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Chapter Twenty-Five: Ganondra’s Punishment

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Chapter Twenty-Five: Ganondra’s Punishment

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It was warm when Lila stirred. Sleep was reluctant to release its hold on her. Slowly, random memories came to her: Her fight with Zale; Lady Ganondra beating her half to death; relaxing in the hot spring; and finally, Lady Ganondra's fiery eyes as she ordered her capture.

Her breathing quickened, and her eyes fluttered. She felt shackles binding her wrists behind her. Orange and red lit the area. All around her was stone and iron.

"No," she exhaled. "No, no, no, no."

"Lila," Zale's calm voice came from behind her. His soft hands held hers. "I'm here, Lila. We will get out of here."

Lila shook her head. "You don't understand!" She glanced around and saw two guards with their backs to them. She kept her voice low. "This is Lady Ganondra's dungeon. Any... anyone who comes down here... No one leaves alive. Ever."

Zale soothed, "Lila, don't panic. I trust you. I know you will get us out of here."

Lila closed her eyes tight. "No, no, no. It's not possible. No one has ever..."

"Lila, you will do it. Have courage. You will—"

"No! I told you, it's not possible! I can't be the Hero of Courage. I'm too scared. I'm terrified. There's no possible way... I don't have any hint of courage."

"Lila, courage is not being unafraid. You can't even have courage without fear. Real courage comes from fighting, even though the fear says not to."

Lila whimpered. "You don't understand. It's impossible. We can never leave this place alive. We're dead. We're dead. We're dead..." she mumbled over and over.

"No, you'll see! I believe in you!" Zale's words couldn't stop her. All he could do was squeeze her hand.

Keys jangled. Lila cringed as she was uncuffed from the pole she and Zale sat against. A jailer yanked her to her feet. She kept her eyes on the floor, but she could see Zale's feet close by. They were led out of the dungeon and through part of the castle. By sound alone, Lila knew they stopped in Lady Ganondra's ceremony room. A part of her wondered why.

"What is this?" Zale asked boldly. Lila heard him get slapped.

"Silence!" snapped a jailer.

"No. Tell us what's going on!"

For his defiance, the woman punched him in the stomach. Lila felt for her friend but knew she could do nothing.

Lila and Zale were chained to iron rings in the center of a magic circle, and the women left. The door closed with heavy finality.

Zale groaned, "Lila, snap out of it. Now's our chance!"

"We have no ch—"

"Shut up!" he said. "If you keep thinking that way, then no, we have no chance. But look! That's the Master Sword! The Sword's magic can help you save us."

Lila finally looked up. A broken stone pedestal was near them, with a sword, point down, in the rock. The hilt and crossguard were lavender, and light green ribbon wrapped around the grip. The crossguard looked somewhat like wings.

"If you can reach it, you can pull it out and break these chains. Come on, you have to try!"

Slowly, she processed what he was saying.

"If you don't, Ganondra will win, and everyone will die."

She still didn't move.

"I will die," Zale emphasized.

Lila brought herself to her knees. With her wrists bound to the floor, the task seemed nigh impossible. But she had to try for Zale. She maneuvered around so that one hand held the iron ring while the other reached out. Her fingertips brushed the hilt.

"I can't, it's too far," she despaired.

"No, you have a little bit of slack," Zale pointed out. "Try again."

Lila stretched until it felt like her skin would tear. Zale was right. This time her hand wrapped around a part of the crossguard. She pushed it upward with every drop of strength in her.

Zale encouraged, "That's it! It's moving!"

The door opened. Lady Ganondra saw what was happening and shouted, "No!"

Lila freed the sword. It almost launched out of her grasp, but she snatched onto the blade. She ignored the pain and flipped it around. Then she brought it down on Zale's chain.


He did, straight into Lady Ganondra's stomach. His distraction gave Lila enough time to free herself. She slashed at Lady Ganondra's arms to let Zale get away.

"Stop! Do not defy me!"

Lady Ganondra cradled one injured arm and reached with the other. Her fingers just missed Lila's hood.

"This way!" she yelled to Zale. Without question, he rushed after her.

Many times they were blocked by Gerudo women. The first time there were only two, so Lila quickly disarmed them and gave a sword to Zale. He helped her fight sometimes, and other times she led them in a different direction. Finally, they escaped into the night.

When they neared the borders of the city, they heard battling. They rounded a corner to see Hylians fiercely fighting against Gerudo. Lila and Zale cut their way through to friendly lines. Lila turned around to join them, but Zale grabbed her arm.

"You need to recover. My people will be all right."

Tired of arguing, Lila surrendered to his reasoning. They continued to run over the vast desert. Supply wagons were at the back of the Hyrule army, so that's what they aimed for.

Cries came up from soldiers behind them. Lila and Zale turned to see Lady Ganondra barreling towards them on a large boar. The boar's tusks knocked everyone aside.

Lady Ganondra yelled, "You filthy rat! Prepare for death!"

The boar knocked Zale into the air and stopped Lila between its tusks. Suddenly she found it hard to breathe again. The Master Sword wobbled in her hand. Lady Ganondra raised a bow, the arrow aimed at Lila’s heart.

Enraged Hylians attacked Lady Ganondra and the boar, sufficiently ruining her shot. The boar writhed in pain. Its tusks knocked Lila side to side until her legs buckled and she fell backward. Unseen hands pulled her away from the monster. Her head swam, and she couldn't open her eyes properly.

"Lila!" Zale's voice sounded oddly distant.

"Prince Zale, stay back! Get to the escort!"

"Not until I know she's safe!"

"She won't be safe with you hovering over her. We'll get her to the escort, and then we leave. Got it?"

"Let me help—"

"No! Forgive me, my Prince, but are you stupid? Your ribs are likely broken and..."

The words started fading from Lila's grasp. It wasn't long until she no longer understood anything around her. All she felt were vibrations in the ground. Eventually, sleep forced its power over her.
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