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how to kill........

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ever wondered all the possabilites how to kill some of the inuyasha characters? Well here's your chance.

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(Reedited On June 20, 2008)
Hello. My name's Emma. Most people call me by my pen name, Kandierain15. I just recently decided to take the advice from a reviewer who suggested that I demonstrate the act's in which the characters die. I agreed that it was for the best and now I will try to make this a better story to read. I'm sorry for my earlier...childishness on trying to get the story out on the web and on here. But I won't be able to update very often. We, as in my family, had to uninstall the type of Microsoft Word that I was using to write, or type, my stories on and now I have to use Wordpad or just type it on here. Plus I have Sum It Up!, Aishiteru Koi(Chapter 4 is almost done being typed), and Skater Boy. I want to add a couple more short Band fics on here and add to my collection of one shy Kagome/Sesshomaru drabbles called A Random Moment. Now I'm sorry for this being too long but this was important to type up.

He sat sleeping soundlessly. Not making any notion of noticing me aproche his bed warily. He would die tonight! I would make sure of it!!!
"Get ready to die, Sesshomaru-CHAN!" at that I shoved the pillow onto his face so hard I was blood coat the pillow I used. He struggled of course. But even the strongest arn't the strongest out there.Just one simple muslce relaxer had him not even able to swat a fly roaming around his vague face. Suddenly, interupting my daydreaming and making me grin at the twitching he had seemed to develop. He twitched once, twice, a third time. Still nothing.
"I got you now Sesshomaru. I got you now," Kagome finally revealed herself.
for sesshomaru you could shove a pillow in his face at night and strange himwahhhor you could make him hypervenalate so much he dies or you could idgi draw him to death or you could wiggle his ears so much he die or you could scare him too death or you could bind him with a lamp or you could give him glassses so strong that you would emberresse him to death or you could fight him to death or you could charm him so much he'd have to die or you could smash him with a blender or a blender magashine or a shojo beat magagine

For inuyasha you could feed him a LOT of pills and make him pillsyheh hehor you could just plain kill him with a knifeWOWor you could set sesshomaru on him or you could make him eat pocky to death or sit him way too many times or you could smash a computar on his head or you could put him in a skirt and he would die or you could say he is bi or gay or even none or you could kill kikyo and inuyasha would because he would be too sad or you could let kikyo take inuyasha to hell or you could let kiara kill him with her fangs or take him to kagome's world and leave him there to starve

For koga you could turn his wolfs against him and make them eat him or you could make inuyasha turn demon and kill him or have kagome flirt with him to death or you could wash him to death or you could play your cd player on blast and kill him with the noise or you could put spongebob on him or you could let squidward bore him to death or you could make him marry ayame or you could regect him so much he would die by the first letter in sorry s

For miroko you could of course make sango slap or hit him to death(that was two)you could smash apiano on him or kill him by making him eat too much ramen or you could let the wind tunal swallow him up or you could let narako kill him or you could flick him off a lot!

For narako you cooould have his bees kill him with their stingers(oww)or side with kagura and have her kill him or get kahaku back to normal and him do his revendge or finally have the whole gang kill him or have sessy kill him.

And that concludes it,everything will be on this one chapter all i'll be doing is the edity butten thing so good night and stuffed seshy teddy bears to everyoneyay i added more and i think they're pretty stupid but i'm really trying my bes to work hard to do as many as i can and i hope that you all have good sugetions and i will put every single name that reviews okay?i will add more when i look at more words and i need to find a few things

Crsp that sucked! I need to make that first new one longer but I stilll hope to be the top bestseller on the world.- Emma
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