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I am an illusion

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Why did your eyes bleed? It's the question you asked me after the bloody Mary incident

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Why did your eyes bleed? It's the question you asked me after the bloody Mary incident. It was question I found myself unable to answer. We all have secrets Sammy, secrets that are either a burden or a duty to he held. Its not that I don't trust you I do. I always have, you are after all my little brother. A brother that has changed from the one I knew four years ago. You are the one with college smarts, the knowledge taught to you by teachers. You have a college education to fall back on. I dropped out of high school when I was 16. The lure of the hunt to powerful for me to ignore.

I now realize something that I never knew back then. Something I was too young to understand the importance of. I was a fucking idiot. I gave up my education, all hope of a decent future, for something which will more than likely kill me before I am thirty. It's too late to get that part of my life back. Its one of the regret I can't go back and fix.

Time is something which kills you. It starts from the very moment of your birth. In the end it succeeds, sometimes if you are a lucky sod you get a reprieve from death. You carry on living. You keep on living despite the number of times death deals your card. I have died more times than is normal. More than any person should have to. Each death is more painful than the last. Its almost as if death itself is pissed I just won't stay dead. I'm not a soul that death gets to keep.

While you are still asleep I want you know something Sammy. I want to tell you my secrets. You may not hear, but that's the point. You can't know everything just yet. Sammy I'm not mortal. I haven't been since that lake monster killed me nearly four years ago. I know I'm not a zombie, I'm not the living dead either. I did think I was immortal. I even learned how to use a sword to defend myself, just in case. I can't be immortal; it's just an idea from a TV show. A TV show that wasn't all that good to begin with. I kinda of preferred the movie, mind you only the first movie in the whole series. The sequels did suck. I even went as far as to take a DNA test. It proved that my dad was my dad and you Sammy are still my annoying little brother. I even tested out my whole theory of immortality. I place a gin against my chest and pulled the trigger. It killed me and an hour later I woke up. I am an immortal. The whole highlander thing must be based upon some kind of fact. I should be shocked, but I'm not.

Listen carefully while you sleep Sammy. I'm immortal. I will outlive everyone I know. I can only hope that you are not among them. I can't lose you. I can't lose the other piece of me. I can't lose the only person I really love.
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