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Stand - up series is my one of series I plan to upload here.In this series protagonist is in a world where emotions is still mystery and uncontrollable thing while few did control it , they are on ...

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View of the city from sky as large buildings and few empty fields are visible This world which seems normal at first glance... isn't "normal". People here have tendency to lose control or are now born without any control on their emotions...few lose control on them...while fee can't even experience them anylonger and new childs... probably won't get to even feel them
But there were few who slowly, slightly but for sure gained control over their emotions and are on their way to let others feel the same ...and this is story of a certain one who was one of them

"Let's welcome Mr.Max on the stage" the spund of claps fills the room as Max , the stand up comedian also host of certain show, makes appearance on the stage thanking the host to let him take spotlight as he starts his "not so best" show
Max : Hello everyone...hope ypu are having nice life... don't know why you chose to attend today we are
.... anyway Have you all heard of Anime?...i suppose most of here already did...right?
Max: So today let's keep it small and not so "detail" one and start the journey to the Emotions.
You know WoT ...War on Titan....their fandom take pride in the show...if you talk shit you're getting laid... literally
Gets shot by shoe on body
See ... thanks for gift Mr.Unknown picks it up taking it to back of stage Free shoes,free money
Back to topic....The first thing they say as response is.... Yeah....Shitty show my feet...and the threat for da Rumbling
In other words getting step one dislikes it as long as it's girl though---
cough Little side from story there but... what's main problem for few shows is...just their fandom....apart from R34---
...Ok no more seriousness...takes out note second and last for today is....Money Robbery ... You know governor's name from the bank they looted...
... it's Urbaneja Mario...
How he introduces himself in meeting
"It'sa Mee...MariO"

Thanks for your time ...see ya again in another show peace peace
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