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Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

We where getting into the kiss it becoming more and more full on when Joel walked into the room
"Hey guys I... ok I take it you talked things through... I think I'm going to go now." Joel said a little embarrassed them walking back out of the room. Me and Benji looked at each other and laughed then started kissing again. A few minutes later we where interrupted again by my phone ringing.
"Kel it's me..."
"Ash where the hell are you?" I couldn't hide the fact that I was pissed off at her, what she did to Joel was fucking out of order.
"Well you see... erm I have a little problem..."
"No Ash you have a fucking huge problem."
"You heard?"
"Your damn fucking right I heard and I swear to god you'd better have a good enough excuse for the way you acted or I fucking mean it I'm gonna kick your ass."
"I know I'm really sorry I'll explain everything but please I really need you to come pick me up."
"Pick you up? You want me to do something for you how fucking dare you call me and ask me to help you out of the mess you got your self into. What the hell was going through your mind last night?"
"Kel I'm really sorry what I did was really shitty but please I'm begging you I really need you to come and pick me up."
"Fine where are you but I'll have you know the only reason I'm coming getting you is so that I can fucking kick your ass." I said. She told me where she was and I hung up on her. I looked at Benji and he was looking at me with a shocked/ amused expression.
"What was that all about?" he said.
"I'm really sorry I have to go pick that dumb bitch up and then try and sort her mess out. You really need to talk to Joel I think he wants to talk to you about something."
"Ok what's going on did something happen between Joel and Ashley?"
"Yeah and it's not good. I have to go but I'll talk to you soon ok?" I said getting up. He stood up too.
"Ok I'll go talk to Joely-boy. Maybe we could go out for dinner tonight?" he smiled at me.
"Yeah sounds good to me." I smiled back.
"Ok I'll pick you up at seven at yours?"
"Yeah ok if anything changes I'll let you know." I smiled we kissed briefly then went our separate ways.

"Get in the car." I snapped at Ashley. She ran round to the passenger side and got in.
"Thank you so much for coming." She smiled apologetically to me.
"You better start fucking explaining girl because I'm not a nice person to talk to right now the mood I'm in with you."
"So you talked to Joel?"
"Is he mad?"
"Mad isn't the word I'd use... try crush, upset, hurt, confused."
"Oh shit I messed up."
"You did more than mess up what was going on with you?"
"I'll explain from the beginning..."
"That would be good." I said sarcastically.
"We where all at the club, as you know. We'd just seen you and Benji leave, what happened there by the way?"
"None of you business. Carry on."
"Ok well after you left I don't know what happened to me I felt really pissed but I'd only had a few drinks it was really weird. I was off my head it was like I had no control of what I was doing. There was this guy checking me out and he was hot I'm not going to deny that but I really wasn't interested. I didn't know what came over me Joel was just talking about the guy checking me out and I got really pissed off at him. All I remember after that is shouting at Joel then waking up this morning in some stranger's bed. Kel you've got to believe me I didn't want any of this."
"You say you felt pissed but you hadn't had much to drink?"
"Yeah I only had about three drinks if that but I felt completely off my head."
"Do you think you might have been drugged? Did you leave your drink alone at any time?"
"No not that I... oh shit!"
"I did. Me and Joel where stood at the bar opposite from that guy I went to the bathroom and when I come back Joel had gone looking for you. There was another drink there I thought Joel had ordered it for me and... oh shit I drank it."
"Ash you fucking idiot." I sighed not pissed off at her anymore but feeling concerned for her.
"Oh Kel what am I gonna do? What's gonna happen to me? I... do you think I was raped?" she started to panic.
"Ash calm down I'm sure everything going to be fine. I'm gonna take you to the emergency room to get you checked out and we'll see what happens after that. Don't worry I'm here for you."
"Thanks Kel." She said quietly deep in thought.

I took her to the emergency room and they seen her straight away. The doctor did tests on her and they confirmed that she had been drugged and that she had had sex but it was inconclusive if she had been raped. They said it was more than likely that the drug they had used had made her feel more relaxed and lower her defences which means that even if in her right mind she didn't want sex with the drug working she would have been quiet willing to. They did a pregnancy test for her even though the result wouldn't be very accurate. They could only tell if she was defiantly pregnant or not in a couple of weeks. When they got the test results they she there was a possibility that she may be pregnant so they booked her in for another appointment in a couple of weeks to tell for definite.
"Kelly what am I gonna do? Do stupid can I be? What's Joel gonna say? Do you think he won't want to be with me any more?"
"Ash I don't know I really don't you need to talk to him explain everything I'm sure he'll understand."
"Kelly what if he doesn't? What of he won't even let me explain?"
"Ash he will he's not just going to throw everything you two have away because of a stupid mistake."
"Kel will you stay with me when I talk to him?"
"Course I will if you want me there."
"I do, thanks Kel."
"No problem." I smiled at her.

When we pulled up out side Joel's house Ash got really nervous.
"Kel I don't want to I'll see him another time."
"No go see him now, get it over and done with it'll only get worse the longer you leave it." I managed to persuade her to walk up to the house.
"Benji opened the door, Joel had obviously told him his account of what happened last night and had the same reaction as I had before I really knew what had happened last night.
"What's she doing here." He spat giving Ash a dirty look. Ash was holding back tears but tit wasn't working very well.
"Benj leave it where's Joel?"
"Upstairs but she's not going seeing him."
"Benj seriously they need to talk there something he needs to know, it's serious." I gave him a pleading look he reluctantly let us in. I think the only reason he let us in was for me.
"Joel in his room?" I asked Benji.
"Yeah." He said.
"Good we need to talk o him, I'll see you later." I said to him trying to communicate to him though my eyes to trust me. It must have worked because he gave me a slight smile and nodded.
"Tell Joel I had to go and I'll call him later." Benji said leaving.

We went up to Joel's room I knocked on the door and walked straight in. Joel as lay on his bed with his back to the door. He sat up and turned to look towards me when he heard me come in. Ash waited outside.
"How are you?" I said sitting on the bed next to him.
"Not bad... ok I lied I'm not doing too well."
"Ok Joel I don't think you're going to like this in more ways than one but I have Ash outside. Before you say anything I went to pick her up with the intention to kick her ass for what she did last night but since then we've found out some things... serious things that you both need to talk about together with out getting mad at each other."
"Kel what's going on?"
"Ash needs to tell you just hear her out ok?... Ash come in!" I called to her. A second later she walked nervously into the room.
Ash with some help from me explained everything to Joel. By the end of it Ash was silently sobbing and Joel... well it was hard to tell one specific emotion that was going through him. He looked sad, upset, hurt, shocked and angry.
" now you know what... what happened." Ash sobbed, Joel just sat there staring at the floor unable to look her in the eye. I felt sorry for her with all what she's been through but my heart went out to Joel too. It was horrible to see these two who where so good together and so in love falling apart like this. Just then my phone started ringing.
"Kel is seven still ok tonight?" Benji said. I looked at my watch it was 6:30.
"Shit Benj I didn't know what time it was. Ok I'm on my way back to mine, I'll meet you there."
"Ok see you soon."
"Yeah see ya." I put the phone down. "Guys I really have to go. You to need to talk alone." I said getting up about to leave.
"Have a good time Kel." Joel smiled weakly at me.
"Thanks. You two talk, everything will be fine you'll figure it out." I said then gave each of them a quick hug and left for mine.

When I got up to my apartment Benji was already there. I was stunned at first at how he'd got in because he doesn't have a key.
"Oh, hey." I smiled at him.
"Hey, Jackie let me in."
"Oh is she here?"
"She's down stairs working on a dress."
"Oh ok, sorry about being late it's been a bit of a... stressful day."
"No problem but is everything ok with Joel and Ash?"
"Far from it."
"So she did cheat on him?"
"No not really. I might as well tell you, you'll find out sooner or later. Last night Ash's drink got drugged and so that's why she was acting so weird causing the argument with Joel and possible rape."
"Rape? By who? The guy across the bar?"
"Is she ok?"
"Not really I took her to the doctors and there's a possibility that she may be pregnant but there's no way to tell for sure for a couple of weeks."
"I know I left them supposedly talking but neither of the can bare to look the other in the eye. It's so weird seeing them so uncomfortable around each other."
"They'll work something out."
"I hope so. Any way back to us where are we going tonight?"
"We would you like to go?"
"To be honest... no where. It's been so mad today I just wanna stay in. sorry if that sounds a bit shit but how about we stay here and order a pizza instead?"
"Fine by me."
"Ok good."
We ordered pizza and just hung out like we'd do normally when we where friends. It was two hours later when we'd finished eating. We where sat next to each other on the sofa talking and laughing at each others funny stories and memories. We'd stopped talking for a minute.
"Ok I have a confession to make."
"What's that?" he smiled at me.
"This whole relationship thing scares the hell out of me, in a good way but it does freak me out a little bit."
"Don't worry I'll be good to you if there's anything that freaks you out or anything just let me know ok." He smiled at me. I nodded; we looked into each others eyes and then started kissing. I'm not sure how long we where kissing for but it was quite a while.
"I love you." Benji mumbled to me, which to be honest did freak me out a little. I think he realised this. "Sorry was that too much?"
"Yeah freaking out a little." I laughed.
"Don't worry, don't say it if you don't mean it, if it doesn't feel right." he smiled reassuringly at me. I thought about it for a second then kissed him. I pulled away briefly.
"I love you too." I smiled. The looked on his face was priceless, he looked so happy then we went back to kissing out and making out...
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