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The Interlopers: The Lost Chapter

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My version of what happened after Ulrich and Georg saw the wolves coming.

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AN: This is bascially an idea given to me by my English teacher and another student. So, it helps if you've read the story The Interlopers.


"WOLVES!?" cried Ulrich as he and Georg were trapped under the trees.

"Yes, a whole pack!" said Georg.

They began to weep, this was the end, no doubt about it.

The wolves, they got closer and closer until they reached the trapped men.

They could feel the wolves warm breath against their cold skin.

The wolves gathered around Ulrich.

Why? he thought. Why me? Why must I go first? Why--

He was jerked out of his thoughts as a wolf snapped at his neck. The wolf moved it's head around violently, as if it wanted to tear the head off the body.

Georg winced at Ulrich's screams, unable to do anything.

"My friend," said Georg weakly.

The wolves, minus the one ripping the flesh off of Ulrich, looked at Georg. As if they forgot about him.

He gulped as they walked over to him. One wolf, climbed on top of him and began to attack him in the gut.

He screamed. Ulrich screamed. The forest was alive in the men's screams.

The wolf had done a number to Ulrich's neck. Barely any skin around his neck.

The snow around him looked like a strawberry flavored shaved ice you'd get at the fairs.

Blood fountained over the snow, tree and wolf, dying the wolf's fur red.

Georg through Ulrich was getting off pretty easy. He could feel his stomach being ripped open. He knew in a matter of minutes he'd be dead.

He could feel the wolf's teeth gnawing at his inards. What a horrid way to go.

The wolf ripped his large intestine out and it chewed on it, as if it were a raw hide bone. Georg was dead.

Ulrich was still suffering, but not for long. The wolf had let go of his neck and grabbed him by the hair. He began to tug, tug hard.

The wolf recoiled for the impact of the head flying off. Ulrich's neck became a fountain of blood.

After the wolves had ate their fill they trotted off back to their den.


AN: So like I said, that idea was given to me by Miss. Chapman and Ryan. Ryan wanted to know the groy details of the story, so I thought 'I can write a some what decent gore story!' and I sat down to type this.

I do not own The Interlopers. That story is owned by Saki.
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