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Define Me

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Some of Wilhelm's thoughts at the end of the 3rd game. Spoilers contained within

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This crawled into my brain at work today and wouldn't leave until I wrote it down.

Author: Lady Douji
Title: Define Me
Fandom: Xenosaga
Warnings: SPoilers for the end of Ep 3/not beta
Summary: Some of Wilhelm's thoughts at the end of the game

"You are the the only one who can define me, Yeshua"

I wonder how you will remember me after the curtain closes on my performance. Will I be remembered as the ultimate villan in your mind? Or will I simply be a misguided fool?

It is quite refreshing to see you use your strength, for you to make your own will known. I can see that you and your comrades have already managed to stop Zarathrustra and I can deel my councisnous being called back into the U.M.N.

I wish you and your companions luck in your quest to save this world and humanity. You are the person I most wish not to fade from this universe. I can hear your voice as my body starts to disappear

"We will meet again Wilhelm. I will see you on Lost Jerusalem my old friend"

I can't help but smile, after all that has happened I never expected you to define me as 'friend'

"Farewell Yeshua, until we meet again"

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