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Zip and Miss Circle.

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From The Fundamental Paper Educaton.

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Zip runs. Someone has been chasing him but he didn't have the time to turn around. Unfortunately, he reached a dead end and the person followed him in the dead end. It was Miss Circle..
"There you are. Why were you running from me?" She said in a seductive tone.
"Uh i uh i dont know-" Zip stuttered.
"I need you to do something for me, Zip. If you fail to mke m cum, I'll have to kill you~. Your life is on the line~."
"a..ah.. but this is a hallway…"
"ugh." Miss Circle Takes him to an empty classroom. "Begin"
Zip hesitates.
"Times ticking~" She says.
Finally, Zip takes of Miss Circle's shirt and she isn't wearing a bra. Zip starts to grope them but Miss Circle looks bored. Then, he tries sucking them and he gets a little too excited. He starts taking off her skirt and she hs no panties. She isn't even wet. Zip french kisses her and starts bringing his fingers. He puts his fingers in Miss Circle's pussy and she starts getting wet. Zip takes this as an opportunity and goes deeper. Miss Circle notices he is erect and starts to take of his pants.
"Let me give you a blowjob." She says. Miss Circle starts licking the tip of Zip's dick an drinks the precum. She starts to suck his manhood.
"ang hhh haa" Zip can barely talk. Without warning, Miss Circle Shoves all of his member in her mouth.
"Haa... im coming!" Zip shouts. Miss circle doesn't care and she lets his cum go into her throat.
"Thats pretty good. Time for the last part." Zip's cock is stil hard and he know what to do. he only has 10 minutes left an he really doesn't want to die. He thrusts his cock into her and she moans. It feels so good.
"Haaaa.. im gonna-!"
"Me too! just do it inside!"
Miss Circle lets out a loud moan and her eyes roll to the back of her head. She and Zip are panting and trembling.
"Excellent... you may live. lets do this every Monday.." She cleans up, dresses, and leaves. Zip's mind is fuzzy as he walks home. He just had sex with his math teacher.
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