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Chapter Thirty-One: Real Courage

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Chapter Thirty-One: Real Courage

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Lila's spine tingled as she turned around slowly. There was the Shadow Chieftess herself, looking like she had just watched something very entertaining.

"Well done, Lila, well done," Ganondra lauded. "For a moment there I thought Kotake had you. Tell me, why didn't you freeze?"

Lila coughed out a laugh. "Thanks to you I have some Chainmail that is Impervious. Comes in handy."

"So it seems." Ganondra sighed, "It will be such a pity to see it destroyed along with you, but maybe it'll be all that's left of your corpse."

Raising her sword and shield, Lila shouted, "It's time for your tyranny to end!" She charged. Ganondra didn't move so she knew she made the wrong move. Without a way for her to stop in time, Ganondra easily back-handed her out of the way. Lila fell back, feeling the fear return. She fought it and stood. Ganondra still hadn't moved.

"You don't really expect it to be that easy, do you?" she mocked. "Come now, show me what you've learned."

Lila tried to not let her into her head. She was just another dungeon boss, not the most terrifying woman alive. She would defeat Ganondra so Zale didn't have to be lonely. She took another deep breath and approached, slower this time.

Ganondra said, "That's more like it. Unfortunately for you, I have business elsewhere. There's a prince that needs to be killed."

"No!" Lila cried, but Ganondra was already a shadowy cloud speeding away. It was like Ganondra knew what Lila was thinking and directly hit her weak spot. Lila sheathed her sword and ran after the cloud but lost sight of it quickly. She hoped she could reach the field in time to save Zale.

She couldn't live without him.

Lila didn't bother with the secret passage this time and ran straight through the city, pushing away anyone in her path with her shield. She may have been cut a time or twenty, but she ignored it all. Only Zale mattered. The only thought she had was killing Ganondra before she killed her prince. Running wasn’t fast enough, and there were too many obstacles. Lila used her hookshot to get on top of the nearest roof. Then she ran across the roof and used her hookshot again to get to the next rooftop. Finally, she made it to Hyrule Field.

Bodies of all races and creatures littered Hyrule Field, but Lila didn't spare them a thought. She searched the battle until she saw Ganondra. To her surprise, she stood in the middle of the field, facing the city and grinning wickedly. Had she tricked her? It didn't matter; Ganondra was going to die.

An area had cleared of all fighting around Ganondra. Lila didn't know if she was using magic or if she was that intimidating. Lila drew her sword before she reached her.

"This is it, my pet," Ganondrda said. "You have fought against me long enough. It is time for your final punishment!" This time she charged at Lila with her two enormous black swords. Lila had never seen her move so fast. It took all of her might to block Ganondra and then throw her back, only for her to attack again. If this kept up, Lila would never get in a strike. She had to change the tempo. She had to find a way to knock Ganondra off her guard. Carefully, she watched and waited. Each blow jarred her arms, adding to her pain.

There! A spot opened up and she twisted to the side. Her sword struck Ganondra in the back.

Ganondra jumped away and growled, "Time to die, pest." She tried to start the barrage again, but this time Lila moved the other way. Ganondra’s momentum when she stopped made her lean forward, almost falling. Lila had time to hit her back again. Ganondra threw out her arm, sending Lila flying. It took her a second to recover, and Ganondra stood over her by the time she did. Lila didn't let her get her, though, and thrust with her sword. They battled again, and this time Lila kept up. She got in a few more wounds on Ganondra until she used magic to throw Lila back.

Lila was still on the ground when Ganondra was upon her. Ganondra kicked Lila’s sword out of reach from her outstretched arm and then kicked her in the stomach. She felt the blood rising to her mouth before she coughed it up. She couldn't get her eyes to focus. Was this the end?

Ganondra crushed her sword hand with her boot and Lila screamed from the intense pain. Ganondra was laughing now, but Lila could see that the chieftess was weaker than before. If she could just get up, she might be able to finish her.

The Shadow Chieftess spat out some blood and bile. "Stop your fighting, Lila. You know I have won. Hyrule belongs to me, now, and it's all thanks to you. Such a good spy, even if you turned on me in the end." She laughed again, watching Lila struggle to her knees. She was seeing spots where the blackness didn't rim her vision. Every breath hurt, every movement hurt, but she wouldn't let Ganondra beat her. Not this time. She finally grasped the Master Sword in her right hand when she heard a small grunt from her old leader.

Lila looked up to see an arrow made entirely of light protruding from Ganondra’s chest. Her face contorted in anger and pain as she fell to his knees. Lila held her sword tightly and approached. Ganondra punched her, but she ignored it. She couldn't hurt her – or Zale – ever again. Lila plunged the Master Sword right through her heart.

Then Lila collapsed.

Her ears were ringing, but the pain was gone. Zale's face hovered in her vision. He was talking, but she couldn't hear. He held her. Tears poured down his face. Lila closed her eyes, content that he was alive.

Zale clutched his love to his chest. He could barely feel her pulse, and she didn't react to anything he said or did. He didn't care that they were in the mud next to the Dragon of the Desert's corpse. The Master Sword glowed with an ethereal light on its blade, which had appeared right after he shot the arrow. But was his arrow too late? The light of both slowly faded as Ganondra’s body turned to stone.

Dried blood caked around Lila's mouth. She had numerous cuts, bruises, and burns over every patch of skin he could see. Her tunic and hat were ruined almost beyond repair. Can I repair her? He worried she had lost too much blood already.

The sounds of battle slowed around them. With Ganondra dead, the survivors that followed her surrendered or retreated. Some of Zale's allies ran to them: his personal servant and guard, Salvatore; a Zora medic; and a couple of his other retainers. He didn't let go of Lila until the Zora told him to lay her flat.

He leaned his forehead against hers, his tears spilling onto her face, and whispered, "You promised me you'd come back. Come back to me, Lila. Come back."

By this time the sword's light had completely faded, and Ganondra was now entirely made of stone. Some sort of magic made a heart-shaped object made of ruby and gold appear. Zale remembered the only other time he saw one and his spirits lifted. The heart burst into red and gold sparkles, which then entered Lila's body. She took a few shaky, deep breaths, but didn't wake.

The Zora checked her pulse. "She's doing better. What was that magic?"

Zale's voice cracked as he answered, "An object that only appears to the Hero after a great battle."

The medic nodded with interest. "We need to get her out of here," he said soberly. "She may be stable, but not for long. She's still losing blood."

The group rushed Lila to the medical tents. Salvatore had the forethought to bring her gear.
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