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X4: The Legacy

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Divided and shattered, the X-Men face down a human/Mutant civil war on the island nation of Genosha. Little do they know that old allies have returned, brought back by the very force that killed t...

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Jean Grey was alive.

She stood before Scott, eerie, full of lust and power. His eyes felt strange as she telekinetically held his power back. The sensation of having his eyes open while not wearing his glasses was a new one to him - so foreign and edging on forbidden.

He heard her voice in his mind, like lyrical music. As he neared her, arms wrapping around her, Jean's voice seemed to grow chaotic. Loud. Violent. By the time their lips met and they kissed for the first time, her voice was an ugly jumble, and ran through his mind like sharp glass.

Scott felt heat and power rushing into his body as they kissed. Overcome by lust, he couldn't help but continue to kiss . . . but even that felt wrong. Was she pushing him into doing this? What was happening to her?

What was happening to him? He could feel his body vibrate. Agony filled every iota of his being. He couldn't stop . . . he couldn't stop kissing her even though it would be the death of him.

And then, something happened.

Two arms wrapped his waist, drawing him painfully back from Jean. Scott's eyes opened, watching as Jean angrily glared at him. Something was different about her . . . she was glowing an ugly green light, her power completely out of control.

Scott's optic blasts fired, barely missing her. Scott rammed his eyes shut, the arms still yanking him back. All of sudden, Scott felt a burst of smoke billow around him. There was a horrid stench of brimstone. He felt displaced . . .

He fell to the ground, heaving and coughing.

"Scott? Scott, my friend, it is I! Kurt! Kurt Wagner!"

Scott recognized the voice as the Mutant that had been rescued from Stryker's grasp. The one that had been programmed to assassinate the President. The blue-skinned teleporter.

"Kurt, what are you doing here?"

Scott barely had the words out of his mouth before he vomited blood. His body shook and he suddenly went into convulsions.

"Scott, breathe!" yelled Kurt.

They were only twenty-five feet away from Jean and the woman who had once been an X-Man stepped towards them, face a calm mask above an ugly sea of chaos.

Kurt felt what was life a dozen knives cutting into his brain. But he grabbed onto Scott and concentrated hard. In a flash of smoke, Scott Summers and Kurt Wagner were gone.

Jean turned to the sky, eyes glowing hotly. Her anger exploded in a massive telepathic burst . . . spreading all the way to the mind of Charles Xavier.


"Is he unharmed?" the voice asked as soon as Kurt and Scott arrived.

"Yes, he is okay," Kurt replied, dropping Scott to the ground. "But how did you know to send me there? How did you know he was in trouble?"

The man leaned down and lifted Scott up. "A father always knows."

Scott coughed hard, eyes opening just a little. The charge within them was gone, sucked out by Jean. Was that Jean? His vision blurred red as he looked at the man who carried.

"You?" he asked.

"Yes. Hello Scott."

"Sinister . . ."

A Fanfiction by thew40

Based on the 'X-Men' movie series by Brian Singer and Brett Ratner
Based on the 'X-Men' comics created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

This story is written for non-profit use. The characters and places in this story are owned my Marvel Enterprises. This story is the property of thew40.
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