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Chapter Twenty-Seven: The Trial of Light

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Chapter Twenty-Seven: The Trial of Light

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Lila and Zale walked through the forest for several minutes before Lila said, "What exactly are we supposed to be doing?"

Zale answered, "I'm afraid I don't know. The only records we have are that the Trial of Light exists; we have no other details."

"Well, maybe we should stop walking, so we don't get lost," she suggested.

"Perhaps..." he said.

"Are you sure you're okay? You're talking weird."

He chuckled, "Of course I'm okay. Actually, I feel quite relaxed."

"I think that's the problem," she muttered.

"Let's continue. Maybe we'll come across the trial soon."

The two resumed walking. The forest was so dark, it seemed to be nighttime. The only light came from Zale. Lila wished he wasn't glowing; he might attract monsters. She kept her new sword ready.

As she predicted, monsters eventually found them. She heard them before she saw them. Three gray wolves burst from the trees around Lila and Zale.

"Stay behind me," Lila ordered, slashing at the attackers. She tried to maneuver to one side of the group, but the wolves jumped to either side, surrounding them again. She and the wolves observed each other carefully. Unfortunately, she couldn't find a safer place for Zale.

Lila dropped her guard for one second, and a wolf leaped at Zale. He held up one hand, palm flat, facing the wolf. The wolf stopped in its tracks and whimpered, but it didn't try to run or attack. Lila ignored her questions for the time being and focused on the other two.

The wolf on the right attacked first. Lila swung her sword down on it, but the second wolf landed on her back and crunched her shoulder. She screamed and switched her sword to her right hand so she could reach it. She clenched her jaw to fight the pain. Aiming where she thought the wolf's head was, she stabbed her sword behind her.

Her aim proved true. The wolf couldn't even whimper as it died. Lila glanced at Zale, saw that he was in the same position as the third wolf, and returned her attention to the first wolf. The wolf growled and barked at Lila, and she growled back.

She was clumsy with her right hand, but Nabooru had made sure she practiced in it a few times. She swiped her sword at the wolf, hitting its neck but without enough force to kill it. The wolf bit down on her right leg. With one more slash, she killed the beast.

That left the wolf with Zale. It seemed to be frozen as a gold light flowed to it from Zale's palm. Lila didn't take any chances and swung down on its neck. The sword cut clean through, and the wolf vanished in a cloud of sparkles.

Lila glanced around, looking for any more threats. When she deemed it safe, she collapsed next to Zale.

"You... okay?" she wheezed.

Zale's eyes were wide. "I'm fine, but... Lila! Let me help stitch you up. Do you have any medical supplies?" He pulled the collar of her shirt down to see chainmail, a little bit dented but intact. He sighed and pulled up her pant leg instead.

"I'll be okay," Lila said but pulled out a roll of bandage anyway. Zale cleaned and wrapped her leg while she chugged down some water.

"The teeth didn't penetrate very deep," Zale said, "but we'll have to clean and dress it properly when we get back. Come on, let's go to the camp."

"If you think I'm giving up, you're wrong."

"But you shouldn't walk on that leg, much less fight!"

Lila tested her leg while she insisted, "I started this trial, and I will finish it. Like you said, if I fail I die."

Zale bit his lip. He sighed, and Lila helped him to his feet. "I guess so."

"Plus, you have your weird light thing. That was awesome, by the way! How did you do that?"

"I don't know," he replied. "It was like my hand moved on its own, something telling me how to do it."

Lila limped through the forest, and Zale leaned on her for support. She worried that he seemed weaker and the light stronger, but didn't let it stop her. Yet.

Something fell from above and forced them to the ground. Using her hand to lift the something, she discovered a sticky white web. Five spiders the size of her torso dangled above them on thin silk. Lila quickly freed her and Zale from the web.

"Deelers, huh?" Zale remarked as though watching birds in Hyrule field.

"Um, don't know if you noticed, but they're trying to kill us."

As though in response, the deelers started swinging faster and faster. Lila took her sword to the closest one. To her surprise, her sword hit a hard shell on its back and bounced away. The deeler next to it rammed its shell into Lila's head, sending her staggering. The other three jumped to the ground toward Zale. As calm as can be he pointed at the closest one. A ball of light the size of his fingernail shot out and hit the deeler in the soft belly. The deeler died in a puff.

Lila changed strategy in her mind. She timed her next attack to hit the weak area. Her patience paid off, and the deeler disappeared. She dodged the one remaining suspended and killed it also.

"Ahh!" Zale cried out, falling to the ground. He had killed his second one, but the last deeler was on his back, biting over and over. Lila ran to him. Carefully she aimed below the deeler's shell but above Zale's back. Then she thrust her sword through.

With the threat gone, Lila examined Zale. He lay on his stomach, breathing heavily with his eyes shut tight. His shirt was torn in a circle covering his whole back, so Lila ripped it off.

"Looks like the deeler had teeth all around its shell," Lila observed quietly. Zale had no reply. Yellowish pus mixed with his blood in the small punctures. I hope he's not poisoned... She quickly went to work cleaning each wound. The pus washed away easily and the bites scabbed over. By the time she was done, Zale's breathing had returned to normal.

"Thank you," he said shakily, finally opening his eyes. "Let's keep going."

He groaned as Lila helped him up. When they faced one another, she blushed at his bare chest.

"I'm sorry," she said, turning away. "I ruined your shirt."

Zale looked at the rags on the ground that used to be his shirt. "Well, not much we can do about it now..."

Without another word, Lila led on. A while later they entered a clearing. Lila cast her eyes about, sensing danger.

"What's wrong?" Zale asked.


From the trees on the other side of the clearing, seven bokoblins walked toward the pair, sneering and chortling as they waved their clubs about.

"You picked the wrong fight," Zale told the bokoblins.

Lila added, "Yeah, a fight with me!"

She charged forward, slaying each bokoblin she came across. However, there were so many that several slipped past her defense. They raised their clubs to attack Zale. Zale made a fist with his hand. A golden light orb surrounded him, and the clubs all bounced off harmlessly.

"Zale!" Lila cried and turned around for another attack. The bokoblins continued assaulting the orb in vain, but because they were distracted, it was easier for Lila to kill them. Two or three of the smaller ones got in hits to Lila before they were all gone.

Zale released his fist, causing the orb to vanish. Lila caught him as his knees buckled. He looked pale.

"Zale," Lila said quietly, "are you okay?"

He just nodded, so she didn't believe him. But there wasn't time to worry about him. Nine gray wolves emerged from the trees, all growling with malice.

"Um, Zale... Can you do that shield thing again?" Lila sat him on the ground and readied her sword. The wolves slowly stalked closer and closer. What could she possibly do to protect them from nine wolves when she had trouble with three?

A calm determination settled over her. She wouldn't let Zale die because of her. Moving by instinct, she closed her eyes and raised the Master Sword to the sky. The triangles on her hand burned stronger than ever. The sword's blade glowed blue, the light rising from the hilt. At the precise right moment, Lila swept her sword down and spun on her toes. She was a whirlwind batting the wolves away like toys. Each wolf tried attacking her again but met with her blade. All nine wolves died at her hand.

Lila dropped to the ground, exhausted. Some magic had helped her, but now it was gone. She looked for Zale... and found him lying on the ground. She pushed herself to his side and held his hand. He was still breathing and didn't appear injured, but his eyes were closed and his breathing was weak. The light was bright as the sun.

"No... Zale..." Tears stung her eyes before they fell down her cheeks. "Stay with me. You can't die..."

Leaves rustled through the clearing as large wings stirred the air below the owl, Kaepora Gaebora. Lila's sorrow burst into rage.

"You! It's your fault! You're the one who did this to him!" She took up her sword and staggered toward the owl.

"Lila..." Zale's voice stopped her in her tracks. She turned around to see him getting to a sitting position. She glanced at the owl but decided to go back to Zale's side. "I'll be fine, Lila."

"You have succeeded," declared Kaepora Gaebora. "Daughter of Courage, fear not for Prince Zale. He – and yourself – will recover with a bit of rest. Before that, I have a reward for both of you. Zale, I believe you know what to do."

"Um, I guess I do," Zale replied. He brought his hands together with a look of concentration on his face. Slowly, he pulled his hands away. As he did so, the gold light shone brightly between his palms. It formed into a crossbow. The light remaining in Zale disappeared into the crossbow.

He smiled up at Lila and said, "Try it." She looked at him in confusion.

"How? There are no arrows."

Zale stood and held the bow with a firm stance. He brought his hand up where the arrow would rest, then pulled back. An arrow appeared, made of the same light. He let the arrow fly into the dark forest. The air shimmered behind the arrow until it was out of sight.

"As long as your heart remains pure, Son of Wisdom, you will hold power over this weapon," said the owl. "Now for the Daughter of Courage. It isn't as grand, but you will find this weapon hides its own surprises. Treat it well." He tucked one wing under the other and then pulled out a plain wooden bow and leather quiver. Lila opened the quiver to find twenty of the finest arrows.

Zale and Lila bowed.

"Thank you for such wonderful gifts," said Zale. They stood tall once more.

"Lila, Hero of Courage, you have passed the Trial of Light. Now you may rest as I transport you to safety."

Lila and Zale felt their eyelids get very heavy. After sharing a smile, they collapsed into a deep sleep.
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