny, you know that child loves you dearly" Kushina said and Nanny just humph.
"I wonder if it's you he channels and not me." Yin teases Nanny and everyone giggles.
Kushina then notices the time. "Oh, my girls go freshen up we got spa appointments for the Banquette tonight. Have the chamber maids lay out your best pressed School uniforms. You have to represent the Royal Academy." Hearing about the uniforms, the girls groan.
"Hey, I personally think you all look pretty in those uniforms." Naruto said. Earning him a face full of kisses. Putting a smile on all their faces.
Village Banquette Hall:
Representatives of the Four Nations and the Empire Gather along with a few Neutral Countries to watch the children of their Schools compete and make new friends. As Royals Naruto and his Brides stand in the receiving line to welcome all the contestants. Still Dressed in the white on navy for the Whirlpool Empire they see Ino, Shiho, Kiba, Shikamaru, and Choji, Shino, and Renni, all wearing their white on forest green uniforms with the black/red belts. Tenten and Negji, being a year older, are in their first year of the academy, wearing their Khaki BDUs both having earned their 1st dan black belts in Kosho Ryu Kenpo for Tenten and Chuan Fe, Gentle Fist style of the Hyuga Clan.
"Hey Negji, did you get asked about our exhibition ma..."
"Stop right there my Prince!" Tamari interrupted and not letting Naruto escalate his fight status.
"Hiiiiime, come on mom already said I could." Naruto starts to wine, and Tamari rolls her eyes. Tenten giggles at the show.
"She said one match no weapons and Taijutsu only. That means no Ninjutsu, or Spirit Wolf channeling." She points her finger at his chest.
Naruto wraps his arms around her waist pulling her into a frontal hug and whispers in her ear.
"I really do love you!" and kisses her neck.
"Hey now that's not fair!" turning her blushing face away from him. Now having Ino and Renni laughing at them.
Now it's Kiba's turn to tease, making a whip cracking sound.
"The mighty Crown Prince now whipped 7 ways." smiling big at Naruto.
Not letting the "dog pound" pick on their Alpha, the Brides all seductively walk to Naruto each giving him a kiss.
"He might be whipped." Shion spoke.
"But he is also well cared for." Sasame added.
"Every day 7 ways." says Sakura.
"Every night." Hinata winks.
"By two or more." Haku rubs up on her Prince.
Kurotsuchi drops a good long tongue kiss for Kiba to see.
"So, who's da Alpha now?" she asked in a teasing tone.
Tamari still hugging up on her Prince and just snickers at Kiba.
This over-the-top display of Bridal possessiveness caught every one’s attention.
Not to let her little Beta get pushed around. Ino swayed her hips toward Kiba, drops some tongue on him and reminds them all.
"Don't worry sweetie that just means he is running extra hard from those 7 hormone factories, one week every month!" Ino grins evilly pulling the PMS trump card.
Naruto and Kiba look in horror as some not so fond memories come to mind. Negji just slowly backs away as Tenten looks and growls a bit. Natsu and Anko just die laughing.
The Kumo School team walks up to say hi. They are wearing white on Yellow all with black/red belts and thier earned Kendo excellence patches. Reading: Strike Hard, Strike Fast, Strike Accurate.
"Wow, Kendo excellence at their level, no wonder Lightning is known for its swordsmen." Tenten praises, and Naruto gets so excited he starts to bounce.
"Calm down my Prince." Tamari kisses him to give him focus.
"They have swords! I can't wait" Naruto exclaims.
"Prince Naruto Uzumaki-Namakaze, you are not allowed to do any weapons fights, exhibition or not. Don't make me tell the Empress Mother!" Natsu finally stepped into squash whatever the Prince was about to start. Naruto looks down feeling defeated.
Sakura hugs and kisses Naruto to re-cheer him up.
"And this is why he is this way." Natsu sighs at the Brides spoiling their prince.
"Hello, we are from Kumo Middle. This is Omoi." Karui pointing to the only male in her group.
"This is Samui" pointing to a pretty blonde that could pass for 17 not 14.
"This is Yugito and I'm Karui." Yugito was another pretty blonde with long hair in a braided ponytail having a model's build. Karui was also very pretty with dark skin and amazing golden eyes with short red hair.
Seeing all the pretty girls, The Brides, Ino, Tenten, Renni and Shiho, who all have adopted the same betrothal codes as the Royals, that is all females keep away from their men. Lined up between the Kumo team and their fiancés. So as to not be rude Ino starts off by offering her hand and does introductions. Anko and Natsu stand and watch just in case "Cat War Three" breaks out. Upon hearing Naruto's introduction Yugito's face flushes and her eyes widened. Naruto and the boys all lowered their heads and waved shyly so as not to be rude but still follow the code. Samui noticed this and asked.
"Are we that pretty or are they that shy? We only wish to make friends."
"No, they are all engaged." Natsu steps up and explains the situation and their "Promised Code".
"Oh, now that's cool, being faithful goes a long way in my book." Samui commented.
"The code keeps us faithful, safer and pure." Ino adds.
"Really, Pure?" Karui teased using finger quotes.
"Well, virginal…ish" Haku says blushing remembering this one time... As the others giggle.
"It's all good" Karui said.
"Really we all should follow this code, there would be less S.G.Ws. to beat up." all the girls growled at that.
"Yeah, they are the worst." Tamari agreed.
"Well, you guys have no worries about us then. Samui is dating a Sophomore at the Academy. Omoi and I are an item, So I'm glad all of you are chosen. Yugito's Master is actively in talks for her betrothal." Hearing this all the Brides look at Naruto. Who just smiles his heart melting smile and bashfully turns away.
"Well, well the gangs all here." Spoke Kushina as she escorts the Hokage and the Raikage to see the children.
All the students and Chaperones bow to greet the guests and show proper respect.
"I am so happy to see manners and proper etiquette instilled in the younger generation. This speaks volumes of your parents and Masters." The Reikage praises the children.
"Ok girls, as you might have figured out, Naruto will have a couple of brides and you more sister-wives. Hopefully all goes well over the Summer. Once agreed the betrothal ceremony will be at the Fire temple. We have one more who will arrive by tomorrow. You have all met her before so no more surprises, ok?" Kushina explained.
"Hai" all the children chorused.
Naruto looks at his mom and his Brides questionably. They all smile and nod, happy he still waits on them as promised. Naruto then goes over to Yugito, offers his hand gently and says.
"Yugito-chan, I hope to make you happy, and I promise to keep you safe." Yugito curtsies and takes his hand.
"Thank you, my Prince," All the adults now smiled.
"Yugito, all your belongings have been sent to the Royal compound. You will now stay with the Prince. I will miss you my dear." Reikage hugs his adopted daughter.
"Hai tou-san" she sniffles, and Naruto immediately hugs her. She smiles at his attentiveness.
"Everyone, the girls will have a sleep over and Kumo is invited so Yugito can settle in better with her friends around. All male visitors will leave by 10 sharp understood?" Kushina lays out the law.
"Hai Highness" they all chorused.
"Oh, Naruto, the Hokage has agreed to let you and Negji do a non-ranked exhibition match. I am dictating, Taijutsu only, no weapons, no ninjutsu, no seals releasing, and no Spirit wolf channeling, or no match." Naruto starts to pout.
"Am I clear!?" She glares at him, knowing that he's been scheming since the summer started.
"Hai, kaa-san" he says, now just happy that he's even got a match.
"Yugito squeezes his hand to show her support." Shion leans over to tease.
"Yep, you will fit right in already spoiling our Prince." Yugito blushes at getting caught.
"Tough love, but a true mother's love. You have really done well your Highness." The Reikage praises.
"Thank you Reikage-sama" Kushina replies.
R.U.C. 8pm:
Natsu the ever-professional Chaperone and Nanny, calls out to everyone.
"You have 2 hours till all male visitors goes away. Then girl time in the onsen and we hired a manicurist so pick your colors and get those pretty little digits cleaned."
"Hai" they all chorused.
"So, Naruto what do you do when it's girl time?" Omoi asked.
"I usually work on my private studies and hobbies. Rotating them daily.
Shikamaru got curious, "what are those?"
"Well, I like Fuinjutsu, my weapons training and strategy games that Uncle Nagato helps with and Anko-nee helps with my poisons in the Greenhouse too." Naruto answers.
"You grow and mix you own poisons?" Shino gasped.
"Yeah, I want to be a Medic and poison specialist. That's another reason I use yantocs that locks into a Jo-staff. And senbons for my poison delivery. Medics can't use a blade except for hunting and surgery." He adds.
At ten o'clock, all the boys went home, and girl time was about to begin. The beautician was letting the girls and female guards pick out a bottle of polish. Then Someone knocks on the door. Natsu who already got her bottle, answered the door. The last Bride has arrived, Fu from Taki. She has been visiting and bonding similar to how Sakura and Hinata did. Kushina speaks.
"Fu-chan! so glad to see you. Naruto and the girls have missed you." Fu curtsied to the Empress. Then saw Naruto and like a fan girl at a boyband concert, squealed and glomped at him hugging and kissing his cheeks. Yugito's feline possessiveness started to show as she hissed and growled. The other Brides smirked, and now we are nine Kurotsuchi exclaimed as she peeled Fu off the Prince.
"I guess she missed him" Shibuki chuckled along with the other adults.
"Fu-chan your just in time for girl time so go pick a color for you nails from the manicurist." Tamari showed her.
"Does she have the orange to match my eyes, the Prince told me he likes that color." Tamari agreed to her choice.
"Alright girls bath, nails/toes, ice cream social then bed. We have a big day tomorrow. The Kumo girls, your Master Bee, will pick you up from here after breakfast so be ready. Except Yugito, your now a part of our family you will stand with me and Fu. In the Royal box." She called out the orders.
"Hai" they all chorused.
"Natsu, who has snuggle rights tonight. Better stop that cat fight before they all start to hiss?" Kushina smirked at Sasame and Shion. They both blushed knowing just how true that was.
"Looks to be Sakura's and Hinata's turn tonight." Natsu called.
"YES!" The two girls cheered, and fist bumped each other. Scaring Kushina, remembering how the two were lusting after her sochi, during the katas training.
"Yugao, your room guard tonight, could I ask you to please watch over my son's chastity, it's already fleeting, and those two have been ... extra hungry lately." Kushina hints.
"Hai highness" Yugao smiles understanding.
"Snuggle rights?" Shibuki asked.
"Yes, it's to help prepare the children for marriage. They take turns sleeping with their prince 2 on 1. They can snuggle, kiss, hug, light consensual petting clothed only. This will help them bond and grow together in their body discoveries and learn to be honest in what they want, hopes, and fears, at their age and its limits. So, no nakedness and of course nothing below the waist." She explained.
"This is a family not an Heir breeding factory. These children really love one another. May Kami be merciful because they will not if anybody tries to hurt any one of them." Anko adds.
"Last year, a visiting girl trying to get close to the Prince. She started to pick on Hinata. She used to stutter due to her shyness. Well, the girl disappeared for two days. When they found her, she was missing her 4 front teeth and her tongue was split like a snake’s forked tongue. We still don't know who if not all was in on it, but that sisterhood, it's for real." Yugao added.
Just before the lights go out, Kurotsuchi, Hinata and Hanabi ask for a mother's meeting. Kushina led them to her office to discuss what was on their minds.
"Ok, girls what up?" she asks.
"This started two years ago, Hanabi has always been crushing on Naru-kun. She was brave enough to ask me and I took her to Kuro-chan since she is our Chamber leader." Hinata started off.
"We discussed the options and have no problems with her joining us. So, I told her to work on Naru-kun’s feminine defenses we have instilled into him. For the next two years she wormed her way into his heart. We made sure this is what she wanted, and she knows what she would have to give up. Naru-kun now knows of her feelings and is willing to accept her. So, as our rights we have decided to bring her into the sister hood. So, we now bring her to you." Kurotsuchi explains.
"I need to hear this from you, Hanabi. What do you want?" Kushina asked gently.
"I love him, every summer for the past 8 years I have watched with a hurt heart as he went back home. No more. I want my Naruto. I want to be with him and my sisters too." she said determinedly with a tear rolling down her cheek. Hinata fusses over her.
"Very well then, I will discuss this with your father. Now go to bed and let the others know we have a full 10 now." She smiles watching as the girls realize that Hanabi is now one of them.
"Bull!" She yells. Writing on an already prepared scroll she had tucked in her desk.
"Yes highness,” the ANBU asked. Take this scroll to Lord Hiashi, please wait for his response."
"Yes Highness."
"So, Nanny who won that poll and how much did it grow?" Kushina asked smiling, this was a long time coming.
"Lady Koharu won. A cool 25,000 it rose too. She said 8 summers and Hanabi would have him wrapped."
"That woman is scary, she guessed Minato and me correctly too." She shook her head.
"It all comes down to our experiences." Nanny said.
"Well, I'm going to keep my little Alpha pure. If those girls were in any more heat, they would combust." Nanny said as she walked off to the Prince's room.
During breakfast all the Brides found a small black velvet box on their plate when they came down for breakfast. Naruto was there and acting all nervous. Calling everyone’s attention including the Guards who were changing shifts.
"I know as a Prince, who has been sheltered and handed all my beautiful Brides. I am girl dumb, but according to Anko-nee, you all prefer it that way." Naruto takes another deep breath as the crowd giggled at his little joke.
"But I'm not stupid. So here I go" He gets down own his knee and all the girls gasp and tears start to swell.
"Please open your boxes, Hanabi after 8 years of playful flirting, I got your message, so this one is for you." opening a box he had in his kimono showing an Uzumaki Crest Broach inset with rubies and gold swirl frame and a silver wreath denoting Royalty and a golden star at the Top for Royal main family. A full 2 inches of pure beauty to show his love.
"Now will you all marry ...?" Before he could finish, he was glomped by 10 crying love struck teenaged girls.
"My little Alpha is growing up." Nanny sniffles.
"Nanny, he will always love you" Tsume says as she and Kushina share a box of tissues.
"I don't know girls, you never answered him." Nagato not helping himself in teasing.
Yin took exception and bit him on the butt.
"Owww, ok Lady Yin, I take it back" everyone laughed.
"I think the knots of arms hugging him and the 3 dozen kisses he received are his answers. Now please tell me if someone has got pictures or a video." Hiashi chuckles.
"With both my daughters promised away, Negji is next in line for he was my brother's son. He and Tenten will make the Hyuna’s prosper. Hiashi announced.
"Kurenai has been the eye in the sky this summer get with her for the pictures, and I want a set too." Kushina grinned and Kurenai winked having camera in hand. She damn sure wasn't missing this moment.
After the human knot was untied and everyone ate breakfast between the uuuuh and aaaah of the girls showing off their engagement crests to their friends who slept over. Naruto once again asked Hiashi for Hanabi's hand. Getting his yes, he then kissed her to seal the proposal. She has been stary eyed for the past 2 hours.
Naruto also gave Nanny and Yin a special collar with a crest pendant hanging off of it. Nanny hid for an hour so to not let anyone see her cry.
Seeing that it was go time, Kushina dried her eyes and sent out the orders.
"Natsu, you and Kurenai take Yugito, Fu and now Hanabi to get fitted for their Royal robes. Since they are officially engaged, they are allowed to wear their new Crest on the Broach seam left side to cover their heart." She said.
"So, you finally bagged your Prince?" Natsu teasing Hanabi who was still on her Bridal high.
"Yes, he personally proposed to me and kissed me! He even asked for my daddy's blessing." Still having stars in her eyes.
Yugito was no better, still crying happy tears as Samui and Karui fussed over her congratulating her. Being in a political arrangement they didn't think, Naruto would try to be this giving or romantic. He is a true Prince in any girl’s dream.
Fu being in her Bridal high forgot she was still in her night cloths and robe.
"Fu, go get dressed dear we got to go, and you can't go out like that you’re a promised lady now." Nanny scolded as Fu eeped at herself and ran to her room.
"Who won the Hanabi pool?" Hiashi asked snickering at his daughter.
"Lady Koharu, at 25,000 Ryu final." Anko said a bit disappointed.
"You forget that woman has been the Village's matchmaker for over 50 years. She knows her stuff." Ebisu said.
"Her ongoing A rank pay teaching etiquette to the children and now winning the Hanabi pool she can retire two more times. Plus, even at her age, she can still out curtsy all of us." Tsume said with a pout.
Konoha stadium, 1pm Hokage Box:
All five Kagas arrived for the schools’ tournament. While not chunin exams, it is still a good source of Village Pride and a great recruiting platform for future Academy and M.O.C.S. hopefuls (Military Officer Candidate School).
"Aunt Mei!" turning, there is only one person who calls her that, Naruto.
"Naru-chan, my have you grown! Kushina what do you feed this child?" Kushina giggled at the re-union.
"How is Haku? Are you giving her enough attention?" Mei asks.
"Yes, Aunt Mei, I love her very much." Mei sees behind him 3 very pretty girls all of whom are adorned with his personal crest.
"These are my promised Brides: Ladies Yugito of Kumo, Fu of Taki and Hanabi of Konoha's Clan Hyuga. This is my Aunt Mei the Mizukage of Kiri." Naruto swells with pride as he shows off his beloveds. They all bow to the Mizukage.
"This is my Adopted Jiji, The Hokage of Konoha, my future father-in-law, the Kazekage of Suna, my future grandfather, the Tsuchikage of Iwa, and my future father-in-law, the Reikage of Kumo." The girls all bow respectfully. All the Kages nod and smile at the well-mannered children.
"Those broach Crests! they are beautiful." Mei looks "may I?" she asked Yugito who was closest, and she nodded. "Hai Mizukage-sama."
"That's what Naruto proposed with, this morning, all ten girls got one, plus one official Prince on his knees with a little velvet box. Every little girls dream!" Kushina boasts "We got pictures!" she whispered.
"I better get copies. I bet Nanny was upset." Mei giggled.
"He gave her a collar with a crest pendant too, she left to hide and cry. Hell, I cried too when he got down on his knee." Kushina recalls.
"Himes, wait here with kaa-san, while I go get ready for my match, once I finish, I will be back. ok?" He explains.
"Hai my Prince."
"Wait your fighting, but you’re a Royal?" Mei asked a bit worried for her nephew.
"It's a non-ranked exhibition match with a childhood friend so all is as safe as we can get. Besides Lady Hanabi is the boy's cousin. She won't take it lightly if he does something stupid." Kushina giggles and Hanabi growls at the thought of Negji hurting her Prince.
"So, where's the others?" Mei looked around. "They are in the warmup area. They are going to give a Kata exhibition." Kushina said.
"We have all been looking forward to it. I have heard the Teakkyeon Female set was deviously deadly but a site to behold." The Hokage commented.
"It is, I have seen it during my visits, watching Tamari practice and perform for me. I'm excited." The Kazakage said.
"Yugito, how was your first night at the compound? I see you accepted his crest so we can go forward with the signing?"
"Yes papa, we had a great time. The sisters treat me well, and as you see I got my crest!" Yugito squealed like a fan girl as the other two jumped with her.
They all laugh. "The girls are still on their bridal high, forgive them." Kushina laughed.
"Nothing to forgive it's a special moment, and I'm happy he gave it to them. You raised a perfect gentleman Prince, Highness." Kazekage added.
"Thank you! Now, if you will excuse us, we are needed in our own box, or the Daimyos will think I'm mad at them." She giggles. The Empress and the Brides files off.
Naruto is stopped in his tracks when he sees his Brides all dolled up for the show. Their hair done perfectly, their make-up flawless to the point it looked so ethereal and yet natural. Their uniforms cleaned and pressed, while loose fitting for movement, it still clings to their budding curves enough that the imagination goes wild. He walks up behind them as Anko smirks at him staring.
"You all look so beautiful! I thank Kami for those blessings when you all said yes to me." Naruto was stary eyed and the girls all knew he was speaking from his heart making them smile ear to ear.
"GO, GO, and shine, let your chakra flow like my love flows for all of you. Show them just why we are together. No more girls, no more sisters, you are mine, and I am yours. I don't want or need more. I just want you!" Naruto smiles at his Brides full of pride.
"HAI!" They shout full of renewed pride and a sense of being wanted, of being loved, because of his declaration of no more girls to share him with. They file out on to the field. Genma starts the announcement.
"Ladies and Gentlemen, Kages and Lords, Daimyos and Empress, welcome to the 6th International Middle School Tournament. Up First we have the Female Katas, to set the standard, Escorted and coached by Konoha's own Kunoichis, Anko Miterashi, Kurenai Yuhi, Hana Inuzuka and Yugao Uzuki, I present from the Royal Academy of Whirlpool, The Royal Betrothed of Clan Uzumaki!" The audience gasps at the site of the seven beauties on display. The band starts playing Kata’s sonata. As the Brides start their deadly dance. They begin to tap into their chakra slowly and evenly. A faint glow starts to appear around the group. Up in the Daimyo Box.
"I see my disciples have begun to tap into their elements." an elderly man speaks.
"Master Ho! welcome, so glad you could come. Greeted the Fire Lord.
"Master Ho, those children are your disciples?" the Wind Lord asked.
"Yes, yes they are along with the three pretties behind her Highness." Ho says.
Yugito, Fu, and Hanabi all bow, "Disciples greet Master" He nods to them.
"Such well manner children, Highness. It's an Honor to have sworn my fealty to Whirlpool." Master Ho bows.
"No, the honor is mine for you teach our youth." She then bows deeply to him, surprising everyone. Master Ho smiles. A tear in his eye for being properly appreciated.
"Master Ho, did you mention elements, the girls are 14 at most." Mei asked.
"Watch, it has already begun, each young lady's personal element has started to form." Ho says.
"As Royals, the girls have all signed the Spirit Wolf contract. That means the children will learn the ways of bending not just mastering an affinity." The kages all gasp. Now realizing how lucky they are to ally with Whirlpool. The audience starts to point. The Brides' glow encircles them. Dirt and pebbles start to gather around Kurotsuchi and Sasame; water morphs around Sakura and Hinata; small wind funnel start to dance around Tamari and Haku; and fire snakes swirl around Shion. As the Kata comes to a close the elements around the Brides rages fiercely. Then with a chorused "KIE!"
The Brides formed a ram sign with their left hand at their chest and a right palm thrust forward. This caused the surging elemental storm to move forward at astounding speeds to strike the set up mock army of 100 target dummies, 75 meters out. Nothing but smoke and a charred smell was left on the field. The crowd went wild with applause and cheers. Genma announces:
"From the Whirlpool Royal Academy, The Royal Betrothed of Clan Uzumaki!" The girls all bow then files off the field with their escorts.
"So that's the power of elemental bending" The Earth Daimyo states with wide eyes. "Kurotsuchi please keep your Prince happy!" he whispers as the others all nod in agreement about their own bridal representatives.
"In the holding area seven Brides are crying tears of joy, all hugging their Prince knowing just how proud he is of them for he was cheering the loudest for them.
"Ok, girls, go change to your Royal Robes, fix your tear tracks and you may wear your engagement crest on the left broach trim over your heart. We will go sit with her Majesty. Hana go scout the dressing room please.
"Hai Anko" she says.
"When is your match Naru-kun?" Haku asked.
"In about 30 mins when the Katas are done. My match opens the fighting segment" he tells her.
Anko comes over, "Naruto remember your status, after your match shower, dress, and mom. Her orders, ok?"
"Hai, who's my escort?" Naruto asks.
"Asuma-san and Ebisu-san" Anko answers.
"We are here my Prince" Asuma bows.
"Asuma the room is clear as of now, there is Hana, so we are leaving." Anko reports.
"Bye my loves see you in a bit." Naruto waves all the girls blush, and Kurenai giggles.
"I don't think rouge will be needed today."
Asuma looks at Naruto and asks, "So what form are you doing?"
"Ge Beak, it's my black Belt form." He answers as he goes through his hand signs, first two handed then one handed, each hand.
"Ebisu sensei taught me to do this, as a way to practice my hand signs and to help me focus and calm my nerves." Naruto says.
"They are ready for you now. My Prince" Ebisu says walking over.
As Naruto files onto the field, the Brides all file behind the Empress.
"Just in time girls, we got a special surprise for Naru-kun. Master Ho, are we ready?"
"Disciples greets Master." The girls all bow deeply.
"An honor to meet Master Ho" The 4 Kunoichis bow deeply to honor the old master.
Master Ho nods and smiles to the Girls and Ladies then goes into the Kage Box.
"My Kages, as you know for a Royal to earn a black belt he has to be tested publicly and by 3 or more Masters. This is to prove it wasn't just given to him because of his birth right but earned. Would the Kages do me the honor and judge my young disciple? The Kages nod.
"It would be an Honor Master Ho." Mei answered with a big smile.
"Mom, is Naru-kun really being tested today?" Sakura asked.
"Yes, my dear, yes he is." Kushina smiles at the Brides.
"So that's why Ebisu was drilling him on this kata" Anko realizes.
"To think we get to witness a Royal's Black Belt Exam!" the Fire Lord commented, getting excited. The other Daimyos also nodded in excitement.
The Kages and Master Ho move to the field. Genma makes his announcement.
"For your viewing pleasure, the Crown Prince of Whirlpool has reached a milestone in his life. Sharing with us today is his Black Belt Exam! This honor to be observed by you, and to be judged by the esteemed panel of the Kages, Masters of the Arts, them Selves the Mizu, Rei, Tsuchi, Kaze and proctored by our own Hokage!" The audience Cheers.
Naruto gulps, this wasn't a fun match with Negji. He looked at his mom who smiled at him.
"Who presents this disciple of the Martial Arts to be tested?" The Hokage barks like a Drill Sergeant.
"I Master In Ho of the Taekkyeon Style of the Martial Do." Master Ho steps forward.
"Do we have witness to the required hours of studies?" the Hokage demanded.
"Hai! Hokage-sama, I Ebisu, Jonin of Konoha has witnessed." He walks up to Naruto's side giving him a nod.
"I Asuma Jonin of Konoha and member of the Honored 12 Guardians have also witnessed" Asuma stands by Naruto.
Up in the Daimyo box the air is thick with anticipation. All 10 Brides are holding on to one another. Even Kurenai said to Anko, Hana and Yugao, "I have never seen the Hokage so fierce. Naruto is going to really EARN his belt."
"What two katas will be judged?" the Hokage asked.
"Hokage-sama, I will be preforming Hwa Rang and Ge Baek." Naruto answers clearly and loudly, standing at the ready.
"Jonin Ebisu, retrieve the proof of his skills and present." The Hokage demanded.
"Hai, Hokage-sama." Ebisu takes the black/red belt off the Prince and refolds it. He walks to the Hokage and bows deeply presenting the belt with both hands. The Hokage takes the Black/Red belt, looks at it and hands it to the Raikage then it passes to the other Kages who recognize his worth.
"The test of a black belt is a sacrament of the blood, sweat, and tears of one's own chosen discipline! Only through testing one's mind, body and soul. Can this be achieved. With that being said..."
Kushina just now remembers in a horror "Oh NO! ... " turning to see the Brides, she yells "Chaperones detain those Brides!"
Back in the field, "Take off your Gi and release all seals and weights!" The Hokage ordered.
"WHAAAAAAAT?" was the collective yell of 10 very upset Brides that their Groom is about to be displayed, topless, for all to see, as the Daimyo Box erupted into madness.
Naruto looks up to his mom and she smiles and nods. So, he removes his Gi top folding it and handing it to Asuma. He then releases his seals. The dust around him swirled, his muscles bulged out as the visible veins pulsed. There he stood like a chiseled from stone, Greek God statue.
Then it happened. From out of the Daimyo Box burst forth a collective of killing intent mixed with a blood lust that Konoha hasn't felt since the Fox attacked. The stadium fell silent as people were gasping for breath.
"OK GIRLS, REIGN IT IN, NOW!" Kushina ordered.
"Hai, Majesty" then it disappeared as fast as it came with the pitiful defeated sound of their apology.
The Hokage just looked at the Daimyo Box, realizing that 10 teen Brides, upset over their territory, had just stolen his thunder.
"Those Brides are scary." admitted the Kazekage. "To think one was my own daughter." he shuddered.
"I'm a sensor, and I believe most of that came from the little one Hanabi." Mei said with a shiver.
"We will now begin, HAJIME!" Five Kages, One Master, and Two Jonin surround the Disciple, scrutinizing every stance, punch, block, kick and the transitions between them. The judges and audience were amazed at the prowess, control, form, and the snap that could be heard from his punches and kicks. Moving at a slow to moderate pace so all of the techniques could be seen, Naruto starts to channel his chakra, outlining his body like a second dimly lit soft glowing skin. Finishing Hwa Rang, he stands at the ready cycling his chakra through all tenketsu points and back into his 3rd eye and through the coils to his reserve's pool.
"2nd Kata, HAJIME!" The Hokage ordered as the Judges all observe the new Kata, internally admiring the Taekkyeon Style. Doing his Ge Baek form, his flow of chakra is increased. The glow was getting brighter forming a green bubble around him. The audience gasp and points. The Brides all smile ear to ear for the pride they have in their Naru-kun. Anko leans to the Empress.
"Majesty, is that Nature Element?" she asked, amazed that at his age he could tap into the legendary Druidic powers.
"Yes, with his gifts from the Spirit Wolves he will eventually be trained by them to be the next Druid in the last 200 years." Kushina smiles with a mother's pride at her Sochi.
Naruto, as he nears the end of his kata, turns towards a target dummy. The Judges part to give him a firing lane. He forms a Ram sign with his left hand in front of his chest and snaps a straight punch with his right. Releasing the gathered element, in what looks to be the size of a soccer ball, the green fire orb moves at a tremendous speed. Striking the Dummy center mass 50 meters away. Naruto simultaneously releases a guttural Kie like "ROAR!" The dummy explodes leaving vines, leaves, and thorns in the small crater. A patch of wildflowers has sprouted and bloomed in a 4-foot circle around his feet. For a good 20 seconds the world fell silent. Then the stadium roared.
Genma waving the crowd under control, then nods to the Hokage.
"Next will be the Combat proficiency exam. As a Black Belt you are to be capable of warding off multiple attackers for at least 10 minutes. Kages call your Champions for the trials." The Hokage commands:
1. Reikage, calls forth "Cee"
2. Mizukage, calls forth "Ao."
3. Kazekage, calls forth "Baki."
4. Tsuchikage, calls forth "Kakko."
5. Hokage, calls forth "Kakashi."
Up in the Box, the Brides are concerned, after hearing who was chosen as the Champions of the Kages.
"This is a 5 on 1, martial match, with a drop by elimination. Champions remember, this is a Black Belt exam not a Ninja Rank Trial. Taijutsu only. No Ninjutsu, no weapons, however the use of chakra enhancement is allowed. Jonin Ebisu will proctor the match as the Judges are to observe and grade the Disciple. Are the rules clear?"
"Hai, Hokage-sama!" came the collective answer of the 5 champions, Proctor and the Prince himself sporting an evil grin.
The Hokage looks to his Judges. They all nod. He then nods to the Proctor. "HAJIME!" Ebisu yells.
Naruto grins his evil grin. With his seals all deactivated, no one has seen his top speed, not even his mother. He moves, leaving an after image, surprising everyone wide eyed. Appearing in his one blind spot, Naruto's first target is Ao. Going from a low coiled stance, he springs from behind grabbing Ao by the back of his neck. Launching them up and then a hard down face first into the dirt, as Naruto lands in a sitting position, then summersaults to his feet running again. "OUT!" yelled the proctor.
Kakashi tried to land a stomp before Naruto summersaulted, and barely missed. Giving himself another speed boost, he zips past a surprised Kakashi and now targets Kakko with a last moment baseball slide grabbing Kakko's ankles, turning with an agility not seen in any other known 14-year-old. He maneuvers his body using the momentum he gathered in his slide, pulls Kakko face down wrapped his legs kris-crossed around the knees and fell back in a reversed figure four, everyone cringes as they hear a crunch. Naruto quickly finger punches a few nerve clusters (to numb the pain caused by the break) and back rolls away from the other Champions. "OUT!" Ebisu yells. As a couple, medics run in to gather the fallen.
"I've observed your style, it's good but now I know the pattern. Using speed to come in low and attack the opening you created with the distraction. Well played but Lightning country plays on speed too." Cee yells out trying to get a reaction from the Prince.
Baki, still standing and observing the fights calls out, "nice try my Prince, but with 5 on 1 you were guaranteed to be seen through. What will you do now?"
with the Brides, Fu was getting worried. "Is that true?" Kurotsuchi folds her arms and smirks.
"Our Naru-kun isn't done by a long shot."
Sasame adds "Just look, he's grinning!" Fu then relaxes thinking that's my Prince!
Down on the field, Naruto stands in slow motion, an evil grin on his face. He holds a one-handed ram sign near his sternum.
"SHIT!" Kakashi rushes in. Cee notices this and also sprints for the other side. Him on the right and Kakashi from the left. Naruto having gathered chakra to his legs, targets Cee and blitzes. Stomping the ground at strange angle, "KO-HO!" he pivots his body pushing Cee's outstretched arm away from him with his left palm guard. "HI-HO!" Naruto throws his full speed and body weight into his continued spin raising his elbow reinforced by his left hand to his right fist, slams the spinning elbow to the back crown of Cee's head. A perfect knock out. "OUT!" Ebisu grins.
Not forgetting about Kakashi now in a full-frontal charge. Naruto ends his spin to square off to the Konoha Champion. Fully committed to the charge Kakashi lowers to a tackling spear leap. Naruto back flips away safely as Kakashi eats dirt and rolls to his feet. As he was in his recovery, Naruto wasted no time giving the Elite Jonin a moment to set up his attack. Naruto speed steps into Kakashi's guard with a flying knee. Kakashi barely got up his "X" block. Naruto grabbed him by his ears with both hands pulling his head as his body had to follow. "KO-HO!" stomping the ground and using his full strength while in the pivot pull, hip throws Kakashi to the ground face first, as Naruto finishes his spin to a back mounted position throwing two mock punches to the back of Kakashi's head. "OUT!" Ebisu called a bit amazed at Naruto's last move.
Up in the Box, "and then there was one!" Haku proudly cheered.
"Yeah, but Baki is no slouch, he isn't a war hero for nothing. He wisely stood and watched all of Naru-kun's fights. He is fresh and our man is now getting winded." Tamari pointed out a little worried.
"Look my sisters, he has started, let us sing for his victory!" Hinata yells and stirs up the Brides like a college lead cheerleader.
"Here is something you haven't seen." Naruto grins evilly as he draws with his foot a triangle in the dirt then a circle around that. Naruto stands in his Hanja. He takes his stance.
In the Daimyo Box 7 Royal Brides lined up along the guard rail for their Groom to see and hear them sing, dance, and clap to a strange but catchy rhythm, "DUM-DUM, STOMP; DUM-DUM, CLAP, CLAP!" Acting like a personal Pep Squad to the Prince. The infectious song flows to the audience, who now sing along.
"Pumbalki!" Naruto shouts as he moves rhythmically to his Brides song, sung just for him. His feet and legs doing a Martial Waltz, so long forgotten and seen.
"Hwelgenit!" he yells as he incorporates his hands and arms like a bird's wings into a circular motion of grace and power as the song ends with a thunderous clap, it echoed across all of Konoha. So does Naruto settling into a left foot forward closed stance. His leg muscles coiled. Left ridge hand palm down, his right ridge hand palm up. Perfect stillness, the stadium quiet in anticipation. Now Baki attacks with a speed expected of a man much younger. He goes into his famed wind scorpion style. Holding to his timing from the dance his Brides set for him. Naruto shouts "Sanjil" springing high over Baki as he runs under him. Naruto lands and drops into a rear leg sweep, then unleashes series of acupoint finger strikes all along Baki's back and side. He falls. "OUT!" Ebisu calls "winner, Prince Namakaze!" the stadium erupts once more. His Brides jump for joy hugging each other and their mom.
After 30 seconds of cheering, Genma gets the stadium under control and nods to the Hokage.
"The Disciple will Seiza (formal sitting position), while I confer with the Judges. Master Ho, you may take your place by your Disciple." For 10 long unnerving minutes the Kages debated. Then the Hokage emerges.
"The debate is closed, what are the Judges decisions?" The Hokage asks:
1. Reikage, "Pass!"
2. Kazekage, "Pass!"
3. Mizukage, "Pass!"
4. Tsuchikage, "Pass!"
5. Hokage, "Pass!"
The crowd cheers again. "Ok, let’s go girls! Chaperones clear and lead the way, the Brides have a Prince to congratulate." Kushina smirks at her girls’ happy faces.
"Hai, Majesty."
The Hokage gives a quick speech on the meaning of earning the black belt and how it is a beginning not the end of one’s Martial training, just merely a door opening to more advanced studies. As he gives his speech the Champions bring over a portable coal burning kiln and a branding rod resting in the glowing red coals. They open the gate to let the Empress and the Bridal party through.
Kushina produces a new black belt, with the Taekkyeon symbol and 1st Dan on one end and the Leaf and Whirlpool symbols and a plus mark in between them forever tying Naruto to both his mom’s and now his father’s villages. On the center, body facing side of the belt has an embroidered black with gold thread name strip Uzumaki-Namakaze. She hands the belt to Master Ho. He then passed it to the Mizukage, who passed it to the Kazekage. Then was handed to the Tsuchikage who gives it to the Reikage. He places it in the Hokage's hands. Each person showing reverence as if the belt itself was an infant.
"Who among the Tenshi is the 1st Bride?" The Hokage asks.
Kurotsuchi steps forward, she bows deeply. "I am Kurotsuchi of Iwa, Hokage-sama, by age and by order of contracts for ceremony purposes only. Our Prince shows no favoritism and loves us all equally." He nods to her, handing her the belt. She along with the Empress properly adorns and ties the belt onto Naruto who was grinning ear to ear.
The Hokage then nods to the Champions as they line around and hold the Prince down to receive his badge of honor.
"Girls stay and let them finish so as not to mess it up. This is a one shot. It's a Village tradition his father went through it and so will he." Kushina warns. "Hai, came a soft saddened answer." The girls hold on to each other as the branding strikes the left back of the shoulder and blade area. Naruto grits his teeth as the red-hot iron sears into his skin and muscle tissue. He never shouts. Making all present proud. Upon completion, Master Ho inspects the mark and nods.
"I Hiruzen Sarutobi, 3rd Hokage of Konohagakure no Sato, along with the 4 elemental Kages, with the teachings of Master In Ho of the Taekkyeon Do, proudly present our newest 1st Dan Black Belt, Crown Prince Naruto Uzumaki-Namakaze! The Heir Apparent of the Whirlpool Empire." The Hokage smiled at his adopted grandson, they had grown very close over the past 8 years.
The stadium went wild as it sunk in that Naruto was the Yondaime son. His legacy was not lost. They now have their own tie to the Empire! Naruto stood up and bowed to the Kages and his Master, then turned to the audience and deeply bowed to them. "Thank you for keeping my father's spirit alive." He then cried with joy and triumph. His Brides no longer can be contained with their Naru-kun like this. They rush to him to fuss over and comfort him.
All thinking, "SUCK IT, BITCHES. THIS PRINCE IS OFF THE MARKET." The Stadium cheers even more. Hanabi runs over to Asuma and picks up Naruto's Gi top and snuggles it as she smells it out of habit then Natsu sees her. "Really, Hanabi, your engaged now, you can hug him openly anytime now." She teases and Hanabi blushes.
They all go back to the Daimyo’s Box and Naruto got handshakes from all the Lords and guards. Of course, all wanting to see the brand. Shizune growling a few angry, nasty words under her breath about stupid, messed up, traditions as she and the Brides fuss over Naruto's shoulder. The rest of the tournament was fun, but the Royals clearly stole the show. Still the Kages and Daimyos were happy. Their Middle Schools' talent pool was full and gave them cause to further nurture their newly now shown talent.
Later that evening, Naruto's Black Belt Party:
Kushina rented the Akamichis' BBQ outdoor area for the celebration. Naruto wearing his Royal robes but in a one arm toga fashion, on Shizune orders so the burns could heal properly. So naturally his Brides were even more fussy for him.
Yugito was fitting in nicely. She really likes her sister-wives, and she was bonding well with her Prince. Ever since she got a true proposal, something she thought she would never get as a political set up. But that's all it was, a political blind date. The rest was all up to her and her Naru-kun. She proudly wears the clan broach as a testament to her engagement. She was seriously crushing.
Fu has been crushing hard on Naruto for years, and now her dream has come true. She adores her fellow sister-wives as an orphan of Taki, she really enjoys the family bonding.
Negji and Tenten walks up to Naruto smiling. Tenten asks Sakura if they can approach and see the mark of honor? Not making any sudden moves. After the near massacre of all the females in Konoha at the Stadium, when he had to remove his top, plus it was still considered a fresh wound. Knowing the Brides will be extra protective tonight. Tenten was playing it safe, she knew her Station and Status. Sakura whispers to Naruto and he nods and turns to show them his new pride. It was in the shape of a 4-inch pentagon. At each point was an elemental kanji for each Kage judge. In the middle was the Taekkyeon Do school symbol with the Leaf and the Whirlpool symbols in a triangle pattern. Showing his Clan, the Village tested and Martial school. On the bottom were the Kanjis for Black Belt. As I grow in rank, hash marks can be added two per leg up to Master at 8th Dan. He explains. Kiba and Ino have now come over and ask Sakura's permission. She smiles and nods thankful they understood the Bridal concerns.
"It's ok" Ino said. "We get it, some of these skanks just won't take a hint. And it's a fresh wound to. Shit I wouldn't even let Kiba leave the house." Ino declared.
"When Negji went through it, he had to present at the Academy training grounds. I got into three fights that day." Tenten scowled at the memory.
"Just great, Kiba has muscles, lots of them and they are mine, I will have to ask Hana and her triplets to keep the Skanks away." Ino lays her head on Kiba's shoulder, thinking some Hoe's gonna wish!
"The trips and I would be happy to kick a Bitch and protect your promised territory Ino." Hana smirked as she walked over.
"Sakura, I would like to see it also but after my shift I got to guard the Ladies door." Sakura nodded and Hana went to her station.
30 minutes later, they make their way to the relief rooms. Tenten asks.
"Is it safe, I need a freshening up." Hana shook her head.
"Please wait, Hanabi is in there with Lady Shizune." Natsu and Kushina comes over.
"Your pup came for me?" the Empress asked.
"Yes Highness, Lady Shizune is inside with Bride Hanabi. She has asked for you." Hana Bowed and reported.
Shizune comes to the door and whispered to the group, "We've got a code Blossom, it's her first and lots of pedals."
"Blossom? First? Pedals?" Karui asked as she and Samui came to use the relief room with Yugito.
"Period, her first and it's heavy." Sakura breaks down the code in a whisper for the girls not in the know. They all feel for poor Hanabi, now understanding the situation, unconsciously placing their hands over their navel area.
"Should she go back and lay down?" Kushina asked Shizune.
"Yes, I would like to give her a medicated herbal tea for her tickles." Kushina nods. "Get us another door guard. I want Hana and her trips to escort Shizune, Natsu, and Hanabi to the compound. I assume Nanny is already with her?" Kushina asks.
"Yes, and won't leave her side. Demanding that her little Alpha would never forgive her if she did." Shizune smirked.
"Tickles equals cramps, Nanny, is well, she is our Spirit Wolf Nanny. She has been protecting and fussing over us ever since Naru-kun was born. He is her little Alpha." Sakura continues to translate and gets a giggle about the little Alpha.
Kurenai shows up and Bows to the Empress. After getting her report she relieves Hana so the new flower can go to bed.
"Ok girls, the drama is over, now the relief room is open." Kushina allowed the teen group to enter.
Shion took over the Prince fussing duties when she came over as Sakura went in with the other girls. Yin was there also to help herd any S.G.Ws. that may show up. After the stadium they were taking no chances. It would have been easier to slap the Hokage, than for a Hoe to get near Naruto tonight. Tamari brings her Naru-kun his favorite, a Butterfinger sprinkles covered hot fudge sundae.
Asuma, Gai, and Kakashi all approach as Yin sniffs at them. "May we approach?" Asuma asks and Shion waves them over with a smile. "Thank you for asking." She Bows.
"Hey Prince, tell us about your style. Those were some mean ass moves you pulled today." Asuma asked.
"At least you didn't get hit. That knee strike fractured my forearm. I really underestimated you my Prince, never again." Kakashi added.
"So, what was that thing you did. It looks like you were back porting. What did he call? ho something ... "
"You mean his ko-ho, hi-ho." Kurotsuchi came over and sat in Naruto's lap a bit guarded.
"Yes, that's it." Gai said excitedly.
"That's a quick one. ok, Gai and Asuma stand in a face off for taijutsu. By the call only so all can see, for the ko-ho, Asuma-san squat down a bit to get under Gai's guard. With your knees bent, pigeon toe your feet. Now, at this point you can see the different ways to respond. Now Hi-ho is the out step it's a wide almost a side jump. from your pigeon toes you go left spin or right spin up to you. Your left foot don’t just pick it up. Your toe slide in an arc to actually start your spin as you rise and gain force and power. Then let the motion carry you a full 180 placing you behind your opponent. Now as you spin, just combine your favorite move, like my elbow strike or in your case the trench knife swipe. Now try it ko-ho."
Asuma squats a bit and pigeon toes. " Now slowly hi-ho."
Asuma goes right side sliding his toe in the described arc to a full spin amazed at the ease.
"Show your teams this and make a drill to ko-ho, hi-ho up and down the training field till it becomes muscle memory. Do left arcs then right arcs. For a quick escape method, hi-ho to a shunshin. It’s a great lifesaving move.
"Oh, and Kunoichi are better if they do a foot cross over then an out step due to their build. They will get more spin and inertia." Shion added.
"Once you get the footing then you work on the block, throw, and follow ups." Tamari added.
"Like how I got Kakashi, ko-ho to a head lock and hip throw." Naruto said.
"Yeah bro that was brutal." said Asuma as he laughed.
Kurotsuchi was getting clingy laying her head on his chest.
"What's wrong my hime." he asked concerned she normally doesn't show public affection not that he minded.
"It was those girls. I was really upset when you had to show yourself to the world and we, your Brides couldn't stop it without ruining your test." Now the other Brides all climbed on and agreed.
"That one whore even yelled she wanted your babies. That's our damn job." Tamari is now tearing up.
"Language ladies, but I do agree. I'm sorry I didn't give you girls more notice." Kushina apologized and sighed.
"Tonight, no visitors you need some bonding time. All of you will futon in the Bridal chambers the Girls can do a sleep over tomorrow ok. she offered.
"Thanks mom." Hinata hugs Kushina.
"Come on my Himes. Let's go clean up. Let Shizune check my brand, and we will check on our Hanabi." Naruto commands and they all happily leave after saying their goodbyes.
"Majesty, can I ask about the Prince's element?" Asuma asked.
"Well, his affinities are 4 ways, he has all but Fire. He is definitely an Uzumaki." she grinned.
"Now what you saw today, no that wasn't Mokadan, it was Druidic Nature Energy." She announced.
"Remember when the girls showed the element bending at the end of their kata? It's like that.
"Li Ming the Queen Alpha, who is my familiar noticed that sochi's gentle soul and the fact he doesn't have a Fire nature. Made him the perfect candidate for Druidism. She has been personally training him to become the first Druid the elemental nations have seen in 200 years. He will be able to surpass a Sage in power. Not only will he be able to access nature chakra for Senjutsu, like Lord Jiraiya. He will bend it like an element. Tap into Nature's energy that is everywhere. Life it’s very self. It's also why he enjoys gardening so much he really communes with the plants. Think about it, that is a spy network you cannot escape." she says.
"Have you seen his green house? He has stuff in there to make the Yamanaka's jealous." Yugao adds.
"I blame daddy for that. He had given the Prince some old seeds to start his green house and 2 Bonsai trees. The boy has a freaking forest in there now. Anko and I go in there when he is gone during the school year to water the plants and he in return gives her the poisons she needs and my Clan plant lings for our Horticulture Center." Ino commented.
Early the next Morning, R.U.C.:
Natsu answers the door to let in Tsume and Hana. "We came at her Majesty’s request."
"Please come in, Anko and Kurenai were chaperones, so they are already here." Natsu gestures them to move quietly due to some were still sleeping. Turning the corner to the great room they see 11 sleeping teens, Kurotsuchi and Shion both tightly holding onto their Naru-kun. Hana points to Hanabi snuggled between Yin and Nanny both comforting the young new Flower. The rest have snuggled to their summons.
"Looks like they bonded pretty well after the stadium. These girls are ready for anything now." Tsume said.
"They may have started out as a political harem, but they proved us all wrong, I will admit they really do love one another. Anko confessed and Kurenai agreed. The two have grown close to the Royal children.
"Majesty, your mothering skills are brilliant. Just look at all these loving pups." Tsume stated of her best friend.
"That's big praise coming from you, your entire clan has been nothing but respectful to us." Kushina said and Tsume smiled and blushed a bit. Come to my office, we have things to discuss. Konan, please bring two pots, one black tea and one coffee and those lovely donuts." She asked.
"Right away Highness." Konan goes to the kitchen.
As they all get comfortable in the chairs and loveseats in the Empress' office, Konan comes in with a service cart and plays hostess.
"MMMMMMM, these are the best little donuts, it must be the cinnamon. I thank Hinata for addicting me to these. Anko, Kurenai you two first since you just pulled an all nighter. My babies all love you two. The girls have pretty much made you, their Aunties. Naruto wanted you both adopted into the branch clan so you really could be his nee-chans." Kushina said.
"No, no, no, I won’t cry. Sniffle, it's due to being up all night, no one says a word!" Anko turns to the corner wiping her eyes. Kurenai rubs her back tears in her eyes too.
"I see it's mutual. Good that makes this easier. I want you two to join the Royal Clan House as permanent members to guard/Chaperone the children. I have spoken to the Hokage, and he granted you dual citizenship to visit any time. Giving you access to the R.U.C. and the Palace. All year long. Save your money on those apartments. Your pay will be earning an A rank weekly and S rank bonus for any travel or out of village necessities. You will be promoted to Dominas, adopted into the Namakaze Branch house and made, Warrior Nobles of my Robe." Smiling and giving them 30 seconds to let it sink in.
"Do You Anko Miterashi, accept this Royal offer?" Anko quickly kneels and bows her head.
"Hai your Highness" she begins to cry.
"Do you Kurenai Yuhi, accept my Royal offer?" Kurenai copies Anko and kneeled.
"Hai, Majesty, we love these children." Then she cries.
"You will be happy to know that both Dominus Ebisu and Lady Martial Yugao also joined us earlier. They had special Hokage duties today. Yugao will be addressed from now on as The Lady Sovereign Martial, Captain of the Childrens' Guard and She answers only to me and Lord Nagato. You three Dominas will be in charge of the children period no one outranks you other than me, Ladies Shizune and Tsunade for medical and I'm the mom enough said there. They are getting older and now have more responsibilities and learning will come. More even as school field, and diplomatic training trips lay ahead of us. You two are dismissed, so go get some rest. Your new Station Starts tomorrow at 7am" She smiles.
"Thank you, Highness," and they left to eat, rest and celebrate.
"Ok, B.F.F." Kushina giggled as she grabbed another donut and Konan refilled her cup.
"Damn it Hinata, I better be able to fit into my robes." she jokes.
"I want Hana to join the Namakaze clan as Naruto's sister, thus tying our Clans. I as a mother originally wanted them to be wed, but the age difference and fairness to her and Kurotsuchi as the recognized 1st wife, we all understand. I know they all care for each other like they were raised together. Tsume, that's a credit to your mothering skills for such a sweet daughter. Now this presents 2 hurdles and for you two to decide. One, Hana, no more fangs, you will wear the whiskers of our Clan. This will grant you the voting rights by proxy for Naruto as his older Sister for the Namakaze council seat. Two also as such, your claim as Clan Heiress for the Inuzukas will be voided, but Your Brother is next in line. This will also make the Inuzukas a Royal Vassel Clan to Whirlpool. Elevating it to the Status of the Haruno’s and Hyuga’s." Kushina lays out the pros and Cons.
She eats a donut and sips her coffee as the two whispers to each other.
"Summoning Jutsu" Poof: Wu Ye appears "Good morning, Empress."
"Good morning, Wu Ye-sama" everyone in the room bows to show respect to the King Alpha.
"Rise ladies, thank you for the warm welcome. Kushi-chan did you explain it yet?"
"No King Alpha, I wanted you here to confirm that what I explain is right." Kushina admits.
"Very well, where is Yin and Nanny? I smell them nearby." He asks.
"Beg pardon King Alpha, One of Naruto's Brides has entered her 1st Heat cycle. They are providing comfort that he cannot." Hana explains her cheeks turning pink talking Heat cycles with the King Alpha.
"Hmmmm, I see, very good let them continue the comforting then. How is my little Alpha." He asks, his tail now wagging. Kushina is all too happy to brag about her Sochi.
"He will soon start High school, he officially proposed to the Brides, and just earned his Black Belt yesterday." She shows him pictures of the proposal and ceremony.
"Lady Tsume, if you and Hana accept then the following will happen. Hana will be Naruto's sister, my daughter. And reside full-time in the R.U.C as a Clan member. She will be our proxy vote for the Namakaze Council seat. As a Clansman she will also be my Royal Liaison. This will make you a Baroness, Noble now Landed for our Compounds. As in your own Branch if you marry and is decided your mate can be adopted to the clan. Your Children will be Clan naturally. With these duties and your veterinary duties, you will be pulled from the Ninja roster. You will be paid a Clan Heads Salery 100,000 plus your Clinics income. The clinic itself will stay with your mom's Clan. Tsume Your ascension to Baroness also Landed for you Clan's holdings. The two clans will merge all funds and your clan will receive 10% of that gross. To be divided quarterly. The Inuzukas will then Provide protection both canine and personnel to the Clan abroad and at the R.U.C. As such the Spirit Wolves will provide a liaison Wolf summons for the Clan Heads and messenger pups. This also includes you, Hana, and later your brother Kiba. Is that correct, Wu Ye-sama?" Kushina asks.
"That is correct, also for your Clan Lady Tsume, you will pick a 20-person team to be taught by the Wolves including their nin-ken for a special Hunter Tracking Force." He added.
"Does the Inuzukas agree to the terms set forth today?" Kushina asks.
"Yes, your Highness as Clan Head, I accept this merger." Tsume smiled.
"Do you, Hana, agree to the terms asked and provided as the new Namakaze Chair? She asks.
"Yes, Kaa-san I am your daughter now." She smiles with wet eyes.
"Very good, Both Li Ming and I will attend the end summer festival and provide the Inuzukas' summons then. Oh, can we get picture copies of little Alpha's proposal and belt ceremony?" He wags his tail.
"Of course, King Alpha" Kushina smiles at his antics. She hands him an envelope already prepared for him.
"Bye ladies" Poof.
"He really is a softy about My nephew." Konan proudly speaks.
"We got two weeks till the festival, are we ready Konan?" She asks.
"We need the new Baroness' to get their robes fitted and The Clans new crest decisions." Looking at her clip board.
"The Dominas and Martial will be Robed and can now were the clan Namakaze crest. Same as Hana. Tsume, your clan keeps its famed crest and Fang markings. However, you will add the silver wreath of Royalty around it. This will declare your Noble status. Lord Hiashi and Lady Haruno have already changed their crests back when Hinata and Sakura were promised. Re-counting, we now have 4 Barons, a recognized Summer Home in the R.U.C., 3 Royal Vassal Clans, my Husband's name and chair is now recognized, and 3 promised Brides for Naruto all Here in Konoha. Konan, make an appointment with the Fire Lord. I better see him and ease his pains before he thinks I am back dooring him. Naruto had also asked me, and I agree. He promised the Bridal chambers to no more candidates. Unless it's a major political war stopping boon, His answer is no. The stadium incident scared them all. That was my fault. I do see their meaning. They go and do everything together to stop the temptations before they can begin. Their "Promised Code" as they call it has spread to the clan Heirs if you didn't notice. Even Kumo's Omoi and Karui who are promised, adopted this Code. Funny, what I used as a way to keep my children safe and chaste as an overprotective mother has become the standard for promised couples. So, if we are doing this, let's do it big. Naruto's last promise ones and the Clan Heir betrothals to be Blessed, the adoptions and mergers will be announced plus whatever happens at the Daimyo's meeting. Let's go and upset the Hokage and Council." Kushina summarizes and giggles.
Time Skip, End of Summer Festival:
As expected, the Betrothal Ceremony of all the Clan Heirs with the last of the Prince’s claimed Brides and the recognition of the Vassel Clans and the ascension of their Heads to Barons, brought Daimyos and Kages from all the Nations. The Royal Alphas of the Spirit Wolves were a big attraction this year. The acceptance of fealty from Taki to the Empire with the betrothal of Fu to the Prince, and the treaty-alliance of Kumogakure to the Empire with the betrothal of Yugito to the Prince. The betrothals were:
• Naruto to Hanabi, Fu, and Yugito
• Negji to Tenten
• Kiba to Ino
• Shikamaru to Shiho
• Shino the Renni
• Choji to Yuki
Then the adoption of Hana as Naruto's sister and her placement of the Royal liaison to Konoha plus the re-activation of the Namakaze chair on the Council. Lastly the promotion and transfer of the Dominas: Anko, Kurenai, and Ebisu along with Yugao being titled Sovereign Martial, Captain of the Royal Bridal Guard. They all received a Royal Clan jeweled encrusted handle tanto scribed blade and scabbard to denote their new rank and station. The Hokage and Fire lord both received a large commissioned framed painting of the Royal Coat of Arms Next to the Leaf's symbol and the Fire Nation's Symbol for the Daimyo. Showing their new ties to the Empire. Then the Huge reception catered by the Totsuki Culinary Arts School.
Two days later the Royals get ready to leave for Whirlpool as they say their goodbyes for the summer. The Hokage asks the Empress "Will the Prince attend the Academy or the University Prep?"
"I had this conversation just last night with my Brides, Auntie and Kaa-san, and we all think I should do the Diplomacy curriculum and degree and join the R.O.C.S program (Royal Officers Candidate School). The Dominas and Sovereign Martial, all promised to help me along in my ninja studies. I will not take any more Brides. It just wouldn't be fair to the ones I already love. With School and Martial training, I will be spread thin as it is." Naruto declares as Fu comes over and snuggles on his shoulder.
"A wise choice my Prince." The Hokage admits.
"Ok, it's time to move out. Lady Martial place your forward guard and move out." Kushina commands.
"Hai majesty" Yugao saluted and got the caravan on the move.
Time Skip two years, Royal classroom:
All the children are together, while Fu and Hanabi are subjected to pull out classes for their age and grade being 2 years the juniors. The class is at this time working with their summons as a knock on the door interrupts them. Opening the door Ebisu and Yugao enter.
"Dominus, Lady Martial how may we help you?" The teacher and class bow to show respect.
"Please excuse our intrusion but we have come to hear the Prince's decision on his R.O.C.S. camp location options?" Yugao explained.
"I will attend the Spring camp in Konoha. Master Inosanto said he will also come along to further my weapon skills. My Brides will come along for obvious reasons and will keep up with their Court etiquette classes with Lady Koharu. Plus, their families can come to visit them as it is closer than Uzu." Naruto answers and his Brides smile.
"We will work on your request and set up travel security, my Prince." Ebisu bows and they leave.
Spring Break finds the Royals back in Konoha for Naruto's training camp. In the R.U.C. Naruto is getting ready for orientation as he is being fussed over by his brides Hinata, Yugito and Haku. They are working on his new Khakis BDU's uniform.
"OW, OW, OW! please watch those pins my Himes." Naruto shouts like he is being tortured.
"You know there is a seamstress shop by the Academy." The Hokage chuckles watching his poor adopted grandson, being fussed over. The brides all glared at his remark.
"We can handle or Prince's uniforms just fine Hokage-sama" they said hotly, and Anko giggled.
"Hokage-sama, do you really think those brides will let any woman near him, with a tape measure and pins no less?" Anko said.
"We heard from Ino about that husband hunting 15-year-old Double D, Bitch. Not on our watch" Yugito declared. She has gotten quite possessive over her Naru-kun.
"Yeah, we had already chased off two root sucking S.G.Ws." Haku declared.
"Girls, language!" reminded Kurenai.
"Hai" they all grumble softly something very un-lady like to themselves.
"How may we help you Hokage Jiji?" Naruto asked.
"Yes, I just came by to see Master Inosanto. He was my Weapons Sensei too, you know?" the Hokage claims.
Anko raises her eyebrow at that.
"Now that's cool. What are the odds? He is like the Master of Who's Who?" she exclaimed.
"What are you studying for in the R.O.C.S. program, my Prince?" He asked.
"I'm going into the Med Corp, so Domina Anko is helping me with my senbons and poisons, and Domina Kurenai is helping with my Genjutsu. So, I can fully support whatever team I get placed on." He said smiling to his Dominas.
"Following in your Auntie’s footsteps I see? She was my student during her Genin days." The Hokage remembered fondly.
"Yes, she is hard on me, but she wants me to learn so I can better help my patients. However, Hinata and Haku are better at the herbal remedies than I am." His brides blush at his compliment.
"Anko sensei is tough too as my poison Master, she even sticks me with the senbons." He frowns as his brides all growl at her.
"It's for your own good, you need to build up your resistances, as ordered by Lady Senju so go growl at her" Anko taunts.
"But you didn't have to enjoy it so much, Domina." Hanabi retorted. Staring Anko down.
"Ok, itoshi take it off slowly so we can finish the hems and sew the patches straight." Haku told Naruto.
"Please don't forget the storage seals in the cuffs." Naruto reminded.
"Hai, my love"
"So, a medic, then what weapon since you can't use blades?" Hokage asked.
"I got a special set of yantoks from Lady Martial that joins to form a jo-staff. I'm studying sinewali so I can defend myself and not have to be guarded all the time." He said.
"Seems you thought this all out well with your Dominas. Well, I'm off to see the Master." The Hokage goes outside.
30 minutes later the girls come back with the freshly sewn uniform and the fussing starts all over again. Their man will look the best. Their honor as his brides demands it! Already wearing his hemmed BDU pants perfectly bloused in his spit shined steel toed, combat boots. White gortex / kevlar blend under armor tees and boxers. On his top the girls sewed on his right collar, the rank disk for a sophomore. On the left collar is the med Corp disk. On the left shoulder, the New Uzu patch. On his right is the Water Kanji patch. On the left pocket strip, Whirlpool. On the right pocket strip his name Namakaze with a gold star on both sides of it to denote Royalty. On his left breast pocket, the two martial school patches he has studied under: Teakkyeon and Escrima-Sinawali side by side. On his right, his Royal Clan Crest with a silver wreath and topped with a gold star. Above the left strip, his two skills proficiency badges: poisons and the staff stacked on top of the other. Above the right strip is his wind jutsu mastery badge. Then around his waist to be seen is his cherished 2nd dan black belt. loaded in the wrist cuffs of the shirt are senbons, one is sterile, and the others are coated in paralytics. His yantoks are on each elbow seal and his poison vials left thigh seal as the antidotes are in the right. On his shirt’s left lower pocket seal are his pharmacy bag of herbs and pills while the basic first aid kit of creams and disinfectants and bandages and gloves are on the right. His baseball cap tops it all off with his rank disk on the front and a name strip on the back. He keeps a buck 101 hunting knife in the bill seal for hunting. Now the girls are done with the fussing over him they step back to look at their work. Naruto looks every bit the professional soldier they want him to be. At a now 16 years old he stands at 5 foot 8 inches. Weighing in at a lean muscular build of 135 pounds. His Sunkissed blonde hair lays down thick and straight to his shoulder blades. It is pulled back to a ponytail, clipped with a leather bind embossed with the Clan seal. As they all stare, they start to drool. Looking at him like he was a piece of chocolate. Tamari steps forward and grabs his hand.
"Nope, you are definitely not going without us." she declares.
"Come on let's go before he is late sisters" as they all escort, as far as they are concerned, their untouchable man out the door.
Arriving at the Academy, they see some friends, Tenten and Negji. They are running the check in table.
"Hello Negji, nii-san, Tenten-nee." Hinata greets them as they step up to the table.
"Hey! It's Naruto and his Brides. Are you here to observe or attend the camp? Negji ask.
"I am here for R.O.C.S. as a legacy from dad and mom. So, I will be here every Spring. I attend University Prep back home. Naruto answers.
"Well, you look good in the uniform, that's for sure" Tenten stated. "Here is your paperwork." as she logged him in.
"Hey Tenten has the S.G.W. problem gotten better?" Sakura asked scanning the area protectively.
"S.G.W.?" Kiba asked as he and Ino stepped up to check in.
"Skanky Gold Diggin Whores" Ino translated the girl code. You know like that seamstress I about killed last week she growled.
"It's pretty bad actually. They are like a pack of rabid dogs in heat and on the prowl. Just ready to bait, bed and steel our men!" Shiho commented as she drags Shikamaru up. I had to run one off this morning at the compound entrance" She growled "Some of these Bitches wish!"
Hanabi holding Naruto's hand tightly as to mark her territory. "I'll dance over a dead skanks body if she tries!"
"That's right Ha-chan this sisterhood is closed!" Kurotsuchi added heatedly.
"Ah, I see you going med-nin, Prince?" Kiba asked.
"Yeppers, my auntie is Lady Tsunade. I really like to help people, but I still enjoy a good fight" he smirked.
Fu smacks the back of his head. "Be nice itoushi, remember the oath you swore to Auntie Tsunade and Shizune-nee." Naruto looks ashamed.
"Ok, but I can still defend and subdue, just not start an attack, but I damn well finish one." He said.
"What's that oath?" Tenten asked.
"My medic's oath: Let my skills cause no intentional harm, let them be used to heal all patients without regard to station or status." He quoted with conviction.
"Very good my Prince, Lady Tsunade will be pleased you take such an oath to heart." Kurenai stated.
"Thank you, Domina" Naruto answered.
"Well, well, look who decided to play Ninja" Sasuke said as he walked up to check in.
"Hey there Prince Poser, are you keeping my pink whore warm for..." before he could finish.
"SLAP AN ASSHOLE JUTSU!" If you disrespect the Prince or any of his Brides one more time you will live the rest of your about to be short life in I&T!" Anko said as she picked him up off the ground where Sakura had just bitch slapped him down.
Naruto laughed as he hugged his power slapping Bride.
"So happy you can stand up for yourself, but next time let me do my job protecting. ok?" He grinned at her, and she kissed him.
"I only belong to you itoushi" Sakura purred as she snuggled into his chest.
"Ok, ladies the rules state only two attendants are allowed per cadet and one has to be one of us so who is going this time you can rotate after each day." Yugao yelled coming from the guard station.
"Ok, Domina Anko and Kurotsuchi as First Bride rules on the rotational agreements" Naruto reminds and Kurotsuchi smiles at his respecting the sisterhood rules.
"We can all still escort to and from the Academy. OK?" Naruto smiles as his brides all hug him. Kurenai tries to cheer up the other upset brides.
Sitting in the classroom next to Ino and Kiba and a Guardian from her clan, the bell rings and a Chunin walks in.
"Hello cadets, my name is Iruka Umino. I will be your instructor for your commissioning and combat arms with the help of Guy Sensei. For Administration we have the Elder Homura, and lastly for the med Corp you will be at Konoha General. Now for our introductions to each other. The class went cadet to cadet till it was Kiba’s turn.
"My name is Kiba Inuzuka, Clan Heir. I will be in combat arms and hope to join the hunter nin company and earn the ONBU tab." Iruka nodded "That's a hard course I wish you luck."
"My name is Shikamaru Nara, and this is too troublesome. I am also a Clan Heir. I will be in admin for signal and intel division." Iruka was impressed that's a high IQ job.
"I am Crown Prince Naruto Uzumaki-Namakaze of Whirlpool. I am attending the medical program. My goal is to earn the E.M.B. (expert medical badge) by the time of my commissioning. Then finish my Medical Doctorate at the University." Iruka was amazed.
"How far along are you in your medical studies, Prince?" Iruka asked.
"I have earned my Level 3 of 5 E.M.T. (emergency medical tech.) license and can perform the small wound healing jutsus, set up a medical triage station and perform diagnostics scans. I specialize in poisons under my Sensei Domina Anko Miterashi" Naruto answers.
"We got a doctor, a special forces fighter and a high-end strategist. This batch of cadets will be interesting" the instructors whisper to themselves.
Kurotsuchi was grumbling, and Ino whispers to her.
"What's wrong, Kuro-chan?"
"I see three S.G.Ws." she answered.
"Where?" both Shiho and Ino looks around, ready for a smack down.
"So, this is a common thing now?" Naruto asked.
"Yes sir" Kiba and Shikamaru answered together.
"Let's go outside for combat arms and jutsu training." Iruka ordered.
On the way out a girl walks up to the boys swaying her hips and smiling. Kurotsuchi quickly got between them as Ino and Shiho took to her sides to back her up.
"Just keep on walking tits, no one here wants what your giving." The three stares at the girl, as she smirks and walks away slowly swaying her hips even more.
Outside, at the range, "ok Prince as a medic you’re only allowed senbons, so throw 10 at the target vitals or accu points, if you know them. I see you earned you wind mastery badge so 5 with and 5 with out to see the penetration and accuracy difference. Naruto threw his 10 and hit all accu-points. The 5 enhanced with chakra embedded halfway. Anko glares the whole time.
"Why was you glaring Domina?" Iruka asked.
"I'm his poison and senbon Master. If he would have missed, there would have been hell to pay. She grinned evilly and both Naruto and Iruka gulped.
"Now let's go to Guy's station for combat evaluation." He said.
While standing in line another girl sashayed over, "Hello."
This time it was Ino who intervened. "All three are taken, just step off bitch."
"Alright, we will need a Bridal pow-wow tonight. These skanks just won't take a hint!" Shiho demands and the other two agree.
"The scary part has yet to come, Kiba will be semi-safe but admin and medical are 80% female." Shiho growled. Shika hugs his Bride to calm her down.
Soon it was Naruto's turn. Guy notices his 2nd dan belt and his skills badges.
"Such youthful skills my Prince. What's your rating?" Guy asks.
"I am currently rated at 3rd class stickman, Sensei" he answered.
Sasuke, seeing chance to get even walks up with his training sword,
"A stickman? What the hell Prince Poser afraid to get a boo-boo?" he smirks.
Guy just shakes his head, "Uchiha you have no idea go sit down before your hurt."
"That's B.S. sensei. As an Uchiha with a sword I'm an elite he can't touch me." he says.
"An elite? ohhhh you mean an elite asshole. My Clan is far better than yours. After a 5 to 1 ratio, two-week invasion, we still survived. Your clan lost every one in one damn night to one overzealous teenager from your own damn clan." Naruto smirks right back.
Now angry beyond all comprehension Sasuke pulls his sword and yells.
"Sensei I challenge the Prince to a weapons duel and after I win I will take my pink bitch back and maybe that whore over there too." he yelled very stupidly, with all these witnesses.
"My Kami, what an idiot." Anko just held her nose bridge and shook her head at the sheer stupidity.
"I don't know if I can save him, or if I should even try." Anko said.
"What the hell, are you not his guardian, Domina?" Iruka asked looking down on her.
"For a sensei your quite the idiot, she was talking about the Uchiha." Kurotsuchi huffed.
Naruto was trying, he really was but the duck ass just went too far. "...7, 8, 9, ...fuck it!"
Naruto looks to Guy. "Set it up Sensei before this become a school yard brawl." Naruto commands loudly.
"Normally I would not even care, but this is the third time he's talking about my Brides, and the third strike on his Wednesday Emo ass. Now, I am going to cripple him!" Naruto threatens. He steps into the ring.
Sasuke steps into the ring smirking, "Where's you stick, in your pants?"
Kurotsuchi walks up and gives Naruto a deep tongue kiss and says, "break both his legs for me and Sakura, itoushi." She then sways her hips as she walks away from the ring.
This made Naruto grin evilly. Sasuke eyes twitched at this blatant insult. Naruto then gets in a stance with his arms crossed elbows up, fingers flexed and relaxed. "Hajime" Guy calls.
Sasuke leaps with his sword in an overhead position hoping to end it with one deadly strike at Naruto's head. Naruto starts to hum, "Dum-dum strike, dum-dum kick, getting a rhythm in his head then "KI-HO!" Sasuke’s strike misses as Naruto sidesteps the strike with ease. The full force of Sasuke's strike missing leaves him off balance. Naruto activates his cuff seal and 3 coated senbons appear and is thrown point blank, hitting the side of Sasuke's neck. Anko and Kurotsuchi just grins knowing what is about to happen.
"Oh, shit, Kami this won't be pretty" Ino says, and Shiho agrees.
Naruto jumps back, unseals his yantocs and links them to form his Jo-staff at 50 inches of pure pain in the making. Spinning his staff showing his learned skill from Master Inosanto, Naruto finishes his warmup kata and ends in a ready position. Seeing the poison takes effect on Sasuke, who now is frozen paralyzed. Kurotsuchi evilly grins and sings too sweetly "Punishment Time!" A chill ran up everyone’s spine! Before anyone could move Naruto yells Escrima, Jo-staff dance number 9 Crippling Bandits. When the whirling rain of mid-evil bringing of the pain was over, Naruto had broken Sasuke’s right shoulder, both his wrists, both his knees and 4 of his ribs.
Iruka panics seeing the "Last Loyal Uchiha" crippled in such a brutal way, grabs at Naruto yelling.
"Naruto what have you done?" Anko pounces on Iruka and hip tosses him to the floor into an armbar and flashes her chakra code.
"I don't know what your game is Chunin but,
1. That was a challenged and accepted duel.
2. Guy is the proctor not you.
3. If you ever, and I mean ever, lay on hands and call the Prince common like you just did again, I will personally hang you!"
Anko hissed to his face. Guy getting over the sheer brutality of Naruto's attack and the pure terror of the Domina protecting her Prince from Iruka as it was all his own fault. Guy releases the cadets to lunch reminding them for one hour then they go to their advance studies.
"Guy hold this prisoner for me the ANBU is here for my report." Anko transfers the armbar to Guy who moves him to a rear elbow lock holding Iruka in place but letting him stand.
"Domina, you called for backup?" the ANBU leader asked.
Anko gives her full report as Kurenai arrives.
"We had a bit of unwanted fun, so I need to go see the Hokage and deliver the Uchiha to the I&T medics. They have an hour for lunch then he reports to Konoha General for his medical studies." She tells Kurenai and leaves with a screaming Uchiha as she roughly picks him up.
"Kiba, Shika would you and your Brides like to eat with us at the Tea House, it's Kuro-chan's favorite diner here in Konoha."
They all nodded. "Lunch is on me, Dominas and Guardians too" Naruto smiles at them all.
After lunch, Shikamaru and his group went to the Hokage tower for Admin training, Kiba went back to the Academy and Naruto went to the hospital.
"Hello, Prince Namakaze reporting for training and clinicals." Kurenai checks in at the Nurses desk.
"Please follow me." a nurse comes over and escorts them to a conference room.
"Please wait in here as the Director will be over in a moment." the nurse says and walks off.
A few moments later two girls in uniform walks in and Kurotsuchi sits on Naruto's lap and stares them down. The two see this marking of territory and move to a different row but keeps their eyes on Naruto.
"Well, they look hungry." Kurenai joked and Kurotsuchi growled a bit.
Then the Director comes in and observes, "only 3 medics this cycle" and she frowns a bit.
"Prince Namakaze, your file shows you have a level 3 license?" She asked.
"Hai Director" He pulls out his card and gives it to her.
"She takes it and looks it over and hands it to her assistant. "Go make a copy for our records please and send for his transcripts."
"Hai Director"
"Prince for your clinicals, I need you in the emergency room. With your level 3, you can set up and run the triage receiving and help where needed by the attending C.N.P. or Doctor. Monday through Thursday 1-6 pm and Friday you pull a double 1- 6am. The weekends are for your studies and labs prescribed by your attending tutor, Dr Chow. Get a few hours in and with your Master's permission and Dr Chows signature we can rate you as Student P.A."
"Hai Director"
That evening in the R.U.C.:
Sitting in the living room discussing his first day, there is obviously mixed emotions among his Brides and caregivers.
"First there were more S.G.Ws. than we expected and they are more brazen than we anticipated." Kurotsuchi growled out her report.
"At least with his advance studies and credentials, they got him in the emergency room away from the other female cadets." Kurenai gave some good news.
"The Uchiha was pulled from the camp completely due to the injuries he...ahem earned with his own big mouth. He is also under review for disciplinary action because this isn't the first time, we sent him to I&T." Anko added.
"I'm more concerned about the S.G.Ws. than the duck Butt. Our man can kick his dumb ass any time. The girls...he is just too much of a gentleman to do anything. That's why it's our job to do it for him." Hinata growled.
"The problem isn't our man's faithfulness, it's those damn succubus sluts trying to entice him knowing he is promised." Haku said.
"So, like any other sovereignty that has its borders crossed illegally, we go to war and protect our territory!" Claims Hanabi cracking her knuckles like Tsunade does before she lays a beat down on Jiraiya.
Naruto decides to defuse the war party. He stands and opens his arms. "My Brides!"
They all drop what they are thinking and run to him snuggling up as he gets them in a big marital hug.
"I love you all and only you. No one else can compare to my Brides." The girls all sigh and some even purr. as Anko shakes her head at the sight.
"From a savage blood lusted war party to love induced purring brides in 1.5 seconds. Yep, this Royal family is based on true love.
"No doubts here anymore." Kurenai smirks remembering her first time with the children.
It is truly amazing seeing first-hand the raising of the progeny and re-birth of the Royal clan" Yugao smiles at the young lovers.
The Council Chambers:
"Hokage-sama, why are we meeting so late in the day? Danzo asks worriedly.
"An incident happened today at the R.O.C.S. spring camp." the 3rd replied.
"There are three items we need to discuss. One is the conduct of Sasuke Uchiha. He thinks his importance as an Uchiha elevates his station and status, above all including the Royals. On two separate occasions, as seen by multiple witnesses, he tried to verbally and openly try to claim two of the Prince's Brides for himself. He then challenged the Prince to a duel and was completely outclassed even being crippled by the Prince." He stops to let it all sink in.
"Two, An Academy Chunin instructor, apparently a member of the Uchiha fan club, used his position to verbally berate the Prince for hurting the Uchiha during the duel and he wasn't even the proctor, another Jonin was." The room gasped and cringed.
"Domina Anko had to get involved and arrested the chunin and sent him to I&T." hearing that Homura sighed.
"If the Domina got involved that means the Empress and the Fire Lord will receive a report." He cringed. and Koharu shook her head.
"What's number three? She asked as if it couldn't get any worse.
"The third is a warning. The Prince has declared his Bridal Chambers closed. No more candidates will be received and as far as the Brides are concerned all future hopefuls will be met with the full force of Bridal fury, if needed to keep their Prince...ahem pure." They all breathed easy on the 3rd item. It was to be expected soon than later.
Mibuki stood, "Hokage-sama was my daughter involved in the instance. I want it known that Uchiha has tried to lay claim to her the past three visits. I am surprised he is still breathing. If any other man would do that to any of your wives that many times, what would you do? The Prince dearly loves all 10 of his brides and would set the Nations on fire to protect them. Let's not forget the Empress would give him the matches to do it." She sits down as the Hokage, and the rest of the Council agrees with her statement.
"Uh-oh that's the royal messenger pup." Koharu said.
Danzo stands and asks "Lady Hana, I assume the Empress is less than pleased?"
"That would be an understatement, Her Majesty demands swift and harsh corporal punishment! To be done publicly as a warning to all who might try this in the future, and to add charges of interference of Royal affairs. She wants all copies of the hearings, judgments and outcomes to be notarized and sent to her along with the Daimyo." Hana relayed.
The room let out a breath, even though harsh it could have been worse, way worse. She is well within her rights to ask for an execution and even pull her family and the Alliance. Danzo goes straight into damage control.
"Fellow Councils, Clan Heads, and Hokage-sama, I suggest for Sasuke Uchiha to be removed from the program and re-assigned to the civilian school. He will need to have his eyes and chakra publicly sealed. As an M.O.C.S. cadet he falls under the uniform code of military justice. So, no vote is needed, just a good old-fashioned court martial to be signed by the Hokage and Jonin Commander. Plus, we can also convene on the Chunin's case as well." They all agree this is the best course to appease the Empress.
"ANBU, please summon Domina Anko, Might Guy and Ibiki Moreno with his two prisoners from today. Secretary ensure copies of all minutes are made for the Empress and Fire Lord's records." The Hokage ordered.
Meanwhile at the R.U.C.:
The ANBU knocks on the door. Ebisu opens and greets him.
"Greetings Dominus, The Tribunal is in need of Domina Anko's testament.
"Well, that was faster than I thought. I will be there in 5 minutes." Anko answered, getting on her Royal Cloak.
An hour later, Anko comes back with a smirk on her face.
"Alright then, spill" Yugao too impatient for the news. she needed the gossip; she was a woman after all.
"It ended up as a duel court martial. Both Sasuke and Iruka." She said.
"Sasuke too?" Naruto asked confused.
"Yes, because he was a cadet he fell under the military code. He was dishonorably discharged and will have his eyes and chakra sealed publicly." Anko recalled.
"What about that Chunin, Iruka?" Kurenai asked.
"Well, my testament was damning enough, but Ibiki found out he has been giving the Uchiha preferred treatment for the past two years, test answers, extra credit but no paper trail for the work done, etcetera." She said.
"Well damn no wonder the duck ass thought his shit was wildflowers" Naruto said.
Sasame hugged Naruto and she could feel his uneasiness.
"What is his punishment?" Kurenai asked.
"Demoted to Genin, revocation of his teaching certification, and 50 lashings from the cat-o-nine. To be done publicly at the same public gathering of the duck Butt’s sealing." She grins.
"Oh, and good news for the Brides a public notice of the closing of your Chambers so no more candidates will legally come. Now you can actually defend your territory!" The girls all smile at this. You could smell the blood lust seeping out.
"It's the prelude to war!" Naruto declares as he is playfully swatted at by his brides.
"After how you left duck Butt on a painful bloody heap, you have no say in the matter." Kurotsuchi exclaimed and everyone laughed.
The rest of the Camp went on without incident. Naruto was able to test and earn his E.R. certification and Student P.A. rating. The Director awarded him the Silver Medic Coin for his hard work and studies. Dr Chow sent a Letter of commendation to Tsunade to put in his file. He was really impressed and wants him back next spring. His Auntie and Shizune-nee were so proud they up his training even more. Naruto just rose to the challenge.
Time Skip, High School Graduation:
Kushina is beaming with a mother's pride as she fawns over her sochi.
"I am so proud of how you have grown to learn and love. You and the girls have given me such a full life so far" She cues.
"We owe it all to you kaa-san, you showed me how to love and raised me to the fullest." Naruto hugs and kisses his mom's cheek.
Tsunade asked, "When do you earn your commission, and will you stay there or come back home?"
Naruto looks at his Brides and they smile at him; He turns back to his Auntie and tells her.
"Obanna-chan I was hoping for your blessings to attend the University and complete my Medical Doctorate here. Major in Medicine and still minor in Court Diplomacy for my future coronation. I was thinking that I could use the summers in Konoha for my residency and clinicals while I serve in the reserves there. That is if you and Kaa-san agree." Kushina giggles at her son.
"My dear sochi, you are an adult now and about to be commissioned. While I am happy you want my blessings you can make up your own mind now." She smiles at him, and he hugs her lovingly.
"Just remember we will always be here for you to give advice or help." Tsunade added as Shizune nods.
"That goes double for us" Nagato and Konan smiles at him.
"Tsunade grins and holds up an envelope. This is your graduation surprise from me to you, Naru-kun. With your hard work and studies and by my signature as the Minister of Health/ Welfare, you are officially accepted into the Royal University's Senju School of Medicine!" The Brides all squeal and jump for joy as they are very proud of their Prince. Tsunade then continued.
"Hinata, Haku and Sakura you three are also accepted. With your skills, you will make great additions to the medical community.
All the Brides also graduated with Naruto with the exception of Fu and Hanabi as they were two years their juniors.
"Naru-chan have you and your brides decided on a wedding date?" Konan asked watching the Brides blush.
Naruto sees his Brides blush and he thinks they are even more beautiful that way. He can't help but think how lucky he is.
"We have discussed it and decided we didn't want separate ceremonies we are all a big family so it will be one huge fairy tale wedding. So, in about Two or three years. So, Fu and Hanabi can graduate and then give them time to plan it out." Fu and Hanabi both hug and kiss him because he wanted to wait for them. They know he loves them dearly.
Kushina claps her hands and gets every one attention. "We got two weeks till we go to Konoha and sochi's last R.O.C.S. camp and his commissioning. So, let's get everything ready and start packing."
That evening the graduation celebration spilled over into the bedroom. Over the years their love has blossomed and for the last two years it has grown to a more physical intimacy with a few brides. Naruto hasn't forced it on any of his brides and they love him even more for it. They actually went to him as they grew more curious and mature at their pace. Shizune had placed B.C. seals on them all so if they got ready, they were safe in their decisions. Almost all have consented to being more physical up to the point of actual intercourse with that line being drawn, they had other ways to satisfy their man. The exception being Kurotsuchi and Tamari, both being a year older at a now 19 years can, will, and has, fully serviced their Prince and made him a man. Tonight, Yugito decides it is time, and gives herself fully to her man. Now there is truly nothing those S.G.Ws. can hold over them and offer him. The brides all smile as their geyser of a Prince erupts into the night. Naruto also learned how with patience and gentle touches as his girls showed him and truthfully told him what they like, feels good, and what doesn't and what they are too scared to try. The pleasures now goes both ways. Good thing they learned about sound seals.
Two weeks later in the Hokage's office:
"Hey sofu how are you doing?" Naruto and his brides all hug their Konoha grandpa. Making him smile.
"This will be my last season as Hokage. Once I see you commissioned, I will step down and my son Asuma will take over." He smiled.
"Asuma is a good man, he will make you proud. You deserve a good rest." Naruto said.
After getting all his hugs from the brides, Anko, Kurenai, and Yugao. Hana came and gave them a proper escort.
"I need to stop at the hospital and give Director Mika my updated file." Naruto said.
"Ok I will go with you and Tamari, she wanted to kill a... umm I mean set the boundaries early this year." Yugao said giggling at a scowling Tamari who is thinking, “I wish a hoe would.
As they enter the Hospital and go to the reception desk, Yugao asks for the Director.
"I'm right here" she said as she rounded the corner.
"Oh, hello Prince it's that time already?" Naruto bows for respect and hands her the file and she looks it over. She reads the special report from Tsunade. She hands the file to her assistant.
"Make copies of his updated transcripts and license and place them in his student file. Congratulations, my Prince, on your acceptance to the Senju Medical School." A few nurses and doctors over herd this and they all gasped and applauded him. Tamari smiles brightly for her man but holds on to him a bit tighter to assure all, that he belongs to her.
"Thank you, Director Mika” Naruto bows.
"I will see you tomorrow after your camp to discuss the curriculum that Lady Tsunade requested. You’re dismissed till then" she smiled.
The next morning, we find the familiar site of Naruto being fussed over by his brides. Getting their man ready for his senior camp and fingers crossed his commissioning. This year’s upgrades include the senior rank disk, his duel element mastery badge for wind and earth. His belt and tattoo are upgraded to 3rd dan. His weapons proficiency is now 1st class stickman and throwing weapons. He has passed his medical exams and is now a full combat medic level 5 and must wear his license around his neck for display as a responder to any emergencies. Naruto is now at a manly 5 foot 10 inches and weighs in at 175 pounds of pure agility based slim, tight muscles.
"I got a feeling that you girls will be on guard even more this year for territory disputes" Yugao says looking at how much more handsome Naruto has grown and matured.
"Those hoes don't have what it takes to steal my man. Hell, they couldn't even handle him." Kurotsuchi grins as Naruto blushes at what she was insinuating. Yugao laughs.
"I really hope a bitch would. After I was done, we would leave her hanging on the Academy wall for a warning of all to see. Then they can learn to look and not touch." Fu said evilly.
"It's best to not even look" Kurotsuchi grinned and the girls fist bump.
"Damn, did someone's flower blossom today." Anko teased.
"So, girls, who's with me today?" Naruto asked changing the topic.
"Sakura and Domina Anko" Fu answered.
At the Academy:
Naruto sees Negji and Tenten with Lee their team mate along with Guy sensei.
They were setting up a tent with Director Mika pointing out a few things.
"Hello everybody." Naruto waves as he walks up with Sakura and Anko in tow.
"Oh, good you’re here early, medic-nin Namakaze. I like that and you’re wearing your license, yes! That scored you a couple bonus points." Mika said.
"This is the rest and recovery field medic station. This is your new home away from home. You will be spending the rest of the summer camp here. Your other senseis knows of your medical training requirements and they will come to you when your Ninja skills need to be reviewed. As a level 5 medic you are in charge of the C.N.A.s and LPN's. The Doctor, N.P./P.A. and R.N. are your superiors. Is the chain of command clear medic?"
"Hai Director"
"Well, I'm on the clock. Better do inventory. I just know that will be a big issue out here." Naruto says.
"Itoushi, I'm your LPN today" Sakura smiled and tapped her license. "I was told last night. Haku and Hinata are in the Labor and Delivery for their clinicals." she grabbed a clip board and started the inventory.
Naruto directed the Genin team on the placement of the cots, chairs, and shelves. He even made a field exam area with blinds, table, chair, and a desk for the Doctor or NP/PA to examine and log their work.
"So how is the ninja life?" Sakura asked Tenten.
She rolled her eyes. "The missions at our level are just chores and guard duty. It's very boring." she answered.
"When's the wedding?" Naruto asked.
"In November, Tenten wants a harvest wedding so that what she will get." Negji answered proudly.
"Oh, those are so beautiful to see." Anko said.
"I know" as the girls jump and squeal at the wedding talk.
"We are going to wait two more years so Fu and Hanabi can graduate, and we will all be wed all at one time!" Sakura exclaims happily.
"Plus, it gives Naruto time to adjust in medical school." she admitted proudly of her man.
"Oh yeah, congratulations on your admittance to the Royal University." Negji praises.
"Come for dinner at the compound tonight." Naruto invited as he signed their mission scroll.
That evening the old friends gather.
"Choji how is the culinary arts school?" Naruto asked.
"It's great and Yuki is the best there." He praises with hearts in his eyes.
"Mom always said the way to a man's heart is his stomach, she giggled.
"I see Lee found a girl?" Hinata added.
"Kaname is her name, she is going to be a teacher." Lee bragged on his girl.
"Hey Shino, Renni how goes the police academy?" Kiba asked.
"Good, we are learning to use our insects to track and take down criminals." Renni answers and Shino nods.
"So, Prince, how’s the medic side?" Shikamaru asked.
"Doing good. This season I am running a team of LPNs in a field hospital environment. Once I get my hours in, I can run the E.M.B course. This is my year!" he says excitedly.
"How many hours do you need?" Ino asked.
"600 total but I earned 200 credits during the spring camp and clinical hours at the Uzu general. So, 400 and I'm good" he explained.
"That's just troublesome and too much work, I will stick to coded intel with Shiho." Shikamaru said.
Sakura asked Ino if the S.G.W. problem slowed any?
"I had to break a bitch’s nose last weekend" She hissed.
"We had a stalker, but she was a civilian. Yugao had her arrested as we held Hanabi back saving the slut ass. She may be the youngest but damn if she isn't the meanest. I think Domina Anko has rubbed off on her." Sakura said.
Natsu giggled " Domina is her weapons sensei." they all sweat drop, yep that's why.
Time Skip, End of Summer Camp:
"You have done very good this summer, Naru-kun" Tsunade says.
She has come to Konoha for two reasons this summer. One, nothing was keeping her from seeing her Naru-kun earn his commission and the E.M.B. Two, with Naruto following in her medical footsteps she needed to inspect and certify Konoha General for the Students of the Royal University's Medical School.
"I have spoken with Director Mika; she sings you high praises on your field assessments. She placed your name for the E.M.B. course and medical skills exam!" Tsunade was so proud of her Naru-kun.
"Thank you obanna-chan, I couldn't have done it without your support, training, and guidance." He gives her a big hug and kisses her cheek.
"Go to your brides and rest this evening tomorrow is a big day." She tells him.
That night Fu and Hanabi was by his side. They could tell he was still all worked up.
"Itoushi you, ok? Are you nervous about tomorrow?" Hanabi whispered in his ear nibbling on the tips.
"Yes, my hime. It's just a big day and I'm so excited and nervous." he said starting to breath heavily as Fu work her loving skills on him. Hanabi reacting to her Bridal calling removes her sleep shirt and pulls his head gently to her c-cups, allowing him to kiss and nibble on her nipples.
"You got this itoushi, we all believe in you." Fu now gently runs her hand into his boxers and runs her silky-smooth fingers along his manhood.
"She gives him a deep kiss and starts her gentile caressing and then stroking as he gets harder, and his breathing gets shallower. She licks and kisses his chest as she picks up the stroking tempo and then Naruto explodes in her hand as Hanabi keeps on kissing him.
They hold onto him till he regains his steady breathing, and he falls asleep.
"We will do anything for our itoushi." both girls fall asleep on his chest listening to his heartbeat.
The next morning at the East gate, Naruto shows up with his family. He is fully rested and revitalized. He has a big smile because not only last night, but this morning Sasame relieved him one more time in the shower. Just to make sure he was in the right frame of mind for his test.
"Good morning, Empress" the 3rd greeted, his son Asuma following him around learning the job, he will soon take over.
"Good morning Hokage-sama, Asuma-sama." Kushina answered back.
Tsunade hugs the old man, "It's good to see you, Sensei."
"I see the Prince is all smiles this morning. He must be ready to do this." the Hokage notices.
"The way the brides all fuss over him, of course he is ready. Just look at that perfect uniform. Cleaned, pressed and creases so sharp it will cut!" Shizune giggles.
"Those girls take pride in their soldier man. They did all that by themselves. No cleaners or seamstress." Yugao praised.
"Yes, he is a fine-looking soldier, no doubt." Asuma praises.
Director Mika steps forward with the Elders and Clan heads.
"Good, we are all here. There are 10 candidates this year for the E.M.B. skills course. Prince Naruto is the only cadet who made the cut and completed the prerequisites this test year." Mika stated.
"What are those?" Hiashi asked. He only knows this is a big deal to earn if you’re a medic.
Reading from the By-laws of the medic corp. Mika states.
• Achieve the max level 5 medic’s license.
• Log 1000 clinical hours divided between the Clinics, E.R., and Field Medical Stations.
• Get three recommendations from your superiors, including Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, and Sensei.
The course is on a 20-mile circuit around the village wall track. There are 10 stations of various medical skills testing they must complete to move on. Skills to be tested include sutures, poisons, triage, IV management, bone setting and injections. This will be done in full combat gear with an 8-hour time limit." Mika finished as she closed the book.
"Damn and I thought Kiba's ONBU course was tough. Tsume exclaimed, and everyone nodded in agreement.
Tsunade said, "Naru-kun, time for inspection. Go show your storage seals and gear to the proctors."
"Hai, obanna-chan"
He gets one last set of hugs and kisses from his brides and moves out.
"So glad our medic Corp has stepped up in quality, thanks to Lady Tsunade and Director Mika" Shikaku praised.
With the E.M.B. started and we got at most 8 hours when is Kiba's ONBU tab test?" Kushina asked.
"His starts at noon with a 2 hours test timer to track and capture the subject. Tsume explained.
"Oh, that's great, we can all watch our children succeed. Shino and Renni's Shield ceremony is tomorrow, right?" Kushina asked.
"Yes, your Highness" Shibi answered.
"Good then let's go to the Tea House get some snacks and listen to the E.M.B. updates till it's time to go and cheer for Kiba." Hana suggested and they all agreed.
Naruto has already completed three stations and he is running to the fourth. One was a simple wound cleaning and bandaging of a burn victim. A lung puncture and a tourniquet placement of a missing limb. His patient was the arm. The other was poison ID and proper antidotes prescription. Anko would have his ass if he messed that up. The last station was field lab work of blood draws, blood type ID and giving injections. Coming up on his fourth he needs to demonstrate the correct acupoints for slowing blood flow, pain reduction and paralysis to immobilize a panicked patient. Good thing Anko drilled senbon skills into him.
In the Tea house they all listen to the reports. Two med-nins dropped out already at station four.
"I bet Domina Anko is happy, she doesn't have to kill Naru-kun now. He passed both poisons and Senbon accu-points." Tsunade exclaimed.
"Please, with those common poisons, he would have gotten a beat down if he failed." Anko scoffed.
"I saw you do your happy jig Anko, when he passed the accu-points when the other two had failed." Yugao teased. Anko stuck her tongue out.
"It's time we all made our way to Area 44, Anko's old playgrounds." Tsume said as she got up.
Arriving at the Forest of Death, they see Ino fussing over her Kiba-kun.
"You have your pills? Are you wearing the senbon launcher the Prince gave you on your birthday?"
"Yes, and yes" Kiba smiles at his bride’s fussiness. "You really do love and support me." He grinned and she kissed him for luck.
"Hey Kiba, Ino" Tsume calls out to her pups. "Look who came to wish you luck and see you kick butt!" She gestures behind her.
"Majesty, Hokage, Elders!" They both bow to show respect.
"So Kiba, are you ready for the trials of the Hunters?" Shikaku asked as the Jonin commander this test course interests him the most. He is always looking for young talent to fill the ranks.
"Yes sir! I have already maxed out the PT test and am waiting my turn on the obstacle and tracking course" Kiba responded.
"Oh Domina Anko, the Prince said you might be able to school me on proper tranqs and para drugs for my senbon skills?" He asked.
"He did? “Well let's make a deal, you earn that tab, and I will run you through Anko's terror class of poisons 101" She smiled at him.
Ino then asked if the Prince had started his course yet?
"Yes, he was running towards station 5 when we left for here." Sasame said smiling about her man.
"Station 5, that's 10 miles already" Kiba said amazed.
"Well, he wants to beat Lady Shizune record of 6 hours 10 minutes." Sakura said.
"If he doesn't his residency will be hell to pay," Tsunade and Mika both cackled evilly.
"Kiba Inuzuka!" The Hunter Captain called "Your up!"
"On the line, here is your evidence scroll you got two hours" looking at his watch "GO!"
Kiba opened the scroll smelled the item to get a good lock on and resealed it to avoid losing the sent marker. He then took off into the forest. after getting a trace scent ahead. After they all cheered him off the starting line, they went back to the Tea house to check on Naruto.
Kurenai was extremely happy to hear how Naruto had used a Genjutsu to soothe a panicked patient to sleep when he wasn't allowed to use a sedative, due to allergies. Then the betting began. Kushina put 2k each on Naruto and Kiba to finish first and best times in their courses. Tsume did too but hers were 1k each. Hiashi sat with his daughters as they had tea and cinnamon buns. Sakura and Mibuki sat with Hana cheering the boys on. At station 9, Naruto had to stabilize a critically wounded patient, and set up an IV drip. He then summoned Yin and unsealed a self-made ambulance covered wagon to be pulled by wolves. The patient treated for his wound was strapped in secured and the IV rack locked in place. Yin strapped in her harness, and she was ready. Together they ran full on to the tenth and final station, with his patient in tow.
"What the hell, is that your doing, Lady Tsunade?" Asuma asked in amazement.
"Nope that is all Naru-kun. Once when they were small and practicing tree walking Shion fell hurting her leg. Well Naruto being who he is made a drag litter with sticks and his own robe and between Yin and his self they brought her to me. He then decided to make a patient wagon for his brides because he worried so much. Naru-kun sat up all night with Dominus Ebisu till he perfected his wolf towed ambulance." Shizune explained.
An hour later Kiba and Ino showed up smiling as he was finished with his test, wearing his ONBU Tab pinned on his shoulder.
"Report at station 10, The Prince defended his patient against 3 enemies. He was duel wielding yantocs." At this Yugao did her happy dance.
"HA! Boar now owes me 600 Ryu" she exclaims.
"My, my Sovereign Martial, are we proud of our student Prince" Anko teased.
Yugao scoffed "He was only against 3 enemies, if he would have lost it would have been basic training all over again!" she claimed.
"Let's go to the East Gate and cheer him to the finish line!" Shion declared.
"Yes, I want to see his patient to Tsunade said and Shizune ran out "me too!"
At the Gate, the girls all line up to cheer on their man. Naruto appears round the curve jogging with Yin pulling the cart. It was painted white with a Red Cross on all four sides denoting it a medical vehicle. Naruto is keeping a careful watch on his patient. He climbed in and checked his patient’s vitals and IV drip and logging his findings on a clipboard he jumped back out to relieve the weight pull on Yin. Crossing the finish line, he parks his patient to the check in proctors. Giving them his medical notes and report.
"Time, 5 hours 22 minutes a new record!" A nurse calls the completion time.
Naruto is glomped by his brides as the Tsunade, Shizune, Mika and his Resident Master, Dr Chow all run to check on his patient. Review his notes, chart and grade his E.M.T. skills. The Four Doctors were in awe at the skill level of the Prince's medical work. They re-read his mission scroll to double check the graded standards were completed. His perfect record keeping, the placement and care of the IV even after the 4-mile run the patient was safe secure and medically sound. The bandaged wound is mixed with an herbal compress to keep infection down and germs out of the abdominal wound. They were more than pleased.
"Perfect Prince just perfect, Doctors anything to add, critiques, or praises?" Mika asked of the medical board present. The Doctors all signed off on his Certificate, Dr Chow, Director Mika and Asuma signs as the next Hokage. Giving the Certificate to Tsunade along with a wooden box. Mika speaks up.
"It is a tradition that as his residency Master, Dr Chow and the Director me, and the Hokage all witness to the completion of the E.M.B. skills course we have the Honor to sign off on Prince Naruto Uzumaki-Namakaze's Certificate. I hereby proclaim you an Expert Medic!" The crowd and Brides all cheer.
"Lady Tsunade as the Medic's Master, the honor of the pinning is yours!" Tsunade opens the box and takes out the badge. The badge was made of silver. It was a medic's stretcher in a horizontal position with two snakes wrapped around a Shepard’s staff center on the stretcher vertically, facing each other representing the poisons and being safe and secure with the person's care. This is the medical community’s main symbol. Tsunade places the badge with pride on Naruto's uniform and grins. She smashes the pins through his shirt into his flesh!
"Next!" she says as Director Mika walks up and palms the badge firmly into his chest, lastly Dr. Chow does the same as Naruto's brides all cringe. Then Shizune walks up smiling deviously,
"Oh beat my record!" She punches the badge now showing blood slowly weeping on the white tee.
"The pinning, the bloodied sting to remind the medic of his or her oath. This tradition goes back to Mito Uzumaki Senju as she was the one who set up the program." Director Mika tells all as Hinata, Haku and Sakura fussed over there man, scowling about dumb ass traditions.
Only one other person completed the Course coming in at 7 hours 45 minutes. Out of the 10 who started only 2 finished.
The commissioning banquette went well with the Top Honors going to Naruto for his record setting E.M.B. run and Kiba for earning the best time in the ONBU Tab course, giving him a spot in the prestigious Hunters Company. Kushina and Tsume were happily counting their winnings as proud mothers. Tsunade, Shizune, and Jiraiya, all watched with pride as their blonde bundle of joy, reached adulthood and receiving his commission as a Medical Warrant Officer.
Hanging around the ice cream bar, Tenten is enjoying her 2nd strawberry sundae, "mmmmmm, this is sooo good. Kami I'm going to be fat."
"You know we will do this again tomorrow, with Shino and Renni's Shield Ceremony." Tamari giggles at Tenten's face realizing her calorie intake had just tripled.
Tenten locks eyes on to her man and walks seductively over to Negji, swaying her hips. She puts her finger in the sundae and sensually places it in Negji's open mouth. He licks her finger by reflex as she grins and winks at him. "I expect you to help me burn off these extra calories, mister."
"That, I can do my love." Negji gives a knowing smile back to her. She gives him a quick kiss on the lips.
Naruto gives Negji a fist bump as Tamari hangs on him and whispers in his ear, "You will get yours too, don't you worry about that, itoushi." she kisses his cheek and smiles deviously at his facial reaction. Anko and Kurenai both busted out laughing at the girl's antics.
The next day at the Shield Ceremony, the Aburame couple, being the most stoic, clearly had the largest cheering section. Wearing the police's Navy BDU's looked rather well with their newly earned Shield badge and ever-present sunglasses. Their baseball type cap showing the rank of Jonson (patrolman) finished off the professional look of the Leaf's finest in blue.
During the banquette, Shino asked Naruto, "So Prince, what is your status now?"
"I'm a Warrant Officer in the Med-corp. Reserves here in Konoha and a Full time Medical student at the Royal University's Senju School of Medicine." Naruto answered.
"Naru-kun, Hinata-chan, Haku-chan, and I are all medical students there. We will be also minoring in Diplomacy." Sakura added.
"That sounds logical. To continue your medical training and prepare for your ruling coronation in the future." Shino acknowledges and Renni nods.
"Auntie Tsunade and Director Mika Certified Konoha General to be a Teaching Hospital for the Royal University. Now we can do our Clinicals and residency here in the spring and summer breaks just like in the past." Naruto added smiling.
"What about the rest of your Brides? What is their plan?" Ino asked.
"Kurotsuchi and Tamari are studying Politics and a minor in Sociology. As my eldest and first they will represent me more in Court. My lovely Shion is following in her mom's footsteps, and studies at the Temple to be a Priestess." Naruto commented.
"Sasame and Yugito-chan are studying Law, Business and Tax laws. While they are still in school, Hanabi-chan and Fu-chan want to be teachers." Kurotsuchi finished.
Two days later, the Transference of the Hokage title:
Naruto and his Brides watch as Chikiku, the Fire Monk presides over Asuma's inauguration. His father Hiruzen gracefully steps down to be a full-time grandpa. The list of guests included the Kages and Daimyos of the surrounding countries.
"Papa!" Yugito runs to hug Reikage at the reception. It was a happy tearful re-union as Fu too hugs her father/brother figure. Kurotsuchi and Onoki sat together, and she was wondering if the old goat would ever retire.
This was definitely a full summer. The senior R.O.C.S. camp to include the E.M.B. course. The commissions and shieldings, then a new Hokage. Naruto was about worn out as he ever was when he climbed into the onsen and closed his eyes. Soon he feels a warm body lean against his right side. He smiles. "Hello my hime"
Looking over he sees all of his brides as if it was Yugito who was being extra clingy. "You miss your family and friends?" he asked softly as she climbs in his lap and nibbles on his neck.
"Yes, I do itoushi, but I love you more. Just let me snuggle, ok?" She sniffles.
"Sure thing, how about you all share the bed tonight, we need some extra bonding time with this busy summer behinds us?" He suggests and all the Brides smile brightly and nods as they all gather to snuggle.
Kurenai as the door guard sighs and shakes her head. "All of them, thank Kami they have sound seals."
Hearing this Yugao laughs at Kurenai's woe, "Glad I didn't pull door duty tonight."
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