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Chronique of Rebirth

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"What if you where that rat who was an object of experience? What will you do?" That's...not the story's kind xD I really suck in summery(I was trying to make it short ;__;) I ...

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Well...Thanks for opening this page ^_____^
Im presently stuck on this story so I tough of asking for advice for people would REALLY help if you rewiew >__<
Thanks xD

Disclaimer :They~are~mine~(first time she accualy owns it xD)

(Another thing just to say that the personage is a man around 19years old and is called satoru xD)

Act1 :

[Satoru's pov]

Tump-tump... My hazy vision began to clear slowly. As it clears', I see no sky, only a round light fixed to a white lifeless view. I do not know why I am here, what happened, how I got here...most importantly, I do not know myself. Who am I? What I am. As I search unhurriedly for an answer, I hear something approaching. I tried to sit, but I couldn't, not that I look bad sapped. I was tied up. Why? That's my question too. I hear the door open with a squeak. They must be old. I turn my head by curiosity a saw an old features, then a feminine one.

"How is he?" The men said. I figured out that he was probably talking about me.
"As planed, he's doing good, he has no memory or so and we gave him the first level of dose" Memory? What's that? What dose? Don't they know I can hear?
"Ok, wake him up." Wake? What are you talking about?
"Yes, sir..." Then the woman closed the lights and tossed the tissue that was covering a sealed, grilled exit (window). She began to untie me and putted me in a sitting position, supported by wheels. Then the man tossed a cover on me and said,
"Let's go"

As we advanced in those long closed ways, I saw that same view that I had earlier; no sky, only round lights fixed one after the other. We finally reach another cubic place through a dusty door. They untie me once more just to tie me on another sitting-place but this time it didn't move. A big light source lighted, and I automatically moved. I saw a the one that untied me just now.

"It's called a hand," A new voice said to me, as if he could know what I was thinking about. A hand... "You have two of those." Then he showed me up two of his "hands", I bowed my head on the side, for an unknown reason. He was a man, a very old one. He was sitting on that chair I came with earlier. Then the men said with a firmer voice

3"Let's begin" Begin what?
"Yes, sir." They all responded at the same. Then there was that men that took the cover off me an tied me even more then I was. Including my hands. They grabbed long lines and put them all over me. Then I felt something pointy against the upper side of my eyes. The woman pushed it once. I felt something, unpleasant; it stoked in me and came out in a loud sound. Twice. It made something fall from my eyes. It traveled a while to finally fall. It felt...wet. They finally spaced from me and got behind a transparent wall.

"Activate it." The sitting-man said. I saw the woman grab something and pulled it down. Then felt weird...I felt that same feeling of the pointy things, my hands tighten, I saw rushed views...Image...Information...Darkness.

Yes, that's all...hahaha xD
I just begin it yesterday and didn't continue today ^^;;
I know it's weird the part with the hands but, if Im not too bad at writing I think it's ok...? xD

Thanks for reading and if your giving a comment well, thanks again xD
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