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Edward and Havoc get Luckey

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Jean has known that Roy and Riza have had feelings for each other, but are to stupid to admit now he needs Fullmetals help in getting the two together. But another question is, will he even...

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Edward was walking towards a small fast food restaurant, his head down and his expression glum. Suddenly he got the feeling that he was being watched. Ed kept his head pointed towards the ground and kept walking like any other person, so not to look worried.

Then out of nowhere a wrench came flying towards his head immediately followed by two arms being wrapped around his waist pulling him into a bone-crushing hug. Ed slightly confused looked up at his supposed killer.

"Well, hello to you too!" Winry scoffed.
"What was the wrench for?" the very angry boy asked, while pointing to a large bump forming on the side of his head and handing the girl back her wrench. Winry was Ed and Alphonses' childhood friend, and auto-mail mechanic, (and the FullMetals crush!). She had waist length hair up in a ponytail with a big grin plastered on her face.
"Hmmm, lets think shall we? You haven't visited in six months and Grandma and I were getting worried! Oh, and also because you missed my birthday and owe me a present!
"WHAT?!? Winry, I owe you no such thing!" Ed exclaimed. Winry's face fell slightly.
"Oh, I do I mean nothing to you then?" The air was thick and very uncomfortable. Ed realized this and spoke barley above a whisper, "Of course you do, you're my best friend...but this isn't the place to be talking about it. Come on, I'll buy you lunch..."


'Dammit! Why do all the wrong words come out??? Why can't I tell her I think she's beautiful...or that I love her. I bet she hates me...I can be such a jerk to her sometimes...Well I guess its now or never...'

As soon as the two sat down at a small table with their food Winry struck up a conversation.
"Ed...I'm sorry I came here unannounced...but I just needed to see you and Alphonse. I've missed the two of you so much. Anyway, how's your arm and leg?" she asked quietly.
"There fine...the best model yet so far" Winry beamed at his comment.
"Thanks" she said with a faint blush.
"Hey, uh, Win?"
"Yeah?" she asked sounding and looking hopeful. Ed looked nervous and beads of sweat broke out on his face.
"Would-uh-would you-ummm-liketoseeamoviewithme?" The young alchemist asked rushing through the words and clumping them together.
"As in a date?"
"Uh-yeah, please don't whack me with your wrench!"
"I won't, and as for your proposal I'd love to!"

It seamed as if everyone where falling in love.
"Hey, doesn't it seam like everyones' falling in love?" Hughes asked Havoc as they passed Ed and Winry holding hands, Maes giving the Alchemist a wink.
"Yeah....everyone but me..." Jean sighed. He'd never find a girl...every one of them turned him down, or got stolen by Roy. Not that it was his was just his charm and good looks.
"Don't give up yet buddy! I'm sure the right girl's out there somewhere. You just haven't found her yet." Havoc nodded with a sigh, he'd heard that speech to many times for his liking. Maes was still rambling on "In fact word on the street is that Schiezka (the bookworm) had got a crush on you...actually I'm sure-"
"Wait! Schiezka? She-she likes me?" Havoc perked up hoping his ears weren't deceiving him.
"Yeah that's what I said, why you like her?" Hughes asked interested. Hopefully yes, because Maes Hughes was never one to pass up pairing his friends together. Whose idea was it to push Havoc to push Edward to push Roy and Riza together? Whose idea was it to call Winry and ask her to visit Ed (saying that he really liked her)? Mine, yes, I did all that! And I will now take this new challenge! Hughes thought grinning in joy.
"No way! Besides if I did-wait! Why do you care?" Jean asked his friend stiffly.
"Because, I just so happen to work above her" Maes' voice rang out into the street causing several people to stare at the two men. "And I could set you two up! And you know that's what I do best!"

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