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Chapter Fifteen: Twins

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Chapter Fifteen: Twins

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“There you are!” Came a voice. Everyone turned to see a woman with blond hair entering the dining hall.

“Lady Fapiath,” Zale greeted. “A pleasure to see you.”

The woman bowed.

Zale continued, “This is Lila and Link.” He pointed to each in turn. “Have you eaten? Please, join us.”

Fapiath shook her head. “I have been waiting, sire. Remember? I wished to speak to Lila as soon as she was awake.”

Zale bit his lip and then replied, “I’m sorry. A lot has been on my mind.”

Fapiath sighed. “I understand.” Then she turned to Lila and bowed again. “Lady Lila, might I have a moment of your time?”

“Sure,” Lila said. “What’s this about?”

“I knew your parents,” Fapiath said unceremoniously.

Lila gaped and looked at Zale. Then she looked at Link. “Um… if you knew my parents…”

Fapiath followed Lila’s gaze and gasped. “You… you’re twins?”

“Well,” Lila said, “that’s what I was going to ask you.”

The woman shook her head. “I’m afraid I don’t know.”

“Why don’t you sit,” Zale offered again. “Tell us what you know.”

Fapiath took a chair near Link and began her tale. “We’re from Ordon Province, a fruitful region protected by the sacred being Ordona. Life there is quiet and peaceful. Your parents owned a small orchard near the north of the province. They were the most kind-hearted people I ever knew. They were always watching over the village, helping those in need, and assisting with defense against monsters. Their death was devastating.” She paused and had a faraway look in her eyes.

“What happened to them?” Lil said in a near whisper.

Fapiath continued, “It was the morning of your birth. No one knows exactly what happened, just that your home was seen in flames. Everyone thought the baby had been lost in the fire. Then I saw you on the battlefield and knew who you must be. Now it’s my turn to ask: Where have you been all this time?”

Lila found that tears welled in her eyes and wiped them away. “I was raised by the Gerudo.”

“I was raised by a woman named Rova,” Link said, startling Lila. She and Zale looked at him in surprise. “What? It’s clear they could have been my parents, too.”

“It’s true,” Fapiath said. “You both look just like them.”

“That means,” Lila said slowly, “we must be twins. And if Link and I are twins, then… does that mean…?” She looked at Zale with wide eyes.

“It’s possible that Zelda and I are twins,” Zale said, his eyes downcast in thought. “And it’s possible that Ganondra had a twin.”

“I hadn’t thought of that,” Lila said.

“That means, your father…” Link trailed off, looking at Zale.

“Is Zelda’s father,” Zale finished. “I need to tell her.” He rushed off to the library, leaving the others in stunned silence.

“Um, I should follow him. Thank you,” Lila said to Fapiath. She nodded to Link, and the two of them ran after Zale. He was already out of sight, but luckily, Salvatore was back.

“Where’s Prince Zale off to in such a hurry?” he asked.

“To find Zelda,” Lila said quickly. “Do you know where she is?”

Salvatore looked around and then whispered, “Which Zelda?”

“My Zelda,” Link responded.

“We last saw her in the library,” Salvatore said.

“Thanks!” Lila said and tore off, Link at her heels.

“Wait!” Salvatore shouted, but they ignored him. Lila wasn’t sure if he would run to catch up, but didn’t really care. She just wanted to get to Zale.

Lila and Link caught up to him just outside the library. He heard them running and looked around.

“What are you doing here?” he huffed.

“We’re here for support,” Lila answered, also panting.

“Well… okay, thanks, I guess,” Zale replied.

After catching their breath, they went into the library together. Zelda was still there reading. She looked up when she heard them approach.

“What’s going on?” she asked quietly, closing her book.

Zale responded just as quietly. “Don’t worry, we just made a discovery.”


“We figured out that Lila and Link must be twins, which means you and I must also be twins,” Zale said. He gave her a slight smile.

“Well, of course,” Zelda said, blinking.

“You already knew?” Zale said, deflated.

Zelda explained, “I puzzled it out as soon as I met Lila. It’s the most reasonable explanation. Link and I were born in this time, after all.”

Zale dropped into an armchair. “So, then, you know that my father is–”

“My father, yes. I…” Zelda hesitated. “I am sorry I didn’t get to meet my parents. I knew Mother had died in childbirth, but I was hoping to meet Father someday.”

No one spoke for a moment. Zale realized that, of the four of them, he was the only one to grow up with a birth parent. He wondered how that made the others feel. It must have been hard, growing up without a parent, but a guardian would do what any parent would do. Right? He searched for something to say next.

“Our parents died in a fire,” Lila told Zelda. “Somehow, I ended up with the Gerudo, and Link ended up with Rova. Do you think… someone… set the fire to kidnap… us? Could… could Rova be behind it?”

“No, Rova wouldn’t–” Link began to protest, but Zelda cut him off.

“You know as well as I do that Rova is capable of such a thing.”

Link stiffened. “Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

“Then why not kidnap me?” Zale asked, shuddering. “Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad she didn’t.”

“Maybe it was too dangerous to take us both,” Zelda suggested.

Zale sighed. “Maybe.”

“So what’s Rova’s plan?” Lila asked. “Why kidnap and raise two Triforce holders?”

“We didn’t always have our Triforces,” Link piped up. “In fact, we didn’t have them until recently. How would Rova know?”

“The same way Ganondra knew,” Lila said. “There was some sort of prophecy before we were born. But that doesn’t answer the question: why?”

Zelda said, “The same reason we collect artifacts: for protection.”

“Protection from what?” Lila asked, growing impatient. “Why protect only you two?”

“Maybe she didn’t think you two would obtain Triforces,” Link said, also growing heated.

“Calm down, you two,” Zale said. “There’s no need to get angry. Why don’t you go do something else while Zelda and I talk it out.”

Lila shook her head and sat in another armchair. Seeing her actions, Link did the same. “I’m calm,” she said. “I’m just really curious.”

“Me too,” Link chimed in.

Zale nodded. “Good. Now, where were we?”

“What is Rova protecting them from?” Lila supplied.

“Right. Do you have any idea?” Zale asked, looking between Link and Zelda.

Link shook his head, frowning. Zelda on the other hand seemed contemplative. She sat back in her chair and crossed her arms.

“Zelda?” Zale prompted.

“Rova has never been straightforward when I ask,” she said.

“You’ve asked her?” Link balked.

“Yes. She always said there was a great evil out there. She wouldn’t tell me where or when this evil was. Maybe it’s time to ask her again.”

“That might not be a good idea,’ Link cautioned.

Zelda sighed. “I know. I doubt I’ll get anything more out of her.”

“Not to mention the Master Sword situation,” Link said.

Before anyone could say more, Salvatore appeared and said, “Prince Zale, the generals have arrived.”

“I’m sorry, everyone,” Zale said, standing. “We’ll have to continue this later.”

Lila also stood up. “I’ll come with you,” she said.

Zale smiled at her. “Thanks.”

With that, they left the library.
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