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Robophilia sexual story

by Gynoidgirl 0 reviews

a girl called norabel from NicarĂ¡gua buys a sex robot online(sexual story)

Category: Erotica - Rating: G - Genres: Erotica,Fantasy - Warnings: [X] - Published: 2024-01-21 - 117 words

nora was sitting on the chair looking at the computer she had just made a purchase online, she had bought a male sex robot to satisfy her desires, so she would have to wait a few minutes for the delivery to arrive

After about 5 minutes the product arrived, she went to the door, the delivery man gave her a box with the robot inside, she took it and then closed the door, she went to her room and opened the box and saw the robot she wanted so much. In a hurry, she took off her pants and made the robot lie on the bed and sat on top of the robotic dick and the masturbation began
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