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Cauldrons, Books and Desks

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Everyone is leaving for the summer Holidays and they can't bring everything.. and there are certain rules to live by.... Pairings: HarrySeverus, HermioneSirius, and DracoRemus. My take on HPfandom...

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Author: Calanor
Title: Cauldrons, Books and Desks
Disclaimer: Harry Potter belongs to J.K. Rowling; no harm is intended by my borrowing of her characters.
Warnings: Adult Language and Adult situations
Word Count: 613
Competition: School's Out For Summer
Genre: Humor/Romance/Slash
Rating: M+
Pairings: Harry/Severus, Hermione/Sirius, and Draco/Remus
betaed by Occasus and Spear and Magic Helmet


"Severus Xadrian Potter-Snape, if you pack ONE cauldron in those suitcases, you'll be sleeping alone all summer!!" Harry Potter-Snape's voice echoed through the dungeon of Hogwarts.

"Dammit," Severus cursed. Pouting over not getting his way, the potions master and current Headmaster of Hogwarts set the black cauldron aside. What was he suppose to do all summer?

"I have plans for you husband of mine. Plans that include no clothes," Harry began as he entered their bedroom, "Plans that include you in various positions, sweaty," moving to stand behind his dark haired lover, his hands reached around and cupped a very aroused male, "begging me to fuck you hard and fast."

Severus shivered. "No cauldrons."

"No cauldrons."


"Sirius Black! I said NO pranks!"

"You packed two books!" Sirius Black yelled back at his wife of three years, Hermione Granger-Black. He looked up from the suitcase when she came barreling into the bedroom.

"Did you read the titles?"

Sirius pulled out both books and proceeded to blush profusely. "Um.. well I guess..." He swallows hard. Joy Of Sex. 101 Ways to Have Oral Sex.

Hermione smirked at her blushing and speechless husband. "Think they'll be useful?"

"Very!!" Sirius smiled seductively at his wife as he opened one of the books. "Hmm, it says if you put a mint in your mouth before....."


School was out for the summer.


No students. No teachers. No well meaning friends interrupting at inopportune times. Draco himself had seen Severus and Harry off just an hour ago. Severus seemed only too happy to be on his way with his husband to god knows where, leaving behind the worries of Headmaster by handing the reins of control over to Remus. But that was alright with Draco, considering that he and Remus were staying at Hogwarts for the summer. Being the Deputy Headmaster definitely had it's perks and disadvantages.

And being the husband of the Deputy Headmaster definitely had its perks.

Remus stepped into his office after seeing Hermione and Sirius off on their summer Holidays. Sirius was blushing and Hermione was smiling widely. Only god knows what was going through their minds.

Remus caught the Grey eyes of the smaller man as he walked silently into the office, kicking the door shut roughly.

Draco held the gaze and licked his lips in nervous anticipation.

"I believe that as deputy headmaster of this school is it up to me to see to the day to day running of this school" Remus said, undoing his tie as he walked slowly closer to the desk. "Of course one of those responsibilities is to punish those who break school rules as I see fit. This morning you left the bed before I awoke..." he said softly.

Draco snorted softly, "Since when is leaving our bed before you wake a school rule?" he asked watching his husband slowly undress.

"Why since I decreed it so....and it will remain a rule until school starts again." Remus said as he stood in front of his mate, naked from the waist up. "Now, I do believe I have some punishment to meter out starting with you across my desk."

Draco smiled in anticipation of the long summer ahead.



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