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A Little Spill

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Wufei gets into an accident

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Part one The Spill
Duo walked into his home, with Heero, Trowa, and Quatre following. His
eyes quickly landed on Wufei who was laying on the couch. A dark scowl
graced his features as he glared at his right foot, currently wrapped in a
splint and propped up on some cushions.
Hurrying over Duo kelt by Wufei. "Wufei, what happened? We came back
from a simple field assignment and heard you were injured."
Somehow Wufei's scowl deepened, "I do not want to talk about it."
"But Wufei, I want to know what happened to you?" Duo pleaded for
"Oh, don't worry Duo. It was just a silly accident" Sally said comeing
in from the kitchen with an icepack. "He took a little spill down the
cafeteria steps and broke his foot."
Heero looked at Wufei, "You survived the war of AC 195, and Marimeia's
attempted coup without a scratch, but you break your foot falling down the
cafeteria's steps?"
Wufei sputtered as Heero and Trowa smirked at his misfortune. Duo
chuckled at Wufei expression, and not even Quatre could repress an amused
"I said I DO NOT want to talk about it." Wufei yelled, " Some moron
spill his soup on the stairs and hadn't cleaned it up."
"Oh it'll be ok Wufei." Sally said, gently placing the ice pack on the
injured foot. "Just keep it propped up and on ice. Once the swelling goes
down enough it'll be a simple surgery to set the bone, and you'll be up and
about in no time. Duo, make sure he takes his pain medication."
"I don't need any pain killers" Wufei growled out.
"Duo, make sure he takes them."
"No problem Sally. I know how cranky Wufei can get normally. I don't
want to see how cranky an 'in pain' Wufei can get." Duo responded, little
too cheerfully.
Scowling at his hyperactive lover Wufei resisted the urge to smack
Quatre who was hovering aroung him fluffing his pillows. He did not want
his pillows fluffed, or see Heero and Trowa smirking at him in that annoying
way of theirs.
"If you are all done mocking me I want to be left alone." Wufei said
with a glare that could rival even Heero's famous Death Glare.
"Ahh don't be like that Fei-kun" Duo pleaded, giving Wufei a peck on the
cheek. "We're all just relieved that you're not seriously hurt. I nearly
had a heart attack when I heard something had happened and you had been sent
to the hospital"
Wufei grudgingly allowed Duo to fuss but continued to glare at the
others. Sally finally got the hint and began ushering the others out.
As she was walking out the door, she turned her head and said, "If you
two need anything feel free to call. Bye-bye"

Part two The Itch
Several days later Duo woke up hearing Wufei growling and muttering.
Turn his head he could see Wufei sitting up and fussing with the bandages of
his splint.
"Mmrph. What's matter Fei-Fei?" Duo mumbled groggily
"I have an ITCH!!!!" Wufei growled trying to reach past his bandages to
get rid of the irritation.
"Just ignore it. It'll go away" Duo said as he burrowed himself back
under the covers.
"I have been trying to ignore it for the last FOUR HOURS! It hasn't
gone away, it's gotten worse"
Duo gave up trying to go back to sleep for the moment and looked at his
irritated lover. With a sigh he rolled over and began rummaging through
through the drawer in his nightstand.
"Hold on a minute Fei-fei," he said, " I think I have something that
will help."
Wufei looked up from his leg as Duo brought out a rolled piece of black
cloth. As the cloth unfurled Wufei could see a mulitude of slender, silvery
instruments. Duo looked up with a grin.
"My good, old lock-pick set," he said, pulling a few picks from their
sleeves. "Now where's that itch?"
Wufei pointed to the area of skin that had been pesturing him. Duo's
skillful hands sent the thin peices of metal under the tightly wrapped
bandages. Soon a relieved sigh escaped Wufei's lips.
"I take it I got the itch," Duo said withdrawing the lock picks and
putting them away
"Yes, thank you Duo." Wufei said as he settled back in the bed.
"Ok, now I'm going back to sleep. Good night Wufei,"
Shortly afterwards the air was filled with the soft breathing of one
fast asleep while a pair of violet eyes stared at the glowing numbers on the
digital clock. And stared and stared and stared and stared, until the
hateful alarm shrilled it's wake-up call.
Without missing a beat Duo picked up the clock and hurled it against the
Sitting up Wufei asked, "What's the matter Duo? Didn't you sleep well?"

Part 3 Shopping
Several hours and a pot of coffee later, Duo and Wufei set out to do
their grocery shopping. Once at the store they got Wufei setled into one of
the little electonic carts and set off. A few minutes later Duo noticed he
was alone. Looking back he saw Wufei scowling as the little cart putted
"Come on Wufei. Hurry up!" Duo whined. "We have a lot of shopping to
"This is a fast as this thing goes, Duo." Wufei growled as Duo walked
back to him.
"Oh, well why don't I pop the hood and see about changing that." Duo
said with a gleam in his eye.
"No Duo."
"Ok, I'll just grab another cart and grab the groceries."
"No Duo. The last time you bought the groceries we lived off of cereal
and cheap frozen pizza for a month."
"But Wufei. . . "
"No Duo and take that look off your face.

Part 4. Surgery
Duo sat in the hospital waiting room, thumbing through a magazine when
Heero and Quatre walked in.
"Hello Duo. how is Wufei doing?" Quatre ask.
"Ok, he was actually pretty calm last I saw of him." Duo answered.
"Probably because of the ten milligrams of valium they gave him."
"WHAT!!! They gave Wufei valium and you didn't call to tell us," Heero
exclaimed. " I could have brought a camera."
Duo and Quatre just gave Heero and odd look.
"Ya know Heero," Duo said. "I think you're enjoying this a little too

Meanwhile back in the surgery prep room, Wufe was feeling extremely
mellow. Lazily he watched as the nurse whose name tag read Bob, tried to
find the vein in his hand to insert the IV.
"So tell me. Do you have a girlfriend?" Nurse Bob asked trying to
distract the young man from the approaching needle.
Wufei blinked a few times as his cotton-wrapped mind tried to focus on
the word "girlfriend"
"No, no girlfriend." He replied after a few moments. Then images of
some playful, violet eye, a long braid and a satisfied smirk flashed in his
brain and he grinned. " I have Duo."
Finishing with the IV, bob looked up. "Duo?"
"Yeah Duo. He's my partner, and he has the most incredibly silky hair.
And he does this thing with his tongue. And he has this habit of calling be
Fei-fei in private." Wufei rolled his head to look at the nurse. "Do I look
like a Fei-fei to you?"
Struggling not to laugh Bob patted Wufei's hand, "Well you're all set
Mr. Chang. We'll be wheeling you back to the operating room in just a few

One surgery and several hours later Wufei was being helped into Duo's
jeep. As Duo was climbing into the driver's seat the nurse waved his hand
and said, "Bye-bye Fei-fei."
Wufei's eye's widened and he could feel Duo tensing up. Pulling away
from the hospital Duo asked, " Wufei, who was that man and why did he call
you Fei-fei?"

Part 5. Back to Work
After several days of soothing an upset Duo, which could be very
exhausting, Wufei was more than ready to head back to work. Duo was
assigned to a simple stakeout, while Wufei was stuck at his desk sifting
through intelligence reports for signs of trouble. Settling into his chair
and propping his foot up Wufei began reading through various reports.
"Hello Wufei!" a familar voice said from behind unexpectedly.
Slightly surprised Wufei dropped the file he had been reading and turned
to see Quatre standing in the doorway.
"Are you doing ok? Do you need anything? Quatre asked eagerly.
"Good morning Quatre. No I'm fine. Just need some quiet to work on
these files." Wufei answered.
"Ok. I'm working on reports all day too. And since I'm just down the
hall, just call me if you need anything."
Wufei thought that would be the end of it, but he was wrong. Quatre
seemed to find every excuse to come in and check on Wufei.
"Wufei, do you have the Robinson report?"
"No Quatre."
"Ok do you need any ice for your foot. I heard Sally mention it should
be kept cold for a while."
"No Quatre."
"You sure? It would be any trouble for me to go get some."
"I'm sure."
"Ok I'll see you later then."
Wufei tried to keep calm. He knew it was just Quatre's way. He just
felt the need to make sure everyone was alright, but his
concern and mothering could be an annoyance.
Later Wufei thought he spotted something in the files, but he needed to
cross-reference with some other files to be sure. After struggling to get
up and steady on his crutches, he only managed to take two steps when
Quatre's blonde head popped in.
"WUFEI!! You shouldn't be moving around. If you needed something you
should have called me." Quatre scolded.
"I merely needed the Clark Town casefiles. It wasn't worth calling
you." Wufei explained as he suddenly found himself back in his chair.
Quatre was already searching through the file cabinents.
"Found it!!" Quatre said bring it over to Wufei. "Do you need anything
"No Quatre," Wufei said hoping the blonde would listen this time and
leave him alone. " I just need to be alone to work on this."
"Ok I'll leave you alone then." Quatre said as he diappeared again.
With a sigh Wufei went back to work but he had the feeling something was
missing. Looking around he could not see his crutches anywhere.
Realization dawned on his features.

Duo was on his way to Wufei's office when he saw Wufei hopping down the
hall, with one hand against the wall for support.
"Wufei! Why aren't you using your crutches?" Duo exclaimed rushing to
his lover's side to help him.
"Quatre didn't want me moving around, so he took my crutches." Wufei
growled. " And that damned Yuy saw me but all he did was laugh and take
"Oooh-kay. Why don't we find you a place to sit while I go get your
crutches?" Duo said trying not to laugh."
"I want my mobility back." Wufei whined looking down at his foot.

8 weeks later
Wufei sat on the examination table watching as Sally removed his now
highly decorated cast. Despite all his protests co-workers had covered his
cast with Get-Wells, kissmarks and jokes. Duo had been the worse of all,
crossing out any kissmarks and writing Property of Duo Maxwell in big bold
Dust flew as Sally finished cutting through the plaster, finally the
cast fell away. Wufei sighed as he began moving his foot, his ankle popping
after being help immobile for so long.
"Ok Wufei, you're all set." Sally said, unwrapping the last of the
bandages. "Now you'll still need to take it easy for a couple weeks. And
you might want to use a cane for extra support for a while, but that's up to
Gingerly Wufei stood up and took a few steps. He had a slight limp as
he adjusted to the feeling of freedom and how weightless his foot felt.
"It feels good to be walking again."
"I can imagine." Sally said smiling. "Oh did you hear? Une's thinking
about having the cafeteria steps carpetted or converted to a ramp after what
happened to you and Heero."
"What happened to Heero."
"He slipped on the steps and broke his wrist trying to catch himself.
I'm beginning to think you boys need calcium supplements the was you keep
breaking bones in little accidents"

The end

Author's Notes. Ok folks a little backstory. A few years ago I broke my foot
in a silly little accident. And pretty much all except for the last part
were inspired by actual events I had to go through(I was in what's called a
walking boot rather than a cast so I didn't actually have it removed I just
took it off) I'm all healed up now except for the scar from the surgery but
that doesn't bother me too much. Hope you enjoyed the fic.
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