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Chapter 1

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New fic ya'll. hope you like it. sorry i havn't been posting in a while, i've been really busy.

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Background information:

Kelly owns one of the top bridal shops, she makes the dresses she sells and also makes ones specially. The shops only small but makes her good money to live comfortably on. Only Kelly and her friend Jackie, who she met when interviewing for the job, work there. Kelly's very beautiful, curves in all the right places, long dark brown hair and sparkling green eyes (she expresses herself through her eyes, people who know her well enough can read what she's feeling and what mood she's in through her eyes.). Kelly likes to have a good time she works hard and plays harder. She goes out almost every Friday and Saturday night and always has a date with a hot guy, but hardly ever the same guy. Kelly's not into settling down just yet she's having to much fun just meeting guys and having fun with them nothing serious. Some people might say that she's a player but she doesn't do anything to intentionally hurt the guys, she makes it perfectly clear to them that she's not interested in a relationship just a good time and their usually cool with it. She can have any guy she chooses, guys just fall at her feet. She's not big headed about it or bitchy about it. People love to be around her because she's so much fun and so down to earth. She's been best friends with Benji and Joel since they where little kids, they used to live on the same street. When she introduced her best friend Ashley to Benji and Joel just over two years ago, Ashley and Joel hit it off straight away and have been together ever since totally smitten with each other.

Chapter 1

Kelly's POV

It's Friday night and I'm out at a club with Steve my date for tonight. He's one of Jackie's friends she set us up. She's been trying to get me to go on a date with him for a while now but I've turned her down each time using the excuse that I was still dating Dan. I had been going on a few dates with Dan over the past couple of weeks. Dan was a cool guy we got along really well and it worked out well because we both just wanted fun with no strings attached. We stopped seeing each other a few days ago because he had met someone he was interested in having a relationship with which I was ok with, when I told Jackie she jumped at the chance to set me up with Steve so I agreed just to shut her up.

Me and Steve had been sat in the club getting along, chatting and laughing for at least two hours we know quite a bit about each other. We where mid-kiss when we heard someone clear their throat behind us. We pulled apart and I looked behind me to see who it was. When I turned round I saw Benji and Joel stood there. Joel had huge smile on his face but for some strange reason Benji looked a little pissed off, but I passed it off as him being tired or something, I know what Benji can be like when he's in one of his moods.
"What are you guys doing here? I didn't know you where back." I smiled getting up and giving Joel a hug first. They had been on tour for the past eight months; Ashley had gone with them too.
"Well it's hard to see us when you've got your tongue stuck down someone's throat." Benji muttered just before I went to hug him, obviously not meaning for anyone to hear but me and Joel did. Joel gave him a harsh look and I looked at him confused as to why he was acting like this. We usually get along so well, like brother and sister.
"I'll go if you want to spend some time catching up." Steve smiled getting up.
"No it's ok we won't be long..." I said. "Why don't you go get a drink then come back?" I smiled. He nodded then went to the bar. All the time Benji giving him daggers.
"We just got back last night." Joel smiled trying to ignore Benji's behaviour. Benji walked off. Joel now looked pissed off at Benji's behaviour.
"Something wrong?" I asked looking in the direction of where Benji had just walked off.
"Ignore him he's probably just pissy because he's tried or something you know what Benj is like." Joel shrugged but I could tell that he could tell that it was something more than Benji just being tired.
"So how long are you back for?" I smiled at Joel deciding to forget about what ever had got into Benji he'll probably be ok later.
"Three weeks." Joel smiled at me. "So I take it that was Dan?" Joel grinned. I had kept in touch with they guys and Ashley by e-mail while they where on tour so they knew all about my dates with Dan.
"No Steve." I said plainly.
"Steve? What happened to Dan?"
"Oh sorry I forgot, Dan and I stopped seeing each other because he found someone he wanted to have a relationship with so Jackie set me up with Steve." I explained.
"I'm sorry about Dan I know you liked him."
"No don't be sorry I'm happy for him that he's found someone he wants to settle down with I'm not interested in settling down yet." I smiled.
"Ok so how's it going with Steve? You seemed to be getting along well when we interrupted you."
"It's ok; I don't think I'll see him again though he's a little boring for my liking." We laughed.
"Poor guy." Joel laughed.
"Well he knew it's only a date no strings attached." I defended.
"Just the way you like it." Joel said knowing me too well.
"Yep." I nodded.
"So what are you up to tomorrow?"
"erm..." trying to think I've got so much on lately I don't know if I'm coming or going.
"Let me guess more hot dates." Joel teased.
"Actually no I'm staying in; I've got to get a dress finished for a client."
"Oh." Joel said a little disappointed. "Well if you have some free time you should come over and hang out with us. We've not seen you in so long and we've missed you." Joel said giving me a hug.
"Well if I work most of the day I suppose I could find time to come round at about five-ish."
"Good do that." Joel smiled. Steve came back. "Ok I'll go now but I'll see you tomorrow." Joel said giving me a kiss on the check then going in search of Benji.
Me and Steve finished our date then I went back home. Alone.

The next day I worked me ass off trying to get this dress finished. By some luck I had managed to finish at three o'clock giving me plenty of time to get ready to go round to the guy's house later. At exactly five o'clock I arrived at the guy's front door. I knocked on the door and Billy answered.
"Kel, hey, it's been so long. How are you?" He smiled hugging me.
"It's good seeing you too. I'm great. You?"
"Much better for seeing you." he smiled walking into the living room where Benji, Joel and Paul where sat.
"Kelly!" Paul smiled getting up giving me a hug.
"Hey Paul." I smiled hugging him back.
"You made it then, I take it the dress is done." Joel smiled as I sat down next to him. It was either sit next to Joel or Benji but seen as Benji seemed to be in a foul mood again I opted for the twin that was still talking to me.
"Yeah it's all done and ready for Monday."
"So how's Steve?" He grinned.
"Steve? Who's Steve?" Paul asked confused.
"Her date for last night." Joel said.
"What about Dan?" Billy asked.
"We finished a while ago." I explained. Paul and Billy nodded. Joel looked at me waiting for my answer.
"So Steve?"
"Nah I'm not seeing him again. I didn't want the date in the first place I only agreed to it to shut Jackie up." I said Joel nodded. Benji seemed to soften his mood a little and actually smile at me for the first time. We chatted for a little long, the guys filling me in with what happened on tour and me catching them up on all the gossip that has been going on around here. Benji seemed to be in a better mood. He was joining in talking and laughing with us. I was glad that he was now being normal Benji with me but I was still confused as to why he was acting so 'off' with me before. After a while Paul and Billy where playing video games and me, Joel and Benji where sat watching them and Joel was telling me about his and Ashley's anniversary last week. Benji excused himself and went to the kitchen. I followed him deciding to talk to him to see if I could find out why he was being weird with me before.

"Hey." I smiled as I walked into the kitchen he turned and smiled at me.
"Hey, you ok?" he said walking over to me.
"I was about to ask you that." I smiled.
"I'm fine why wouldn't I be?"
"Nothing it's just you seemed like something was bugging you last night."
"Oh yeah I'm sorry I was an ass to you, I was just really... tired." He said unconvincingly. I could tell a Benji Madden a mile off.
"You sure?"
"Yeah. I'm fine stop worrying." He laughed hugging me.
"Ok if you say so." I gave up still unconvinced but he seemed ok now so I decided no to push it.
"I do." He smiled charmingly at me. "So have you missed me?"
"You know I miss you guys when you're on tour." I smiled playfully pushing him.
"I know but its good hearing it." He smiled pushing me back; we played like that for a little while. This is a Benji, Kelly relationship.
"So you guys had a good time?" I asked. When we'd clamed down.
"Yeah it was ok, you should have come."
"You know I would have if I didn't have so much work to do."
"KELLY!" I heard my best friend Ashley squeal from behind us.
"ASH! Hey girl." I said standing up and we hugged.
"Missed you so much. What's been going on while we where away? How's Dan? What have you been up to?..." She flooded me with questions making me and Benji laugh. Benji stood up decided all our girlyness was too much and Join the guys in the living room leaving me and Ash to catch up. The next hour we talked and I answered all her questions. After that it was getting late and I had an early dress fitting in the morning at the shop so I said goodbye to the guy and went home.

The next day I was just finishing up the dress fitting when I heard someone walk into the shop. I called to them that I would be with them in a minute as I was doing the dress fitting in the back. When I'd finished I walked through into the main part of my shop to see who the customer was. It turns out it wasn't a customer at all it was Benji.
"Hey what are you doing here?" I smiled at him. He was looking through some dresses while he was waiting.
"Just came to see you, what you up to?" He smiled.
"I've just finished the dress fitting and was about to close the shop for a bit while I go upstairs for a break." I said. It was handy seen as my flat was above my shop. Jackie had today off so I had to close the shop if I wanted a break and it's my shop so I can close it if I want to. "Wanna join me?"
"Yeah sure." he said then followed me upstairs. I made us a coffee each and we hung out for half and hour. After half an hour I decided I should probably open the shop back up and get some work done. Me and Benji walked back downstairs and I unlocked the shop door. I started sorting some materials out and he sat down on one of the chairs looking through a bridal magazine.
"Getting married?" I smiled at him. He looked confused then realised what magazine he was reading.
"No well not yet anyway." He laughed.
"Not yet? So you've already found someone?" I smiled.
"I have an idea." He smiled smugly.
"Oh really care to share?" I grinned.
"Nope." He laughed.
"Aw come on Benj you can tell me anything. What's wrong with her? She's already married isn't she?" I laughed curious at who this girl might be.
"No she's not already married."
"Have a boyfriend already?" he shuck his head 'no' "oh I've got it she's got a girlfriend?" I laughed. He laughed too.
"No. Give up you're not going to get it out of me."
"Fine but don't expect me to tell you anything about my life then." I said pretending to be offended.
"Are you going to the club tonight because Tony's decided to drag us all with him?" Benji asked.
"Oh I see trying to change the subject are we?" I laughed.
"No." he said innocently.
"Come on Benj it's me when am I not at that club, it's like my second home. I should have a discount card there." I said making him laugh.
"Ok well I'll probably see you tonight." Benji said getting up.
"Yeah you probably will. See you later." I smiled and he left.
The rest of the day was rather quiet at the shop so I got quite a lot of work done tidying (which never seems to get done) and finished off a few other dresses. I also got a call from Scott my date for tonight. I really like Scott we've known each other for a while, always been rather flirtatious together. He's been out of town for a while but he got back last night and called me, when I'd got back from the guys house, to see if I wanted to hang out tonight.

After I had finished working I went up to my flat and got ready for Scott picking me up for us going to the club. At seven o'clock I was ready and the door went.
"Hey Scott, how are you?" I smiled pulling him into a hug when I opened the door.
"Hey babe, I'm good thanks, you?"
"I'm good." I smiled at him. We broke away from the hug his hands still on my waist he looked me up and down.
"You're looking good too." He smirked.
"Aw your gonna me blush." I laugh playfully tapping him on the shoulder. He laughed then pulled me into another hug.
"I've missed you."
"I missed you to; it's been boring lately there's been no one to hang out with."
"What about Ash and the guys?"
"They all went on tour I was supposed to go with them but I had too much work on so I stayed here. Alone." I pouted.
"Oh well I guess we'll have to make up for it now we're back then." He said grabbing my hand and pulling me out the door.
"You're damn right where going to make up for it." I laughed quickly grabbing my bag and locking my door as Scott pulled me into his car. We drove to the club. When we got into the club we went to the bar and got some drinks. We chatted catching up on all what's been going on in each others lives lately and being our flirtatious selves. Scott's the male version of me; we could never have a serious relationship together because where to similar with our love for having fun and not being tied down. I kept an eye out for the Benji and everyone as I was with Scott. After a while we went dancing for a bit. I love hanging out with Scott he's so much fun. During the night we'd had a few make-out sessions and there'd been some groping of each other but that's all it was just having harmless fun. When we'd finished dancing we walked over to the bar and got some more drinks. When we'd got our drinks I noticed the guys sat at one of the tables at the side. I and Scott made our way over to them to say hi. By this time we where both drunk well more like tipsy than drunk, we where still aware of what was going on we where just a little on the giggly, wobbly side. We stumbled over to the table arms around each other, leaning on each other. When we got to the table there was Benji, Joel, Tony, Billy, Paul, and Matt. We said our hello's to each other, well everyone apart from Benji he looked pissed off again the same kind of pissed off that he was the other night when I was with Steve, he kept giving me evils and looking me and Scott up and down. Not long after me and Scott got to the table and Scott was introduced as my date for tonight Benji stormed off.
"Ok guys do any of you know what's wrong with him lately he's been really weird with me one minute he's pissed of at me next minute he's all happy and then he's back to pissed off and I haven't got a clue what I've done?" I said frustrated. Scoot had sat down next to matt and was deep in drunken conversation with him.
"What Benj?" Tony said not paying his full attention to me as he was checking out 'hot girls'.
"Yes Benji who else? Joel he's your brother do you know what's wrong with him?" I sighed.
"Yeah I do but I can't tell you." Joel said plainly I got the feeling that he thought that I should know what I've done wrong.
"Why?" I said frustrated.
"Because it's Benji's business if he wants to tell you or not."
"Well he's obviously not telling me so I'm going to need some help here Joel."
"You want help?" Joel said looking me straight in the eye and leaning across the table closer to me. I got the hint and leant in to hear what 'help' he was going to give me.
"Go talk to Benj about it." He smiled as my frustration returned. Tony laughed.
"You know what I will." I said annoyed getting up and walking in the direction Benji had gone in. I found him sat on the wall in the parking lot. I slowed up when I seen him and sat next to him on the wall. He didn't acknowledge me at first.
"Hey." I said quietly and nudging him softly with me shoulder. He looked at me for a second gave me a weak smile then continued looking down the empty street.
"So what's going on with you?" I asked getting right to the point.
"What do you mean?" He said pretending not know what I was going on about.
"What's wrong with you you've been acting really weird with me lately." He looked into my eyes for a second but then he looked away turning his gaze back down the street.
"Have not." He said guiltily.
"Have too." I smiled. I could see something was defiantly troubling him. "Benji what ever it is you can tell me, you know that, there's nothing in the world that you can't tell me." I said putting my hand on his cheek turning his head to look at me.
"Well I can't tell you this." He said quietly.
"I just can't why don't you go and fuck Scoot or who ever your flavour of the week is tonight." He said coldly.
"Fine don't fucking tell me but if you don't tell me I can't fix it. So fuck you Benjamin Madden." I said and stormed off back inside the cub to get Scott.
"Kel." Scott smiled drunkenly opening his arms out for a hug as I walked back over to the table. I couldn't but laugh a little he was such a happy, playful drunk.
"Come on get you stuff we're going." I said pulling him up.
"But I don't want to go yet I've not drank enough." Scott slurred.
"Scott how many fingers am I holding up." I said putting up my middle finger flipping him off making everyone laugh. Scott looked at my hand confused for a second trying to count how many fingers he was seeing was real. Then the penny finally dropped.
"Hey that's not very nice." He frowned. I laughed at him.
"Come on we're going you can drink some more back home if you really must." I said picking him up again. He rolled his eyes and let me help him walking.
"Did you speak to Benj?" Joel called after me.
"Sort off." I said plainly.
"What does that mean?"
"I t means I tried your advise and it sucked." I glared at him them lead Scott out of the club.
"What's up with you being all pissy tonight? You PMSing or something?" Scott said from the passenger seat of my car.
"No I'm not PMSing if you must know and you throw up in my car and it'll be the last thing you ever do."
"Your so PMSing." Scott laughed.
"Shut your drunken ass up now before I throw you out of this car with out stopping." I smirked.
"Now now just because it's the time of the month you..."
"Sorry." He said quietly hiding a smirk behind his hand. I rolled my eyes at him. We got back to my house I decided to let Scott stay at mine while he was so drunk because Scott's been known to do silly things while he's drunk. He's done the usual stuff like trying to cook the pass out and set the kitchen on fire, once he wandered to the train station and when he woke up the next morning not only did he have a hang over but was in a different state. When we got in my apartment I set the spare room up for him and took his shoe, shirt and pants off for him and put him in bed. He'd passed out long before his head had hit the pillow. Once Scott was safely tuck up in bed, the doors locked and the kitchen 'drunken Scott proof' I went to bed.

The next morning, or should I say afternoon, I woke up to someone knocking on my apartment door. I put my mini silk pale blue dressing-gown on over my black tank top and lacy boxers that I slept in and went to open the door. When I opened the door I saw Joel, Tony, Matt and to my surprise Benji standing there. Tony looked me up and down smirking and I role my eyes at him. I let the guys in.
"Sorry did we wake you?" Matt said sitting down in the living room.
"Yeah you did actually, any one want anything to drink?" I asked getting myself a cup off coffee. I'd just sat down about to start talking the guys when Scott came stumbling into the room in just his boxers. The guys all looked at Scott in shock then back at me wearing very little too.
"Hey thanks for last night sweetie." Scott said wrapping his arms around my neck kissing me on the cheek then going to the kitchen.
"No problem babe." I smiled then looked back to the guys.
Benji got up and stormed of slamming the door behind him. I watched him confused then looked at the guys hoping they'd explain. They all looked at me eyes wide and mouths open. It was only then that it hit me what all that with me and Scott must have looked like to the guys, but why would that bother them? I'm free and single.
"Ok that's, this isn't what it looks like." I said blushing slightly.
"And what does it look like?" Tony smirked. I flipped him off.
"Nothing happened you seen how drunk he was at the club I brought him back here..."
"And fucked him." Matt laughed.
"No he'd passed out before we even got to the bedroom." I said not meaning it how it sounded once again. They all looked at me with raised eyebrows looking amused apart from Joel he looked slightly pissed off. "I mean... I... we..." I struggled to phrase it in a way it didn't sound completely perverted. "NOTHING HAPPENED." I said laughing at myself.
"Ok yeah we believe you." Matt smirked tapping me on the shoulder.
"Any way why do I have to explain myself to you guys I'm free and single what would it have mattered if I'd have fucked Scott or not." I said. Matt and Tony nodded in agreement.
"More than you would ever know." Joel muttered.
"What was that?" I said glaring at him.
"I didn't say anything." Joel shrugged.
"Yeah you did you said it would have 'mattered more than I would ever know.' what's that supposed to mean?" I said looking at him confused.
"Just drop it Kel."
"Drop it you started it, what is up with you and Benji you're both being fucking weird lately." I said frustrated.
"Like I told you last night it's between you and Benji, it's not my place to say."
"Well it seems even though you can't say what ever it is that's the problem you seem to have a lot of sly comments to throw at me." I said getting really annoyed.
"Just fucking ask Benj ok, I don't like this any more than you do."
"I did ask him and he threw it back at me well actually he got all defensive just like you and shouted at me just like you. You know what I sick you our two get out." I said. Joel looked at me shocked I'd never shouted at either of the twins this badly before and certainly never thrown either of them out of my apartment.
"What?" he said quietly.
"You heard me get out I don't want anything to do with you or your brother, you seem to have a problem with me but won't tell me what it is, so just fuck off before I do something I regret." I said opening the door. Joel slowly left looking upset. I really didn't want any of this to happen like this me, Benji and Joel have been best friends for ages it kills me to know that their hiding stuff from me, in some way pissed off at me and not telling me what it is.
Soon after Joel left Matt and Tony left because they had a meeting and Scott decided to go home seen as he still hadn't unpacked.
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