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Chapter Seven: The Past Can Kill You

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Chapter Seven: The Past Can Kill You

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The sun was coming up by the time Lila’s captors reached a cave that led into a large mound-like hill. The hill and nearby area were cleared of trees. Lila guessed the trees had been cut down to make the blins’ weapons. Upon entering the cave, a smell assaulted her so strongly that it made her eyes water. She gagged but tried to hide it, not wanting to provoke her honor guard. She struggled to breathe for a few seconds, but they didn’t stop. In all of the places she had been, none smelled as bad as this one.

They passed through many corridors and down several stairs. Wooden support beams created crevices where various blin were hiding. Lila tried to keep track of their path, but the smell made it hard to concentrate, and the darkness made it hard to see how many side passages there were. It didn’t take long for her to become completely lost.

Eventually, they entered a large chamber, lit up brighter than the hallways had been. Columns allowed the room to be quite big, enough for maybe four dozen people to fit comfortably. The blins guarding her finally spread out. Other blins entered the chamber from various entryways. In the center was a grand wooden throne, and on that throne sat the biggest moblin Lila had ever seen. He wore a Hylian sword around his head like a crown, as well as a cape made of fur. His reddish, pudgy body hung over the edges of the throne.

The bulblin leader kicked Lila’s legs and made her kneel. The smell was making her dizzy, so she almost fell on her face.

“You, Hero,” the chief said. “You kill many! You make suffer! Now you suffer!”

The blins around her made excited noises.

“I’m suffering enough just being here and smelling your stench,” Lila retorted.

The chief laughed. “You not even begin suffer! Take her to dungeon. I take weapons to treasury.”

Lila wished she could see which way led to the treasury, but the bulblin leader grabbed her by the arm and steered her away before the chief got off of his throne. Her chest tightened in fear, thinking about losing the Master Sword. She could think of no way to get herself out of this mess. She felt tears running down her face. That’s from the smell, she told herself stubbornly. You will find a way out of this!

But how?

“Do you have any idea where she would go?” Link asked. He, Zale, Salvatore, and three volunteers who could be spared from work rode out the town gates on horses.

Zale had already considered a number of places. “My best guess is that she went to find your Zelda,” he said so only Link could hear.

“How would she do that?” he asked with his eyebrows raised.

“My Lila is resourceful that way,” Zale replied lovingly. “She probably tried to put herself in your shoes.”

“Well, okay. I guess that makes sense.” Link turned in his saddle to address the others. “We’re heading into the eastern forest. Follow my lead.” He pushed his horse to move faster and everyone did the same.

Zale noticed how similarly he moved compared to Lila, but there were subtle differences. He was more comfortable on a horse, for one. There were also discrepancies presented because of their genders. It was surreal to see the face of someone he loved on someone else’s body. Especially a male body.

The horses had to slow as they entered the forest, so Link took the opportunity to question Zale.

“Why do you trust me?” Link asked.

“Hm? Probably because you look like someone I already trust. Why do you trust me?”

“Who says I do?” Link paused to let that sink in. Then he sighed. “I didn’t tell you all of that stuff because I wanted to. I want answers as much as you do, that’s all.”

Zale hesitated. “That’s all?”


“So you still want the Master Sword?”

“Of course. It belongs to me.”

Zale pondered the words of his green-clad companion. He didn’t think it was a bad idea to trust him, but he’d need to keep a closer eye on Link.

Suddenly, Link stopped his horse and sat up alert, bow at the ready. Zale looked around in confusion to see a blond-haired girl in a light blue dress approach from behind a tree. Seeing who it was, Link instantly lowered his guard and got off of his horse. He rushed to the girl, held her by the shoulders, and took in her ragged appearance.

“You’re safe! Are you okay?” Link asked.

The girl, Zelda, nodded. “I’m fine, but Lila… Oh Link, so much has happened!”

Link said, “I know about Lila. Let me introduce you to Zale, prince of this time.” He gestured to Zale, who was off of his horse to greet Zelda.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” Zale said to his reflection. “Sorry to rush, but, did you say you’ve met Lila?”

Zelda nodded again and said, “She was taken! She negotiated my release, but they tricked her! You have to save her!” The last she said to Link.

Zale felt the blood drain from his face. “Who took her? Where?” Panic raced through Zale’s body. He’d almost lost her once, and now she was in danger again–without being fully healed, no less! He couldn’t lose someone else. She had to be okay, You promised, he thought.

“Bulblins,” Zelda replied, practically in tears. “I think they went east, but I’m so lost in these woods.”

“Don’t worry,” Link comforted her, “we’ll find her. Can you show me where they took her?”

Zelda spread her arms. “Here. I didn’t want to get lost, so I waited here.”

Link said, “Good. I should be able to track them.” He examined the ground, and, despite the early morning light, he was able to discern what direction they were headed. “You’re right, Zelda, they went east. You can ride my horse. Zale, can you take her back to the castle?”

“I’ll be fine,” Zelda protested. “Let’s find Lila first.”

Link nodded as she mounted the horse. “Okay. Let’s get moving, then. We don’t know how far we have to go.”

Zale also mounted his horse. Then he looked down at Link and said, “Thank you.”

Link replied, “Don’t thank me yet.”
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