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'The Show'

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Stand-up guy who also hosts show to help audience feel different emotion - Anger by speaking his views on controversial topics.

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"Hello evryone to my show ... the one ehich eill let you feel anger as i speak on the topics you can fight on" chuckles slightly as Max takes the mic in hands and continues hosting the show "It's mine because this show has already proved quite dangerous for this ...hall and to tell you audience that I'm solely responsible for this not the management staff of here" nods slightly and goes to the box near edge of stage and pucks out small piece of paper
"Ah the first topic - Society (Indian society to be precise)...well there's lot to say on this topic... let's start with most burning topic of right now...Feminism and the equality...Topic which feminist and whole media is milking for this many years and we ..I too shall enjoy this opportunity. " Takes out note and starts slowly walking on stage and continues
"Women are equal,must have same rights , should be paid equal...or should be paid what they deserve... that's my thoughts at end though" Slightly raised eyebrow with little smile on lip "it won't hurt anyone here right?...if it does you're soft one man...hell is ahead better be ready for the ride" Clears throat "Women are there to play the role of foundation of family,matured enough to take decisions in early years or starting of relationship/marriage , and are weak in eyes of society " "and here's where things get interesting...If certain female is the victim of 'forced intercourse ' they're the ones who have to hide face in this society, if their face gets burned by acid thrown on them ,by some dude who was in 'love' with her or out of jealousy or envy, they are ones who are ashamed...that shouldn't be the case but this practice is buried in their mentality,in their roots, which is why it's there and things probably won't change for many upcoming decades" ... "There's saying supress the strongs ones from birth so they don't develop stronger and surpass you,...ehich is case in my POV ,maybe because this is why women are considered 'weak' in society... Atleast physically and Mentally...and second...every human being is different so that shouldn't apply to every man and woman as well"
"Well considering how things are in west it's not that painful...for men that is ... imagine going to court for your baby to prove you're biology father of that son/daughter and after many times at court you hear "Mr.Name You are.....not his/her father" would hurt ...deep... especially when you enjoyed that time as parent to them..." "There are some things better in west for that...but... that's a lot and second... I'm not female " spreads hand and slightly smiles at audience and goes to box at edge again picking out another piece of paper
"Ah it's racism----"

Author : "End of CH2 ....see ya all later"

I will probably complete this in manga/anime in future will be nice filler you know...and not everything must be revealed too early... especially the jokes ...which might be too bad considering my sense of humour and my creativity....will disappoint you all at that time then
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